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  1. I think MSFS are not focused on a weather API because it will be a lot of work and they are focused on adding more api/sdk features for scenery and aircraft designers. I think the vast majority of MSFS simmers are happy enough with the weather so they probably don't have it down as an area to focus on. I think that's fair enough. That being said - Active Sky is the best 3rd party weather addon ever made for any flightsim and I do wonder what they could produce with a fully featured weather api.
  2. I haven't had a CTD in years (well 2020). But if you are having them then this sim is clearly garbage. Millions of users must all be using MSFS everytime they want to reboot their machine. On a serious note, remove all addons in the community folder and make sure your drivers are all up to date.
  3. A couple of hours a week for me. Usually on a weekend. Been at that level for about 20 years now!
  4. I was very keen on this addon but with FSLTL around and free and doing a great job - I'll pass.
  5. It's not fixed for me. I have it off. Those engine displays in the airliners are too trippy for me.
  6. The sounds when he landed (touchdown/reversers/shake) were just sensational. They seem to be further along than I thought.
  7. I had just started primary school. A few years after that I played my first flightsim and it was a cracker.
  8. Since the API is not expansive enough it's hard to see how anyone can produce more accurate weather than MS themselves.
  9. Not much help but by coincidence I landed at default GMMX rwy 10 in the PMDG 737 today and had no issues so sounds like it's specific to the addon you are using.
  10. What you consider rubbish may not be what someone else considers rubbish.
  11. Gosh if only, after 2 years I still await a friend request 😞
  12. I just bought the PMDG 737 and that is easier on the frames but the quality doesn't match the FBW A320.
  13. Cockpit refresh rate I have at medium. Its still smooth but saves a lot of fps.
  14. Try switching off the co-pilot displays. I do that and notice better performance. Don't need them anyway in the captain seat.
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