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  1. Thanks for posting this. I really dislike the default clouds. Will give this a go.
  2. I think I am at the point of waiting for the autumn road maps to see what comes after the closed beta. Looks like a possible November release?
  3. In the last update thread there were some complaints about the clouds and some were saying how active sky / rex / p3d clouds were better (transparency?) or could end up being better than fs2020 clouds. I dont think so. Those cloud shots are stunning. There is nothing anywhere close to that available now or will be available from any third party vendor using whatever restricted sdk they use. Absolutely amazing sky shots.
  4. 3 pages of discussion but most of the posts are from people whining they are not in the alpha or they are now in the alpha. Wish we could have a thread talking about the update only. Tbh i don't think most people who come to this thread care if you are in the alpha or not and skip the posts to reach peoples opinions on the update. Rant over. On to the update. Did he say 250million different weather areas in the sim? Wow that's amazing. For once it seems we can fly to more remote areas and not have to put up with a single generic weather pattern covering 250 miles. This is awesome.
  5. I think people are asking for too much. Fs2020 would become fs2030 and it would cost 5 times as much. Why do you think they are courting the addon community? It looks better than the current ATCs within existing sims so its enough.
  6. Things change. They probably were surprised by the number of sign ups or found they did not need as many testers as they originally thought. Perhaps more testers = more same bugs being reported so it's not worthwhile continuously expanding the testing pool. This also feeds into the "lack of information" posts about the simulator. If everything asobo say is a binding contract signed in blood it's a good idea not to release too much information or "off the cuff statements" since they may no longer apply 1 year later but the fs community will still hold you to it even if its detrimental to the sims development.
  7. Exactly. Some of the posts here are bizarre in my view. No one forced people to sign up for the alpha. You get in, then great, otherwise deal with it. The alpha process and invites IS TO IMPROVE the simulator and provide valuable feedback. Not to give an early fly-around for over excited flight simmers who dont want to wait until release. If they have all they need then they have handled alpha well.
  8. Just my opinion but that looks to be the nail in the coffin for p3d as the no. 1 sim. If you have tons of expensive addons its probably worthwhile upgrading to v5 but for the rest like me with a small number of addons (or newbies) it's a daunting prospect since you need to transform most of the sim to make it worthwhile. For the rest of us MSFS will provide a higher level straight out of the box and caters to the average simmers needs. Sure we will want addons in future but the default sim is at a higher level than p3d even with thousands of bucks of addons. It's also likely MSFS will continue progressing much faster since MS wont be adding military or training features that most simmers dont care about. I left p3d at v3 for xplane which provides a lot more out of the box but still well below MSFS. It's up to xplane now to compete in my view. I don't blame p3d. They are just catering to a different audience. I expect the addons to start drying up in the next couple of years for v5 after the v4 conversions are done.
  9. Not as good as the first comparison video he did of airports. That was hilarious. This one was kind of silly. Looking forward to the next one. From an x-plane user.
  10. Pictures look amazing. The lighting is simply awesome. So looking forward to this. Do you think its taking 4 years to develop because they probably spent 3 of those years reading these mega long avsim threads? 😁
  11. I thought the video was great and the screams hilarious. I think some people take things too seriously. Just to add my current sim is x-plane.
  12. One of the things I dislike the most with current flightsims are the visibility changes. For example you are at 20000ft and you can see everything clearly below and then as you descend below 5000-10000ft you are suddenly in foggy/low visibility conditions. The conditions are correct - it just did not show them until the plane flew low enough. Some addons improved this to a certain extent but the weather model in those sims only allowed a partial solution. Looking at the fs videos it's clear they have improved the "distant" weather. Rain shafts for example are visible in the distance. It would be great if they have done something with visibility so the changes are smooth rather than sudden when you go from good visibility to poor visibility and vice versa. Something to hope for 🙂
  13. 20+ pages of this? Reading this its quite clear only a small number of people are posting here. It's the same thing over and over. Argument over argument. Undulated runway or not....can we get over it before there is no one left here?
  14. I am playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on an i9700k, 1070GTX card. I have it maxed out at 4k and the graphics, lighting and effects are at a higher level than FS2020 (from what I see in the videos) and it is still smooth. No overclock on the cpu. So I think it will run quite well. Before anyone says FS2020 is different the devs have said themselves the flight model uses 5% of one core.
  15. Yeh this came up before and I am delighted. I have a 70mb line so should not have to wait hopefully to see the scenery in all its glory 🙂
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