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  1. sanh

    Why is FS Tramp so unknown?

    I don't use it (and I suspect many others don't) because of the subscription pricing. With good freeware options out there I can use the money saved for planes and scenery which is more worth it for me.
  2. sanh

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    I am bored with p3d and have stopped flying. Have not flown for 6 months. I still check the forums from time to time. Waiting to see if v5 rekindles my interest. I hope it does.
  3. sanh

    NVidia & HDR average 10% performance loss

    LMAO! I was not expecting to buy a quantum computer on day 1 and run an old dinosaur flight sim application on it like FSX. However for those of us who are quite young it's likely in our lifetime quantum computing will be a reality and the cost will come down like it did for for PC. Development always continues and there will be flightsims developed for it (not the titles around today perhaps) and when they are released i doubt we will have to dial things down like today. It might be 50 years away but it will come and I plan to enjoy it. Will enjoy life until then so don't worry I won't be holding my breath for 50 years lol 🙂
  4. sanh

    NVidia & HDR average 10% performance loss

    I wish they would hurry up with quantum computing then we can turn everything on and not worry about FPS. 🙂
  5. sanh

    Is V3 still worth using.

    I am still on v3. I will buy a new pc and move to v5 when it comes out next year.
  6. sanh

    C'mon man!!!

    Sounds promising. Will wait for the usual hype to die down. I am on v3.4 and was waiting for v5 but if people are still saying the same in a weeks time I will have to move to v4 🙂
  7. I am waiting for v5. On v3 right now. Skipping v4 as there isn't enough there considering the upgrade cost (some of my add-ons will need buying again). A new rendering engine is exciting and we have not seen any significant change for years so people are excited about v5 and that is no bad thing.
  8. Dunno. People paying thousands of pounds for an upgrade and then giving out 20%-30% increases. If you were seeing 20fps before you are now seeing 24-26fps for all that money. Even if your fps was originally higher its not that different. Its the reason why I am still on my i5 3570k.
  9. First of all my specs I5 3570k OC to 4.4ghz 8gb ram GeForce 970 Barely a midrange system. I have money to upgrade. Maybe an i8700? New GC card? Then I thought why? With all sliders at least 3/4 across to the right I get 30fps in the aerosoft Airbus or ifly 747 or Coolsky dc9 and its smooth. Getting the last 1/4 of sliders I'm missing does not really seem worth it. Autogen at 3/4 is pretty full as it is. The catch? I don't use payware airports. Apart from London and NY I can comfortably fly anywhere and get good fps. I have vector, global and Orbx LC with free mesh x to keep the terrain exciting. I would like payware airports but they tie you down to one area and I like flying all over the world. Seeing different vistas is part of the appeal and paying for an airport each time does not seem worth it to me and I will become bored flying to the same place over and over. I have P3d v3 and v4 currently has nothing I am interested in. Seeing autogen a bit further out is not worth it when all you will see are tiny dots on the horizon. The advanced lighting is killing framerates even on the highest spec machines. With the pace of change in P3d so slow and with constant performance improvements so we get more for less it sounds like I don't need to upgrade for years to come. I don't see the clamour for higher spec machines to enjoy all the goodies anymore. A midrange gives you everything if you don't use payware airports.
  10. I have the opposite view. Unless you use payware airports a mid range system is enough. I would like to use payware airports but don't want to pay $$$ for each airport that traps me in one area otherwise I would hardly get my money' worth. I was considering an upgrade since I have a i5 3570k and 970 card but what's the point when I have 30-40fps in the aerosoft Airbus and can flu all over the world with vector and openlc. I am on 3.4 though :)
  11. sanh

    Any news on 4.2 update?

    Nice post. Based on that 4.2 will have 3 new helicopters and helicopter AI.
  12. sanh

    AS,SkyForce and P3Dv4.1

    I don' think its your spec. I have the same exact spec at 4.4ghz and don't see these issues with those add-ons. Running real weather as well.
  13. Have it on. No real risk of fake crashes on default airports and it adds to realism. I can't do something silly like go through a tree or building and just carry on as if nothing happened. Also I can't land at 2000fpm.
  14. sanh

    SkyForce after 15 days

    Agree. It's awesome. So much cloud in the sky now like real life. No more small fluffy clouds bunched together to simulate overcast conditions 😎 Loving it.
  15. sanh

    P3Dv4.1. Road Traffic Benchmark

    Thanks for this. Its why I have my road traffic at no more than 10%. I just want to see some cars going past regularly and that seems to be enough. Packed roads does not add to the immersion for me.