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  1. Indeed. The flight sim world does not revolve around the avsim simmer. People who bought MSFS who want that thing probably outnumber the "serious simmers" (like here) 10-1. Keeps the money rolling in which means we get more of the stuff we want for our niche audience 😉
  2. Don't understand the question. When did I say other sims stop me from being bored? If they did I wouldn't be here. I would be on those forums. When FSX died I moved to P3d. When the slow pace of change crept in from V3 onwards I moved to x-plane and then moved to MSFS on release and been here since. Always been a one sim guy. Like I said I am sure I am in a minority here but I think a much larger number of simmers depend on core features rather than shell out another 50 bucks for another plane when the interest starts to wane. I would think that's why the sim community declined when FSX was discontinued even though the addons were still being pumped out. Thanks for all the comments here from everyone. Whether you agree or not it was interesting to see the other view point.
  3. @ankh I think you made my original point better than I did in the post above this one Also can we keep the "X" word out of the thread. Start a new thread if you want to rehash that old boring sim v sim garbage again. My question is specifically for MSFS. I couldn't care less what another sim is doing.
  4. They do count as updates but as already stated - the sim updates are mostly bug fixes fixing things broken in earlier releases. Not much in the way of new core sim features like an improved ATC or similar feature. The world updates they churn out are impressive work but how different are they to what was already there before the update? That was already good enough for simming. For sight seeing-simmers I can understand but how many simmers want to fly around gazing at updated 3d models. Not me.
  5. Mostly fixing what was broken in the previous releases. Not much in the new features department. Don't use X-plane. Don't turn the topic into an x-plane v msfs topic pls. Again like I mentioned I am talking about the core sim. I dont buy addon planes. I am using the FBW A320. I dont fly often enough to spend that kind of money on planes (nor have the time to learn to fly them properly). As for the take up golf or fishing comments 🤔 I been using Flight Sims since MS5 and even when it stopped at FSX I moved on to 2 other sims (won't name them here to avoid a flame war) then back to MSFS which is the best out of the lot but it was the new stuff on each version that kept me going. The key part of what i am saying - I think a lot of people don't buy addons like myself so rely on the core sim improving with new features to keep us entertained. When that starts to drop off we become bored. I have no plans to go to another sim or leave. Just have to wait until it does improve in that aspect. Not many who hold views like mine would come to a forum like this but there you go! I enjoyed reading the responses though (and I mean that in a nice way 🙂 )
  6. It's now been a couple of years since MSFS was released but the sim largely is the same as it was at release. Yes I know the world scenery updates is something and 3PDs have come out with new planes. However, as far as the core sim goes it hasn't changed much. Where are the new core sim features? New advanced weather? ATC? Windscreen wipers working? Remember when a new version came out every 2 years of the legacy series with significant advances? I could get a copy of the original 2020 release and compare it with today's version and visually or functionality wise it would be almost identical. Considering nearly 200 people are working on it I was hoping for more. I am becoming a little bored with MSFS. I hope they add some new core features soon rather than leave the core sim as is and just add new scenery or packs like top gun.
  7. Don't use the sim often enough to justify this price. Will pass too but I hope the pmdg 737 comes in lower.
  8. I am buying. My first airliner purchase in about 4 years.
  9. Just waiting on the price. This could be my first MSFS addon purchase!
  10. Also turn off the co-pilot displays. I find that helps a bit.
  11. Looks great. Glad it doesn't have failures and is not study level. I want to fly the thing rather than simulate failures and run through lots of checklists. Plus it adds a premium to the price of the product.
  12. There is a instant replay called Flight Recorder on flightsim.to. I am downloading that on the weekend. Seems popular and according to the YouTube videos I watched its super simple to use.
  13. I guess its a trade off between popping in or accepting stutters. So many objects to render in today's scenery.
  14. This looked a little concerning if it needs fixing before release. Makes it sound like we are still months away. "We also have the development team's favorite unofficial group, the "offensive initials not allowed?" grouping. In this group you will find reports of issues within long, well-tested systems that simply stop behaving properly on the new platform for reasons that don't make much sense to anyone... Hence the unofficial name of the group. Debugging these ones takes some group ingenuity because we still don't have a clear view of code execution when working with MSFS since the debugging tools are still in development. Asobo promised us in October that we'd have what we need by mid 2022, however- so we are very much looking forward to shedding this drag in the next few months! "
  15. Personally I will only buy if its under £50 so about $80. I know this is high fidelity and stuff but I don't want to pay that much just for a plane since I dont fly too often.
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