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  1. They are hiring because Asobo announced they are working on a new game. Read it some months back. Most likely many who worked on MSFS will move across to the new game and the new recruits will fill their shoes on MSFS, which is mostly updating an existing product/bugfixing and therefore a more gentle introduction to the company.
  2. I've always liked REX textures. The default textures do become boring after a while. I am interested.
  3. This could be heading south. Let me settle this. I have used X-Plane and MSFS and P3D and the flight model is largely irrelevant since they are not that different. Its the PLANE that matters. If the plane flight model/params are not good it just doesn't work. That's why there are some fairly accurate flight model planes for EVERY sim (including P3D and FSX) but also absolute rubbish planes for EVERY sim. Case in point. I was just watching someone on youtube take-off in a fully loaded default 747 with just 2 engines with ease - in MSFS. The plane matters more than the sim flight model.
  4. I never said they shouldn't - just that they should have earlier. My point was people were screaming out for this sort of thing for years but LR took the slow road because their user base was rising anyway because the only competition was a dead end sim (FSX) and a sim built by LM that was at an even slower pace since a lot of focus was on military features. Now it feels like "oh my god that elephant just over took me - peddle faster" syndrome all of a sudden. I switched over to MSFS and while xplane 11 is still on my PC I rarely use it. Xplane 12 needs to become a lot more than just lighting to get me to buy it and I suspect its the same for a lot of other people. I am sure no one cares about this remark and that's fine. X-plane will survive. I just feel If LR had the drive they seem to have now, back then, it would be a much better sim and not behind MSFS at all.
  5. I really wish LR had done this a couple of years ago. It doesn't have the wow factor in today's flight sim eco-system. Its just catching up to what is already out there.
  6. Try turning off real world traffic and it should solve the problem. They did say they increased the number of planes. In every other sim more planes = worse performance. Expect the same here.
  7. Don't see why CS should give the 777 for free. Yes it looks bad but those who bought it have only themselves to blame if they don't like it. Its not CS or any other devs job to check whether its suitable for you. That's your job. Good luck to them I say. It's clearly sold well so it's a success for them. All this reputation talk is nonsense. There are so few addon airliner devs out there people will still be queuing up when they release their next plane.
  8. I think CS have realised that you can make loads pumping out stuff like this rather than accurate complex airliners. Most here complaining did buy it. I think more 3pd aircraft makers will take this route. You can make far more this way and the huge amount of work required to make it high level will bring in just a niche of simmers on avsim hence not making it worth the effort.
  9. Haha. Good old Firefox with Clint Eastwood. That plane looks pretty good. Do we know how far it is from release? While its probably realistic that windscreen clutter is immense and you can barely see anything right centre of the plane.
  10. I think we are really lucky to have WT and FBW and others. This sim has an exciting future.
  11. Not really I think. Most people don't have issues. They are just considerably less likely to post that it's fine compared with those having issues. Great rig by the way!
  12. Zero. I dont think its costing MS that much. Most of the infrastructure is already there and I bet more people download satellite data on Bing maps each day for free then download via the game. Plus MS are still selling copies of the game every day, making money from xbox subscriptions partly because this game is in the library and also marketplace fees. Asobo is hiring a lot of positions for MS development post release and this would only be happening if the game has already made a nice big fat profit.
  13. Yeh. No more 2d sprites that spin and move out of the way. The clouds seem very unique and when you burst out the top you see something new each time. The cloud structures and lighting is different all the time.
  14. Try turning off AI/Multiplayer and see if it improves
  15. It doesn't work for me either anymore. It did used to work a few weeks ago.
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