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  1. Same here and it looks / runs great. Very happy with SU10.
  2. There's a poll for something similar: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/please-give-us-personalizable-pilot-avatars/305854
  3. Is that the Alienware? If so, how are you liking it?
  4. Great, so there’s an established template for detailed feedback. Maybe you could pass some of that on to Asobo rather than ‘meh, feels arcadey’?
  5. But what does it even mean? It behaves like Donkey Kong? Especially rl pilots could be very helpful in making more specific comments like ‘747 yaws roughly 30% too much in gusts’, and that could be helpful (of course, then we have the problem that rl pilots often disagree in these things as well). Not all pilots are highly articulate, but I imagine they could do better than ‘feels arcadey’.
  6. It’s not a surprise, but it is disappointing when even those who claim special understanding because of their piloting skills quickly bring out the word for any behaviour they believe to not match their perceptions 100%. I’m sure you’ve been in training simulators that don’t get some things 100% right. Do you come out of them complaining to the trainers that ‘it feels arcadey’?
  7. The 1080s were mighty cards (I just had vanilla, but still one of my best value purchases ever, maybe even comparable to the i5 2500K for value), but with your other hardware it seems you must accept that at last, it’s a party-pooper.
  8. In a way, I hope they don’t go down the satellite ortho path, or if they do, I hope they find a way to get rid of the problems of colour inconsistencies, and baked in clouds / shadows. The current solutions to these are still not very good. I’d be more interested in landclass textures developed from satellite images, perhaps AI taking good quality imagery of that particular region/landclass and replicating across the whole are of that landclass (with some randomization). Oh, and localized autogen is also going to have to be addressed at some point…
  9. Shame you think so. They speak so highly of Avsim over there😅
  10. Ditto, better than before, but still missing a lot, still defaulting to steamy puffs too often (even at low altitude which they said was fixed in SU10), and overall still usually not as convincing as what we had pre-SU5. Having said that, if I was coming to MSFS fresh from last-gen sims, I’d still think they were the best thing since sliced bread, so I guess we should always remember how far we’ve come!
  11. I saw some pictures on FB of XP12 with what looked like Orbx regional textures. Do any we bought for XP11 all work in XP12?
  12. I try to make it a rule to skip at least one generation so the 5000 series will probably be my next upgrade.
  13. Frame boost is impressive, no doubt about that, but raytracing doesn't seem to make quite the dramatic difference I was expecting. Better, sure, but side by side with default it does show just how good it is right now. Having said that, interested to see how raytracing works even on a lowly 3000series card. edit: sorry, got confused by the RTX logo, thanks to others who pointed out there's no raytracing in this.
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