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  1. Think you need to see everything in place, in action before you can make that call. Comparing a released sim with alpha (?) shots segregated by category isn’t a good comparison. But then of course MSFS will also presumably look different by the time we see XP12.
  2. Too debateable to say with any meaningful confidence. A paper done comparing BET under XP9 with FSX seemed to find no convincing superiority, and there's plenty of voices on both sides of the fence now. Flight Testing in a Simulation Based Environment (core.ac.uk)
  3. Should be careful assuming performance from a video capture. It's not uncommon for the choppiness to be caused / amplified by the video software.
  4. I quite liked that. Spiced up what was otherwise a bit of a dry presentation. I can totally imagine the others in the team saying it’s not a good idea but Austin saying, ‘trust me, it’s funny’🤪
  5. The effects can probably be best summarized as ‘not worth it’.
  6. I think this is a good example of what I mean when I say mSparks has a different perception to many (most?) of us. It took my partner 2 seconds and my daughter 0.5 seconds to state that the MSFS shot “obviously” was more real. I don’t doubt that he does believe XP (even 11) looks better, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if what he’s seeing is being informed by his need to ‘provoke the xbots’ more than what’s actually on the screen. The water reflections do look very good on that XP12 shot, but that lighting...no.
  7. I’m curious as to why it does it like this. Obviously it knows there is a path which needs to be followed, what’s the benefit of forcing the pilot to intercept it themselves in hdg mode?
  8. Well, don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread disintegrate quite so dramatically as this one.
  9. And I remember seeing some of XP11’s cloud screenshots that you felt were closer to reality than anything MSFS has and noting that what you see is really different to what I see. Not to say you’re wrong, just very different,
  10. If there’s one area where the old maxim that screenshots do not represent experience of a moving sim, it’s lighting.
  11. That’s really not what I’m seeing, unfortunately.
  12. I think we need to see more of it all in action, not just tiny snippets but the ATC improvements and seasons are reasons to keep watching. Unfortunately otherwise I don't see much here to attract users back, but certainly XP purists can be pleased with the incremental improvements over XP11. The clouds are better but in no way up to the competition (form what we've seen here), but the huge let-down for me is the lighting. I can't see much in the stream that looks like any improvement over XP11 unless I missed something?
  13. Given Austin has increased the core team, got an army of cheap, outsourced coders (?) and it’s been over a year since the last big XP11 upgrade, I’m betting we can expect something exciting.
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