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  1. It’s not “every now and then” though, is it? It’s every update. Maybe you could accept that your opinion has probably been noted. Maybe you can accept that whether it has or not, you’re not entitled to a personally-satisfying response.
  2. No, that is not what I am saying. I have shared what I think are reasonable assumptions based on what we have seen in the publicly available screenshots and what is public knowledge about the dev team makeup. You might remember in the last thread you started tearing your hair out worrying the devs weren't aware of the problem with tree size, that I said as they were clearly monitoring Avsim forums and even threw you the huge personal bone of showing cirrus clouds and gloriously undulating runways in their screenshots, the devs are at least aware that people are talking about the tree-size. I also said I'm confident they'll get to it at some point. Yep, I'm in the Alpha but none of my comments are based on my experiences with it. Sorry, I won't accept directions from you about what to do with my time in the Alpha.
  3. That's why I said 'obviously', as in 'clear to all', as in 'not dependent on personal perception'. Without breaching the Alpha NDA I think I can safely say a) you can see in many screenshots that the trees are obviously oversized in places and b) the devs are clever, perceptive people.
  4. Do you really think that MS/Asobo would spend so much money putting together PhD-qualified teams, acquiring specialist AI tech companies, setting up world-simulating streaming tech, and then decide at the end of a multi-year long project making what is clearly going to be the best world-simulation ever seen in gaming, that 'Yeah, lol, let's leave the trees obviously oversized in the final product'. I mean, is it likely?
  5. That's a pretty myopic thing to say just after the death toll in your country hit 100,000, even with wide scale lockdowns.
  6. Many of us like to buy into the illusion that we're getting the most realistic experience possible for our resources, and I can't imagine that will change too much despite MSFS's clear leap over current world renders. There'll always be something that 3PDs could do with varying degrees of improvement over Adobos already great work (mesh, autogen, higher resolution ground textures with imperfections like clouds / static life hand-masked out, custom buildings etc.) to persuade us to squeeze that extra bit of realism out of the experience. Also it's quite possible that those offerings will have business applications as well which could open up whole new revenue streams for companies that used to only cater for our niche hobby. Personally, I'm sure Orbx are and will be just fine. One thing that I'm not so sure about is how the 3PD ecosystem will develop; if they have a fairly open marketplace then would a lot of people making airports for Orbx currently need Orbx to sell them to us in future? As noted some airports like Barton are only available for some sims I think because people like Tony had already done most of the groundwork privately?
  7. Worth checking your spam as well. My alpha invite came direct to my inbox but some of subsequent emails went directly to junk.
  8. Yeah, the DCS marketing people have really upped their game recently. Doubtless this'll be added to the long list of things I know I'll never find the time to learn how to use properly, but will enthusiastically buy nonetheless when I'm 'in my cups'.
  9. I can imagine it being used in tandem with other data for all sorts of purposes. E.g. a real estate developer who wants to understand everything about an area (height of surrounding buildings, footfall, lighting in different weather conditions, pedestrian experience etc.), put them in a VR headset with avatars showing car / human traffic gained from phone data and current weather conditions and you can probably get reasonably near a real-life experience of being there.
  10. And that’s the main problem. You feel qualified to assess your own risk, and place it at about one in a million based on what you see around you. Many of us would say that’s a dangerous mindset.
  11. Microsoft are clearly throwing the kitchen sink at Game Pass so they keep hyping it up at every opportunity. I'm guessing that repeating FS2020 will be available on Game Pass is more an advert for Game Pass than FS2020. Edit: Also publicly announcing the game will be available for purchase will inevitably lead to questions of 'How much?', and they probably have a specific timing for announcing pricing. Game Pass's pricing is already public.
  12. Sorry for the off topic, but that looks very much like models of gluon fields:
  13. Mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand JV clearly has a thin skin at times despite frequently trumpeting his hardy, straight-talking Dutch heritage. On the other waving 'don't tread on me' flags because you got a post deleted on a niche hobby forum isn't the most mature reaction either...
  14. MatthewS' entitled windbaggery notwithstanding, I do agree the trees are way too big. I also know Asobo are aware of this (not least because they check this forum and others regularly) and I'm very confident they'll get round to a fix at a time which best fits their roadmap.
  15. “They haven’t answered the questions I want answered yet, so that means they’re refusing to engage with the whole community. ME, ME , ME!!!”
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