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  1. Cheers, makes sense. Given the timing I was expecting (hoping for) some scenery to cone onto the market in the run up to Xmas.
  2. I'm guessing that means scenery devs like Orbx don't have the right tools yet to start churning out their sceneries...?
  3. Oh God, no, please don't. Given your many years of ragging on XP I don't think it would do anyone any good. In fact I'll go one stronger: I forbid it. Do you hear, Chris? You are forbidden from owning XP11. :)
  4. My bad, I thought you were talking about SteamSpy. Although looking at the Steamdb charts eiher I'm reading something wrong, the charts don't agree, or the figure for 100 players is still average peak concurrent. The final graph showing an average players over two weeks usually is around 6000, meaning about 500 players a day.
  5. I don't think SteamSpy gives figures for how many players run the game a day. It gives a figure for peak concurrent players which is usually around 100 for FSW but that's not the same...
  6. I like the new windscreen treatment too; really helps the immersion factor. It really bugs me when developers go to so much trouble replicating every fine detail of a plane down to the last rivet and then don't bother to put in anything that looks like glass in the windows.
  7. And here you are again Goran saying how shocking it is that a payware developer (JV) would say such things about a competing product when a) Austin has form on this himself as with his sarcastic take down of Microsoft Flight and b) you and your X-Aviation stablemates have plenty of experience yourself doing this every time someone mentions X-Enviro or Dan Klaue's products on Facebook. I agree it might be satisfying to see JV having to eat even a small slice of humble pie but to see you getting on your high horse after all the mud you've thrown at competing products over the past few years, well, yuck.
  8. I'm wondering how many times we're going to have this conversation over the next couple of years.
  9. There're already some passable freeware solutions for seasonal textures and autogen but if this offers something over those then I'm in.
  10. Really? You mean VEAO simulations and yes, they did say they were going to prioritise other platforms than DCS. But they did also say the P40 for DCS is going well and still on track for a release after the 2.5 merge.
  11. Yes, it's time for Andras to test our bandwidth, hard drive space, and the patience of our partners with a new version of his amazing meshes:
  12. Same here; one of the main things keeping me interested in FSW is TrueSky so an update would be much appreciated.
  13. Have you actually got this for FSW? Just quickly skimming the website it seems to have real weather injection which I’d be interested in seeing in FSW.
  14. It’s out, and apparently as well as all the exciting under the hood stuff.......the ground shakes are gone!!!