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  1. Looks like it will be a lot of fun with some good sightseeing. In its current state the ground world still isn't quite the environment it needs to be for me to get the best out of packages like this, but I'll continue my patient wait and once the lighting / shadows / terrain get some love / PBR treatment I'll be on this like Trump on a Big Mac.
  2. Looks really good. TBH I know nothing aboit the plane: can you point out some of its advantages over the cub?
  3. scotchegg

    DCS is amazing!

    For something with a good balance between fidelity / ease of systems / looks / fun I would recommend the F5E.
  4. scotchegg

    TruSky cloud love!

    Yep! Unfortunately haven't had much sim time since the update but so far the dynamic weather has thrown up some gob-smackingly real clouds.
  5. Some mighty fine clouds appeared over Hawaii at the weekend.
  6. Won't be able to test this out until tonight, but as they're using historical data, this means weather conditions will be appropriate for the season selected, right?
  7. I have to say, Stephen Hood's attention to the visuals is really welcome. How far the look of an ESP-based sim could be advanced from FSX was a big worry when I heard DTG had bought that code and not MS Flight's.
  8. scotchegg

    Some advice on VR

    I'm one of those annoying gits who doesn't seem to be affected by nausea / headaches with VR but I've read plenty around to suggest that it's often a question of exposure and developing 'sea-legs' so what you're describing should have an end. I'm also pinning a lot of hope on Vulcan, especially having seen the amazing difference it makes to performance in Doom 2016. Until then I'm not even going to bother with XP in VR. Elite Dangerous is fairly VR friendly graphically but the flightsims, even IL2, just don't translate well for me so far using the Rift so I'm sticking with the widescreen monitor and TrackIR. Having said that I laud the exciting virtual world whose birth we're privileged enough to witness!
  9. scotchegg

    Flight Sim World Enters Phase 2 Of Development

    It's ok. When my friends and family see me, they just say "Avsim, right?" with a knowing frown. Yeah, the AO is a lot better after the latest update (although still not quite there yet).
  10. scotchegg

    Flight Sim World Enters Phase 2 Of Development

    I've found my eyebrows raising to many an opinion on Avsim but on seeing the opinion that default FSX cloud textures are better than True Sky they pretty much ejected themselves from my forehead.
  11. scotchegg

    Flight Sim World Enters Phase 2 Of Development

    Nice update, thanks. Of course there are some naysayers. There are also a lot of us who think you're quietly, patiently, professionally doing a very good job and that yours will be the go to sim in a couple of years. And you can quote me on that:)
  12. scotchegg

    What's going on with FSW?

    "That's not next gen, that's just silly." That's a very quotable bit of feedback.
  13. scotchegg

    MisterX6 does it again ...

    LR need to give this guy a job already.
  14. scotchegg

    SDK now available

    Cheers, makes sense. Given the timing I was expecting (hoping for) some scenery to cone onto the market in the run up to Xmas.
  15. scotchegg

    SDK now available

    I'm guessing that means scenery devs like Orbx don't have the right tools yet to start churning out their sceneries...?