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  1. Something I’m curious about is DX12 in the new betas / SU13. They did say it would be optimized over time but I haven’t seen much evidence of that since its original release.
  2. There was / is a great version of it in XPlane. I seem to remember it being quite quirky, but a lot of fun with insane amounts of torque. If this is the local legend, does that mean Japan is getting another WU?
  3. No, just saw chat on the official forums that they weren’t allowed to talk about something that was briefly on the marketplace earlier! Was there something else as well?
  4. Or....... a sub for both groups where you could have at each other in a tempest of gnashed teeth and glass empty / full accusations, at least until the armagnac is finished. This would leave the rest of us to speculate on the future / try and get our Rex installations working / sky colours more balanced without wading through meta-comment and its attendant 'you don't have to read it if you don't like it' rejoinders.
  5. Are you sure you’re the right person to be evaluating flight si….er….anything, then?😅
  6. Well, after a successful first installation / start, the app is giving me a 'License Not Valid!' warning and refuses to open. Thanks Rex, you really know how to launch a product.... Edit: or is this just a strategy to make sure everyone opens Rex Axis accounts before we can get support...?
  7. Right. Heavy rain often causes landslides here in Japan, do they want that taken out too?
  8. One is simulating rescuing people, the other killing people. Is it just me or is this an incredibly daft conversation😅?
  9. That people lose their homes / get injured climbing mountains / drive their cars of roads is sad, but adding firefighting in the sim as a recreational activity is hardly making light of the suffering. Giving people guns to shoot airliners with in multiplayer is just asking for trouble, and nowhere near equivalent.
  10. What tortured logic has brought you to the state of equating ‘live’ (?) weapons with bush fires?
  11. @MikeT707, as Japan is a popular WU country about to get into Autumn, can we expect its inclusion in the seasonal texture packages soon?
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