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  1. Yeah, I was kind of hoping the other stuff about transitions and less obsolete data might have had a positive knock-on effect on the quality.
  2. Do you think the clouds have some density they didn’t have before / post SU5?
  3. That’s one of the things I’m interested in. Various patch notes mentioned some changes in clouds so interested to see if there’s much of an improvement to the way they look in live weather.
  4. That’s disappointing. I had hoped this would all be behind us after SU14. Don’t wanna spend my Xmas simming time just waiting to reboot and crossing fingers a flight will load ok this time…
  5. Ahhh, if this type of detail is only available in areas of photogrammetry coverage rather than extrapolated from aerials, that’s quite restricting.
  6. Are there any YT reviews / comparisons of this product?
  7. Yep, icing is visually still there. Not sure its accumulation is having much impact on the airframe / performance in most planes though.
  8. I am interested in this and would have bought it if it were on sale recently. Reasons for not buying yet: not sure if it’s only US or global photogrammetry, not sure if 2024 will make it irrelevant, waiting for more reports.
  9. Base aerials look improved as well. Hopefully that’s a sign of some more AI polish of current aerials rather than simply more recent satellite passes.
  10. Yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing more about that, especially bushes and trees. Although the Blackshark work was undoubtedly pioneering for flightsims on 2020 launch, I’d love to see another pass from refined AI. One of my gripes is flying beautiful Mediterranean islands with the trees in no way matching what the aerials are clearly showing as neatly-ordered olive-tree plantations.
  11. I wouldn’t be surprised, but if they’re extrapolating rocks (and pebbles!) from 2D aerials as well as the 3D mesh, I can’t see any reason they wouldn’t be able to do it everywhere, given good enough quality data.
  12. If they can replicate detail like this across terrain globally, that’s gonna make VFR / bush insanely satisfying everywhere😍
  13. Can any beta users with FSRealistic confirm that the new Cirrus is connecting to FSR ok? For some reason the previous default always closed FSR when it loaded. Drove me potty, really like the plane and really looking forward to the new version.
  14. I’m not pointing to specific comments in this thread, more a common habit of avid ‘sim-warriors’. Anyway, it’s difficult to judge, given that so much has had to be deleted in this thread.
  15. My point isn’t about live weather cloud quality per se, it’s just one area that was very different at launch, and very close if not the same in quality as what we saw in the trailers (I’m not sure if the all the stuff in trailers is preset, but it’s not really the point anyway).
  16. I’m also sceptical about whatever’s shown in trailers, especially after the clear and quite severe downgrading of cloud quality in live weather, and reduction of LODs in the early SUs after 2020 launch. Yes, many aspects have improved, but pretending they didn’t sacrifice other areas (or at least not wanting to acknowledge they did), is pretty shortsighted and sets the devs up to assume they can keep doing it.
  17. Unfortunately, SU13 has introduced pretty regular CTDs on the world map page and loading screens (edit: for many, not all). You can add your vote / experience to this thread in the official forums: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/sim-crashes-when-zooming-in-at-the-worldmap/607606/409
  18. Are you familiar with the real C160’s flight model?
  19. Have to say, these two Vans are great. I think these might be the best spyware deals I’ve ever had in flight sim.
  20. At these prices, does it really matter? Thanks for the heads up OP, picked up the two I didn’t already have, and noticed that the GotFriends Wilga is half price as well. Not a bad day’s shopping!
  21. From what I’ve read here and other sites, it seems there’s no magic bullet currently apart from turning off default map data. For many of us it’s something SU13 first introduced and seems almost certainly to be influenced by how the sim interacts with the default map data server. Shame, but it has been logged as a bug and it looks like the fix is going to have to come from the devs.
  22. You original comment suggested that textures are better across the board.
  23. Can beta users confirm that there are no CTDs when map zooming?
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