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  1. No, yoke and throttle. Didn't have the issue before using FSR. No worries, will try some more trouble-shooting.
  2. Not connected to the update, but I have a long-term problem with FSRealistic that is still there: the cockpit camera gradually sinks. It gets reset if I go to outside view, but it’s absolutely infuriating. I have all g effects which might affect the body disabled. Any ideas?
  3. Will the World Hub be restricted to airports? No potential to allow world improvements like meshes? (Barring copyright issues)
  4. I miss the ability to ask ATC for the altimeter. That was nice in FSX.
  5. Not aware of anything, unfortunately. I agree the water could do with a nice upgrade, ideally with some bathymetry if the engine will allow it. Inland water for me is where I notice the colour problems most. Rivers usually have the same colour as deep ocean.
  6. In addition to the above, double check all settings to see if something hasn’t been enabled / disabled in the update. In the first SU11 beta rolling cache got enabled for me for some reason which tanked my frames. Wasted a lot of troubleshooting time on that very simple thing…
  7. When? I haven’t had any notifications or seen any chat about this at all.
  8. Loved this in FSX. Hoping it eventually gets a native MSFS version.
  9. Has rolling cache been enabled? That happened to me in the beta and it tanked frames.
  10. Cool, gonna try it with the JustFlight Hawk🤩
  11. They’ve done something right: currently highest numbers of users since initial launch number on Steam, 19,568
  12. Not used many helicopters before. Do you use throttle for collective? If so do you go the opposite way to planes (back for increased power)?
  13. Start with a quick round of C64 Ace where it all started for me, then the Beaver around some of the Misty Moorings old haunts, then a quick blast with the gliders, then a few hours working out bindings and muscle memory for the helicopters. After the family stuff is all taken care of😩😅
  14. With respect, have you considered yourself why you decided to frame this thread as ‘XP does this better than MSFS’ rather than ‘I really like the way XP does this’? Both options were open to you and you’ve been around here long enough to know which one is more likely to produce an exhausting outcome.
  15. I think at some point it might be useful for people to stop blaming ‘the thread’, or ‘the forum’, and realize it’s the people that might be exhausting, toxic, and unable to change their ideas (that goes for any sim’s zealots, not just because this comment happened to come in this sim’s forum).
  16. And as if to emphasize the point, not only people in general, but it seems pilots especially demonstrate lower ability to assess emotional / mental states: https://www.psypost.org/2022/10/pilots-tend-to-have-less-emotional-intelligence-than-the-average-person-new-research-suggests-64172 What on earth could they mean😅?!
  17. Unfortunately this is another area where people rarely assess themselves correctly. Except the guy that said he’s a pervert.
  18. Nah. Spent a bit more time looking at videos of it in action and it really doesn’t seem to offer much improvement (at the moment). it really is going to be a tough sell for them. They only really have a brand with XP alumni, and among them it’s hardly a strong brand.
  19. I’m thinking about picking this up now as I have a discount, if nothing else, just to have a backup for when the default live weather is down. Also the FB page does show some interesting higher-level cirrus results. Can anyone who has it say if a) there’s a frame rate hit and b) interferes with the new default CFD features?
  20. It’s very important for someone like me who lives in a time zone very far from their home country and never gets to enjoy a dusk flight there with accurate weather (unless I happen to wake up at 4AM which does happen on occasion now that I’m firmly in the grip of middle age).
  21. Loved that, and the F22 one they did. Great campaigns.
  22. Nothing in their promo video to justify buying (again) for me. Also, as with others, I’d prefer not to have to deal with Magnus’ prickly customer service manner.
  23. xEnviro in MSFS? Now that I was not expecting. Will need to see some video comparisons but the discounted price might just be worth it.
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