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  1. Not correct. If this were 100% true, we would still have services like napster, limewire and kazaa. Napster settled for $26 million and Kazaa ended with a $100 million dollar settlement. Now we have legal music services like Spotify that allows users to pay for music or to access the music for free with a free account under their terms of service. If I were to develop a software that downloaded the music from Spotify to the user's computer, and charged a $30 yearly fee; Would it be acceptable for me to try to profit that way? Besides not being legal, it would be morally and ethically wrong to try to profit in such a manner. This is essentially what this person is doing. He is trying to profit off software, that is accessing the service against the terms of service. Terms of service is a legally binding agreement, and the providers could suspend or permanently block your access to their mapping service at any time. Is he even pointing that out to users when he is about to charge that $30/year subscription. This is just morally wrong, and don't understand why some are justifying it. I agree with you 100%.
  2. The fact that they are charging for this and that users are willing to pay for it leaves me stunned. $30/year to violate the Terms of Service, plus there are free alternatives. Get 2k-3k people to sign up and that is a nice recurring amount of $60-90k each year, with virtually 0 overhead for them because the data is not coming from their server. Why wouldn't other developers adopt this subscription model for their utilities such as those for weather, camera etc? Everyone should just charge a recurring fee because it is a great value.
  3. In order to know when something is fake, you must know when something is real. I've heard several real world A320 pilots praise the realism of the Fenix, especially after the block 2 update. So, when a simmer says it feels fake, and an A320 captain says it feels real, I get curious as to what the simmer is using as the basis for their opinion. Given that I have no experience, I will go with the collective of A320 pilots. I have yet to see/hear a real-world airbus pilot that has flat out dismissed fenix/toliss as fake or otherwise. The consensus has been that these are 2 very realistic, high fidelity addons. Bingo!!! V1 has addressed this several times in his stream. His advice to those complaining about the way it feels, "get yourself a good side stick". Secondly, make sure it is configured and calibrated correctly. I think these are 2 great addons. It's okay to have a preference of one or the other. If your main sim is MSFS, it will likely be Fenix. If your main sim is xplane, it will likely be Toliss.
  4. Fenix feels fake compared to what? Your experience flying a real A320 or your perception of what you think it should be? V1Simulation who is a real-world A320 pilot has given praise to both the Fenix and Toliss. He is definitely a fan of both. But in particular, he mentioned that the Fenix Block 2 update feels close to the real thing and is probably the best simulation of the A320 that we have right now. A330Driver has also said the Fenix is really good.
  5. Which other airbuses are you comparing it to on other platforms? I don't have much knowledge about the airbuses in P3D. On the MSFS platform there are no study level paypare airbuses(318,319,321,330,340) yet with the exception of the A320 by fenix. So, the short unbiased answer is, the planes don't exist yet to make a fair assessment. I know with the Block 2 update of the fenix, V1 Simulation in his initial reaction said the fenix a320 might be the best airbus simulation out there right now. 319, 321 are in development by fenix at which point would provide a better apple to apple comparison against the toliss fleet.
  6. You were one of the users pointing out the issue and providing some technical insights into what you thought was happening. When many of us pointed out the issue, we were somewhat ridiculed as is usually the case with anything perceived as negative in this forum. I even had to post a video with Austin admitting the lighting was an issue as proof it was something Laminar was aware of. In any case, good that there are plans to address now.
  7. And runs at 4k 30fps too. The argument is impossible to understand.
  8. I'm quite curious. What is required to be considered a serious simmer in your eyes. Do you need to be able to afford certain hardware to be considered a serious simmer. Can one be considered a serious simmer if they can only afford a $500 budget PC, where they have to turn the graphics all the way down to run it smoothly? It makes perfect sense that a simulator would run on a gaming console. Simulators like MSFS, X-plane, Assetto corsa, Grand Turismo and others are by nature videos games. They are a special category of video games that simulate the real world. X-Plane/MSFS/P3D fall under the simulation video game category https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulation_video_game. The binary code does not care if it is being executed on a dedicated gaming console or a multitasking PC. It is still simulating the same physics. In fact, a gaming console is more optimized for games whereas a PC is Multitasking Device. Maybe, its the input devices why they are not serious simmers? I use the same "Thrustmaster TCA Captain Joystick" for both my $3K pc and $500 Console. I also use the same famous "Thrustmaster TCA Boeing yoke" on both. Yes, there a few limitations due to the security on console but it does not prevent you from taking the hobby seriously. This argument is the equivalent of saying someone using Linux is not a serious simmer due to some limitations. it's also a great way to get money flowing into the pockets of 3rd developers also. It's a great way to expand the flight simulation community. It's a great way to get new folks into the hobby who otherwise could not afford a capable PC. You have a point about mobile devices only for the fact that there are no good input devices for a mobile. A mobile device and a xbox are not even remotely in the same category though.
  9. Why wouldn't you count them? Casual users are still users that generate sales. I gave my son a xbox gift card for Christmas and he bought a 35$ addon plane for MSFS. He's not even a teenager yet. Was the $200 yawman flight controller (https://yawmanflight.com/) created for the hardcore simmers? The casual simmers of today will be the hardcore simmers of tomorrow so you can't ignore them regardless of how they SIM. In other words, you target those casual users that Franz007 would like to ignore. Apparently, it is the new strategy of Phil Spencer.
  10. Correct. For example, if xplane 11 sold 1 million copies in 18 months. It would mean that xplane 12 sold 1.12 million copies in 18 months. Or if xplane 11 sold 100,000 copies in 18 months then xplane 12 has sold 112,000 copies in 18 months. Basically, units sold over a given time for 11 vs 12. LR does not release the actual sales figures.
  11. I agree with you. We are both pointing out the same thing. Xplane 12 sold more copy in the first 18 months that xplane 11 did and that is a positive. That is all is it. I was only pointing out that it is not correct to say market share went because sales went up without accounting for things such as total userbase in the flight sim market. Sales can increase while simultaneously market share decrease.
  12. You are misinterpreting what it means. We simply don't have enough information to draw that conclusion. The fact that xplane 12's adoption rate is 12% faster than xplane 11 tells us absolutely nothing about its market share. This 12% number is just a comparison of xplane 11 to xplane 12. It could easily be xplane 11 users converting to xplane 12. The closest thing we have for market share is navigraph even though it really doesn't represent the full sim market.
  13. That was also my first thought when I saw this. Still good news sales are increasing but I read it as 12% year to date. As in 12% higher than xplane 11 was at 18 months into its lifecycle. I think they would have pointed out lifetime if that was the case. I'm not a marketing person but 12% higher than xplane 11 lifetime at this stage would be something to announce in a dedicated blog post, not simply in a slide. It would be the thing that would get developers who are not paying attention to xplane looking again.
  14. My experience is the opposite of yours. I started off purchasing from external sites and now I purchase exclusively from the in-game marketplace. For me and many others, the benefits outweigh any negatives. One click to update all addons, purchase once to use on multiple platforms(PC, Xbox, Cloud), etc. The only negative is that it is slow to get updates from developers due to the review backlog. They have a marketplace team and they had to hire more people; yet the backlog is still in the 100s. If the quantity of addons for LR is large enough, they'll face the same issue. They'll have to hire people to test the addons and manage the store. The steam version uses steam credit, if you have the Microsoft store version you can use other forms of payment like paypal or credit card. I'm going to bet the LR store will be the same. I'm guessing steam needs a cut of all transaction. The issues you mentioned are just the nature of the game. I expect the same for LR too, but for me the convenience outweighs the negatives.
  15. Well, I didn't see a flat out 'No subscription'. By saying it is "Not in the launch spec" is leaving the door open. What about post launch spec??? Basically, LR is saying we are not doing it at launch, but we may do it post launch. I can see LR doing something where certain optional features e.g online multiplayer, satellite streaming requires a monthly/yearly subscription fee. There were a lot of anti-subscription sentiment here previously. If LR implements a subscription model at a later date, those same users will argue but but but... 'you don't have to subscribe'. So, technically they wouldn't be forcing you, I guess. TBH, I completely understand the hysteria on the org.
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