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  1. Opencockpits OVH-FWD and OVH-AFT together with OC4BAv5 will give you a good fine working PMDG B737NGXu OVH.
  2. Hope they can solved this issue fast as all wasm software are now grounded
  3. Opencockpits hardware modules work with WT CJ4 and FBW A320 when using Oi4FS from rksoftware. Check out http://www.flightsim4fun.com/shop.html
  4. Nice images and one of the best airplanes in MSFS. My favorite airplane. I am using Opencockpits modules and Oi4FS software to control the avionics instead of mouse clicking to make it even more fun to fly.
  5. FStarter from rksoftware at https://secure.simmarket.com/msfs-tools-page-1.chtml
  6. I know how to get a list of a specific airplanes LVAR. But, how do I get that info over to a text file?
  7. Is the newly released Aerosoft CRJ delivered with an SDK, so I can interface my hardware to control MCP etc.? If not, are the files available to so I can find the >H: Events and LocalVariables it uses, or are files encrypted?
  8. With the C4J by WT loaded in the sim, I do not get any of the CJ4 specific HTML vars. I know there are a lot of them. How can I get a list of these vars?
  9. In which MSFS file did you find the
  10. This is also what I don't understand, but 1 1 != if { 0 (>L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_1_Status) } 2 1 != if {0 (>L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_2_Status) } is what is coded in by MS/ASOBO as it is taken from the A320's ModelBehaviorDebug window. To me this is total confusing.
  11. aargh, how stupid of me.. Another issue with RPN coding as you seems to have some knowledge in this area( I know it is not an AAO issue, but I try anyway): How do I convert the BOLD lines to standard C++ code(my brain can't understand it)? (L:A32NX_AUTOPILOT_APPR_MODE, bool) if{ (>K:AP_APR_HOLD_ON) (>K:AP_APR_HOLD_OFF) } (L:A32NX_AUTOPILOT_LOC_MODE, bool) if{ (>K:AP_LOC_HOLD) (A:AUTOPILOT DISENGAGED, Bool) ! 1 and if { 1 1 != if { 0 (>L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_1_Status) } 2 1 != if {0 (>L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_2_Status) } (L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_1_Status) ! (>L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_1_Status) (L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_1_Status) (L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_2_Status) or (A:AUTOPILOT MASTER, Bool) != if { (>K:AP_MASTER) (A:AUTOPILOT MASTER, Bool) ! if { 0 (>L:XMLVAR_Autopilot_2_Status) } } } (L:A32NX_AUTOPILOT_APPR_MODE, Bool) if{ (>K:AP_APR_HOLD) } (L:A32NX_AUTOPILOT_LOC_MODE, Bool) if { (>K:AP_LOC_HOLD) }
  12. A320/32NX does not reacts to either "AP_APR_HOLD" or "AP_LOC_HOLD". That is why I have to use the same code as found in the ModelBehaviorDebug. Both buttons reacts to mouse clicks in the virtual cockpit. Sending the RPN code from my own WASM module also works fine. Oh, I now see why it is not working in the Sim, only local in AAO. I wrote it down by hand, as it is not possible to copy/paste anything from ModelBehaviorDegub window. If you know how to do that, I would like to know.
  13. I just bought AxisAndOhs to check it out if it was any useful for MSFS projects. My first test was to bind the RPN code that is sent when you press the APPR button in the A320 airplane. The RPN code is the same that is documented in the ModelBehaviorDebug for the A320 when APPR is pressed. But the keypress (CTRL-SHIFT-P) does not trigger the APPR button in the airplane. See attached image I am probably doing something wrong. Please advice.
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