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  1. nas123

    The beauty of sim flying

    With SmartStarter you could easly refly this flight
  2. I have the same issue. I load the saved scenario after reloading P3Dv4.3. In addition to the weird numbers in the upper EICAS I also get repeated voice call out "v2" from the sim. CDU's are empty and not showing the data set before saving the scenario. I believe your guys need to go back to the development PCs and fix this.
  4. nas123

    Which version of KSEA/KJFK/KMIA is better?

    There are pros and cons with all of them. Just pick one and you would be a happy simmer.
  5. nas123

    My P3D is loading up extremely slow

    Just delete prepar3d.cfg and scenery.cfg
  6. nas123

    P3d v4.3

    Tomorrow we will know if it was released today:)
  7. nas123

    Scenario Saves and Loads help needed it was "try before buy", but not now I see,
  8. nas123

    Scenario Saves and Loads help needed

    Try SmartStarter w/MapLog and you have full control
  9. If you use SmartStarter w/Maplog you can now "maplog" flight markers along the route and see them on the MAP and also later start from these markers.
  10. I have been testing this new Prepar3D app now for a while. The more I use it, the more I see what it can offer. You really do not know what it offers, before you have played around with it. Now I "maplog" all my PMDG flights before starting up in either C&D ,Long or Short state and during approach phase, so I can later just jump into a flight from the SmartStarter itself or from a map. It is now "Try before you buy". Nothing to loose.
  11. Sorry, I have to break the news now before the show starts in Las Vegas. It is a brand new shining flighsim platform based on a new 3D Google Map engine as scenery and terrain data. FPS is around 100+
  12. nas123


    Found this P3D loading utility at Description: SmartStarter is for those who want an more flexible and user friendly loading of PMDG airplanes and are using a predefined scenario with custom monitor/windows settings. It lets you load any airplane livery to any start position with any panel state configuration and keep your predefined monitor/windows setting intact. A must have app in my B737 home cockpit. Now I can jump into any PMDG B737 at any airport and runway with default/ready panel state configuration or at any airport and gate in either Cold & Dark, Long or Short panel state configuration with all MIP instruments at the correct positions. Simpler can it not be.
  13. nas123

    Display setup for muliple monitors

    In my search for a solution I found this SmartStarter. Google "SmartStarter p3d" and you find it.
  14. I have several monitors on my PC and using PMDG airplanes mostly. I have undocked and set up all MIP displays on my second and third monitor to my preference. Then I have saved this setup via P3Dv4 scenario page. I can load this setup from the P3Dv4's scenario page and windows come up correctly. That is fine. But, how can I have this setup and start a flight with another livery and from another starting point(airport, gate) than the one that is saved as above? Do I really need to have one setup for each airplane livery and start locationto get it working? I would like to just load any livery with my default screens/windows setup from any location. Is it possible, and if, how?