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  1. I wonder how many Alpha Techs there will be before we reach first Beta release. I guess only MS knows( or maybe even they do not know at this time)
  2. How could they say so, by feeling during the test flights? Any proof or is it just wishful thinking?
  3. This is the second time France has help out US in such a big way, although maybe not with the enormous consequences that the first aid got. The first time, back in 1775, was when Lafayette and France where helping the Continental Army to the ultimate victory over Great Britain in the Independent War. Now, the second time around, they are helping US and Microsoft to build the most advance flight simulator the world has ever seen. Vive La France!! I hope that Asobo will get me a VIP access to all Alpha and Beta Techs for this announcement.
  4. As a flight simmer since the early days of Flight Simulator 2, I feel so neglected by MS 😞 I was not invited as one of the for Alpha Tech testers, but some new flight simmers born after the FS2004 edition came out were? What a shame. Don't MS appreciating us old customers???? I think I'll invest in XPLANE11 and never look back. Not serious, just kidding(but a little disappointed I must admit)
  5. All the cloud layers, lightning, volumetric clouds etc. will sure demand a very high powered PC. Be prepared to upgrade at least to a CPU(I9 9900KS), RTX 2080TI If you don't want a slide show
  6. With the Intel i9 9900K you get 2 times of cores and hyperthreading and cores running around 4.7 - 5.0 GHz compared to i7 6700K. In theory it should be a 2 X boost in performance plus another hefty 25% increase due to higher clock speeds for the cores. But as the rendering and flight system data are more or less done by ONE core you will not see such a huge increase in performance as the theory says. I guess you will go from i.e. 30 FPS to 40 FPS and some less stutters. This should be valid if your video card can use the extra data from the CPU. If your video card is already a bootleneck (running now at 100%) in your system you will not see any performance gain. Correct me if I am wrong.
  7. I would get a good 4K TV as the new monitor + DisplayFushion. With that combination you can always set up your TV as 4 x 1920x1080 screens, 2 x 3840x1080 screens, 1 x 3840x2160 or even 1 x 2560x1440. It can't be that much better, at least for flightsim programs that do not need a high refresh rate. Here is the screens I have on my 4k, easy to change with hotkeys Here is my 4K set up as 4 1920x1080 screens
  8. I do not argue with the last 2 inputs above. They are both meaningful and probably represent the fact of todays available program coding technologies. But, that means at the same time that i.e. a 8 core CPU running at 5 - 5.2 GHz is going to be the most we would need forever. That is maybe true for the next few years. I do not buy that completely though. There will always come newer, better and more efficient way of doing things, even with software development/coding technologies.
  9. How do you know? If MS comes out with a new game in 2020 and not utilize all cores available, they haven't made a good game. The code will hopefully be scaleable so it can utilize 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 cores. This is the only logical way of improving games today as the CPUs have already reached their max frequency. We will never see 6 or 8 Ghz CPU. At least not with the technology we use today.
  10. The XBOX Scarlett that MSFS2020 will be released for will be based on a AMD NAVI GPU, so it should also run fine with AMD NAVI GPU in a PC.
  11. I guess that if someone get hold on a Alpha Tech build for testing and it has enough of the rendering code in place, he/she could try to do some testing by scaling the number of chores and see if it makes any different and if the game throttles up when increasing active cores.
  12. I would not dare to tell if I got an Alpha tech invitation, as I suspect that some eager flightsim addict would dig up my IP location and find my house and come in and steal my PC with the running Alpha Tech.
  13. I know it is too early to get any solid proof which one is best for the new MSFS2020, but I am starting to believe that choosing on of the new multicore AMD RYZEN Threadripper CPU and a new AMD NAVI GPU could actually be a better hardware platform for flight simming until INTEL catch up in a few years from now and NVIDIA brings out the new RTX 3000 serie. What do you think?
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