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  1. Try FStarter from Simmarket. It can save the flight and a have a lot of other nice to have features to re-posioning your airplane. Not sure it can save your flight plan, but it has a lot of other useful features. It also have regular updates and hopefully saving flight plans will be supported if possible.
  2. Another Bla bla from RSR. Nothing new, just the never ending Bla bla
  3. Is support for Multi-Monitors and Multi-Screens not going to be implemented!! I do not see it in the development plans.
  4. I had a motorized TQ v3Silver from "Cockpit for You" in my 737 home cockpit, but after a while I sold it. Needs way to much force to manually adjust the throttle levers. Using servos for the trim wheels was not a good design. Too many problems, faulty servos etc. The worst support I have ever had from a company. It was OK when you finally was able to get support, but it was almost impossible to get in contact with support for help. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
  5. I have never participated in any beta, but now it seems they enrolled me by a mistake.
  6. I also got his update, now my version says but I am not in the beta, never has been. What is this? DId they send this beta release out to everyone by mistake? Sim Update 13 Beta Release Notes [] - September 5, 2023
  7. Not much to be excited about. The updates this year have been rather disappointing. No updates on ATC, AI airplanes or better Camera support(Multi views/monitors).
  8. Yes, the quality is very good. For 300 euros you can't get any better, but you will need to get some additional software drivers.
  9. FStarter has many features, like adding your own POIs and train approaches and landings at any airport in the world. It has lists and maps of all 3DCities, MSFS POIs, MSFS bespoke airports that let you start your flight with a mouse click. It is ideal for those who want to explore the MSFS world and see all its beauty. When you found your preferred place to fly in, just add it it to your POI list so you can find later.
  10. The best app to view all 3DCities and POI is FStarter. Soon to be updated with all WU 14 new cities, airports and POIs.
  11. Use FStarter, it will let you change time in the most easy way.
  12. If you use FStarter you can check how fast the scenery loads when you teleport to a POI or another marker on the FStarter map. On my PC it takes just a few seconds to load a new flight with Fstarter.
  13. In the latest FStarter version, you can save your flight in various ways and later just click the map to start at any saved flight.
  14. Some update info https://flightnews24.de/2023/05/23/fstarter-v3-beamen-im-msfs-jetzt-noch-komfortabler/
  15. I have used Simmarket and paid with PayPal for years. No problems at all.
  16. To me the new UI in FStarter 2.7 looks fine and it is very easy to use.
  17. https://msfsaddons.com/2023/03/24/quickly-start-a-flight-from-anywhere-in-msfs-with-fstarter/ I have it and it is a very useful MSFS tool.
  18. MSFS loads in 3,5 minutes from my nvme drive.
  19. Now with these functions - Add your own POIs when you are in a flight, from a Map location or from an airport location( approach, traffic pattern, gate etc.) - Move you flight to any user created POIs, default MSFS POIs, photogrammetry city, non-photogrammetry city, or Airport location(approach, traffic pattern, gate etx) -Create your own Map showing all user POIs, MSFS POIs - Move your flight by selecting POI marker in Map
  20. Fly over any MSFS Point of interest with FStarter https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid= ... sp=sharing
  21. nas123

    The Last B747

    What an airplane. I have had many flights in this super airplane all around the world. I guess I am not the only one.
  22. Yeah it is good, but it can be much better if they got rid of the big trees and greenish roads and memorize the pop out screen positions.
  23. An easy tool to practise your approaches to any airport.
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