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  1. I have found a similar topic over the Internet, but it is old and the products suggested that are on sale (used) ship only from the US (making the Honeycomb yoke more affordable 😂 - more or less): is there any small/compact joystick that can be easily transported in a backpack / luggage and used while abroad for work? I have the gamepads from my Xbox, but I feel very uncomfortable with them (all of them, including those for PS4).
  2. Mirach

    The 737 PIC by Wilco on FSX:SE?

    Hi, I currently reinstalled it on my FSX (not FSX-SE) with Windows 10 64-bit. In the cd in my possession there are two versions, one for WinXp and one for Vista. I installed the one for Vista and it seems ok (for the moment 😉 ).
  3. Mirach

    What We Want

    I would like to add my requests for the new simulator (I hope they make sense): Full screen map, easy to scroll / drag and drop, with a search function to easily find VOR, intersections... and add them to the flightplan; Enabling automatic updates (like with Navigraph) and/or give the chance to modify information (e.g. COM, ILS frequencies) manually, directly inside the map; Allow the preparation of a flightplan with one/two alternative airports, with the route activating in the GPS not from the departing airport, but from the current position (or the nearest VOR, intersection...). Maybe the alternative airports, if chosen before the flight, could be listed in the ATC windows and be requested to the ATC (or suggested by the ATC itself if the weather conditions at the landing airport becomes bad or the airport closes) who will provide vectors to the first leg of the route; As many said before, it would be useful have a tablet mode to visualize maps, checklists, plane operating manuals... but if not possible, add a small editor (like notepad) to the kneeboard to add / save for the specific plane some notes, instructions, without the necessity to pause the simulator, minimize the windows and check for pdfs... This could be done both during in-flight or even before departure (like a sort of pre-flight briefing); Please, improve the fuel consumption estimator, at least for the basic models; Multi monitors: currently, every time we start FSX, we need to reconfigure the views for each monitors for center view, left view, instrumentations (or maybe I'm not able to do differently). It would be useful to set and save a standard configuration for multi monitors or, better, one for each plane.
  4. Mirach


    Thanks everybody!
  5. Mirach


    Hi, my name is Marco, from Italy. I'm a flight simulator enthusiast (since MS Flight Simulator 5.0, currently FSX), but I'm always been discontinuous with it (bad pc configuration, bad joystick....). The announcement of the new MS Flight Simulator ignited the spark again but this time I want to do everything properly in order to fully exploit the potential of the simulator. Marco