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  1. In this post https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/176154-07may22-pmdg-737-700-release-pricing-where-and-how-to-purchase it was stated that the 737-800 would have the same price as the -700 (with the advice that it could be subject to change). Things could be different now after more than three months, but I don't think it would be far from it.
  2. In the "Flight Plan" section of Vpilot there is a specific setting that lets the controller know your transmitting option: Send and Receive with voice, Receive only, Text only https://vpilot.rosscarlson.dev/Documentation#flight-plan
  3. Also the Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia, behind on the left in the photo, is not so good, it seems there is a gap with terrain I didn't check all the landmarks in Rome due to lack of time, but at the moment I'm not so impressed. We'll see... 🙄
  4. LttleNavMap shows these areas: you can add userpoints on the boundary and then checks for the coordinates
  5. Does this mod work for Vatsim traffic too? Because after I installed AIG models, I see all GAs as the standard Asobo airliner.
  6. On FSX it was necessary to update the magnetic declination file once a year (from aero.sors.fr) to have all the runways with the correct number. I have the correct file for 2022 installed but nothing has changed on LEBL. Probably a MSFS bug.
  7. There is a discussion on Navigraph forum, it seems that Navigraph data is correct and aligned with the latest AIP: https://forum.navigraph.com/t/lebl-errors/7709
  8. Btw, a couple of days after the Q&A, the video is usually reposted also on their youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/MicrosoftFlightSimulator/videos
  9. During the latest Q&A, Jorg vaguely said that this update is not what have been asked for, but "the spirit is understood"...
  10. It was valid until 31st december 2019. Now it's expired.
  11. October 2025 is the end of support (End of Life, EOL) for Windows 10. If Win11 is supposed to come, it will arrive this year (according to the first link provided).
  12. On the support website you must create a new account which is different from the account you use for purchase/PMDG forum. After the registration and login, the "Ticket" button will appear.
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