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  1. Thanks very much. Regards John Earl
  2. Thanks again. Problem 1 is exactly the problem I have. I am not sure what is meant by the PMDG configuration manager. As far as I am aware the only means of configuration is via the FMC. I have found a option in the FAILURES menu to "fail" the RAAS but I have made sure this is inactive. Other than that, I cant see any other means of "configuring" the aircraft. I have tried to assign the 777 profile to the aircraft and "closed and saved". However when I return, the profile has reverted to "stock". Regards John Earl
  3. Installed latest version of RAAS, Ran MKERWYS Checked RAAS is selected as fitted in PMDG equipment options On start up RAAS Master Switch is not selected as on. After selecting RAAS Master Switch as ON - and saving profile, does not remain as selected on. Regards John Earl
  4. Sorry. I wasnt running mkerwys correctly. Regards John Earl
  5. No. I cannot run mkerwys now. It says failed to make .... files! I am running WIN7 64bit. Regards John Earl
  6. Erm. I run Win 7 so OBS is not suitable. I do have an nVIDIA GPU so will look at GeForce Experience. Thanks for the help Regards John Earl
  7. Thanks. I will try it. Regards John Earl
  8. Thanks. Note my comments in my first post: "When using a PMDG 777 in FSX, the RAAS switches itself off. I have made sure that RAAS is selected as fitted in the Aircraft Equipment options." Regards John Earl
  9. Thanks. Will try it. Regards John Earl
  10. When using a PMDG 777 in FSX, the RAAS switches itself off. I have made sure that RAAS is selected as fitted in the Aircraft Equipment options. It has worked since I installed the aircraft a couple of years ago. It started to behave like this before but suddenly corrected itself. I never got to the bottom of it. I can switch it on, using the Add-Ons drop down, but it switches itself off again soon after. Any help please? Regrds John Earl
  11. Sorry. FSX. John Earl
  12. I am not sure if this is the right forum for this question and I apologise if it isnt. I have been using FRAPS to capture video. However, this does not allow me to capture in video, overlays such as charts from Navigraph etc. I have seen this done and I wondered what video capture software is capable of this? Thanks John Earl
  13. I have just started using MCE but I am having difficulty getting MCE to react to my commands. Particularly recognising "5" from "4" and "thousand". I.E. MCE sets "twenty five thousand" as "2500". Also I cannot get it to consistently recognise "LSK" or "RSK", when prefixed correctly as per the shared commands lists. I have been through the Windows speech training but when I select the MCE own speech training wizard via the "tools" option, my "voice" is not heard. I am using a "Turtle Beech" headset which, as far as I am aware is of a reasonable quality. Any advice would be appreciated. Regards John Earl
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