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  1. Jsearl98

    Overhead Views

    Sorry - panic over. I was tweaking my EZDOK settings and I inadvertently sleeted "Hide Factory Cameras". Having un-hid them they are all back. Phew! Not sure what this EZDOK feature is intended to achieve. John Earl
  2. Jsearl98

    Overhead Views

    In my 777-200LR, I have lost the overhead panel views from the drop down menus. Anybody know how I can restore them please? Regards John Earl
  3. Jsearl98

    777 Update

    I have been aware of the 777 (&737 NGX) update available via the Operations Centre for sometime now. I have attempted to update the 777 via this method but have not been able to do so successfully. I have searched this forum for help but cannot find a concise set of instructions for updating an already installed, downloaded version, of the 777 (&737 NGX), including, as I believe, the un-installation of the existing version. Can anybody provide such a set of instructions for FSX? Thanks John Earl
  4. Jsearl98

    Backup of FSX/PMDG

    I have a desk top PC running Win 7 which I use exclusively for FSX (disc version). Although I have only had it for about 3 years, I have reason to believe that it is giving up the ghost! In order to recover this PC, especially the FSX/PMDG software to another PC should it be necessary, should I make a back-up or a "clone" of the disc? Thanks for any advice. Regards John Earl
  5. Jsearl98

    VFR Scenery

    I have discs with Just Flight VFR scenery I used in FS9. I wanted to install these into FSX (boxed version), but of course the installer on the disc is looking for FS2004. Is there anyway I can "fool" the installer into installing into FSX or is there any other way of installing the products? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards John Earl
  6. Jsearl98

    New Installers for 737 & 777 in FSX

    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, Gregg, I did read the post that you have copied into your reply, before I posted. I have the greatest respect for the guys at PMDG and the last thing I want to do is give the impression that I dont. However having read the post you quote, I didnt see what benefit would be gained by me going thru an uninstall/install procedure. Like I say, everything appears to me to be "stable" and I am quite happy with the performance. Thanks John Earl
  7. I am quite happy with the performance of both my 737 & 777 aircraft. Given that fact, I don't see what benefit I personally would accrue from downloading the new installers. Without wishing to appear naive, if I do use them, am I likely to see any improvement in frame rates or VAS usage? I don't get CTD's (touch wood), or any other "funnies". Therefore I would much prefer to adopt the "if it ain't broke don't fix it", approach. Any comments from anyone? John Earl
  8. Jsearl98

    Using FSX-SE

  9. Jsearl98

    Using FSX-SE

    I have downloaded FSE-SE to a lap top so I can us MSFS when I am away from home. I will continue to use my PC based system when at home. I already own the PMDG 737NGX for my PC. I want to purchase a copy of the SE edition for use on my lap top. Should I log into my existing PMDG account and download and pay in the normal way or do I have to create a new PMDG account? Thanks John Earl
  10. Jsearl98

    Engine Star-up Sound

    Thanks - thats done it!
  11. Jsearl98

    Engine Star-up Sound

    Just a small point. When I start engines on the 777, at the point "where the fuel goes in" and the engine ignites, the simulation hangs for a very brief moment and then continues. Its not a big issue but its a bit annoying. Anyone have a similar issue or solution? I am running FSX. Thanks jsearl98
  12. Jsearl98

    PMDG Operations Center

    I don't really want to have to go through the rigmarole of uninstalling/reinstalling - it always leads to issues. Hence my question about the triple 7 Ops Center.
  13. Jsearl98

    PMDG Operations Center

    If I buy the 777, will the Ops Center in that product download NGX liveries also? John Earl
  14. Jsearl98

    PMDG Operations Center

    No I havent. Thanks.
  15. Jsearl98

    PMDG Operations Center

    Re PMDG Operations Center. I don't have this app in my start menu. I need it to download liveries. How do I get it please? Thanks John Earl