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  1. I currently have CTD more often without an error message, and there is nothing in the event viewer either. can CTD also have something to do with the affinitymask setting?
  2. Hi, I recently bought a used MCP from OpenCockpits V3 Unfortunately I discovered a problem with MCP. At some point during operation, which can happen after 20 minutes or even after 3 hours, the MCP no longer reacts. I have to unplug the power cable from MCP and plug it back in, but also need to restart the software until it responds. I can almost rule out software problems because I also had the problem with SPADNEXT. I also bought the complete software from flightsim4fun. The problem is really very strange and occurs very sporadically, it can cause no problems for several hours or it happens every 10 to 20 minutes. Somehow I have the feeling that MCP has a quirk. Does anyone else have an OpenCockpits MCP here? knows such problems?
  3. Hi, I'm a bit further. Today comes a power supply from Amazon and I'm curious if it works with it. I've had problems with Spadnext for the last few days, although the program has never caused any problems, it has had problems with MCP Panel. So I bought the complete software for MSFS and P3D from flightsim4fun. It cost over 100 euros, but I would say it's worth every penny. I also had problems with the installation, but flightsim4fun's support was very helpful here, even though it was very late. Now everything works perfectly
  4. Yes, there is Spadnext. I've had a license for 2 years and didn't know that Spadnext OpenCockpits supports hardware. Started Spadnext yesterday, selected a profile and it works. it is even completely discontinued. I have another question about the power supply: The power supply, which I noticed, unfortunately has a wobbler and has to order a new one. I also bought EFIS from OpenCockpits, but it didn't come with a power supply. That's why I don't have a backlight. I wanted to order the power supply from OpenCockpits, but they want a tax number from me, which I find complicated. Can I also buy the power supply from Amazon? which ones will i need exactly? and one last question. When I shut down my PC, the light stays on at MCP. Is there a way to turn it off?`or do I have to unplug the cable every time? Thanks
  5. Hi, thank you for the link. I got the hardware and have a question. Do I have to buy the software on the homepage? Once the software costs 29 euros or 49 euros? which do i need ? And do I have to buy the software? are there no OpenCockpits programs?
  6. Hi, Thank you for your answer. I spoke to the seller and it is the V3 version. MCP 737NG V3H He made me an offer for 300 euros, which I think is fine. Is the quality of OpenCockpits MCP okay? can you recommend it? Thanks
  7. Hi, I currently have an offer for an MCP from OpenCockpits. This is about the V2 (I think the current V3 is) I got an offer for 300 euros and am considering whether I should buy it. The V3 is available from OpenCockpits for 491 euros. I wonder if I should still buy V2? I looked in google but didn't find any posts to compare V2 and V3. That's why I wanted to ask you what you think of it? and if anyone has MCP from OpenCockpits ? I would like to take it for 737 , 777 and 747 in P3D and for 737 in MSFS. Will the V2 software still work for the simulators?
  8. Hi, a friend of mine with an Intel 13700k CPU has temps of up to 100 degrees again and again. Is there an AffinityMask setting? I sent him mine from 5800x3d, but not much has happened Thx.
  9. Hi, I can get a VRInsight CDU III panel very cheaply. I wanted to ask you if it's still worth it? Because as I have read, it has been on the market for a long time and is no longer supported? I wanted it for PMDG 777 (all models) and 747 and maybe 737. But the description says PMDG 777-200LR or PMDG 737NG Does it mean that I can't use it for 777F or 747? It still costs over 600 euros from Aerosoft and I can get it for 200 euros, but the price made me a little suspicious because I think it's cheap.. Because maybe it's not supported anymore.
  10. I think it's more about distributing CPU load. Don't expect more FPS. With SteveW's AffinityMask setting, my computer is unrecognizable. Before that I always had a load of 100% and temps up to 90 degrees. After the setting, I never saw 100% load again, the CPU is significantly cooler. With the AffinityMask setting, cpu load is optimally distributed. I am still very grateful to SteveW. P3D was briefly dead for me because of my problems. But now everything is going great again
  11. It is difficult to compare an Intel CPU 9900 directly with an AMD 5800X3D. It is known that 5800X3D can get quite warm CPU. I landed earlier and was often around 74 degrees in the air, which is perfectly ok for the CPU. I reach a maximum of 74 degrees in Cinebech, otherwise in other games the cpu does not go above 70 to 75 degrees.. I rarely play because the pc was mainly configured for P3D. I have another windows installation with MSFS, the cpu rarely goes above 60-65 degrees .. but here, too, it is difficult to compare msfs with p3d. I want to say again that my cpu temps were fine. my computer only blocked with the old setting in p3d and the temps were permanently high. currently it is great again..
  12. I have AVIA Sever , and here P3D has to run with admin mode
  13. @SteveW, THANK YOU It was that attitude. I'm doing EPKK-ENVA right now. On the ground I was always around 60 degrees. In the air I once had short peaks of 85 degrees. But now that I'm at cruise level, the CPU moves between 75 degrees and 80 degrees. But 90% of the time I see 75-77 degrees. That's really great. Before that I always had 85 and again and again 90 degrees. The whole computer was lame and all other programs jerked. Now everything runs smoothly again as it was under 5.3. Thank you again. For me P3D is back again 🙂
  14. Yes the CPU voltage is on AUTO (Mainboard : Asus Crosshair Hero X570) If I set the voltage, the CPU will always run at 1.35 without clocking down Maybe I can set something about offset settings
  15. Yes, I have that too with default scenery and F35
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