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  1. Do they have provided any info on how far they are or shown any screenshots?
  2. I recently have read that MaccoSim has access to the real airport and is going to upgrade the scenery accordingly. Will this update be free for customers who have the current version? I ask because they have it on sale. If the update cost something, I would wait for it. If it's going to be free, I will buy this version on sale. Anyone has any info?
  3. @GoranM, If everyone would buy the product probably yes, but you cannot assume that only because the market gets bigger everyone will buy your product. It's just that more people are potential customers so revenue can increased, not that the whole market will buy your product.
  4. finally he did understand. curious about the new model they come up with.
  5. I don‘t understand why honeycomb haven‘t used the quality sensors? From an environmental perspective this is irresponsible. I cannot think of the the better sensors are much expensive. I need a new throttle, especially for Airbus aircraft, which one should I buy?
  6. It is what it is. It will be there when ready. I personally don't care about that, as long as they deliver a good product in the end. What makes me happy instead of deadlines, are updates of new features or screenshot over the process.
  7. I am still awating a pmdg sale on the market place...i continrue dreaming.
  8. That is disappointing. I would've expected they use better components but if yours broke after 2 years, that not good news. It's way to expensive to only last for that short time. Could you fix it? I don't have any soldering experiences. I guess right now there is no other option.
  9. They only show half of the EFB, I guess the other half needs still to be finished. So probably they will postpone the release date again.
  10. No one has read about it? I am really curious about it but could not find any tutorial or something like that.
  11. I will upgrade to the honeycomb throttle but waiting for a sale - until then the saitek should suffice, it did it's job. Have been using them since 2012.
  12. Hi Dirk, good to know there is fix. I will try this out. Thank you for posting.
  13. I use an 13 years old saitek throttle quadrant for flying. It's getting shaky. Especially on the Fenix this is annoying, because it doesn't stay on CLB and adjustments on final approach are barely possible. Sometimes it work quite well but often it the parameters are going up and down with me using the throttle. Is there a fix for this? I already have calibrated it via windows. Maybe it's because I hadn't used them for many years and they were in the basement (though protected from dusk).
  14. You could check airport websites, sometimes they offer the gate number. Otherwise you could use Flightradar24 and check via the satelite image.
  15. Apparently they put an option to change the toolbar behaviour. Could anyone find out what this means?
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