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  1. It is what is, amigo. We can not change anything about it anymore. Luckely we have other great aircraft we can fly til the -800 releases. Would be bad if there were no alternatives, but so far we have.
  2. Not far as I can remember. Maybe we need to emphazise the need of it a bit more?
  3. Yes, now everything is ok. It just was because TLOD has been on 400. When I set it to 200, performance is just fine.
  4. I think Jorg said that they didn't complety reject updating the camera system, but it didn't sound like that this was a priority for them. Maybe they might improve it in the future.
  5. What is your Terrain Level of Detail setting? Did some testing. It depends strongly on the Terrain Level of Detail. When setting it to 200 I get 36-42fps, at 400 it drops to 20-28fps. I wish Asobo could try to fix performance at 400. Actually it works really good, but if they could adjust it a bit, would be really nice.
  6. Hi, Since I don't like flying the fenix on my 27" monitor. Font size is too small, so I need to zoom it closely, but when I do that I am missing quite a bit of the world outside, which is annoying while approch/landing. What monitor size is best to getting rid of this issue? 32" or 34" and which ratio 21:9 or 16:9? I think 16:9 would solve the problem because it more streched in the heigh than leight, but would a 34" 21:9 would do the same job? What is the overall best experience?
  7. Hmm, if you experience different frame rates, maybe I need to check my line. Weird, but at least good to hear that this is not the normal state of this addon.
  8. I have just bought the GAYA Vienna scenery from the market place and get the worst performance ever. I use a i9-10850k and RTX 3090 card and get 17-20 fps. Don't even want to imagen what happens when I fly in while there is a vatsim event loaded with traffic... Disappointent...since it has been release for 2 years I don't think they even plan an patch on the performance...
  9. I have missed the part where he writes, that -600 release might be next week. Then, yeah, it might be come true even with a delay of maybe 1-2 weeks.
  10. July is almost over and the -600 has not arrived yet. Don't see how they estimate a release of the -800 next month. Or did they mean August next year? :P
  11. Sure if you don't mind about details you don't have to put up a list if you're happy with it. However, some features certainly don't work (which is fine, as long as they come with a update). The FBW has a printer, and it's handy. Having a camera installed on the cockpit door and showing that on the ECAM and having functionality on the Cockpit Door Switch would increase immersion (FBW shows at least a light on/off). Of course this things are not the most important but as I said, it would increase immersion. I don't use discord, could someone send that comment here?
  12. Hey, is there a list or comment on Fenix A320 what they will update with the next patch? I have made a small list with stuff that I wish to be improved, but since its been on the market for a while I guess, many of my points are already on Fenix lists. So, before writing an email, I would like to check here, if any of my points would be worth writing an email. Fenix A320: Chrono on clock is running after cold & dark Will there be a working printer like FBW? Where is the stick note? Loading aircraft radios on 122.800 standardly? Door lock/unlock functionallity + Cabin Camera? Engine Start up sounds weak and sounds Cockpit lighting need some work according to my perception Autosave feature PWS not working Option to take notes on EFB for the briefing to do fuel checks Option to change EFB logo from fenix to airline logo / changing background image Oxygen Test (should go off by itself) (source CAPT A320 2:30) EFB: Depature Page -> "stop margin" missing in case of RTO Mag Wind at APPR Page pre choosen simbrief profile not working - to less fuel consumption More intense engine startup sounds in cockpit / cabin APU Start Up Sounds Cockpit? LTFM 35R DEP CALC: 2/UP0.0 CDU= 2/DN0.0 (generally it often puts out Flaps 2 T/O on long runways) flaps up/down too fast? Self-Test in progess for Display after turn light on/off receiving ATIS for DEP and ARR (some airports provide ATIS_ARR and ATIS_DEP, I haven't found out a way to select which is needed in the EFB)? boarding time to long turning on/off cabin light automatically after passing certain altitude Fenix App popup at startup is annoying Cabin Door Switch does nothing loading Fuel and Pax seperately Final laodshet always ZFW +0,1 off waypoints on navigation display are a bit to small storing flightplan not always possible (DATA->Pilots Routes) I don't know if this is a Airbus thing, but there is no warning for a >30degress bank
  13. What would happen if I delete the airport in the content manager? Can I reinstall it or is it gone? This is a rather stupid question, but just to make sure, before deleting a purchache.
  14. Have you tried and managed to remove the static aircraft? Is there a way around this when having the market place version?
  15. I don't use addon linker, but why would someone want to disable all addons? You usufally would disable all those which you don't need. Can you not just leave the airports active that had been bought via market place and deactivate all other that you not need?
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