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  1. Why cannot the VATSIM community create such model set?
  2. How can you look inside when you cannot load the flight? It's the same for me, the "fly" button is not clickable.
  3. Difficult to say. Here some pic after the update: Everything on ultra. The first pic looks weird if you pay attantion to detail IMHO.
  4. Any news on BMW and compability with the new update? I cannot even load LIMJ it causes CTD while in the main menu.
  5. Not that I would know, but I am missing this too. I don't want have them turned on all the time but if I see something interessting just turn it on, check what I need to see and turn it off again.
  6. Mine are higher than 80°C after the update. I was happy with them <= 80°C. The only message I get on HWinfo is IA Limit Reasons. Is that a bad thing? I am sure it's not good but is it bad for hardware? Maybe because you guys using a 10900k and others have different CPU. 10850k and 10900k are not the same cpu and 10850k is known for having trouble with temps at higher core speeds. You're also using water cooling on a cpu that is merciful torwards temps, i am using fan air on a cpu that is not merciful towards temps. If you know how I can get my stuff running more efficient on my current setup, I will take any advise 🙂 I have now limited fps to 40 and HT on again and max temp is 82° on the one core others cores below 80°C. Not super happy with that but better than before. I hope I don't have to limit fps to 25 in a couple of months to still be able to maintain temps below 80°c
  7. Turn "Menu Tooltips" and "Instrument Name Tooltips" off.
  8. Your are running a 10900k, the 10850k are all 10900k that already has lost the silicon lottery. So just because you're below 60, doesn't mean a 10850k can handle that either. Even with HT off, I get 87°C. Noctua D15 is one of the best on the market. I could install 2 more fan onto my Fractial Design 7 but that wouldn't help much, maybe 1-2°C. So I just don't know anymore how to handle this cpu. I was so happy before the update being able to run everything smooth and "cool" at 4,8ghz.
  9. Hi, I have experienced some hotter cpu cores. Before the Update I would get under 80°C. After flying couple of hours maybe some of the cores maxed out to 83-85. Now it's straight above 80°C and tends again to go to the 90°C. I thought I had my oc under control, but with this new update seem I need to figure everything out again. Running a i9-10850k with Noctua D15 @ 4,8 Ghz. CPU utilization is still about 10-16%, did they update this to multi core? PS: How can I disable this annoying (for PC users at least) blue tool tips that appear when hovering over buttons or other aircraft switches?
  10. That would make perfectly sense, since it's the realease of the xbox version. However, I hope that they won't shift focus in the long term to the console. dear lord, 2 hours for 50% comm'on. What will happen when I press "pause" and close the sim and shutdown my pc, will it continue or restart the download? Actually don't wanna leave my pc on the whole night because of the update. Since it will finish in 2 hours (hopefully) and would run for nothing for around 4 hours.
  11. I am hoping download file size gonna increase and expedite the download. But right now I am at 15% in 30min. If it continues that way it will take like 3 hours and I need to wake up 4:30 in the morning and it's already evening here at my place 😞
  12. Where have you got the free version? The website of them has been offline for some time now. I will try to avoid fsuipc as long as possible. It's just to pricy for what I used it in FSX days. It even seems not really necessary for the new sim. The only thing I miss is the auto-save feature.
  13. I wish Asobo could upgrade the featured airports in the deluxe package for deluxe users. If we would get them in GAYA quality like the did with LFMN, that would be the superb. Probably just a dream. However, I somewhere heard that Jörg said, that there is something coming for premium deluxe users. Just don't asked me where I heard that, I think in one of the Q&A. Maybe someone can confirm that, because right now I am not that sure anymore.
  14. Yes, I have bought the bundle, I am impressed with the buildings but the ground textures are really a pain. I think LIMJ is quite alright with the ground textures but the other airports that I have tried so far are quite unsharp and not enjoyable. But yeah, it's just 1,5 Euro per airport. Still I wish he could find a way to optimize the ground textues, if he would do that, then this bundle would be amazing.
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