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  1. Dribbling at the mouth already..stoppit Carl..
  2. Del57

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Excellent thank you very much.. Derek
  3. Del57

    737 Reloading problem

    Everyone has this problem , you cannot load a PMDG aircraft on top of another, without leaving the sim and restarting. This is all explained in the manual..
  4. Del57


    I had to remove Rapport from my computer it caused me numerous problems, with both PMDG and FS Labs even CTDs
  5. Del57

    NGX Crashing on Load

    I uninstalled the latest microsoft update KB4038788 and now everything is good Hope this helps...
  6. Del57

    p3dv34 - out of memory - VAS monitoring

    I had problems with this NVidia driver, rolled back to 376.33 and VAS usage was a lot more stable..Hope this helps..
  7. Del57

    PMDG NGX Youtube Tutorials

    Great videos Thanks just subscribed
  8. Del57

    Installing SP1d

    Yes you need to uninstall first.. Run ops centre first to save addon aircraft
  9. Del57

    EZDOK Question

    Any Ezdoc view will allow you to activate all switches
  10. This is a known bug that PMDG and Lockheed Martin are working on..
  11. Del57

    [28SEP15] Prepar3D v3 Approach Clearance!

    More specifically, our testing seems to conclude that data accumulation in VAS related to scenery being seen or over-flown is no longer a factor for simmers using Prepar3D. That is one major statement I have been longing to hear.. Thanks for the update Robert cannot wait to do some longhaul flights..
  12. Del57

    [05JAN15] FSX:SE Compatibility Update

    Cheers Robert ,look forward to the updates, have purchased FSX-SE but not yet installed awaiting PMDG direction outcome..
  13. Del57

    Practicing Landings...

    FSIPanel is so cool, finals ,approaches,RNAV and much more..Tells you how good or bad your landing was..
  14. Del57

    Parking Brake release

    Make sure the wheel chocks are not set..