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  1. Thank you for your response. The text included in your link is what I can't get my head around, namely: Bookmarks are selectable starting spots in a recording. They allow the user to jump to various points of a recording during playback. They can be created by using a CreateCheckpointAction with its RecordingBookmark option enabled. While running and recording that scenario, when the CreateCheckpointAction is triggered with the RecordingBookmark option enabled, a bookmark will be created in the recording. The bookmark will then be selectable from the Load Recording interface and from the Playback Controls interface. How do I do this? Where do I put CreateCheckpointAction for instance???
  2. Could someone please explain how to make a bookmark in the PD4 recorder. The explanation in the learning center is a little obscure to me???
  3. Not sure which forum this belongs in but here goes: Does anyone know a way to make a PD4 airport work in FSX? Halwatk
  4. It is. I've also tried installing it within FSX. Same result. Hal
  5. Yes I have excluded the FSX folder from virus checking. I keep thinking there must be something obvious I'm missing. Of course a workaround would be to simply reinstall an FSDT airport when I want to use it. Then uninstall it afterwards. A little cumbersome, I have 15 of them. Hal P.S. I really appreciate your taking the time to consider this.
  6. Thank you I have been doing that. Even if I cold boot the PC, a second or subsequent login to FSX results in no buildings, runways, etc. Do you how the couatl engine works? How does it "call" the various scenery components? It seems like if it were a permissions issue it would never install the buildings, yet it is able to do so on the first FSX signon after a reinstall. I even unchecked the box "empty scenery cache on exit" to no avail. Hal
  7. UPDATE: OK, what is actually happening is that after the initial loading after a reinstall the couatl.exe file becomes "dead" and does not work. For example after a reinstall of say, CYVR when I first open FSX and go to CYVR it loads the scenery normally. During the first session I can also click on "restart couatl and rebuld airport cache" and it works. Couatl will rebuild the airport as many times as I click on it. Once I exit FSX however, and come back to the airport a second time couatl is dead and will not work. Hal
  8. Thank you for taking the time to read the thread. I'm going to make sure I've got FSX. I think Umberto indicated somewhere in the thread that the newer FSX installers install outside the sim. The airports I'm downloading automatically go to C:\Program Files (x86) unless changed. This all "seems" to have begun after I used the new "live update". Hal
  9. Hi Guys, I seem to have a unique problem with Fsdreamteam airports. Disappearing buildings is not unusual but this problem seems to be. Umberto worked with me for several days and we could not solve it, so I thought I'd throw it out for consideration. I have 15 FSDT airports which I have used for years with only minor problems. Then last week I started experiencing the disappearing buildings phenomenon. To make a (very) long story short here is the situation. Let's say I do a clean install of an FSDT airport. I fireup FSX and go to that airport and everything is normal, buildings, etc. If I logoff of FSX and wait a minute or an hour it doesn't matter, and then login to FSX again and go to that airport I have no buildings; I don't even have runways only a photo image. The only way I can get the airport back is to uninstall everything, all FSDT airports, couatl, addon manager, etc. Then if I do a new reinstall and go to that airport everything is normal again. But I only have one shot at it. If I sign out of FSX again and come back in, everything is gone. So I'm at the point that if I want to use a FSDT airport (it's the same with all of them) I have to uninstall everything and reinstall the airport. It doesn't matter if I boot the PC, the only thing that works is uninstall/reinstall.( If you're curious you can see my thread with Umberto at the FSDT forum. Its under KIAH support (at first I thought it was loading a PMDG aircraft that caused it. Wrong!)
  10. It was just an experiment "outside the normal". I also tried it in a climb out and it still disengaged after a few second. I've been using the NGX for about 5 years and had never tried it before. Hal Watkins
  11. When trying to use Control Wheel Steering (CWS) during an approach, it disengages after a few seconds Halwatk.
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