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  1. Very sad. I really enjoyed his streams which were very instructive and helpful. He will be missed by the community. RIP.
  2. Glad to hear that you will be using the updated checklists for the Fenix. Godspeed. John.
  3. Hi Bryan, Really enjoying the A320 and CRJ projects. Very immersive in VR. Looking forward to the PMDG 737. (Will not buy the 737 until I have a copilot). Godspeed. John.
  4. Ok. Thanks. Will try that. John.
  5. Haven't disconnected since that one time. Fingers crossed. CRJ is working great. The only thing I haven't been able to trigger is the flap retraction after takeoff. After 1000' agl I say "climb sequence" but he doesn't do it. Will keep trying. John.
  6. Don't think so. Could it be that the copilot and I were both adjusting the flaps at the same time? I had a complete flight this morning and everything worked fine. The CRJ flow takes a little time to get used to but I am getting the hang of it now. Thanks for your help.
  7. jcallum

    VR Support

    Thanks. That appeared to work.
  8. Well I got a message in the FS2Crew window that I had been disconnected from the app which was the CRJ app.
  9. I was disconnected from the crj app on appraoch. Copilot put the gear down ok but going to flaps 20 or 30 I got the disconnect. I have my flaps bound to my TQ6 throttle quadrant so could this be the problem? What is the solution? John.
  10. jcallum

    VR Support

    Ok. Think that I am getting the window now. But I am also getting a warning: "External FS2Crew Command Center program not running. Cmd Center now inop. Probable EXE.xml corruption problem. See FS2Crew Support Forum." What's up with that?
  11. jcallum

    VR Support

    Thanks Bryan, will try. John.
  12. jcallum

    VR Support

    So I am having some difficulty with this. My first flight the app window came up in VR although it was just a bit of the top of the window. Today, on my second flight, I was unable to get the app window to open at all. Is there a trick to this or what am I doing wrong? John
  13. Using open mic. Will try to send a screenshot of settings page. I should mention that the FBW A320 Project has the same red line through the mic although it is working fine.
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