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  1. I don't know but I will try that to see what happens.
  2. With the Aerosoft CRJ, after pushback, I am unable to reset the parking brake. It starts to set and then flips back to released. I am using voice control. This doesn't happen with the FBW A320 neo.
  3. Hi Bryan. I am back after a few years hiatus with X-Plane. Any news on the RAAS front? (i.e. msfs version.) Cheers, John.
  4. I have purchased the C182 and the PA44 and find both reasonably good and typical Carenado quality/value. I suspect that they are testing the commercial market and the technology/platform and will undoubtedly port more planes over to msfs in due course. The msfs sdk is still a work in progress and, as a result, we haven't yet seen any complex aircraft come to market. I would love to see Carenado port the PC-12 to msfs but this may be difficult as msfs appears to have some turboprop issues/deficiencies at the moment. As they say, "patience is a virtue".
  5. Thanks for the response Jean-Luc. I checked my version of the PC-12 and it appears to be ver 1.3 (April 2019). The change log (attached) has some changes which might affect this including an updated GTN ini file. Would it be possible for you to try this updated PC-12 version to see if you get the same result? April 2019 v1.3 list of changes: -More sound improvements: Fire Test, wind sound, doors sounds, etc. -Corrected gear speed Vlo in the .acf -Fixed "Endurance" display calculation -Fixed rapid clicking noise when HSI CDI is in GPS mode -Multiple flight model adjustments for XP11.30 -Improved crosswind taxi, takeoff, and landing ability -Fixed autopilot servos coming on when engaging an AP mode -EHSI: Added wind vector arrow and speed -Updated vrconfig file -Moved sun visor default position so it doesn't block the overhead buttons -Fixed overhead amps indication spillover -Sounds: Decreased interior engine volume -Updated RealityXP.GTN.ini file -Increased battery capacity
  6. I also have this problem as do others. See here...https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/186171-gtn-750-pc-12-no-gs/ I think that this used to work ok and then, because of some relatively recent changes, something went south. Carenado hasn't changed the PC-12 in, let me think, never. There have, however, been many updates to the GTN750. Is there any way that we can help diagnose and fix this? I am very willing to help. John.
  7. Yes that was the problem. It updated properly this time and also updated my trainer databases. Thanks again for the quick response. John.
  8. Ok. I am not doing the unzip. Let me try again...
  9. I am keeping frequent prompts that my RXP GTN750 is not up to date. I download and run the update but I am not sure that it is actually updating to the latest version. It says that I have version 21 and that version 24 is available. After updating, when I run the GTN750, the version number on the opening screen is still version 21. And then I get another prompt to update, etc. etc. Any idea what I am doing wrong? John
  10. Thanks Jean-Luc. I will give it a try. John.
  11. I think that solved my problem. Thanks!
  12. I did that but it didn't work for me. Same error message from the installer.
  13. I have the trainer version 6.01.1 installed which I believe is not the current version. When I try to update, I get the following error message from the installer: "Setup could not install the extra files. The system cannot find the file specified. the installation will continue normally but the product will fail to run properly." Any solution? John.
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