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  1. jcallum

    GTN 750 Trainer installation error

    Thanks Jean-Luc. I will give it a try. John.
  2. jcallum

    GTN750 Nav Database

    I think that solved my problem. Thanks!
  3. jcallum

    GTN750 Nav Database

    Thanks. I will look.
  4. jcallum

    Reality XP Garmin GTN750 Installation Issue

    I did that but it didn't work for me. Same error message from the installer.
  5. I have the trainer version 6.01.1 installed which I believe is not the current version. When I try to update, I get the following error message from the installer: "Setup could not install the extra files. The system cannot find the file specified. the installation will continue normally but the product will fail to run properly." Any solution? John.
  6. jcallum

    GTN750 Nav Database

    Where do you choose the version? I don't recall seeing that option.
  7. jcallum

    GTN750 Nav Database

    Ok. Thanks.
  8. jcallum

    GTN750 Nav Database

    My GTN750 seems to be missing some waypoints/airports/etc. For example, it couldn't recognize S40 or KS40 (Prosser) which is in most other databases including Skyvector and X-Plane 11. How do I make sure that I have the current database installed. Thanks, John.
  9. jcallum

    GTN 750 into new window

    That answer seems to relate to the 430. Is the same true for the GTN750?
  10. I hope that RXP will monitor this and provide updates when available.
  11. jcallum

    FS2CREW, Q400 and SPAD.neXt

    Hi Bryon, I am also having problems with FS2CREW and SPAD next. Both on the Q400 and the NGX. I think there is some interference going on. John.
  12. Thanks Robert for the simmerism. I am loving the DC6 so far after about 10 hours. Still lots to learn. What will the x-plane development group be turning their attention to next? John.
  13. jcallum

    Missing scenario file?

    Contents of documentation folder: 5MB Drive.jpg N6PM.txt PMDG DC-6 Introduction.pdf PMDG DC-6 POH.pdf PMDG DC-6 Tutorial 1.pdf PMDG DC-6 Tutorial 2.pdf PMDG Douglas DC-6B R2800-CB16.txt README_PMDG_DC6_BASE_XPL.txt
  14. jcallum

    Missing scenario file?

    I can't find the file either. What are we missing? What folder is it in? I can find the pdf files.
  15. Thanks for the update Robert. How is the DC6 for x-plane coming?