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  1. The Aerosoft CRJ is good enough for you to start practicing your flows/tasks and program the FMS. Flight model is so so and there are a few discrepancies compared to the real thing (I am CL65 type rated, although not current). Which airline are you going to? John
  2. Used to fly the Seminole at Old Bridge flight school 🙂
  3. I havent been able to follow all the updates but does anyone know if there has been improvements made to VR? I tried the Beta when it came out and VR was unplayable for me.. Thanks John.
  4. Same here James, I am surprised they did not include it. Granted Asobo way of presenting weather might not be exactly like what we see in real life, but at least it is bettter than nothing....
  5. Does anyone know if this works in VR? it looks great and would love to try it but it has to be VR compatible for me (cant go back to 2D haha) John
  6. I agree with everyone's comments, the graphics are awesome and if someone wants to familiarize themselves with the layout or learn the FMS it's ok, but the moment you try flying it, the FD has a mind of its own (on approaches), NAV has issues, and the list goes on. I gave up going on Aerosoft forums, their attitude is not the best... John
  7. I think the cockpit sounds are better in FSL, maybe it's a personal preference, I dont know, but having sat in the 320 cockpit jumpseating for more hours than I care (the joy of commuting), I feel like FSL reminds me more of being in the flightdeck. Dont get me wrong, Fenix is awesome, I strongly suggest anyone that is still on the fence to grab their 320 as it is an impresive product. I also like the ATSU implementation of FSL a bit better but again, it comes down to personal preferences in the end...
  8. If we are not talking about FS20, there are plenty out there IMO (I think the upcoming FS20 PMDG or Fenix products will qualify as study level), and it depends on what level of "study level" one is looking for. I have used certain products to help me getting ready for recurent training for various scenarios. I suggest looking at Hotstart CL650, what an amazing product, the system depth is incredible in this product. (I understand this is not FS20 related but the question was about study level products)
  9. Just have a look on youtube for videos showing airliners weather radar and compare to what FS20 currently displays, and its maybe because they simulate nexrad in FS I dont know, but all I am saying is that the returns I get on the weather radar I use at work looks nothing like what FS20 shows at the moment. I used ActiveSky on P3D and their rendition of a weather radar looked closer to the real thing.
  10. I hope the API that will come in the July 10 update will reflect more realistic rendering of precipitations because what's in the current gauge is not really looking like what we see in the real thing IMO... let's see how it looks like when it comes out... John.
  11. Is this product VR compatible? Thx
  12. I dont think he is saying that. This product has been having issues (from day 1) that have still not been addressed to this day. The FD cannot command appropriate guidance when shooting a precision approach. Today I tried shooting an ILS with slight wind, the FD kept commanding pitch up even though I was established on the glide profile (passed the FAF). Vertical navigation isn't much better, at this stage the best way to stay on profile is to turn off the FD and shoot the approach by hand. Basic navigation has major flaws. Some minor things that are considered "day to day operations" as Aerosoft clains this product is modelled after (I am not talking about complex systems here), such are when applying reverse thrust, the icon on the N1 gauge should turn yellow while the reverse cowls are in transition, then go green when they are deployed, that's not even modelled. I can go on and on. Honnestly I would not recommend purchasing this product, the CJ4 is more advanced than this payware product that's been out for so long.
  13. 757FO

    VR Support

    I tried looking at the product page but cannot find information on VR support, I want to make sure it is supported as I fly only in VR . Thank you John
  14. I am wondering if they are keeping quiet about their FS20 plans because of the competition that the Fenix A320 is going to bring to that platform, I would love to see how these 2 are going to measure up, but based on the features announced by the Fenix team, it will be a a challenge for FSL to surpass what Fenix has announced. Competition is healthy so I am looking forward to see what these 2 will deliver on their release date. But I agree with others that it would be nice of FSL to share a bit more and keep us looking forward to their upcoming projects, giving us bits here and there is not really doing it for me tbh....
  15. I vaguely remember them showing a picture showing the weather radar and it looked better than just a bitmap, but off course now I cant find it anywhere 🙂 (looked at their discord and YT channel), after searching their discord channel there is no official word from Fenix about it so maybe it is not going to happen after all...
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