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  1. nice pics Ryan, thx for posting 🙂 John
  2. hey guys, Is there a way to reduce the head movement sensitivity? It is super jerky when doing very small movement (feels like I am hitting turbulence), I dont have this problem with other sims, only P3DV5. I searched around but cant find anything significant. I have VSYNC turned OFF, and I tried either 30FPS or Unlimited but it has no effect at all. Thank you in advance! J.
  3. Thank you! I couldn't find it but will keep looking. I was finally able to get it to work, my issue was that I had pretty much everything maxed out and once I reduced a few settings, P3D loaded fine. Just tried the FSL A320 in VR it was incredible! Now need to figure out how to reduce the sensitivity, looking around the cockpit is is very jerky when I pan around, otherwise getting great smoothness, overall very happy with my G2 🙂
  4. every time I have to jumpseat (cockpit) on a bloody CRJ (worst leg room) lol 🙂
  5. from a graphical standpoint I agree, however the Mooney has nothing close to A2A when it comes to flight dynamics, engine simulation, etc. Just have a look at this feature page, dont think Carenado is coming close to this: https://a2asimulations.com/product/accu-sim-comanche-250-p3d/ I agree 100% with the Arrow, they did a great job with this plane
  6. oh yes this is an Ovation, I was talking about other Mooney (I own a J) but regardless, the flight model is subpar IMO
  7. I wish someone like Rob Young would redo the flight model for this plane, as a Mooney owner, I can say with confidence that the flight model is nowhere close to the real thing. Mooneys take a lot of time to slow down, need to plan way ahead. Some good examples are: - when shooting an approach and wanting to get the approach speed to the numbers, on the real plane you have to plan ahead, bring MP to 17" and hold attitude and let the speed decay (slowly). - The other one is when getting ready to enter the pattern, same thing, need to plan ahead. - Doing stalls, with Mooney it is almost a guarantee that a wing will drop (even when keeping coordinated), power on stalls, the nose will drop considerably I have not seen any of these in the P3D version, I dont own the FS20 for these reasons, although I will probably get it eventually. The graphics are very well done, I just wish A2A or similar would tackle that plane (even the older Mooneys like E or C model with the Johnson bar would be fun to see in FS) Happy landings! John
  8. Thank you Danny! Unfortunately I installed SteamVR and I am having the same problem 😞
  9. Thanks Frederic, I did try Stereo but same issue, still stuck in WVR John
  10. Hi all, I must be doing something wrong but I am having a hard time getting P3D to work with my new G2. (Just to dismiss any issues with the Headset I can confirm that it is working properly as I tested it under FS2020 and everything works fine). When I start VR in P3D (HMD Emulator), I can see VR (2 screens) on my monitor, the WMR program starts, but for some reason I cannot see P3D in the VR headset, I can only see the Mixed Reality Portal. I am not sure what to do, is there some sort of starter guide I could refer to? Thank you in advance! John
  11. I tried both NordVPN and ExpressVPN and unfortunately the fastest speed I have seen with either is no more than 40Mb (with VPN Off I get over 100Mb). I opened a ticket with both and they came back with a standard response "sorry that's the best we can do" 😞 John
  12. oh I am sorry, there are no single parent airline pilots with mortgages, children or student loans (the list goes on). You seem to combine all airline pilots under one hat (yes there are line captains being well compensated, but what, they dont deserve to be compensated for their hard work?). There are airline pilots working for small airlines under part 135 (yes it exists, I happened to have one kid jump seating on my flight recently, making barely $1500/month as a first officer on a single engine turboprop). I really take offense to your lack of empathy for someone losing their job. My heart goes out to anyone (regardless of their profession) that has been impacted by this terrible pandemic. You have your opinion and I have mine, let's agree to disagree and move on..... John
  13. Overpaid? I dont think you understand pay scale in aviation, try to start your career in aviation, there are people making less than a restaurant worker when they were still working.
  14. Thank you for the link Benjamin!
  15. That is great news Rob, I still think the flight model needs a lot of work on twin, single engine characteristics are way off IMO (I dont have any time in the DA62 and I haven't flown a light twin in over 20 years, but I still remember my first flight on the twin where the instructor demonstrated losing an engine on climb out, holly smokes haha. Failing one engine on the FS2020 model is very mild, not much yaw effect, cant remember being able to feather the prop, etc. etc.) John
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