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  1. I dont believe that companies like FSL, PMDG, etc. have anything to worry about, I dont imagine MSFS2020 will simulate down to the details of products like FSL A32x or PMDG.
  2. Looking at the online manual, it seems that they did not even bother to implement lighting as the real thing, panel lights are either ON or OFF. That is unacceptable in today's standard, I never ever land an airplane at night with the flood lights on, and reading the other feedback from other simmers, I am going to pass on this, it is way too pricey for what is being delivered IMO.... John.
  3. I wish Eaglesoft the best and hope that customers will purchase the 32bit version, I for one have moved on the 64bit for a very long time, and was surprised by Eaglesoft's decision to stick to 32bit. @n4gix I recall seeing a survey somewhere (FSElite?) where the % of people using 32Bit sim as much lower than 64 bit... but again, I understand the need to get this out and hope that we will see the P3DV4 version sooner than later.... As far as the price goes, if this simulates systems as advertised, I dont have a problem paying a steeper price for this, as the developers have spent countless hours getting this product to simulate complex systems and avionics. I hope that the sounds are up to par with other complex add on such as FSL, etc. Cant wait to see this product in P3DV4 Take care, John
  4. thank you all for the tips. While waiting for your feedback I googled things a bit and found that plugin from Simcoders for the Baron (XP11), I bought it and was pleasantly surprised. As you all said the flight model in either sims is not perfect, but pulling an engine on climb out fairly simulated what happens in the real world. I am going to keep playing with it, but based on info I got from you guys, I am leaning towards the Vertex... Again thank you all for the very valuable feedback. Take care, John.
  5. Hey guys Looking for a P3D (XP11 also possible) with accurate flight model. Looking for accurate vyse, vMC, etc... Doesnt have to have glass cockpit just want the best accurate flight model. Thank you! John
  6. Hi Bryan, Would it be possible to add an option for the F.O to cycle the non-smoking sign when reaching 10K? It's usually SOP for U.S carriers (for the one I work for, and for most I have been flying with). Thank you! John.
  7. This is an amazing piece of work! I dont know if this will be a payware release (which I will definitely buy if that is the case), but if this is freeware, I hope we will have the ability to donate as this must have been a gigantic work to undertake. I had given up on the lear because I just couldn't deal with the bland textures! Thank you so so much for this! looking forward to install when available. John.
  8. I really could not care less what "froogle" thinks, he comes across as biased and having his own agenda. I stopped subscribing to his channel long ago. Everyone is free to share their opinion however, I just dont care what about his channel. I am looking forward to see what MS comes up with, I think it is healthy to have competition in our hobby. Happy simming everyone 🙂 John.
  9. it is a DLL loaded via Add-on (check add-ons options in P3D)
  10. OK thank you Gerald, I think it would be great if you could add such things to the product to make it more realistic, for example a custom flow could be triggered when reaching a certain altitude (.i.e. when reaching 10K here in the U.S we retract landing lights, and flick the non-smoking sign to let the crew know they can start service, etc. I also would love to have more professional dialog between the cabin crew and the flight crew (the dialog is highly unrealistic IMO, also the way the FO responds to certain commands is way too long, we dont talk like this in the flight-deck at all).. anyways, I am enjoying the product, just giving you some real life context here. Thanks for your attention. Regards, John.
  11. I am trying to trigger a flow (for example after take off flow after calling Flaps 0, like we do in real life, I dont tell my PNF "after take off flow, the PNF does it automatically as part of his/her flow)...Trying to get this to work with the FSL A32X Thx John
  12. no the documentation actually recommends using AS, it is compatible with it. I have not really seen any difference in terms of turbulence so far though... John
  13. +1 , great review and covers the product E2E, I bought it and I am happy with it so far
  14. Hi All, How do I trigger an action in my flow based on a certain config? For example, I am trying to automatically trigger the after takeoff flow (FSL A3X) when setting up flaps to 0. I couldn't find the documentation for this. Is there something I can look at to give me what is possible with custom flows? Thank you in advance
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