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  1. 757FO

    Reshade and 4.4

    it works like a charm, thank you guys, I have become so used to reshade that P3D did not look so good anymore without it....
  2. 757FO

    Reshade and 4.4

    OK thank you Simbol, as you see I am not up to date with the latest and greatest 🙂
  3. 757FO

    Reshade and 4.4

    Hi Symbol, What is a WPF application? Any examples? Thx John
  4. 757FO

    Reshade and 4.4

    thank you for the explanation Symbol, I hope there is a way to get reshade to work as I got quite used to it. Isn't Xplane supporting both PBR and non-PBR? Reshade still seems to work in XP (please let's not start a P3D vs. XP)
  5. I dont want to sound negative and bash flightsimware, but I have to say, the quality of the VC seems to be sub par. The textures remind me of their learjet, I am not a developer and dont know the amount of work it takes to create anything in P3D, although I appreciate the hard work, I have to say the preview look FS9'ish to me, sorry but wanted to give my opinion, not looking to argue with anyone, just wanted to share my feelings on this release. Regards, John
  6. I dont understand how a thread asking to compare 2 airplanes turns into a P3D vs XP, this is getting old. Both sims have their pluses and minuses, (I have 0 issues when it comes to performance with FSL on P3D btw, and I am also a very happy XP user). Can we go back to the original question? I am thinking about getting the FF A320, but would love to know if anyone knows if the devs are planning to make further enhancements to the sounds, weather radar, etc.? Thank you in advance! John.
  7. 757FO

    Tomato shade? been outta the loop

    I tried it yesterday and this looks like an alternative to PTA, with additional features (reflections, etc.), can anyone tell me if there are any advantages to using Tomato for the VC? I saw that there was a VC Option in the Dynamic Reflection Maker but the documentation seem to indicate there are no advantages for VC... is that the case? I am not completely sure that Tomato can make things better in the VC. One thing that I noticed that was really nice and I wish PTA had, was the ability to tune the raindrops (I played with the settings and the rain drops in the FSL A319 VC was more realistic) Thanks for any feedback! John.
  8. Does anyone knows when FF A320 will support weather radar? Also, has any improvements been made in the sounds? I find the FSL sounds to be a really good representation of a flight deck "feeling" (I am not rated on the 320 but rated in other types, often commuting on a bus and have a good reference from real life)...
  9. 757FO

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    I will echo what Rob said about systems and sounds, I dont think there is another add on out there that can match what FSL has accomplished (even PMDG imho). It is kinda interesting to read what people are saying about Boeing vs. Airbus pilots. I guess I must be an exception to the rule, I would happily give up my left seat on the 737 to fly the 320. Some of my friends and/or coworkers think I am crazy (particularly a friend that says that the airbus is the only aircraft that can make both a good and bad pilot look average, haha), I love the automation, the concept and systems of the Airbus. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that I am being paid to fly the 737, but given the choice I would switch to the bus.... Happy landings! John.
  10. 757FO

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    wow that is interesting, I am not spinning anymore unless I really try to (i.e keep back pressure after the break, etc.) .. there was a post about setting controllers sensitivity to Max, which I tried, not sure if that is making a difference or not
  11. 757FO

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Hi DJ, Can you elaborate a bit more on the stalls issues you are still seeing? I have never flown a V Tail, but own a Mooney and it "feels" closer to the real thing (as you said, I dont think we will ever have a perfect reproduction of IRL characteristics), but at least for now the plane wont enter a spin every time you stall it 🙂 John
  12. 757FO

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Flight model much more realistic after the update in regards to stalls, a pleasure to fly (wish I could afford the real thing haha) John
  13. 757FO

    Could I add a red spotlight to a VC?

    Hi Ryan, I think you might be able to do this with FSL Spotlight, iirc they made the full version free of charge. Hope this helps. John
  14. 757FO

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Have you all tried stalls (power on or off)? I've never stalled a V tail IRL, but as a Mooney owner, I can tell you the stalls behavior on the M20 is normal (Power off might be a bit more tricky, and most of the time a bit of wing drop is expected), with the A2A model, I will end up spinning the plane most of the time (even though I kept the plane coordinated and no sudden input on the controls).. There are a lot of differences between a Mooney and Bonanza IRL, but I would expect stall behavior to be normal in a Bonanza, and not end up in spin entry when practicing staills (power on or off), I would like to hear what others are seeing, thx! John.
  15. 757FO

    How To: Trim like a Pro

    hey Mark, thx for the feedback. This was over 23 years ago, but I clearly remember my CFI showing me the "trim after 30 degrees", we did not lose any altitude while doing a few rounds at 60 degrees bank, off course trimming it back when coming out of the turn is required. I guess it depends which CFI you talk to in that regards