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  1. Former CRJ driver here, completely agree with @Prpn this addon is lacking in many aspects. Even the engine start timing is innacurate, all these quirks have been discussed so many times, it's clear the dev have no intentions on fixing what could have been a great product.
  2. a possible answer to this is that he has time on his hand because he is waiting to start IOE (assuming he recently finished his type rating). The wait at my airline from training to IOE is currently close to 2 months..
  3. someone asked about this on their discord and the answer given was that they cannot implement the ASOBO "weather radar" because the type of gauge being used in the Fenix Airbus is not compatible with the default weather radar. Seems a bit odd to me but I am not a developer....
  4. hey guys, I am having a strange issue (HP G2) with VR ONLY in P3D. I am unable to move forward/backward or left/right. I can look around the VC but if I try to lean forward for example, the view sort of goes backward a few inches. I dont have this problem in any other sims (I am thinking particulary XP11 as I also use SteamVR there). Is there a setting I need to adjust? Thanks in advance John
  5. I dont see Inibuild, Working Title, Leonardo, etc. getting bashed for using MS default "radar", a simple disclaimer would suffice IMO
  6. I think it is a shame they dont include the default MS "radar", I know it is a bitmap but it is better than nothing, just my humble opinion.....
  7. In my case, I will use the sim before heading to recurrent in order to practice certain scenarios that we will encounter in the sim (FSS), and not being practiced on the line. In other cases, I've known pilots to use pc sims to familiarize with a new aircraft, and learn FMS, practice flows and so on. I've seen pilot coming to ground school and mastering FMS labs in no time because they used PC sims at home (where others struggled). PC Sims have come a long way and with devs like Fenix, FSL, PMDG and others, we have good options.
  8. I agree with everyone, that is absolutely unacceptable, HIFI has always been a top notch company, this is poor business practice.
  9. Completely agree, I wish that PMDG, Fenix, etc. would do the same and implement the Asobo solution. I think we're a long way from getting realistic radar returns, and not having a weather radar limits the experience (IMO) John
  10. a bit of a separate topic but does anyone know if LR if planning to improve VR? I have a G2 and XP12 is basically unplayable in VR. I am not sure if it is G2 related but I have seen other users complaining about it. There is an Open VR DLL out there that is helping a bit, but it is not stable. Thx! John
  11. Great shots! Is this XP12? What scenery (airport and orthos?) I live in the area and it's always nice to see screenshots like these Thx Ryan John
  12. The Aerosoft CRJ is good enough for you to start practicing your flows/tasks and program the FMS. Flight model is so so and there are a few discrepancies compared to the real thing (I am CL65 type rated, although not current). Which airline are you going to? John
  13. Used to fly the Seminole at Old Bridge flight school 🙂
  14. I havent been able to follow all the updates but does anyone know if there has been improvements made to VR? I tried the Beta when it came out and VR was unplayable for me.. Thanks John.
  15. Same here James, I am surprised they did not include it. Granted Asobo way of presenting weather might not be exactly like what we see in real life, but at least it is bettter than nothing....
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