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  1. Yes. I only want to hear the checklist steps, an confirm it via voice control. thx Sascha
  2. Hello. Is it possible to use the A32NX Project only for checklist assistance via voice control? Example: i say: "before start checklist" and the FO is reading the first line from the before start checklist without doing anything, just waiting for my response, like "check" or "set" etc. After that the FO reads the second line, and so on. I tried several settings but i don't know how it works. I don't want to use the work flows. I only want to trigger the read out of the checklist step by step, to confirm every single step via voice control. greetings Sascha
  3. Hi. I just opened the log file. It says: 2022-02-16 23:33:10 - CURRENT language: 'U.S. English' (0x409)... 2022-02-16 23:33:10 - SUCCESS! - The voice recognition engine has been STARTED! But the Mic Symbol is still crossed in red. greetings Sascha
  4. Hi. I fully disabled kaspersky. mic symbol is still crossed in red. sascha
  5. Hi Manuel. Yes. My Kaspersky prompts and asks. I check allow and give it half an hour to ignore. But still nothing. Or do i have to do something else at kaspersky ? Sascha
  6. Hello ! I'm trying to use the voice control in PBE. I have completely finished the text to speech recognition in windows according to the instructions manual from PBE Voice control. In PBE the Interface setting to Voice Control is set. But it doesn't work. the microphone symbol in PBE is crossed out in red. In the sound settings of windows, however, the microphone works. Why not in PBE ? Does anyone know why this is ? thx greetings from Germany Sascha
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