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  1. The GNS is only 'reading' either the 'batteries' or the 'avionics' datarefs, depending on your 'power mode' in your GNS settings panel. I suspect this is an issue with either the aircraft, or the aircraft and another plugin. You might want to compare in selecting "always on" power mode, in order to cross-check. This in turn makes the GNS skip reading any power related dataref.
  2. I'm looking into this, thank you for the update.
  3. Please note this kind of error is most likely related to a license file issue. So, what about reinstalling with the e-commerce installer instead? Does this cure the issue?
  4. @Bluesman: Do you have the GTN and is it working fine? @Siege00: Do you have the GNS and is it working fine? Have you tried reinstalling with the e-commerce installer and your purchase key/password?
  5. HI, This is not possible as-is. This and much more was supported via an interface/API for our professional customers. However, professional version of the older GNS is discontinued. We are working on GNS V2 for FS-SEX3D, which like its X-Plane counterpart, will most likely 'expose' such data via native FSim facilities (in this case, 'named' variables).
  6. Hi John, We've finally found the culprit, it was right there in front of us, and we've failed to see it until now! We've just re-up our e-commerce installers to correct the bug which prevented them to automatically launch the Garmin Trainer installation either the first time downloading it, or thereafter when reinstalling. In addition, we have changed installer code so as to avoid 'stalling' the installation process while copying the trainer from the 'tmp' download folder to the 'saved' location ("C:ProgramData\Reality XP\Common\GtnTrainer") Should you are still stuck with our installer not being able to install the trainer, re-download the e-commerce installer and proceed with installation!
  7. Hi, I wanted to share an update about what's going on with our GTN and GNS V2 for FS-SEX3D. We are finally approaching the final bits and pieces prior final tests and release, and although I didn't want to publicly share our progress so far, I can now say we are targeting end of July for either the GTN or the GNS V2, followed by the other one shortly after in august. We have to space the releases apart so as to ensure proper technical support during initial launch, and I can't tell yet which one of the two will come first. Please understand this is only our target, not a commitment. Software development schedule often slips, but we are really doing our best and trying harder everyday, around the clock.
  8. Plugins | Reality XP GTN | GTN # | Settings...
  9. Hi, Unfortunately, although there is an 'export' feature in the GNS, there is no 'export' feature in the GTN yet. Besides, the GNS FPL, like its real world counterpart, is limited to 32 waypoints, whereas the GTN handles up to 100.
  10. Thank you for the logs. They show, most likely, your anti-virus has wrongly quarantined at least one of our files: "C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim32.dll" Please make sure to "white list" the file in your antivirus program and this should work ok!
  11. Hi, can you please post your "my documents\rxpGtnSim.dll.log" and "my documents\rxpGTN.xpl.log" files?
  12. I've sent you a PM.
  13. It is not a matter of difficulty, in both case it is easy. The hardest part for LR is how to provide such feature so that any previously developed plugin still continues to work even if detached. It is one thing to manage a 'rendering context' in the sim window, and let plugins 'tap' into this rendering context to render their graphics, and another thing to manage 'virtual' rendering contexts which are 'attached' agnostic to the plugin. Yes they are working on this, we have also been providing our input about this, and they have even publicly said (in their blog) it is supposed to be done over the summer along with XP11.1 and the new SDK!
  14. You need a number of things: 1) Make sure you have defined a "render target". The plugin automatically creates 2 render target sections, the [GTN_750_1.WINDOW] and the [GTN_750_1.PANELS] 2) Each render target has a "frame.type=" setting which defines "where" it is drawn to. WINDOW = popup window PANE2D = 2D panel. PANEL3D = 3D panel. PANELS = any of 2D and 3D panels. 3) Make sure the render target is "visible=true" (obviously). 4) Make sure the render target position and size is within its respective "type" boundaries: for windows, "frame.rect=" must be within your main window size (otherwise it would be out of bounds and invisible), for panel(s) it has to be within the boundaries of the panel (2D) or the panel texture sheet (3D). The last two can be guessed with plane maker when editing the 2D/3D panel(s). 5) Make sure you tell the GTN to render to another "surface" than the popup window. in the [GTN_750_1] section, there is a "drawto=" setting, with a comma separated list of "render targets". You might want to typically have = window, panels These tell the plugin to use the [GTN_750_1.WINDOW] and the [GTN_750_1.PANELS] sections for rendering. NB: you are not limited to these names! We have tried to implement a flexible configuration system which for example allows you to do: [GTN_750_1] drawto=MySuperWindow, MyOtherPanel ... [GTN_750_1.MySuperWindow] visible = true. ... [GTN_750_1.MyOtherPanel] visible = true. ... Last but not least: grab the GNS V2 manual from our website, there is tutorial how to configure the GNS to replace the default GPS in the B58 which guides you through these concepts and more!
  15. You are perfectly right: IF that is provided by the dev. It is not provided yet though... Once provided, it shall be as easy for us to support the "detachable" window as it is for XP11 to provide detachable windows for its own GPS/FMS/MAP. Of course, what is "easy" from a user perspective, is intimately very "complex" from a dev perspective. For that matter, this involves a large rewrite of XP11 SDK and plugin handling for most "graphics" related APIs. These are the APIs which permits a plugin to "define" and "use" a popup window in XP11 for example.