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  1. RXP

    unable to import flight plan

    It is not automatically created indeed, and must be manually created, or like indicated in the RXP GNS User's Manual, you can create a 'shortcut' to any other folder instead.
  2. You are running FS 9.0 I'd tend to think you'd need to find a 9.1 exe instead...
  3. Should you expect the following: Q: it is not working because it does A and B A: this is the first time we hear about this issue, and we don't know what factors in your system is causing this, but it is not a problem, download the following fix from this URL and you are good to go. Well, in this case we won't meet your expectations. Otherwise, the kind of problem you are reporting sounds like something system related. It could be a video card setting, a third party module/dll/gauge/plugin interfering, an antivirus, or even a virus you don't know yet about which could have infested your system. Should this be widespread an issue, it would be easier to find out. Given you are the only one reporting such issue, it will take a little more time to evaluate probable causes prior suggesting some actions.
  4. RXP

    unable to import flight plan

    this shouldn't be a problem. However, you are still not telling where is your GNS trainer installed!
  5. 11.21 should've fine though otherwise I'd guess there would be much more similar reports in the forum. Otherwise, you might want to search for conflicting plugins, starting with moving out all plugins to a different folder, testing if this cures the issue, then reintroducing the plugins one by one until finding the culprit.
  6. I'm hoping you'll enjoy these goodies!
  7. Hi, have you checked your anti-virus for any 'RXP' quarantined item?
  8. RXP

    unable to import flight plan

    @awash2002 what about the rest?
  9. This is the legacy GNS product , moving the discussion to the correct forum.
  10. I just want to make sure bat this: the latest release version is 11.20: https://www.x-plane.com/2018/05/x-plane-11-20-final-released/ all other newer versions are 'beta' and could break any plugin.
  11. RXP

    Gtn750 and native vr x plane 11

    @gordong please understand this is XPlane limitation only, not offering the means for third party plugins to implement any form of touch screen, or even more generally 3D mouse inputs (the later are possible only when pre-compiled into the 3D model as specific mouse triggers) In non-VR, I've documented in these fora we do use a trick which consists in creating an invisible XPlane plugin window covering the entire XPlane screen for the sole purpose of capturing mouse events.
  12. Hi, see the following section: [GTN_750_1.PANELS] frame.rect = 0,0,0,0 For an unknown reason it has reset to 0,0,0,0 You might want to try these values from another thread: frame.rect = 1436,2048,610,748
  13. RXP

    FS Radio Fix?

    Hi, this is very easy to do manually: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/simulation_objects/aircraft_configuration_files.html#radios
  14. RXP

    How to navigate with GNS-530 WAAS

    Hi, The autopilot is following the heading bug (HDG mode). Make sure to enable NAV mode instead.