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  1. @Matchstick https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/628749-happy-new-year-2023/ @svtdoug I thank you for your patience and I'm sorry for the unusual situation. Online support will return to "normal" in a few days and should catch up with you all.
  2. We've now officially released our official XP12 compatible GNS V2 and GTN products, and I thank you for your patience during the XP12 beta! As good news never comes alone, we're offering the latest versions for free to all our existing customers! Let's welcome this new year 2023 together and I hope to see you all around here in the coming days! Happy new year!
  3. Hi, Our current product line is compatible with the officially released X-Plane versions available at this time (XP11, XP10 and XP9). X-Plane 12 is not a released product yet, it is an open beta version, with a non-finalized SDK. Having said this, I'd like to add about XP12 more specifically: we've had the chance to be in the XP12 private beta since the beginning and I've been trying my best to help testing the new simulator version from as many different angles as possible, and this is very exciting to be part of it! I'm in contact with LR and many other 3rd party devs everyday literally, and it is a very energizing, friendly and talented group where we're quite openly sharing a lot between us. I must say LR team is really great with us all.
  4. @Gilberto Fonseca No particular news at this time, and besides any technical hurdles, our market place application is still pending processing for the last 26 months now... Even if RXP would like to sell an entire aircraft, a new JS/HTML gauge pack, or just a collection of realistic liveries to the FS2020 Xbox users, we can't....
  5. This has been a hard post to write. I hate that this happened and I kick myself every day for not paying more attention to our support operation in the past few months, while spending most my time on new products R&D. There is only so much one can do in a day and it is a good reminder you’re human and mistakes are easily made. And even though I hope this didn’t affect the majority of our customers, thanks to the maturity of of existing products and that they are reliably running, I want to apologize to those of you who were in needs of RXP assistance during that time. I also want to thank you for your enduring support throughout. We’ve been offering some of the most incredible simulation add-ons for 20 years because you keep us going every day, by buying our software, by giving us your good ideas, by telling your friends about us. You are the good in the world! So we’re going to do everything we can to rise above this and keep going even further, together.
  6. So this most likely is an issue with this aircraft and how its A/P is coded, maybe adjusting its PIDs sensitivity will help. On the tech note: the GTN/GNS V2 are not interacting with the A/P, they are just providing the correct deviation data. So if an aircraft autopilot PID used in NAV mode isn't made to work both with relaxed sensitivity (VOR) and high sensitivity (ILS or GPS), or if it uses relaxed when in GPS mode, I wouldn't be surprised this can happen. So my first target would be "playing" with the aircraft PID config file.
  7. And do you confirm this is only with this aircraft or with others too?
  8. Nothing unusual except you're running P3D4.5 as-admin and this is not recommended (regardless of RXP) in general, and this is one additional factor which could potentially be one of the reason you're experiencing problems too. Nevertheless, if I understand correctly, you're specially talking about another issue than the A/P system not resetting when turning the aircraft off, but rather the A/P is like following the GTN flight plan ok but with an offset? Is this a fixed offset regardless of the phase of flight and/or direction of the legs? Can you cross check you didn't configure the GTN with a manual offset?
  9. Can you please post the content of the RXP log files? (see RXP User's Manual for file/path)
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