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  1. Hi, further searching this topic, I came across this KB for Windows 2003: When you try to install a large Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) package or a large Microsoft Windows Installer patch (.msp) package on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2, you receive the following error message: Error 1718. File FileName was rejected by digital signature policy. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/973825/error-message-when-you-try-to-install-a-large-windows-installer-packag The cause listed reads: This problem occurs if the Windows Installer process has insufficient contiguous virtual memory to verify that the .msi package or the .msp package is correctly signed [...] Windows Installer uses software restriction policies to verify the signatures of signed .msi package files [...] Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 require that the whole .msi package file [...] to be loaded into one contiguous piece of memory in the address space of the Windows Installer process. Since you are running Win10, it should be applying, but it possible you are experiencing a similar issue. The KB article has a workaround which basically looks like it will allow you disabling the 'check'. You might want to review the article prior applying the workaround.
  2. I've just tested your flight plan, basically like this: Open File Explorer to: "C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\GTN\FPLN" (trainer 6.41 path) Duplicate the KSLE-KSLE.gfp file included in the sample pack and rename it (same file names as yours). Open the file with notepad.exe, copy/paste the flight plan line (single line, no carriage return at the end). Save the file. Repeat for all flight plans. Start GTN, boot, Flight Plan | Menu | Catalog | Menu | Import They all show fine Start GTN with Americas DB instead, they still show fine.
  3. Hi, this might be a bug in the way they are handled in 6.41. Do you still have 6.21 installed to compare? We'll cross check this today too.
  4. HI, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\GTN Trainer\GTN\sys\sim" is the normal path for trainers before v6.41 "C:\ProgramData\Garmin\GTN Trainer Data\GTN" is the path for the trainer data files (resources, sounds etc...) Since your folder is empty, and given the log file, it is not installed. Have you made any other progress about this error message in the meantime? Like indicated in the thread: A 'setup failed' error with the code 0x080070643 means there's some Windows updates that need to be installed on your computer. Here's what to do: Click to check for available Windows updates. Select all 'Important' updates. Select all 'Optional' updates which refer to .NET Framework. Install the selected updates. If prompted, restart your computer. You should now be able to install AccountRight. If the error persists, download and install Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 from the Microsoft support site. Installation instructions are also provided. Can you please validate you have the 'optional' updates (or required updates) if any installed?
  5. Hi, this is a little beyond my knowledge of the device, but if this is supported, it must be in the Garmin GTN pilot's guide.
  6. Hi Silvio, I've sent you a PM.
  7. @metaph3r PM sent. @mshehranian PM sent few days ago, awaiting your feedback.
  8. A quick update: at least if not possible to display our settings/assistant panel over the exclusive full screen mode, we automate window mode / full screen mode changes in the next update. This will make sure to restore your FS window as it was.
  9. Hi Andrew, Most likely the easiest is to use our e-commerce partner online tools to retrieve past purchases infos: e-commerce self-service support page
  10. This is a nice feature, in addition to the visual approach assist one, both new in the trainer 6.41!
  11. I shall have added: there was code changes that caused the FltSim window to minimize sometimes though, but no code change that would have made a popup window atop a full screen exclusive window not working anymore (or we've really failed to find such change if any). @driver101 and you were right!
  12. Hi Frank, I really have no idea because it really is not possible at all with FS9 and FSX, and there was no code change related to these panel windows for a while except what they display (the options). Are you sure you weren't running full screen window instead of full screen exclusive Direct3D mode? NB: there is an option in P3D3 for example which says "full screen black desktop" (close enough, from memory) which resemble a choice between borderless full screen window and full screen exclusive mode. However, it doesn't change a thing on our test systems so it might depend on the video card as well? We'll further investigate a few more items about these, but it might prove there is no way around in a short term anyway. Hopefully, the annoyance remains minor vs the advantage to configure settings live without rebooting the simulator.
  13. Hi, I'm sorry it is taking a little longer but there are tiny details to take care off, and usually, these are the ones taking the most time. We've reached a conclusion to the 'minimizing' FltSim window: We've identified the main reason why it minimizes. P3D3 and P3D4 are fixed. P3D1 and P3D2 are probably fixed (untested), otherwise, see below for the limitations. FS9 and FSX (SE,ACC,SP2) running full screen require SHIFT+ENTER, settings/assistant, SHIFT+ENTER. There is no workaround for this for a simple reason: these older FltSim display full screen with a special Direct3D exclusive mode, which prevents other windows to display above, and this is a Windows OS limitation. The only way to workaround would be to 'hack' FltSim and make it display an in-sim window which we would intercept to replace the pixels with ours... well, these are old simulators and SHIFT+ENTER is annoying only while configuring your devices, and we won't open the Pandora's box... We still have a few more items to cross check and cleanup prior having a release candidate ready, but it shall not be long now.
  14. Please understand the GTN simulation is a two-headed solution: 1) The Garmin GTN Trainer. 2) The X-Plane plugin. The trainer is automatically run and 'controlled' by the plugin if present. The plugin doesn't require the trainer to run, however, it won't power on or anything else if there is no trainer to run. In other words: a GTN window in X-Plane doesn't mean the product is installed. It only mean the plugin is installed. In addition, the plugin outputs any error to the RXP log files. Can you please copy/paste the content of these log files (see the User's Manual for file/path)?
  15. Hi, this is not possible at this time, but we are looking into ways to do so. what would be the purpose/use of the exported flight plan for you?