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  1. Thank you for your feedback which helps us better our products!
  2. Just to be sure, what do you mean exactly? You do turn the 3D knobs over the 3D bezel GNS 530 included in these aircraft, however 'not working' means what? Are the rotation animation not working? Are the frequencies not changing (left knob) in the default GPS? Are the frequencies not changing in the RXP GNS V2? Are you using "Use Simulator GPS Commands" option or not?
  3. @sammy thank you for the additional feedback. We are already working with Carenado and they have been shipping pre-configured aircraft for the Reality XP GTN and GNS V2 for X-Plane for more than a year. I'm wondering why their newest FltSim aircraft do not follow through, but I guess they are working on it. In any case, this wouldn't preclude our customers lobbying their favourite vendors!
  4. Pre Buy Reality XP Questions

    Hi, I'll answer the first questions, but it might be better other customers with the Panthera help you out with these ones. I think there has been discussions about this aircraft in our forums though in the past, maybe a mod in the official panel configuration thread as well. These are 2 devices of the same type, which you can add into any aircraft. Obviously, depending on the aircraft complexity, it might involve more or less configuration (defaults are usually good enough to get started). In addition, any aircraft already equipped with their own GPS/FMS might prevent effectively connecting our devices to the rest of the aircraft avionics for obvious reasons too. Hopefully, most if not all aircraft use the default GPS, or come pre-configured for RXP devices nowadays.
  5. Yes it makes a whole lot different indeed, and like I said above, I was even skeptical this would track this good at these time acceleration factors. It is nearly amusing to see the GTN (and the GNS V2 has the same capability in v2.4 too) make the aircraft turn so fast and align so promptly to the track!
  6. Help please with RXP on fs9

    Hi Mark, Could you post the content of the RXP log files? (see user's manual for file/path). It shows 'managed' to indicated the window was added in the panel.cfg with the GUI panel assistant. Last but not least, which simulator/outfit is this? (you can PM me if you prefer for this one).
  7. GTN 750 VR Window test

    @Gixxar it is even easier than this: since this thread started, v2.4.16 then v2.5 were released both supporting XP11.20B5 VR windows! The best way to test, just update your GTN with the latest version and you're good to go!
  8. Hi, have you reinstalled with the e-commerce installer and your purchase key? Otherwise, help is already online here: How do I reinstall my software https://reality-xp.com/store/faq.html
  9. No Weather Radar?

    Hi, Yes this is normal: the icon is greyed out as there is no wx radar connected to the GTN.
  10. Here is a link to additional knowledge about X-Plane panels:
  11. Here is a link to additional knowledge about X-Plane panels:
  12. Missing buttons in GTN750

    Hi, the GTN DEVICE, as the name implies, is the GTN device, not the printer device, not the hard drive device, just the GTN device. Given you're not dealing with a real GTN hardware unit connected to your computer, references to GTN device means the 'virtual/simulated' GTN device in your simulator only. So when in your aircraft cockpit, with the GTN device displaying on the cockpit, press and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard (computer keyboard), and right-click the top edge of the GTN device (that is point your mouse cursor over the top of the GTN on your screen, then proceed with the click).
  13. A quick note to let you know GTN v2.5 update is now released and solves this, among other things! Thank you for your feedback! We've finally decided to make it an official numbered release instead of a silent one, not only because we've also added a new feature: support for host simulation time acceleration up to 128x, but also because our product is mature enough to justify turning to the next major number: 2.5
  14. Hi, just to let you know, the latest GTN v2.5 (and GNS V2 v2.4) are now compatible with host simulator time acceleration, up to 128x. I can tell you I was even skeptical at first during beta tests, but it is amazingly tracking the flight plan including turns! Thank you for your feedback, it has been in our list since day 1 but we've never had the chance to further this capability before.
  15. Hi, In case you've missed it, in the last 2 updates, autopilot coupling is now compatible with all P3D v3 builds!