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  1. Progressing well. We've had to work on our X-Plane release in the middle which has delayed the work on FSim a little bit more unfortunately. I which I could show some work in progress, but I rather keep this offline for now. You see, Reality XP has invented the 'gauge stack' concept back with the Meridian (the vertical list of icons you can open/close/pin). We've also developed the concept of the config tool with a tabbed interface, the first one of showing a preview of the panel, and the next tabs giving access to units options. Some say copying is a form of flattery... and some seem lacking imagination of their own. There is no reason we push the bar further in user interface concepts for our new products, but you have no idea how much of the total development the GUI takes.
  2. The message means you haven't setup your 430W with OBS input. Make sure to check the option in the settings panel!
  3. Thank you for your patience, and thanks to Bluebell for is great mod!!
  4. Your 'frame.type' settings tell to render to the 2D panel only. It should at least read 'frame.type = PANEL3D' or with the latest release candidate, 'frame.type = PANELS' (note the trailing 'S' which means both 2D and 3D panels).
  5. This is peculiar, as they are each 'render' (popup, 2d, 3d) are independent. Can you please post the content of your RealityXP.GTN.ini file located in your aircraft folder?
  6. Hi Aaron, do you mean both screens display when popup is visible, and when closing the popup window, the remaining one (cockpit) turns dark?
  7. It looks like each client uses its own system to handle multiplayer aircraft. What client do you use on these networks? Something to cross-check: when connected online, can you see meaningful data in dataref editor for multiplayer data and if so, which set of datarefs are updating (XYZ set, LATLONALT set, both)? The datarefs to looks for are: sim/multiplayer/position/plane2_x double y meters Plane 2 x location sim/multiplayer/position/plane2_y double y meters Plane 2 y location sim/multiplayer/position/plane2_z double y meters Plane 2 z location sim/multiplayer/position/plane2_lat double n degs Plane 2 Lat lon and elevation. sim/multiplayer/position/plane2_lon double n degs sim/multiplayer/position/plane2_el double n meters and so on for plane_3, plane_4 etc... NB: plane_1 is your own aircraft.
  8. v2.4.0 is the latest official release. v2.4.5 has been release as a 'release candidate' available at the top of this forum, and includes the fix for PE/TCAD.
  9. AFAIK, PFC is working on a 64bits version of their USB driver.
  10. I guess once the XP11 SDK gets available and they document the floating window feature, it will make it easier for you?
  11. Hi, if I'm not mistaken, their professional simulators use multi-monitors mode and cleaver use of the screen space. Please be patient, the XPlane developers are in the process of updating the SDK for XP11. Once the SDK is available, this will take us closer to the detachable windows feature.
  12. Hi Robert, I don't know if this works with the legacy GNS trainer, but you might want to try out:
  13. Hi, the GTN does not explicitly implement any network communication. What is the goal of this setup?
  14. The website says 6.21.1, but unless they have silently re-uploaded the trainer, it is in fact 6.21.0 (you can right-click the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\GTN Trainer\GTN\sys\sim\GTN simulator.exe" and see the file version in the 'details' pane. You screen shot tells me the stuck thread is in Direct Sound. This looks like the Direct Sound code which unloads and close resources when closing DSound is stuck. You might want to cross-check this in disabling TAWS and TCAS (the only sound producers besides the 'key click') and see if this makes a difference. Otherwise, maybe your audio drivers need an update?
  15. This is the correct trainer version (i.e. the latest) ?!?