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  1. Bonjour, Let me thank you for your kind words, and for sharing many panel mods! This feature is called "cross fill" and it is available in our GNS V2 product. Unfortunately, it is not implemented in our GTN at this time. You can overcome partially this in using flight plan files you can load in both devices though. Not exactly cross-fill, but sufficient in most case it is used for.
  2. RXP

    Two issuses please

    @Alaaar I'd say on the contrary, you are showing your willingness to deeper your knowledge and use of our products and I thank you for this. Sometimes, it just takes a couple candid questions to unlock one's understanding and get farther (how many times this was so true in the math class...)
  3. You can also open up datarefs editor, filter out with "HSI", or "course", or "OBS" keyword to limit the number of values displayed, and cross-check the value there.
  4. RXP

    GNS in Alabeo 172RG

    Hi, I'd suggest you review existing discussions about panel modifications. X-Plane is quite 'monolithic' and considers the panel, the cockpit and the aircraft as a whole. It is not easy but doable though.
  5. @GoranM Hi, I'd love to, but our product uses the Garmin Trainer which is a Windows only program, and I've commented in the past in our forums, there are technological solutions to make it run on MacOs but we were not satisfied with the results at the time.
  6. RXP

    Pitch up on glideslope capture

    I won't argue but when you reverse engineer the FltSim internals it is clear the autopilot system is doing a small pitch up command. Now, should an aircraft gauge/module or FSUIPC configuration 'compensate' for this is another story. Should the aircraft.cfg autopilot PID parameters or the aircraft flight model file also compensate for this is also another story. But from a code logic, there is a pitch up command: this is just the way they have coded the GS capture logic for the last 16 years at least and makes me wonder if they haven't reversed the command value sign (they wanted a pitch down but it ends up in a pitch up) and forget about it in their source code all this time. As a matter of fact while typing this, you make me wonder whether experimenting patching their code and see how it goes. I'll try this!
  7. @lukaz81 Hi, can you please confirm whether you've also installed the latest GTN Trainer 6.50.1 along with the latest RXP GTN 2.5.10? Usually, when this occur it is because either the trainer fails to load/read the DB files (terrain, avdb etc...) or a sound card driver related problem. In some instances it could be related to the video card driver as well. You might want to also carefully review this discussion and see whether any of the resolution steps apply to your system, then get back to this current discussion to report.
  8. RXP

    Two issuses please

    Hi, if the MFD displays the actual default GPS loaded/active route, there is an 'override' option: Settings Panel | Gauge Options | Advanced Settings | Link Simulator GPS Waypoints
  9. RXP

    Pitch up on glideslope capture

    Hi, I confirm we are working to better our products in this department indeed. We are still a few days prior an update release. NB: the pitch up command at GS capture is rooted in the FltSim autopilot code since FS9 up to P4D4.4. This is just the way they have coded the GS capture logic for the last 16 years at least and is therefore occurring with any aircraft using the simulator autopilot system.
  10. RXP

    Purchase RXP now, install later

    Hi, you might want to read this:
  11. @oneleg Hi, let me try to further help you with the process. Please note although they are offering a product with a similar name, they are only our e-commerce procurement partner, and you are purchasing from a downloadable e-commerce enabled installer, not from their website at all, otherwise, this won't be the genuine Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch product. As for the process, you might want to review our store FAQ which explains it better: You might want to follow the guidelines in "I want to install on a PC which is not connected to the internet?" http://reality-xp.com/store/faq.html This would permit you making the purchase right now on a PC, then transfer the license later to the final PC. Please note we'll probably extend the special discount offer until the end of the year too!
  12. Thank you for your kind words! Et si je puis ajouter, fait au Québec aussi 😉
  13. Hi, can you please post the content of the RXP log files? (see User's Manual for file/path)
  14. RXP

    GNS Trainer question

    Ok, I see you've found the database discussion since your message. I'm closing this one then.
  15. RXP

    can't install to desktop

    @rcburse Hi, you might want to review the 'troubleshooting' section of the GTN User's Manual. This sounds like an anti-virus playing around with our files and installer. NB: if you don't have the manual anymore, there is a link to it directly from our web site main page.