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  1. GTN 750

    Hi, you might want to read this!
  2. A quick note to let you know we'll publish a GNS V2 update by tomorrow morning, if all goes well, with a few more features and fixes!
  3. Hi, The GTN is nearly ready for release, and in the meantime, I've decided to open the curtain on different aspects, while at the same time, debunking some myth about FS and performance! Here is a modest screenshot of 4 GTN unit1 at 2560x1418 pixels in P3D3. NB: It is slightly reduced to save bandwidth (75%), but it illustrates a couple points nonetheless. First myth: to save performance, display 1 gauge at a time only. Most often than not, you read you can't have a popup gauge displaying the same content as the VC at the same time, and this is a 'design' decision to 'save frame rate'... Why end up with half of your gauge, instead of getting the complete picture all around? This screenshot shows one GTN 750 Unit1 (1 gauge, not 2) displaying 4 different instances of the gauge in different sizes at the same at the same time, at 60 FPS locked. This is massive amount of gauge pixels to refresh, and believe me, using the mouse wheel on the screen (which simulate screen pinch in/out) there is no stutter at all and this refreshes at native GTN speed. Second myth: you can't display images with gradients because of colour banding... Well, I'm sorry to prove this is wrong (see the area within the yellow circle), but thanks to our unique technology capable of rendering 32bits images in FS gauges, in real time, you really get THE complete GTN screen picture only with the Reality XP GTN Touch. Third myth: this is just a gauge which bridge the Garmin trainer, what's so special about this? Can't everyone do the same frankly? It might look the same on the surface, but it is more than just 'bridging' flight sim and the Garmin trainer. Suffice to say, if this was easy, there would be a lot of Garmin trainer based products on the market! First, once done the bezel, the screen, and start/stop the Garmin trainer in the background, which a lot of developers could manage to do, there are key differences in how you put and how you get data to/from the sim and the trainer. Implementing the technology to grab the screen in a highly efficient way, and then displaying it in FS in a highly efficient way, and in 32 bits colours, it something which is much harder to do than it may seem. Then, the scope of input/output to the trainer is paramount to a sound simulation, especially for our professional customers using our technologies everyday for training. For example, our TAWS-A implementation in the GTN takes in account the actual flaps and gear position, which have a dramatic impact on the TAWS algorithm, and the alerts it returns. Speaking of this, I've recently read on avsim someone saying there is no way to 'inhibit' the TAWS because, well... In fact, not all GTN are born equal and the Reality XP GTN Touch offers the 'TAWS Inhibit' input, in addition to the OBS and the CDI toggle inputs. I could write a lot more about all this, but enough said for now, time for the screenshot: NB: this is running on an old 3.4Ghz Intel I5 (2013) and an Nvidia GTX 775M with 2GB, more specifically a Late 2013 iMac in bootcamp, which is our average test reference computer.
  4. You might then love the Reality XP 750/650 Touch with its XPDR :-)
  5. If doing the GMA, I guess we'll also do the GTX, maybe not the older 327 though!
  6. A picture is worth a 1000 words! First, the "Buttons" brightness is only for adjusting the integral lighting, that is the amount of light glowing though the buttons which allow to read the labels at night. The bezel is only lit up by the panel lights. Now there are two different cases: 2D panel/popup and VC. 2D panel: what controls the bezel lighting is a combination of panel.cfg "light" section settings, as well as popup window "light" settings. The gauge is designed to be almost agnostic to these, at least as much as possible, and renders dark like in your screenshots in most situations. VC: what controls the bezel lighting is the polygon materials as defined by the aircraft 3D model. There is nothing we can do about this, because it is the 3D material, not the gauge, which controls this (the gauge only has limited possibilities in the VC). I see nothing wrong in the popup window on your screenshots. At night, it properly gives the illusion of slight lighting on the edges of the screen by the screen itself, other shadows and highlights are moderate. At daylight, the same bezel looks correct as well, because these shadows and highlights are slightly but effectively accentuated by FS. However, the VC is definitely not good looking. What about trying in another aircraft VC to compare?
  7. Hi, Unfortunately it is so well hidden I can't even find it LOL! More seriously, no there is no additional gauges included but the GNS V2 devices. We honestly felt in 2017, there wouldn't be a need for these gauges because most aircraft would probably have caught up. But since the GNS V2 release, we've received a certain number of requests for these older gauges though and I don't despair we bring them back in the future, along with FLT and FLN, and a few more surprises yet revealed. I agree though there are some nice details in our gauges, for example the synchronized light and sound for the OMI... The 'MUTE' button working, and in FS9 (and FSX Acc AFAIR) even control of the actual COM and NAV volumes working (thanks to hacking FS internals because there is no facility for this in the SDK, not even in P3D4 if I'm not mistaken). But for now, we've to first finish our Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch for FltSim (coming up very very soon), and our G600/500 for FltSim and X-Plane (coming up after)!
  8. Hi, a quick update on the 'needle' issue: we've had no time to test this specifically today, because we've corrected other code related to the VOR needle (in fact, related to all our variable overrides): It might be the issue you are having is directly related to this as well, so just keep tight, we'll test this specifically tomorrow and report.
  9. Hi Nick, Good news: the bug is now found an corrected in our dev builds. It was a nasty little logic error hard to pin point, but so obvious once found. We'll wrap a new build very soon with the fix. Speaking of needles, we've also added a new set of options to 'scale' the HSI CDI/GSI needles independently (mind you, not the VOR, only the HSI). There seems to be a number of gauges that don't entirely adhere to the SDK documented scales, so this will permit calibrating the needles to the precise deviation. Typically: boot the GTN to the Instrument Test page open the Settings Panel (SHIFT+RIGHT click top edge) change the scale repeat to 2) until both gauge needles show 50% deviation That's it!
  10. @Ryan Canepa you might want to head direct to this specific thread as well:
  11. Hi, thank you for your feedback. We're reviewing the 'VOR' variables since the 2.3.1 release to make sure we didn't introduce a 'logic' error in how we manage them. As for the 'brightness', the issue you are having looks like it is a 3D model polygon surface type, which might be configured as 'emissive' (or similar). Otherwise, the gauge bezel integral lighting should be working fine and the bezel shouldn't be lit up, only the buttons and knobs integral lighting, which is green. Speaking of the lighting, you might want to first assess it is working properly in a 2D popup window, and you might also notice thanks to our rendering technology the green lighting is barely visible during daylight, and lettering appears more white, while it is progressively becoming visible as night fall, while progressively appearing more green!
  12. Hi David, you might want to post anyhow, but just make sure to wrap your text with the following tags [spoiler] ... [/spoiler] This looks like this:
  13. Good to know Thank you Captain Kevin!
  14. Hi, yes it won't run by itself and this is normal! As for the almanac, it is not supposed to affect anything but the FDE prediction program.
  15. The G600/500 is also coming up right after the GTN. It has been worked on at the same time the GNS and the GTN, and is mostly done. We're also working on adding a little more excitement to the Reality XP Garmin Simulation Ecosystem though, but more on this later!