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  1. jefken

    v35 bonanza radio

    Hi, Hi, I have a problem with the radio as you can see, there is a difference in the designation between garmin GNS 430 and KX165 TSO is this normal? AS_CARENADO-V35XP 3,2 voor xplane10 xplane 11 21r2 64bits
  2. hi n4gix, I have found a solution: I renamed my fsx.cfg fsxold.cfg Then I startup my fsx and a new fsx.cfg is was created I closed my fsx Then I renamed my fsxold.cfg to fsx.cfg and the I started my fsx with these fsx.cfg (the old fsx.cfg from before the creators update) So everthings works as before and I have again the link between fsx and mvams in the menu/addons Strange anyway and I still do not understand what has actually gone wrong with the creators update and my fsx and heuy. Do you? Jefken
  3. jefken

    windows10 creators update

    After a re-install no more problems
  4. jefken

    windows10 creators update

    Hi, After the recent creators update window10 I have big problems with my pmdg aircraft 737ngx and 777 737: noting works i cannot move any button, and missing The NGX runs a 20 second initialization routine. Without this initialization notting works 777 200 and 300 asked the first time my activation key Is there a solution that ùy pmdg airplaines works like before creators update jefken
  5. jefken

    Windows 10 Creators Update

    after the creators update i have some problems with my fsx box and my payware add-ons pmdg: must input activation keys milviz huey: no link with mvams and i cannot use keys so my huey is total loss creator is a disasster for fsx
  6. My heuy heli from milviz is in total loss after the creators update from windows 10 Have anyone this too?
  7. jefken

    heli heuy uh-1 and trottle grip

    @Milviz what I mean is When I use my mouse I can see turning the throttle friction ring adjH (see picture). Is there a key I can assign to have the same fonction and I also see this turning these ring?
  8. jefken

    heli heuy uh-1 and trottle grip

    @Milviz Do you mean this? "Not all systems have been simulated and those which have been simulated are done so using the limitations of the Microsoft Flight Simulator X & P3D platforms. Any inquiries regarding commercial, military or academic use of this program should be directed" jefken
  9. jefken

    heli heuy uh-1 and trottle grip

    I suggest the prop pitch into FSUIPC but not responding. The mixture react well,but I see the throttle grip only move when using the mouse! Strange isn't? jefken
  10. jefken

    heli heuy uh-1 and trottle grip

    @Chock That I know but I can assign a key to trottle increase and trootle decrease. These keys moves the collective and not the trottle grip. There in no functionkey for trottle grip?
  11. Hi In my heuy uh-1 I cab move ùy trottle grip with my mouse. Is there a key possible to increase and decrease the trottle grip? Becaouse I need my right hand to move my joystick an so I can use the trottle grip by keys. jefken
  12. jefken

    EZDOK version 2.0 when?

    version V2.0.2.18 is still available
  13. jefken

    flight1 kingair b200 problems

    I followed your instructions but the problem remains, everything works except the add-on "settings" that freezes my fsx. UAC is lowest possible value And by installing were my windows defender off, and I start all my programs as administrator (right click as administrator) apparently other problem then virusscanner and settings. Does I miss something? jef
  14. jefken

    flight1 kingair b200 problems

    @MartinRex007, I downloaded and then I reinstalled my kingairb200 software without my virusscanner and I have still the same problem and on the flight1 forum I don't find a solution. Many people has problems with Prepare3D but I don't find anything about fsx box.
  15. jefken

    flight1 kingair b200 problems

    I have done it yet in feb. but no answer or solution so I opened a dicussion here!