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  1. translation from Het systeem kan het opgegeven bestand niet vinden is The system can not find the specified file I knew the path for the to the user's manual my problem was actually the message that the shortcut could not be made windows 10 has many hidden things that we do not always understand thanks for your explanation jefken
  2. Hi Jean-Luc, When installing gtn 750 and then during the installation of the updates I get the following message in the course of the installation procedure but if I press OK the procedure continues. What does this message mean? Incidentally, the program works well
  3. jefken

    GTN 750 + default Cessna 172

    rep 346 wiht the fix up here works for me jefken
  4. My frame.rect is frame.rect = 1231,2010,804,948
  5. I have done the same and...... strange now is working correctly maybe done by aliens Anyway thanks for your time I love the GTN 750 and is well worth the money You may close this Jefken
  6. Hi, what I mean is that I do not choose heli but any device in the gauges option so no rotor 2 or 3 or 4 and the worldwide database the arrow on the right indicates the airport of antwerp belgium My heli is like a plane with wings for gtn it is a plane not a rotorcraft Yes it works for europa in world database as a wing plane not as a heli strange anyway
  7. Jean-Luc, Strange, If I have any gauge options or any other behave 2 3 or 4 blade rotor then it displays the airports of Europe wit worldwide jeppesen you can do something with this explanation to make changes so that it would work correctly with rotor thingies jefken
  8. not solved with the last update of the plugin, still no europe in the helis
  9. Hi RXP, I have gtn plugin update to as you requested but I still do not have the airports of Europe in my heli B407 maps for rotocraft anly in America not world wide jeppesen for rotorcrafts is there a solution?
  10. jefken

    RXP GTN750 mod for DF B407

    Strange.... another picture I loaded all my airoplanes and they all have the world database except my heli's. Strange I have DreamFoil_Bell_407_XP11_1_02 DreamFoil_Bell_407_XP11_1_02 GTN750 DreamFoil_Schweizer_300CBi xplane10 R22 Beta II SP2 xplane10 The only can fly in US but not in the rest of the world. I this a bug in the heli's or in gtn 750?
  11. Hi i have df 407 heli from dreamfoil (beautiful heli) and also RXP GTN mod fpr DF B407 where the gtn is beautifully integrated in the heli I have one big problem in the RealityXP.GTN.ini of the heli state; selects the default database: 0: 'Garmin (North America)', 1: 'Jeppesen (Worldwide)' NavDbType = 1 however, I all have the database of US and not the airports of Europe as the standard heli without the add on of the rxp gtn 750 charge I have the same problem apparently something has been locked up there how can I remedy this?strange phenomenon jefken
  12. jefken

    x-plane11 key for popup gtn 750

    I found another interesting click for the popup of the gtn750: right click on the gtn in the 3D Panel and you will get the popup
  13. Hi, another question is: In the plugin there is a possibility to "display tooltips" If I click on it, apparently nothing happens. What is the purpose of this?
  14. jefken

    x-plane11 key for popup gtn 750

    Thanks I found it "GTN1 toggle window visibility"