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  1. at startup of xplane11ck I regularly get the following error
  2. I did the same and now I think that the issue is resolved. Why makes rxp it so difficult?
  3. By re installing I got How can I download this one
  4. Now I don't have the database How can I remedy this?
  5. Hi Draggendrop, After many hours and following your suggestions and after uninstalling and reinstalling everything I managed to avoid the black screen. It was not easy to get that rxpGtnSim32.dll in the right places All's well that ends well I would say. Thank you for the help. Jefken
  6. installing the new update2.5.28.0 not possible because the error
  7. Hey, I have a question about shortcuts in the Reality XP.GTN.ini in my 😧 \ X-Plane 11 \ Output \ preferences. those shortcuts can be assigned to different keys in Plugin Admin HotKey Admin. There are a series of buttons that can be operated, such as the Home button. Now there are also two buttons zoom in and zoom out on the gtn750 and to operate them I have to use the mouse to zoom in or out. I would also like to assign this to a key eg zoom_in NONE_Z and zoom_out CTRL_Z. Can I add two keys like this in the .ini? For the Home test, that is HOME_1 = What do I need for ZOOM_IN and ZOOM_OUT insert or is that not possible?
  8. as you can see I accidentally entered F8 at master in the first line at keystroke. Previously there was unknown. How do I get that unknown back there. or do I need to restore a backup of 😧 \ X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ plugins \ PluginAdmin?
  9. Hi, You can assign keys in the admin hotkey admin plugin. But how can you get the unknown back? for rxpGTN RXP/GPS/Master?
  10. RXP, thank you i found it and adjusted I fly the nimbus UH-1 and there it is interesting to see the altitude in the GTN 750, along with the speed and the course. jeffken
  11. Hi, Yhis is a screen of the manual As you can see, the altitude (GSL) is set in the gtn 750. For me, however, that is DTK. How can I change that?
  12. was succesful for me it works fine up to now! jefken
  13. Hi, When installing the latest version 19 of the gtn 750 I have the following problem As you can see nothing is available; I have yet re installed the hole thing but same problem What can I do?
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