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Found 22 results

  1. The Phenom 300 single and dual GTN mod is ready for testing. This is a rework of the GTN 750 mod posted on the Flight1 File Library system on January 2017, and includes a completely revised EIS gauge pages for Engine, System, and Fuel planning with all live gauges and real operating parameters and alerts. A dual GTN version is also included. Configuration panel.cfg options are provided for both Flight1 and RTX GTN modules. GTN MFD ENHANCEMENTS Two configurations options are provided for the placement of the GTN gauges in the MFD cockpit, a single GTN 750, and dual side by side GTN 750s. In the single GTN, the EIS gauges are displayed vertically on the left side and the GTN fills the rest of the screen. For the dual GTN’s version, the EIS pages are displayed below the GTN gauges. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. The single GTN screen is larger and easier on the eyes, while the dual GTN setup allows for two different pages to be displayed simultaneously, albeit on a smaller scale. The horizontal EIS pages on the dual GTN setup have larger fonts and values are less crammed than in the vertical EIS format. Modified cockpit panel textures are provided for the single and dual configuration options. Each texture basically changes the layout of the bottom softkeys that interact with the EIS pages, as well as modifications for the right bezel buttons, to add direct shortcuts to the Home, DTO, default GPS (Unit1,Unit2,Sim GPS), and stock MFD popup. Different panel configuration options are provided for each GTN setup both for F1 GTN and RTX GTN. These include the addition of a weather radar gauge or a secondary GTN 650 (only available in the single GTN alternative) in place of the MFD GCU keypad in the lower cockpit panel. Specific textures are provided for these gauges. In addition to the revised EIS pages, a number of modifications and additional features are included in the GTN MFD gauge for the Phenom 300: The PFD CDI is now crosslinked to the GTN CDI. Switching the GTN CDI will automatically set the PFD CDI source. Previously, the changes in the PFD CDI could change the GTN CDI source, but not the other way. Now if the GPS is guiding to an ILS approach, once the GTN switches to Localizer CDI mode, the PFD will automatically engage into NAV1 CDI mode. The PFD’s CDI soft key retains its original functionality and can override the GTN if desired. Automatic Thrust Reserve (ATR) functionality is enabled. The default mode for the ATR is off, and can be enabled via the ENG SET softkey button in the EIS Engine page to engage the Takeoff Reserve power setting or thru the 2D stock MFD. It will provide an extra 4 percent power when on. The ATR is automatically enabled under one engine operation, and it will automatically disengage after 20 minutes operation. As in the real aircraft, temperature must be set before enabling the ATR ON button. The engine igniter switches are functional. The engine will not start if its igniter switch is set to OFF. The transponder settings are automatically controlled by the GTN MFD. The PFD’s XPDR mode (STBY, ON, ALT) will be switched to STBY on the ground, to ON below 500’ AGL and to ALT mode over 500’ AGL. Oxygen tank’s initial quantity is set to full at startup when fuel capacity is greater that 70%, else it is set as percentage of fuel capacity. Consumption is calculated based on 5 hrs. duration with 1850 lbs. with the Oxygen valve open and altitude above 10000 MSL. No dispatch CAS warnings will appear on the EIS gauge if pressure is below 730 psi. Landing field elevation warning will remain flashing until field elevation is changed. The LFE adjustment bottom soft keys have been added to the PFD accessible thru the System EIS page. Cabin altitude is set to density altitude on initialization. Cockpit animations for side sunshades and instrument reflections are enabled on a cold cockpit, and are disabled when battery power is available. Pushback can be activated by the Cabin ALT switch on the lower panel. Left click releases the parking brake and toggles the pushback on, while right click disables the Push back (parking brake is not re-engaged). The original functionality of the Cabin Alt switch is not affected by this change, and will continue to work inflight. Visual and aural altitude capture alerts at 1000 and 100’ have been incorporated in the PFD. Ground Power mode has been added to power up the Shed Bus while on ground with ENG2 running. When active, the turbine will enter in power reduction mode. Setting the Engine1 starter switch on will disengage Ground Power mode, disconnect the Shed Bus, and restore Engine2 to its normal idle. Ground spoilers are automatically enabled by the full flaps setting and automatically retracted on speed below 30 knots, increase throttle, or flap retraction from FULL position. Speed brakes can manually activated via the cockpit switch, or programmed to a joystick or throttle quadrant lever or button. Forward recognition strobe lights have been added, activated via the Effects switch in the overhead cabin light panel. Two options are provided for two-flash and three-flash strobe effects. The strobes are automatically disabled when the landing or taxi light is activated. Flap activation turns recognition strobes off and will activate the landing lights if airspeed greater than 30 knots. Pressure gauges are modeled to be live and more realistic. Consumption of oxygen will commence above FL100 if the cutoff O2 valve is open, and no pressure readings are shown if the corresponding shutoff valves are closed (hydraulic, bleed air, ECS, Oxygen). The emergency brake reserve accumulator tank is programmed to provide up to six applications of the emergency brakes (parking lever) if no system hydraulic pressure is available. If the accumulator pressure falls below 475 psi, the emergency/parking brakes will not engage. Master brightness control for the PFDs, MFDs and EFIS has been incorporated in the Audio panel’s Pilot/Passenger volume knob (above the Display Backup red button), and will adjust the brightness levels in the PFD, MFD (EIS section), and the EFIS. Very useful to tone down the SVS brightness. Inflight fuel, time and distance statistics are provided in the corresponding EIS page in the MFD. Some of the computations such as endurance reserves, fuel required, reserve fuel at destination, rely on flight plan data variables which the GTN 750 does not provide, and must be obtained from the FSX / P3D sim’s legacy flight plan. Creating and loading a flight plan with departure and destination waypoints will provide the sufficient data these computations. More accuracy can be achieved by loading a more complete flight plan by using apps like Little NavMap to export flight plans to both the GTN and the sim’s flight planner. Cruise speed control (CSC) functionality is added to the Autopilot and enabled by the CSC button in the AP panel, the selected speed above the airspeed ribbon in the PFD will turn from cyan to green when enabled. This must be enabled in the aircraft.cfg file autopilot parameters. CSC will disengage under over speed or under speed conditions, and below 500’ AGL. All gauge parameter and limits have been modeled to the real Phenom 300, and all cockpit switches are live switches, and deviations from normal will be reflected on the CAS alerts, and in the gauges as well. The Mod also includes revised panel textures for the single and dual panel option. If you want to help in the final beta testing phase, please drop me a PM with your email address and I will send you the download link. Safe landings, Jorge
  2. Hi everyone. I have P3Dv2 and bought GTN 750 from F1. Fantastic product. I also bought XPLANE and the GTN 750 and I see that the trainer is totally different, they change the cards etc. so thinking of doing a good update I bought the GTN750 from RXP to have only one trainer and more updated. I have installed on P3D and I see settings in the bar but when I click on it nothing happens. I state that I have windows7 but I don't think it's a problem. Where am I wrong? Do I have to do any special procedures? I only followed the installation procedures. Thanks for the replies.
  3. I just purchased the GTN750 for X-Plane I am trying to use it in Just Flight's Arrow III. I can't turn it on. Even if I set power to Always on, it won't. How do I turn it on? I have the master switch and avionics on in my saitek panel. Windows 10, 64 bit, latest X-Plane.
  4. I am wondering if anyone encountered this type of error. If so, hoping they can help resolve it. The Pop-Up in 2D works perfectly. No problems at all. Thanks everyone. Let me know if you have any questions. Shandon
  5. when I start up in xplane I can not see my GTN 750, plus when I go into my GTN settings it just crashes my game. I have tried this on both the FA50 and Saab 340
  6. I have just bought the Reality XP GTN 750 for mainly my A2A Cessna C 182 Skylanethe . The problem is that when I fly an LPV or LNAV approach the plane does not descend
  7. Hello, I'm having some problem when trying to configure my GTN750. The FS will freeze and crash shortly after I open the GTN750 configurator. Here is the log from my event viewer: Faulting application name: fsx.exe, version: 10.0.61472.0, time stamp: 0x475e17d3 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7601.24545, time stamp: 0x5e0eb751 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x0002e0b4 Faulting process id: 0x31c0 Faulting application start time: 0x01d631c212ac453a Faulting application path: F:\Elmo\MS FSX\fsx.exe Faulting module path: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll Report Id: 7c6f39a6-9db5-11ea-9230-74de2b794098 I tried using variety of aircraft from the trike to carenado, both for 3D panel replacement or pop-up. Nothing worked. It just freezes and crash afterward. Many thanks for your help.
  8. Greetings! I have an issue where both Plan-G and SimLauncherX no longer display the aprons and taxiways for airports. I have used them in the past to set parking spots (i.e., close to runway, GA size (small, medium. large), etc) but they no longer appear despite rebuilding the database for both products. The only thing I have changed, substantially, is the installation of the Flight1 GTN Combo package. Is this something others have seen? I have not (yet) decided to reload the Content portion of P3D4.5HF2 to see if that corrects the problem, but if the GTN install removes all that information that would be grounds for immediate dismissal!
  9. Hello, I just bought the amazing Flight1 GTN 750. It adds a load of new systems into the aircraft. On IVAO there is a remarks-field to also specify what equipment the aircraft has. What can I now write in there, to inform controllers about the capabilities of the aircraft? Thanks a lot, Noah
  10. A new version of the Carenado DA62 GTN 750 v2.0 has now been published and is ready for download at the Flight1 File System Library website. New features added to the original version of the GTN_MFDDA62VC: The EIS gauges display have been revised to be use realistic parameters and limits, and programmed to be dynamic, i.e. coolant, fuel and gearbox temps will rise, and in cases overheat, fluid levels will be rise and fall. Gauges are “quieter”, less blinks, and programmed to be on when the engines are set to ON. Two Aural alerts for Altitude Capture have been added to the autopilot function, one for 1,000 feet to capture, and another when the selected altitude is captured. You will need Doug Dawson’s xml sound gauges installed on your sim’s Gauges folder. It is available for free at his website. The GTN750 HOME button is accessible using the MENU Button in right hand bezel (next to the DTO button). A deicing gauge has been added to the System Page in the EIS as in the real aircraft, and initial quantity will be set at startup. Consumption rates are programmed exactly as in the real DA62 for each of the NORM, HIGH, and MAX modes. The deice fluid tank when full (37 liters) will last 180 minutes @ NORM, 90 minutes @ HI, and 30 min @ MAX. The Max button will operate for 120 seconds at a time (corrected from 20 sec. as originally set by Carenado). The cabin flood light has been assigned to the flood light knob (fifth position ON, fourth OFF) the cockpit panel. When turned ON this way, the switches on the cabin ceiling are overridden. No more searching for the overhead switch in a cold and dark cockpit. Forward strobes (landing) lights have been added, activated via the ELT ON position. The landing light switch is overridden by the strobe function, as the sim’s landing light variable is directly coded to the switch in the VC model, and the switch will move to the on position when landing lights are ON. A push-back switch has been programmed to the pilots pedal adjustment switch. Left click toggles the push-back on or off, right click disables the Push back. The parking brake is released before starting the push-back. Oxygen levels initial quantity and usage rate have been programmed. The fuel statistics in the EIS have been corrected to properly display endurance and available range at current fuel flow rates. The PFD’s XPDR mode (STBY,ON, ALT) will be switched to ON below 500’ AGL and to ALT mode over 500 feet. Cosmetic changes to improve readability of the EIS pages. An intermittent problem with the altitude hold in the autopilot was addressed and thoroughly tested. Textures for the G1000 MFD are included for the reprogramming of the GTN 750 buttons (DTO, HOME, GPS source) as well as popup shortcuts to the GTN 650, the 2D MFD and a Wx Radar (BYOR). Many other refinements and improvements in the Autopilot VNAV capabilities are now under beta testing, will be following soon. A glimpse of today's tests: For RXP GTN users, I understand that renaming the GTN gauges in the panel.cfg is all that's required. If you are interested in helping out with the testing, or have any questions, please PM me.
  11. Hello fellow simmers Just a short 1h flight between San Juan (Spain, LESO) and Valence Chabeuil (France, LFLU) As I wanted a bit of Rock'n Roll during approach, I found a breezy METAR : LFLU 061430Z AUTO 35025G40KT 9999 FEW062 17/03 Q1019 LESO, the cute scenery by Simzaleak (but really heavy FPS-wise) Very short take-off with those 2 powerful PT6 and one notch of flaps The BTZ SID is basically a slow right turn above the ocean which ends when crossing BTZ above the coast End of the SID above Biarritz Fast cruise above Southern France with 30-40 kts of tailwind for an average of 300 kts GS. The GTN750 indicates a 2000 ft descent to reach our SID entry point MTL at 5 000 ft. Throttle back, nose down, we gently go down following the Vallée de l'Ardèche, to reach the Vallée du Rhône near Montélimar. Heading North having crossed the Rhône, right above MTL The approach to Valence is beautiful between the Massif Central on the Left (West) and the Vercors and Alps on the right (East). FreemeshX provides a great amount of details. I did the whole approach with this Hawker 800 in my 6 coming from Saudi Arabia. With a ~30 kts front wind I was able to take the first left exit and avoid this jet a go-around.
  12. Hi, I`ve made a CJ2 checklist for the GTN750 following the normal procedures that come from carenado once you buy the plane. If anyone is interested just let me know and I can send it by email or the best way you suggest. Even the Exterior Inspection is there, not much sense in it but you can always shout your FO the steps to follow from inside the cockpit. Cheers Carlos PD: Oh I googled for it and I could´t find it, if it´s done already and posted somewhere else I´ll jump from a bridge :p
  13. Not sure if its the recent upgrade to 2.5.25 but I am unable to import any flight plans into the GTN. I have read the manual, a couple of times and the paths suggested are there both with and without the shortcut. When I access the flight plan section Menu /catalog there is no import button as shown on page 9 of the manual. I have placed the checklist file in the aircraft file but it isnt much use without a checklist button in the utilities sections which is also missing I have tried in both the RW Design Twin Otter and the Caranado Cheyenne both the same Any assistance would be appreciated.
  14. just baught the get last night the pop out works just fine but the one in the panel does not work at all PLEASE HELP!
  15. hello !!!! I create a flight plan with p2atc including sid and star , and export to Gtn750 folder C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN i am using the last airac 1908 rev1 in both. I try to load the FP in the gnt750 but it fail !!! Any suggestion ??? i also notice that the Sid and star between P2atc and the garmin are different .
  16. Hello, yesterday I finally bought the amazing GTN Complete Package by Flight1 and I absolutely love it. There are only options to include either the 750 or the 650 into the VC of the A2A C182, however, I would like to know how I can include both of them into the VC. It is possible, but I don't know how. Shown in video below. It would be amazing if someone had the knowledge how to do it. Thanks a lot and best regards, Noah
  17. What are the ways that a GTN750 can be used on a touch tablet (mine is a Windows tablet) in P3Dv3 . Looking to be able to have the GTN750 showing on the tablet while flying and be able to enter nav , com freq's etc using touch.... Would I have to install P3D on the Tablet and network it to the PC... ? Thanks aero
  18. With the release of the TBM 850 version 2 update, some problems were created for the integration of Bert Pieke's GTN 750 mod. The biggest problem is not being able to use the autopilot panel in the VC, which means you lose the ability to set heading, altitude, etc..... As I absolutely love the GTN 750 mod, and didn't want to fly the TBM 850 without it, I created an update to fix the compatibility issue. I contacted Mr. Pieke, and he gave me his permission to distribute the fix/update to anyone who wants to use his GTN750 mod with the new Version 2 TBM850. NOTE: This is only an update for the GTN750 mod. If you don't have the original GTN750 mod for the TBM850, you need to contact Bert Pieke through PM to get it. The update enables you to use the autopilot panel in the VC again (as much as Carenado's autopilot works, anyways), and also adds compatibility with the updated shift+# pop-up windows. If you would like the update, please send me a PM with your email, and I will send you the update as soon as I can.
  19. Hello All So I am mainly a GA pilot, but i am fed up of the standard FSX GPS systems and I am looking at purchasing Flight 1's GTN 750 GPS, it looks incredible. I do have a few questions though, - How easy is it to integrate into the Navajo? - Can it also be integrated into the Pilatus PC 12? - Are there any adverse effects in Carenado aircraft when the GTN is used? Thanks for any advice
  20. I purchased the GTN 750 last night for X-Plane 11 (I have it for FSX, and absolutely love it!) In the two aircraft I tried, the GTN fully boots up, and everything; however, the screen does not appear to register clicks (It shows it as a clickable region, but I can not select anything on the screen). I can bring up the "Direct To" page via the button, along with return to the home screen via the "Home" button. Scroll wheels work, and everything. I'm at a loss, any input would be greatly appreciated!
  21. I created checklists for the Carenado Aero Commander 500S Shrike to be integrated into your GTN750. The file includes Normal Procedures, Emergency Procedures, References and Acrobatic Maneuvers. If you see any errors, inaccuracies or anything you think should be added/emended, please let me know. Any feedback will be appreciated. LINK Note. In case you don't know, in order to load checklists into your GTN, you have to download the latest GTN version (v.14) from Flight1 first. Then, make sure you have the latest GTN Trainer for PC version. Download the file from the link above, copy it into the main AC folder and rename it "chklist.ace" (thus removing the "_AC500S" section). The GTN will read it automatically when you load the aircraft in your sim next time. Once you are in the cockpit, checklists are accessible from the GTN interface under Main/Utilities/Checklists. If you want to edit the file, download the free ACE tool from the Garmin site: https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=5075.
  22. Anyone can how to integrate the gtn750 into the Laminar Baron 3d cockpit? Im interested, thank you.
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