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  1. The RXP GTN crashes XPlane 11.50 beta 9 if you use a new AI traffic package release thats supports the new TCAS system implemented in this beta version of the sim. Active Sky has the same problem too. Hopefully we will see updates soon for my two favourite addons.
  2. Traffic Global XP does everything better apart from ground taxing smoothness and some flight phases, that is being improved greatly though. It is aware of you and will give way most of the time on the ground. But it doesn't know where you are going so can't always stop situations where you meet another aircraft head on, that obviously has a lot to do with the airport layout also. I've uninstalled WT3 and never used it again since Traffic Global for Xplane was released. When Traffic Global was first released I was very critical of its problems and errors and was invited to the beta team to help improve the product and give feedback. Some of the stuff that is coming in future releases will be very welcome. The best thing of all about Traffic Global is the near zero hit on your frame rate and no stutters and ironically those are the worst things about WT3, really bad frame rates and terrible stutters. One other note Traffic Global for P3D and FSX etc, is not made by the same developers, they are sold by the same distributor i.e. Just Flight, but they are completely different programs and approaches to AI Traffic. Traffic Global for FSX and P3D is not much more than MyTraffic X with a new skin with all the drawbacks of bgl traffic. I'm not on that beta team but I do own that product and i'm not being using that anymore either, I prefer Ultimate Traffic Live which is another AI package that uses similar techniques to TGXP. You should hold off on buying that too as there is a new version of Ultimate Traffic Live coming out in the near future, again for clarity this is an FSX P3D sim product.
  3. My Airbus FCU is working fine, thx.
  4. Send it back and get a Honeycomb Alpha, you wont regret it. Yes it's more expensive but the build quality, extra buttons and start switch make it worth it.
  5. Right click on the "speaker icon" in the taskbar tray to the right. Select "open sound settings" To the right side of this new window in related settings area, click "Sound Control Panel" In the new window that opens select the "Communications" tab Select the option "Do Nothing" That is it your volume should not reduce now.
  6. I always have a flight plan built before connecting. Sometimes it doesn't connect on the first attempt, just like sometimes it doesn't play the P2ATC ATIS until I flip flop the ATIS frequency twice. It always connects on the second attempt though.
  7. Clicking the Connect button two more times works too for me when it doesn't go green.
  8. I had this problem of engine shut down in the NGXu, it was driving me potty yesterday, now I found this thread, thanks. Awesome addon by the way , thanks very much indeed.
  9. Check if the altimeter reading in P2ATC itself is the same (top right corner of GUI), I've noticed sometimes when i'm above transition it stays on local QNH when it should be at STD 1013/29.92
  10. "Show AI Aircraft Labels" isn't selected in that image, it should be. Labels will only be visible when the aircraft is moving, parked aircraft have no label.
  11. If the FMC wants you to descend before ATC asks you to then you can "request an enroute descent". You shouldn't change altitude when flying IFR without being told or asking first, unless its for an emergency of course. Even during VFR under flight following you would let ATC know what you are doing in real life.
  12. You likely haven't made any adjustments to your cruise speed and rate of descent in Pilot2ATC, during planning look at the top of the page there is an option to set your rate of climb, cruise speed and rate of descent. In the Boeing 737 and Airbus A3XX I use 2500ft for climb rate, 450kn for cruise and 1800ft for descent and that usually tallys quite well with the FMC or FMS. Pilot2ATC usually tells me to descend about 10 to 15 miles before the FMC does, which is fine. Try playing with the rate of descent if it's still not close enough for you. A small adjustment between 1750 and 1850 feet per minute will likely get it close.
  13. A future version of Traffic Global will help with this, you'll be able to see which runway is in use by the AI. You can also help mitigate problems to some extent with your weather program if it supports it. Active Sky for example has an option to lock the wind direction so that AI don't constantly swap runway ends when the wind is light and variable.
  14. Pilot2ATC doesn't add AI to the sim, you would need to turn on the default traffic if your sim supports it, or you would need to get a 3rd party traffic program like Ultimate Traffic Live for example. Then Pilot2ATC will be aware of the traffic, but it cannot communicate with it or vector it, it will only tell you to wait for traffic on the ground that may conflict with you and also it will give you traffic advisories while you are in the air or tell you to go-around when landing.
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