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  1. Have you run the Taxi Management app and imported the airports you are having problems with? Sounds like it isn't seeing anything at all at the moment other than a runway.
  2. In these situations I use a lillte work-around when holding at the intended runway holding point. If you get told to tune to ground, then just do as requested then get ground to hand you back to the tower again, but ask for a "midfield departure" rather than "ready for depature" etc. What is likely happening here is that the hold short node in the airport file doesn't line up with the visual hold short line you see in the cockpit, there is most likely another node closer to the runway. Bearing the above in mind you can also try just to taxi a little further forward to the runway and see if ground will automatically hand you off to the tower, at which point you will be able to request departure.
  3. Yes seeing the same thing here. I'm using RealTraffic and PSX with MSFS. Ver 8P2 Win11.
  4. You already can, click info> Runway/Gates and select your stand when you land, or during your descent.
  5. <Callsign> Request Direct to: then spell out the name of the waypoint phonetically.
  6. The heading push is a weird one, what you need to send is -2147483635 note the minus sign. I could go into why you need to do that but I don't completely understand it myself. But basically in this case the number is too big for a 32bit integer, so instead of adding 13 to 2147483648 you subtract it e.g. 2147483635 BUT you also have to make it a negative number, so you send -2147483635 to fgcp_event. I've yet to come across anything else where I have to do the above but I've not gone much beyond the FGCP so far with my setup. I hope I didn't confuse things.
  7. Just to explain what I meant about the animation tags, this is the section that does nothing other than make said item animate in the cockpit. <Animation> <Parameter> <Code>(L:fgcp_hdg_knob1, enum)</Code> </Parameter> </Animation>
  8. The heading knob section starts at line 13948 with beta 28 installed, use Notepad++ to view the file then you will have line numbers. The section you need is a few lines later 13959, the wheel up and down section start at 13961. The LVAR you need to send those numbers to is at the end of those lines i.e. fgcp_event To find that section I just used the FIND facility with "hdg" as the term used. Just keep pressing enter until you get to a section that has a block of code with (M;Event) at the start of the lines. M:Event is mouse event.
  9. Aren’t those wrapped in animation tags? If they are then that will just fire the animation without doing the logic. The logic drives the animation, not vice versa. All the push pull logic is normally in a 4 line block of code, all of the knobs have them. Where possible I find it better to use the mouse wheel numbers as they are much shorter and easier to work with. There are a couple of items that only allow mouse click actions though. The Altitude knob push pull has a 5 line section of code for manipulation. Working from memory here but when you right click to push the alt knob in, you have to remember to send the right release logic too otherwise the alt knob stays pushed in and that is not a thing in reality. You adjust altitude in 100’s of feet while holding the alt knob in. When you let go of it it automatically pops back out again and you are back in 1000 feet steps. The way I use it in Spad is to push the Alt knob in then have a 4 second pause before sending the right release logic, that way I get 4 seconds to dial in 100 feet steps, then it switches back on its own.
  10. Found it https://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6447
  11. Guidance IPC ipc ap spd ipc ap hdg ipc ap alt ipc ap vs ipc ap spd (ias or mac as in guidance set) ipc ap vs (ias or pitch as in guidance set) The custom commands PDF you can get from the Maddog forum has the above referenced for the displays, not sure if that helps @guenseli
  12. I was using Spads data monitor and I noticed the minus sign when looking at various things, then the light bulb came on above my head lol. p.s. sent you a message too.
  13. Figured it out the 3 way switch I am working on. <Code>(L:CM2_strobe_switch1, enum) 10 *</Code> </Parameter> </Animation> <MouseRect> <Cursor>Hand</Cursor> <MouseFlags>LeftSingle+RightSingle+WheelUp+WheelDown</MouseFlags> <CallbackCode> (M:Event) 'LeftSingle' scmi 0 == if{ 536870912 7 + (&gt;L:ext_lights_event,number) } (M:Event) 'RightSingle' scmi 0 == if{ 2147483648 7 + (&gt;L:ext_lights_event,number) } (M:Event) 'WheelDown' scmi 0 == if{ 536870912 7 + (&gt;L:ext_lights_event,number) } (M:Event) 'WheelUp' scmi 0 == if{ 2147483648 7 + (&gt;L:ext_lights_event,number) } </CallbackCode> RightSingle you need to send 2147483648 -7, but its also sent as a negative number e.g. -2147483641
  14. Same problem for me Guenter, right click codes don't seem to work, only left ones do.
  15. Funnily enough my first flight with 1.3 I can no longer stay on the runway in a crosswind, which just confirms my statement above.
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