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  1. Hi, it happend on normal FSX airports and on Addon-Airports by me. Not a specific one. Chris
  2. Hi, i have the same problem. Often but nut always FSX had a CTD when I say "Start Engine 2". It always happend there. "Start Engine One" Works. I don´t use EZDock. Best Chris
  3. I found the error. I must say for example 1021 set and not set and checked. Then i get the error. It was my fault Best and thank you Christian
  4. So i have checked it it doesn´t work for me. I can say what I want by Landing Data. Nothing Hppens and when I say Approach Checklist why comes Autobrake, and Landing Data. This is from the Decent Checklist? The Decent Checklist works for me. The only problem is the Approach checklist. The Approach Checklist is only Altimeters according to the manual. Why I am asked for Autobrake and Landing Data again? Best an Thank you Christian
  5. Hi Bryan, no i don´t see Set and Checked in the Bar. But i thought i can say set an checked because in the manual is a hint that i can set and checkt to go to the next item or did i understand that wrong? Best reagrds and thanks for the quick answer. Christian
  6. Hello, first thanks for the great program. I use FS2crew for a long time. I have one question. I use the electronic Checklist. When i Say Approach Checklist it will start with Altimeters, then Auto Breakes. But what must i say by "Landing Data. When I say set and Checked nothing happens and i can´t go further. Best Christian
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