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  1. ginger1

    New Version of Navigraph Charts Released

    First Class thanks for all the had work. Richard Druce.
  2. ginger1


    many thanks for answer ,i couldnt find any reference how payment for it worked,got it in paypal in the end old age takeing over!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Richard .
  3. ginger1


    How do i contact you about canceling aurasim account Richard
  4. first class pics,i use the good old md11 in fsx have the fedex livery and world global,,although i have ngx ect still go back and spend many hours flying cargo i md11 ,i even got the manuals from pmdg at the time and there i some good sites full of iteresting stuff ,like watching the luffthansa you tube vids, thanks again for the pics, must go and try that route now . Richard Druce.
  5. ginger1

    Happy New Year All!

    happy new year folks
  6. ginger1

    sop2 [button] air stairs

    Thanks Bryan, I didnt spot that one, trying to go to fast and age dont help, keep up the good work i am enjoing Reboot. Richard Druce.
  7. ginger1

    sop2 [button] air stairs

    Hi, No, have been starting from preflight check list with engines running its at landing aiport gate they dont deploy Thanks Richard Druce.
  8. Hi, Thanks for great program ,I am on win7, I have aircraft set with air stairs in fmc,also set to yes in fs2crew . but they dont deploy at stand, ? hope you can help . Thanks Richard Druce.
  9. ginger1

    auto brakes not working

    Sorry for late reply,been away.Well with help from Pete Dowson i realised i had sometime ago installed tsr auto brake!,at the time found it difficult to understand,and had forgoten about it untill i got the problem with ifly,so i reinstalled tsr and all working.Richard
  10. ginger1

    auto brakes not working

    have fixed problem autobrakes now working.Richard
  11. ginger1

    auto brakes not working

    I dont think its an ifly issue as no other reports on ifly forum,its somthing i think in my system although its a fairly new install,will keep invstigating,Thanks Richard.
  12. ginger1

    auto brakes not working

    Thanks Microlight,Happens if i start flight with default 737, only noticed this after trying ifly,as i used default to see if it happened with it.I havnt changed any cfg files and default is as out of box,I havnt many add on a/c only tinmouse and pmdg, seems odd that they work ok, may be they changed something.Thanks for reply will keep investigating.Thanks richard.
  13. Hi,just found out auto brakes dont work on default 737.or ifly737, yet they work on tinmouse and pmdg737posted on ifly forum but it seems its something my end,tried calibration on brake pedals and throttle, makes no differencecant find any reference to auto brake in a/c cfg files. on touch down auto brake switch snaps from max to off.but works on tinmouse and pmdg.would appriciate any ideas.thanks,Richard
  14. Hi BOB might not be any help, i use pfc twin jet throttles with pmdg 737 and dont have any problems so long as i remember to pull back to idle before auto land.Richard.