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  1. Best of luck in your new venture. Don't forget us here. BTW, nice shots--as usual
  2. woodhick

    Magic Carpet Ride

    Dang guy, you must be older'n dirt--like yours' truly. LOL Nice shots and fun memory too Patrick. Thanks
  3. woodhick

    HLJames is missing

    Notable by his absence isn't he. It ain't a question.
  4. woodhick

    My Shipmates

  5. woodhick

    My Shipmates

    What is it like, using VR?
  6. woodhick

    My Shipmates

    Great shots Patrick, but i couldn't open the larger images. Why is there a small blue "+" on some shots?
  7. woodhick

    P-47N part two

    Some airplane 😁
  8. woodhick


    Not exactly a combat paint but nice.
  9. woodhick

    MOH Creek to Quatam River

    Excellent indeed. Big happy smile
  10. woodhick

    Visitor to McCarran

    Dang!! I knew that!! LOL Thanks Steve 🙂
  11. woodhick

    Visitor to McCarran

    Looks good Patrick. Bet you didn't make that first turn off, did you?
  12. woodhick

    Unsettled weather in Oregon

    Fine shots indeed
  13. Dang I hate it when that happens. Fine shot
  14. woodhick

    Do you have Jet Envy?

    Nope, real airplane have propellors. Chuckle
  15. woodhick

    Avro Lancaster

    Wow, that's really nice. Ready for a raid over Berlin indeed.