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  1. woodhick

    Visitor to McCarran

    Looks good Patrick. Bet you didn't make that first turn off, did you?
  2. woodhick

    Unsettled weather in Oregon

    Fine shots indeed
  3. Dang I hate it when that happens. Fine shot
  4. woodhick

    Do you have Jet Envy?

    Nope, real airplane have propellors. Chuckle
  5. woodhick

    Avro Lancaster

    Wow, that's really nice. Ready for a raid over Berlin indeed.
  6. woodhick

    Big Beautiful Doll

    Perfect for a pleasant Sunday afternoon ride. Nice shots indeed.
  7. woodhick

    The Basics

    Whew, I'm relieved 😜
  8. woodhick

    The Basics

    Nice shots in small size but I can't open the full size shots. My fault? Probably.
  9. woodhick

    Over Seattle

    Man those were fine shots yesterday and they're still fine shots today. Nice indeed
  10. woodhick

    Seattle @night

    WOW DUDE!! Off the scale.
  11. woodhick

    Spitfire Mark IV

    Yeah, what Chock said. One o the most beautiful airplanes ever built. Patrick, I'm going to disagree with you on this one. If I remember correctly--and exact model-- the Mk IV was armed with .303 caliber guns, the same caliber as the British rifles of that era. The airplane needed to be extremely close (think 50 feet or so) in order to deal a real punch. That did change as things went along though.
  12. woodhick

    Beech 18

    Now that's a real D-18 instead of C's travesty
  13. woodhick

    Up On The Roof

    When are you gonna start flying relief crews out to oil derricks?
  14. woodhick

    Up On The Roof

    Wow Patrick. Have a good one 🙂
  15. woodhick

    The bite of the Black Widow

    Thanks much. One of the more interesting WW II aircraft IMHO