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  1. Korundar

    One more new airlines code.

    Hello Nico, just added in my airlines.xml : FOO - Level Fleet consists of 4 A321s for short hauls from Wien and 3 A330s.
  2. Korundar

    Invalid Airline Codes

    Problem solved!!!! In the aircraft.cfg of this (and others) model at the line [General] -> atc_model there was A330 and not A332 or A333 so AILGenerator didn't identify correctly the two models.
  3. Hi Nico, first of all many thanks for your wonderful utility. I couldn't fly without. I'm not new to modifying AI aircrafts liveries so I wouldn't bother you asking for help if AILGenerator didn't show a weird behaviour. I use FLAI liveries as default, but I added the UTLive folder and some others to complete the livery roster but not all are used as expected. For example, the A332 Air Italy livery shows correctly if I manually add the entry to the xml file, but it's deleted if I run AILGenerator because there's an Invalid Airline Codes error. I checked many times the aircraft.cfg but honestly I can't understand why it happens. This is the AirItaly livery line : [fltsim.12] title=TFS A330-200 GE Air Italy sim=TFS_A332 model=GE/New Tail texture=AirItaly atc_id= atc_airline=Air Italy ui_manufacturer=The Fruit Stand ui_type=Airbus A330-200 GE ui_variation=Air Italy description=TFS A330-200 GE Ait Italy Airlines - by Jon Hanf atc_heavy=1 atc_parking_codes=ISS atc_parking_types=GATE
  4. Korundar

    How Do You Select A STAR

    It depends on how you compile your flightplan. It should start from one of the waypoints on the SID charts and it should end on a waypoint of one of the STARs. Assuming that it's correctly compiled (and filed if online) it always ends on the first waypoint of the related STAR. An example should be better: Flight from LIML to LIRN. assuming that arrival is on Rwy 24. Route LOGDI Y663 EKDIR M872 LOMED Z910 AKAMO AKAMO will be your last waypoint and there's obviously a STAR starting from there, usually AKAM1A Obviously if online (or using some software) ATC can direct you to another waypoint due to traffic or weather, but in most cases you'll fly the last waypoint STAR.
  5. Korundar

    Request for aircraft to be considered.

    According to this logic we will never see another aircraft by PMDG
  6. Korundar

    what are you waiting for in V4

    Just one aircraft from my hangar so I can fly in v4. PMDG 737 NGX Aerosoft Bus Majestic Dash Q400
  7. Korundar

    Operations Center Update Failure

    Same here. It seems to be something wrong server side.
  8. I'll post even there but I can't understand why if I have installed only AS2016 and ASCA I can't see clouds. I don't know if it's a REX issue or not.
  9. Hi all, yesterday I uninstalled REX+SC to try AS2016+ASCA only. After this I have no more clouds in every weather situation, just ASCA sky colors and visibility and precipitation injected by AS2016. I tried reinstalling REX+SC but still no clouds in the sky, even if I load a P3D weather preset. What can I do?
  10. Good news! Hope that LM will solve this issue once for all. Florian, I don't think it's related with using other applications, it's an issue that happens when you move the focus out of the P3D window. I tried to make some flights without moving the focus and I've been able to complete them all the times. While flying the same routes in the same conditions and with the same aircraft but moving focus between applications has caused P3D to crash 3 times out of 4. It's definitely something wrong with the focus change, but it's very hard to understand as P3D closes without errors.
  11. Same issue for me with 3.3.5 as I discussed here. I haven't found the problem yet and nothing in the CTD-guide seems to solve the issue, neither a full P3D reinstall (or even Windows). Normally P3D crashes without giving errors, while a few times I've had a kernelbase.dll error but it's not a specific error. I hope it's not some Windows 10 update. System: Intel Core i7-6700K never OC 16 GB RAM nVidia GeForce GTX 770 Win10 64Bit no overclockings
  12. I have the same issue with 3.3.5. Suddenly P3D stops responding and simply closes without errors. I always have only Chrome running and I think it's something related with the nVidia drivers too, in my case 372.90 I'm able to complete 1 flight out of 4... don't know what to do.
  13. Korundar

    P3D v3.3 always crashing

    Hi Jim, again thank you for your help. I always run P3D as an administrator. Now I'm doing another flight with even old scenery.cfg back in its folder and it seems to work smoothly. Last thing to do is to move back also p3d.cfg and see what happens. At this point I really think that you were right and settings were too high, maybe too autogen. Regards, Massimiliano
  14. Korundar

    P3D v3.3 always crashing

    I've never used a previous p3d.cfg. I'm not moving P3D to another window, maybe I didn't explain myself well :wink: I use P3D in windowed mode so during a flight a can do other things at the same time. If I'm in the P3D window and don't leave it, I don't have any issue but as soon as I move the focus on Chrome or ASN or any other program, P3D freezes. Regards, Massimiliano
  15. Korundar

    P3D v3.3 always crashing

    Hi Jim, thank you for your answer. P3D is installed in the default folder on a SSD and it's completely excluded by Windows Defender Scan (the only AV I have). As explained on the guide I moved the various files outside their folders and the first flight with the Baron 58 has gone well. Now I'll try to move one by one back and see what happens. Don't think my system is not capable of running those settings because they were exactly the same before the Windows reinstall Most likely is some addon, very hard to know which. Strange thing is that if I keep the focus on P3D I could fly for hours, while as soon as I move it on another window I get the crash. Regards, Massimiliano