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  1. Actually I saw some quite noticeable morphing in the official trailers made after the USA World Update, particularly the Honolulu shot of the Xbox trailer, the mountains in the middle of the CRJ trailer, plus the last location of the France/Benelux trailer. I think it has more to do with them carefully choosing the shots that go into these trailers (most of them are very brief probably for that reason). Anyway, I have to say I'm quite surprised there is a lot more response to the morphing issues compared to the last few times they were brought up on this forum. I would like to take the opportunity and point out the threads in the official forums documenting the morphing and other terrain LOD issues, that could really use some more votes and support. Terrain morphing: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/mountains-coastlines-constantly-morphing-since-the-usa-uk-world-update/339453 Coastline glitch: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/coastline-glitch-water-creeping-up-coasts-cliffs/328532 Mountain seams: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/transparent-strips-in-the-mountains/360660 Landmark popping: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/poi-very-late-rendering-draw-pop-in-solution-for-asobo-to-fix-in-this-thread/368281 Blurring at higher altitudes: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/lod-problems-distances-revisited/307551
  2. As Shack95 said above, at some point they did say they will make some tweaks to the algorithm to improve the rounded look of mountains, but I don't think they said anything in regard to the LOD issues. When they were asked about the terrain morphing in the last Q&A, they pretty much completely ignored it and went straight to the coastline issue, which they said still needs to be looked at but otherwise no ETA has been given for a true fix. They didn't seem to be aware of the morphing at all, the mountain seams bug received only a couple of responses by the Asobo community manager in its respective thread in the forums (asking for screenshots and co-ordinates), and nothing has been said on the landmark popping. Unless you know something more than we do, fixing (or investigating even) those issues is extremely low on their priority list. If Orbx found a way to work around those issues, then it was only to be expected that they would swoop in with this series of add-ons. Yes, this is really something that Asobo should fix, but if they're not going to then someone has to do it. Thanks for the insight! I presume this was at Terrain LOD set to 150, if you can check it out with a lower value it would be appreciated! What I'm guessing is that Orbx found a way to work around the horrible shape retention of the default mesh. Now, imagine if on top of that Asobo reverted the LOD rings back to what they were like before the USA World Update. The morphing would be like totally eradicated.
  3. Thanks a lot! If possible, can you also give it a try at a lower Terrain LOD setting? About 25-75. It's what I'm flying at and the morphing used to be almost unnoticeable back then. At launch (and I presume in the Alpha) the morphing was hardly a problem, but since the USA World Update in October it is now much worse than FSX/P3D, and to add to that, the sawtooth pattern has returned, the coastlines are broken, and there are seams in the mountains. I agree that we shouldn't have to buy add-ons to fix those issues, but so far Asobo have not commented a lot on the coastlines and mountains seams, while they seem to be completely oblivious to the morphing.
  4. https://orbxdirect.com/product/nz-mesh-msfs Thanks to scotchegg for bringing this interesting product to my attention yesterday. Despite the marginal improvements to the default mesh in its first iteration, this add-on promises to greatly reduce or eliminate the terrain morphing issues that appeared with the USA World Update, by compiling the lower levels of detail in a more consistent way. This could be huge. If anyone decides to purchase it, first impressions would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Before the USA World Update I spotted the sawtooth pattern in just a handful of places (now it's pretty much global), and it didn't look as unsightly then. I understand that changing the LOD algorithms could break add-ons and I appreciate that point of view, however as the simulator is constantly evolving it is to be expected that incompatibilities will continue to occur, and honestly I wouldn't want to have the entire globe filled with add-ons to fix those issues. Asobo will apply significant changes to the rendering engine in the next few months and the World Updates will continue, which means that inevitably lots of things will break again. I think they should absolutely work on fixing those terrain regressions. Oh wow. 10m mesh, no morphing, and only 523MB? Sounds way too good to be true. Thanks for the heads-up! "Proprietary approach" they say, hopefully there is an opportunity for Asobo to license this tech and apply it to the entire globe. Personally I didn't see any noticeable performance improvement after the USA World Update changed the frequency of the LOD rings. What they had before worked fairly well, and in order to help hide the new issues you have to turn up the Terrain LOD slider even higher now, which in turn reduces performance and puts a lot more strain on the connection (and in the end, does not fix the issues completely). If they did this to improve performance, they couldn't have found a worse way.
  6. I feel exactly the same. The morphing in FSX/P3D was awful, and even though MSFS at launch was better in that regard, it was horrifying to see that not only the constant morphing, but also the sawtooth pattern in steep coastlines and the mountain seams made their return in a much worse form. Feels like we're going backwards in that regard. If it was just the enhanced regions suffering from these issues it wouldn't be nearly as bad, but they've carried over to the entire world. Japan looked literally amazing for about two months before the USA World Update arrived, and since then flying in Switzerland, New Zealand, the Norwegian fjords, the Aegean islands and more feels absolutely awful. Maybe when I have a better system (hopefully soon) and a faster connection (I guess next decade at this rate) I'll be able to crank up the Terrain LOD slider and reduce the extent of these issues, but I'm almost starting to forget the times where I could set it to 50-75 and still enjoy the terrain.
  7. For me the simulator is in a much worse place right now, and it's mostly due to the mesh issues (coastline glitches, terrain morphing, mountain seams, popping landmarks). They stand to negate many of the improvements that the World Updates bring, which I would have otherwise really enjoyed. For example, Japan looked great after its update, then was almost immediately ruined. Nowadays I limit myself to flat terrain, like African deserts and water-masked areas, but my interest is continuing to decline significantly. Performance has remained about the same, and so have the loading times (actually the patch gave me a nice boost in the initial menu load, but over time it faded away). I like the incremental bug fixes and improvements to the UI, aerodynamics and avionics, but as someone who prefers to just fly and enjoy the scenery rather than pressing buttons, they don't really do much for my experience (the only major complaints I have in that regard are the twitchy control surfaces and the autopilot occasionally going crazy). And to echo another comment above, there hasn't been a single addition so far that made me go "wow". I'm sincerely hoping that once the engine team are done porting the simulator to the Xbox and implementing DirectX 12 and ray-tracing, they will tackle these visual regressions, but so far it's not very encouraging that they don't seem to be aware of most of them. I'm very excited for the future, and for me the wait is somewhat easier now that I've started to use good old Flight Simulator X in a different way, but as the months go by, I'm growing more and more afraid that they're not really going to look into these mesh issues. Their source for the London and Paris photogrammetry is Bluesky, and the way they've talked about their implementation seemed to suggest that they didn't have much choice. I'm wondering if licencing issues prevented them from using the same source that Google have acquired. Their renditions in Google Earth look far, far cleaner.
  8. If you really, really want to participate, apparently subscribing to Xbox Game Pass makes the beta accessible, while the Steam version stays on the live build. Otherwise, opting out will probably free up slots for someone else to take.
  9. Head now to the Xbox Insider Hub app and click on "Previews" to sign up for the Sim Update 4 beta. Only 300 slots are available so you have to be quick!
  10. So great to see Working Title collaborating with Reality XP in an effort to bring us top-class avionics! Even if that doesn't greatly interest me, it will be exciting to see how this will further push the boundaries and technical fidelity of the simulator.
  11. The World Update 4 beta test lasted only 5-6 days. The point of it was to determine whether the bugs were game-breaking enough to have the patch delayed (though they did manage to fix a couple of major ones before release). Now it will last two weeks, giving them enough time to digest the feedback and make any necessary changes. I imagine most of the hand-picked experts and third-party developers own high-end systems, so they do need a wider range to test for performance and stability.
  12. MAY 6TH, 2021 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE Posted by: Microsoft Flight Simulator Team “Somewhere over the Amazon” – Screenshot by ScenicAtol3300 Hello all! Based on the results of our last flight, we would like to introduce a new flighting opportunity available for select individuals to help us test Sim Update 4 starting on May 12, 2021. Our goals: We would like simmers who are very experienced with our sim to help us identify regressions from our work on the update We would also like knowledgeable simmers to help us test the specific feature work we have done for this update. These are distinguished from general feature requests that are not targeted for this release. This testing opportunity will target areas of the sim in performance, stability, ATC syntax accuracy, Aircraft (Engine Performance, Roll Stability, Average Yaw Control, and Aerodynamics). In order to achieve these goals, we are growing a list of select users from diverse backgrounds and setups to help in this process. These individuals include active forum users, 3rd party developers, subject matter experts, and more. If you are on this evolving list we will be reaching out to you today to invite you to this opportunity. In addition, 300 spots will also be open on a first-come, first-serve basis for those self-proclaimed experts in GA who would like to help provide feedback. Sign ups are limited to Windows Store sim users only (sorry, Steam!) this time around as you will be using the Xbox Insider Hub to register. Registration will open Monday, May 10th at 8 am PDT, and close once we meet our max amount of users needed. Thank you again for your help! We value your input and are excited for this new round of testing. More details on how to participate and the FAQ can be found here. – The MSFS team DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP Click here for the web-friendly version. FEEDBACK SNAPSHOT Click here for the web-friendly version. KEY: SU = Sim Update (3, 4, etc.) WU = World Update ASAP = As Soon as Possible TBD = To Be Determined Several Releases = Fixes will come over a series of updates Ongoing Fixes = An item we will continually be working on Planned = Scheduled to be worked on Under Investigation = The team is currently looking into the issue Not Planned = We will likely not work on this Started = Work as started on this item THIRD PARTY UPDATE As of 05/01, we have now approved 166 (+7) third parties in the in-sim marketplace and so far 84 (+3) of them have released 356 products (+22). Next Generation Simulations announced an exciting lineup of planes for the next 18 months, including several Embraer jets, Fokker, and Saab aircraft! In total, 895 products (+25) have already been released in 3rd party stores and the in-sim marketplace. Beyond that, another 341 products (+24) from 3rd party developers are in production (211 announced, 130 unannounced). In total, over 1,236 3rd party products (+49) are either released or are in development. Airports: 770 airports (+21) are either released or are in various stages of development. 563 airports (+13) have been released on the platform so far in various stores. 295 airports (+17) have been released in the in-sim marketplace. 99 airports (+5) beyond the released airports have been announced. 108 airports (+3) are not announced, but the dev let us know that an airport is in production. Aircraft: 145 aircraft (+10) are either released or are in various stages of development. 34 aircraft (+0) have been released on the platform so far in various stores. 23 aircraft (-1) have been released in the in-sim marketplace. 89 aircraft (+10) beyond the released aircraft have been announced. 22 aircraft (+0) are not announced, but the dev let us know that an aircraft is in production. Scenery: 284 sceneries (+8) are either released or are in various stages of development. 268 sceneries (+9) have been released on the platform so far in various stores. 23 sceneries (+1) have been released in the in-sim marketplace. 16 sceneries (-1) beyond the released scenery have been announced. Mission Packs: 30 mission packs (+3) are either released or are in various stages of development. 30 mission packs (+3) have been released on the platform so far in various stores. 3 mission packs (+0) have been released in the in-sim marketplace. 0 mission packs (+0) beyond the released missions have been announced. SDK UPDATE Documentation We made major changes to the Project Editor pages, specifically Marketplace Data and Exporting. We also added Livery samples to the Table of Contents. We updated the Xbox page to explain how to build a package. We added new tutorials for creating liveries. Dev Mode: We finalized the first version of the Visual Effects Editor, which will be available on a beta version in the next release. Known issues are listed in the documentation and you can find a video tutorial which will help you get started and enable you to create your own visual effects. We made some changes to the Release Note section: added new icons, sub-labels and colors when the active release note is selected. We fixed aircraft filters disappearing when building an aircraft package. In the Scenery Editor, we fixed DisplayName for Rectangles so that they are actually saved and loaded properly. We fixed a bug in the legacy .air file parsing process that prevented proper conversion to the new .cfg-based system. MARKETPLACE Today there are 8 new products and 9 updated products in the Marketplace. 8 NEW PRODUCTS 9 UPDATED PRODUCTS TWITCH UPDATE Tomorrow, join us for Community Fly-in Friday! We will be airstrip hopping at the Sossusvlei Namib Desert. All skill levels welcome. More details can be found here. COMMUNITY VIDEO A time lapse of an approach and landing at Munich airport (EDDM) after a flight from Lagos in a A321. SCREENSHOT CHALLENGE This past week we challenged you to take a screenshot of “Peace and Quiet”. The winner is featured above. Below are our 10 runner up choices! This week’s Screenshot Challenge: My House Last challenge’s Finalists: Screenshot by c0mmanderkiller “Secret spot in South America” – Screenshot by Breezewind77 “Cheops Pyramid” – Screenshot by Jannik207 “Best kept secret of the taildragger fans” – Screenshot by ArcanePython931 “Skardu, Gilgit province, Pakistan” – Screenshot by SlidHydra647449 “Greater Caucasus Mountains” – Screenshot by MAGICR121 “Robinson Crusoe Island” – Screenshot by SnagglePss68 “Burning Man” – Screenshot by jskoker “Wakhan Corridor” – Screenshot by Perretoso Screenshot by Renoi71 “Deadvlei” – Screenshot by Steeler2340 NEXT DEVELOPMENT UPDATE BLOG – 5.13 Sincerely, Microsoft Flight Simulator Team
  13. Even though I'm not interested in their products, it just looks silly that Bredok3D is approved and Reality XP is not. Voted. Looks like that thread has already made some impact at least, as Jayne is saying that she will let it gain traction and bump the message up to the Marketplace team (but that's all she can do as a community manager).
  14. Jayne said this in the forums yesterday: She probably means Sim Update 4, so hopefully in just a few weeks.
  15. As much as I am struggling to love the simulator in its current state, I wouldn't want it to go away, not in the slightest. While it's been an emotional rollercoaster so far, it has completely shaken up the stagnant flight simulation world, is pushing for innovation, and the add-on ecosystem (especially the freeware) has blown up to its former glory. Heck, it has renewed my interest in simming and aviation to the point where I can happily use Flight Simulator X alongside while knowing that something much better is cooking up. Any complaints I am making are for the express purpose of helping its development. And even though some would prefer so, I am not going to shut up. The fact that Asobo did not seem to be aware of the morphing issues makes it clear that we need to talk. Negative comments that do not offer anything constructive meanwhile, those are not really needed. I was somewhat confused too. I think it's just the language barrier.
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