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  1. ChaoticBeauty

    ORBX CBB7 Freeware
  2. That was mentioned in the announcement page as well. Though I think it's weird that they're listing Windows 7 as the recommended OS. Does anyone know why? Maybe due to potential incompatibilities with add-ons, or are there still issues with Windows 8.1/10?
  3. Thank you! Looks great indeed, a lot like the FSX one but more minimalistic. Much better than the ugly window in 2.5.
  4. ChaoticBeauty

    Wait for 3.0 before buying new addons?

    Do we know if the watermark in 3.0 is the same though? With the rise of UHD and beyond resolutions, I'll not be surprised if they make it bigger or have it scale according to the resolution.
  5. ChaoticBeauty

    Jon Venema says P3Dv3 more like a 2.6

    But 3.0 is not even 64-bit and DirectX 12. :mellow:
  6. Let's not get into this discussion again. I already explained why in the general nonsense thread. Thanks, though the fact that you think it looks nice is reassuring enough. Some questions for beta-testers: 1. Is performance noticeably better in 3.0? Are more tasks multi-threaded now? The performance of 2.5 is still disappointing to me. 2. Do the HDR options allow you to reduce its range? My ideal settings would be no HDR, only bloom, but a reduced range would be fine as well. 3. Can the LOD radius be set to a higher setting now? In Rob's videos texture popping is still very much noticeable, and this continues to be my biggest immersion-breaker.
  7. Those changes sound pretty good. I'm glad a transparent ATC window is finally in (does anyone have a screenshot of how it looks?), and the real-time reflections on objects as well as the SpeedTree integration sound exciting. But I think I'm going to wait and see what later versions will bring. I don't agree with no upgrade price being present, as the changes aren't major enough for me to pay full-price again. But I can see how 3.0 is going to make a big difference for those who were struggling with VAS management and SLI.
  8. ChaoticBeauty

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    I only fly GA and the default ATC is fine for me. Now if you're flying airliners and it's not realistic enough for you, that's OK, but you have to realise it's good enough for some people.
  9. ChaoticBeauty

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    Ah, it might've been one of your posts then. I think it's a great idea, a lot better than a big and ugly window. I do...? :mellow:
  10. ChaoticBeauty

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    Unless I'm missing something, you were only talking about a separate window. What I mean is something like the info brought up by the SHIFT+Z command. If what I'm saying has been mentioned only in this forum, then I don't think they're aware. In the official forums Beau only talked about a window.
  11. ChaoticBeauty

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    I think it was said in here before or the Prepar3D forums, but how about just overlaying the ATC text over the screen? In my opinion, much better than a non-transparent window. Can you make that suggestion to the developers?
  12. ChaoticBeauty

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    Yeah, but I think it's weird that Beau is going on about how hard a transparent ATC window would be to implement when a new major version is supposedly coming soon. And if John Venema is true on 3.0 being closer to something like 2.6, then I'll not be surprised if we'll have to wait until 4.0 for a major UI rewrite. Especially if major versions don't mean major changes anymore. +1
  13. ChaoticBeauty

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    Unfortunately I have the feeling it's not coming in 3.0 either. And it was a feature that was promised since 1.3.
  14. ChaoticBeauty

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    So has the transparent ATC window been confirmed for 3.0?