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  1. Keep in mind that the game will premiere on the Xbox Game Pass as well, and one of the reasons its development was greenlit was in order to be a showcase for the service. I don't think the amount of copies sold is going to matter much in here, perhaps only the add-on sales in the official marketplace.
  2. One set of day and one set of night textures, which would be too much for non-generic scenery textures. The way the lights faded in it looked like dynamic lights to me, or perhaps some sort of overlay texture. The building looks totally dark at first, then the lights start appearing as the aircraft closes in.
  3. It had too many issues in attracting a userbase due to its missing features and sparse amount of content at launch, the new content was being rolled out too slowly (it didn't help that they totally locked out third-party developers), and it also aligned with the GFWL programme, to which it had a very tight integration, being retired. The new simulator will not be doomed to failure like that from the start. It has already attracted lots of general attention thanks to its revolutionary visuals.
  4. If the building lights are dynamic then I guess they would be using a similar technique for the ground textures. I can't imagine them storing two types of textures in their servers. On that note I'm still wondering how they created the winter mode. It's been rather unrepresented in the tester screenshots...
  5. I think this is spot on. In the 747 video, at some point the building lights were being drawn in as the aircraft was getting close (which suggests the effect has a limited draw distance as well).
  6. I don't see why not, especially since the "Tech Alpha Registration" tab has been renamed to "Flighting Signup". However we can't know for sure. If the Alpha builds are any indication, the Closed Beta begins testing in mid-July, which means Asobo will probably supply us with the relevant information well before then.
  7. Core i7-8700K, 64GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. 4K resolution at 30-40 FPS according to estimates. It was said that the GPU was being stressed the most and produced lots of heat.
  8. Perhaps the demand for Tech Alpha participation was much, much higher than they anticipated, and they have mentioned the overwhelming response in an older development update. Also keep in mind that there are still two upcoming major Alpha builds (which means at least two more invite waves), and a Closed Beta. There is still a chance for you to test the simulator before its release.
  9. Let's be honest, this kind of interaction between developers and fans is extremely rare nowadays, especially considering there's a huge corporation behind them. We should be thankful for all the efforts they're making to communicate with us and try to make the wait easier, and it might be helpful to remember the amount of communication we've had with most of the other simulators' developers. Now that is what I would call a failure. I would love more videos, especially considering I might not even get to play the simulator for the next year or so, and I enjoy watching these leaks. But there is no doubt that we'll keep wanting more and more, and at some point it would be impossible to produce or select enough footage to meet the demand. Commissioning long videos from the testers that would be appropriate for public view might take away too much from development and testing, and it is not something that testers are required to do anyway. Right now I imagine they're just selecting the best screenshots of the week.
  10. Most reports on Reddit are saying that the e-mail was sent at 2:09 PM PT, and then we have this tweet. It probably was a really small wave with all invites going out at once. Probably not worth to keep checking.
  11. Not seeing anything on either Reddit channels so far. They usually start sending invites at around the same time the development updates drop, so probably in four hours from now.
  12. Thank you for your thoughts, but my system does not meet the minimum requirements so my chances are slim to none. I hope each one of you make it in so that the simulator is the best it can be at release, and in the meantime, thank you to everyone making interesting and peaceful discussions in here. It does make the wait a lot easier. This has held true for quite some time now, but as SamYeager said, expect a lot more discussion with next week's episode. This update was light in comparison to most others.
  13. May 21st, 2020 Development Update POSTED BY: MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR TEAM Screenshot by Simtom112 “One more week until IFR!” User – Reddit R/MicrosoftFlightsim Get ready. Episode 8 is coming! In the meantime, going to keep the update brief this week. – MSFS TEAM Here is an update on the current postponed deliverables: MAY 28th – EPISODE 8 (IFR) will be released! EARLY JUNE – Partnership Series update will be released. ALPHA PATCH COMING SOON. The team is currently working on a patch update for the recently released Alpha 3 build. We are implementing a number of fixes based on feedback from the community. Next week we will be releasing highlights for the upcoming patch, along with a release date. Once we release the patch, we will also include full patch notes. May 28th – Patch note highlights Patch release date announced. ALPHA INVITATIONS More invitations being sent out tomorrow! MORE AMAZING SCREENSHOTS FROM ALPHA TESTERS Screenshot by King6EAR Screenshot by Speedwoblz Screenshot by Anark1a2004tj Screenshot by Superdelphinus Screenshot by OperatorLand468 Screenshot by OperatorLand468 Screenshot by SulfonicCarp982 Screenshot by SulfonicCarp982 Screenshot by SulfonicCarp982 Screenshot by R4microds Screenshot by BER811 Screenshot by Simtom112 Screenshot by Simtom112 Screenshot by Simtom112 NEXT UPDATE – 05.28 Sincerely, Microsoft Flight Simulator Team
  14. We haven't seen this sort of "offline mode" message in any other screenshot so far, so I think it's just that the uploader managed to hack the middle and the moving watermark (notice how it always stays in the centre), and blurred the top and bottom ones. In the Imgur album leak, all watermarks had been hacked away so this is possible.
  15. Good for you, but there are very few people who can afford 16 cores right now, and at least for the next two years. This is where the new consoles will excel.
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