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  1. On simconnect.xml, just modified the first entry from local to global, and start working. Thanks for your instructions, Carlos
  2. Hello Sir, I've followed your instructions, and didn't have success with this app: TOD Calculator & Pause » Microsoft Flight Simulator Some help I would be appreciated, Thanks Carlos
  3. I really hope they improve DEM for all Portuguese and Spanish islands, and model the visual guidance system for runway 05 at LPMA.
  4. Hello everyone I have a doubt. I only have my on-board sound card. As an PF3 user, for ATC, to avoid BK 2 kicking in the PF3 voices, I only need to install SimShaker Sound Module, SimShaker for Aviators and simconnect? On the other hand, do I need to install voicemeeter too, to filter the voices only to my speakers? Thanks Carlos
  5. Only in director mod, with some sets of rules such as: no weapons, invincible no people to run over, etc.I like the idea that he can explore all kind of vehicles in game. And only on weekends, except when he is on vacation. When the rules are compromised, he won't play.
  6. Hello, For my 11 year's old child I usually put aircraft airborne, explained to him throttle, lights,gear and how to change time of day and weather, and let him discover is own way. Some times he thinks he is playing GTA🤣. Lucky there's no passengers on that aircraft😇
  7. You can buy a simple numpad and configure with https://www.autohotkey.com/ It's very simple to use.
  8. Is it possible from here? https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1KUg5jwyT_9k2A9n5IZ99UChlhfVUfO5S&ll=1.5131714585750984%2C-50.60985604999995&z=1 I've been using this map, for exploring MSFS, credits to AquilaSim -> https://mobile.twitter.com/AquilaSimX
  9. Hello, Is it possible to import MSFS POI to little navmap? I prefer littlenav map capabilities to make a flight plan. Thanks, Carlos T.
  10. With last update, made some changes that for me were perfect. On nvidia control panel switched low latency to ultra, and blocked refresh to 60 hz ( was at 165hz). The resolution is 2K (GSYNC compatible, but not certified). Then started MSFS, went to config and switch on VSYNC on and limit fps at 30. Now I have all my sliders to ULTRA 😀, and it stays steady at 30 fps. When flying on cities like London or New York, just need do reduce do 80% render scaling to maintain the 30 fps. My cpu is old, and maybe we was always trying to reach the maximum frames, and produced a lot of stutter,and since I decided to limit frames went from main thread bound to Gpu bound. Now I can drink all the juice my 2070 super can give, with stuttering free. Is a big difference for me. You can see my specs on signature.
  11. Installed today, very nice mod, and easy to use
  12. Enable gsync only on full screen, I had the same issue with SPAD next
  13. Had the same problem a few days ago. My problem was a corrupted mod on community folder. Removed it and went back online again 😃
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