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  1. Wildblue

    Merry Christmas AVSIM Community

    Merrry Christmas! And let's always remember: We're all in this together on spaceship Earth.
  2. "I still have needles left!" Needles left needles left??? What does that MEAN ??? Quick, what does it MEAN? 😁
  3. Wow, that looked smooth, nice moves!
  4. Imo it's not the robot itself that's worrying, it's the a.i. it's using. This ai is selflearning in the future and is just based on logic, zero's and one's. It must not surprise us when they come to the conclusion that humanity is weak and no good for anything. Anything we humans do, one day they will do better, so a logical conclusion for them might be: "Get wrid of humans" And then it won't even be hate on their part, just logic.
  5. Wildblue

    PMDG 748 LN:1 ERR AT

    I managed to remove the black layer and now i know the secret! Just kidding of course 😁.
  6. Wildblue

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    Personally my biggest wish would be the C-130 Hercules. I know that's not gonna happen but man wouldn't that be something? A rugged, heavy, sturdy, powerfull beast of a magnificient flying machine.....and that sound!!!
  7. Wobbling engines in tuwbulence.
  8. Was that you? I think you broke 91% of all windows in Amsterdam. 🙂
  9. Wildblue

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    The expo is on the 10th of june. More than 2 months to go before we find out what this secret and exciting new product line is.......i wonder how big this thread will be by then. Offcourse i'm hoping for a new flight simulator that "has it all" and outshines every other simulator that has ever been made.
  10. Wildblue

    Takes 11 from UK!

    Fake. This is real :-D
  11. Wildblue

    Isn't it time to change the order?

    Oh my......hold your horses, i'm almost sorry for asking.
  12. Wildblue

    Isn't it time to change the order?

    Why not exactly?
  13. Oh my, how are we supposed to get any flying done?
  14. I hope the babe is moving, so i can take off and land undestracted.