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  1. In my view nothing is impissable, not anything, so everything is pissible.
  2. I must say i still struggle to setup all my views like i had in FSX and before FSX. All i want is seamlessly looking around inside the cockpit and seamlessly outside the cockpit facing the aircraft. I want to set this up with the High hat button of my Alpha yoke. But there's just so many view settings, i feel lost. What have you? Something like Translate view, Freelook and a bunch of others still. What does what exactly? Maybe someone has already set this up on the Honeycomb Alpha yoke exactly as i described it?
  3. I meant 'paradise' in the sense that everything was pretty much balanced out on earth. Maybe, with another billion years without mankind planet earth would've been completely balanced out and allround perfect. We will never know this, nor will we ever know with what wonderful god-like solutions nature/evolution had come up with for still existing or new problems. There's a series on tv called 'Evolve', maybe it's from the BBC, not sure. Now that's one series i happily follow! It's a must see for modern humans in my opinion. The central idea in it is; humans mimicking the solutions of 3 billion years of evolution. When i first saw it, for me it was like: Finally, someone found the right track to learn to cope with man-made threats to earth! See, i have always thought that earths problems caused by our technical skills will never be solved by more technical skills. Now it begins to look like my gut feeling about that was right and people are actually beginning to actively mimic nature's solutions instead. It's hard to contain my happiness about this development, wish i was younger, how i'd liked to be part of that.....for planet earth!
  4. Wow! My thoughts exactly! Paradise was already on earth before WE came to disturb it all.
  5. Hope it's not coincidentally some ominous harbinger to what's coming to Earth.
  6. Thanks a lot for all this information. But just today i was wondering whether there is any consensus among flight-simmers on important settings in msfs2020. So, sort of an undisputed best settings standard.
  7. Sure i do! To learn more and more and more and more; of life, of playing guitar, of love, of turning bad into good, of who we really, really are and what we can achieve with that ultimately.
  8. FS4 hands down. After wanting to be a pilot from my earliest years, fs4 was my first introduction to the world of flying an aircraft myself. I did not even know what flaps were, so a whole new and wonderful world full of discoveries opened up to me, and it sent chills down my spine, nothing ever topped that.
  9. I think who delivered this message is of less importance than it's content. It's still very important, good and accurate advise. Funny and telling how we all focus on who did this, instead of what it's trying to tell us.
  10. Yes, i already checked, the biggest online web shop for animals in the Netherlands sells them https://www.zooplus.nl/shop/katten/kattensnacks/dreamies_snack.. Thanks again for the tip...and for the golden cat point!
  11. Ha ha ha, thanks a lot! I got the gold one, i got the gold one!
  12. Thanks, never heard of Dreamies, gonna buy and try this for my cats.
  13. Birdguy and family: Thanks so much for your beautiful work and patience! When i took a 4 months old kitten from a shelter i was informed she was originally found in a field all alone and caught with a catch cage when she was only 7 weeks old! She also already had been taken home from the shelter by somebody...and brought back to the shelter for being too aggressive to this person's other cats. So not a very good start for her. When we met in the shelter i only got a glimpse to see of her as she hid away, full of fear. When i took her in she indeed was aggressive to my 2 other cats, but i just knew we could earn her trust. Fast forward 7 months later: It's been a pretty long process but bit by bit she trusted me more and more. Now she's playing and having fun with my other cats, of which one is only about 5 days older than her. She trusts me and my other cats almost completely now, but her experience with the catch cage has proven to be a big trauma. When i stick out my hand to her too fast she immediately becomes defensive still, she ducks and growls and her hair stands out. Luckily i can pinpoint that to the catch cage so i know the exact reason for her anxiety. It will take several years and very small steps but i just know that with enough love and patience she will heal from that too. I never took in a cat from a shelter before, let alone a cat in her mental condition, but In the end it's already been the most beautiful and awarding experience for both my cat and me, and i feel very thankful for that.
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