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  1. OMG, i just realized it can only mean that FS2024 will be released in one hour and 37 minutes, there is no other way to explain the appearance of MSFS in their logo! 😀
  2. I remember the Link Simulator and even got the chance to try it out once when i was 9, wonderful experience back then! Thanks for this.
  3. Wow, imagine that happening to an A380!😮
  4. Hm, i've studied them my whole life...and still haven't figured them out.😄
  5. Not everyone has their hands and heads free to indulge in this, maybe there are people on this planet who have to prioritize navigating daily work and daily trouble above installing an update? Geez!
  6. "our next new product line" Hm, a new product line, a whole new line of products....ponder, ponder, ponder.... Nah, i give up, that could mean anything, maybe it's not even an aircraft...
  7. Lol, "pined" is still working on my laughing muscle.
  8. I could be wrong here but i think the problem can be so many different things that it's too difficult and/or time consuming to test out and solve it online. I assume there is some sort of Norwegian flightsimulator gathering/friends/club/connoisseurs who must be able to help you guys out locally, maybe that's an idea? Either way, such pc should definitely not perform the way it does now.
  9. Interesting indeed, history i never knew about. On a different note: In the outside view of the plane from 8:49 in your vid, how did you get the altitude, speed, fuel etc. displayed so small at the bottom of the screen? If i take it to the outside view i see all those data displayed in full with their respective gauges etc. which takes away from the complete view.
  10. Thank you for this, well done! Kuifje (Tintin) books! I still have every single one of them. Come to think of it...it's been 40 or so years since i last read them....maybe time to reread the whole series, wonderful!
  11. Hm, that sounds pretty entitled, and it annoys me i noticed. Maybe you should go back to FS95 for a while and thoroughly learn to appreciate what is achieved nowadays.
  12. Waiting and hoping for the AzurPoly Transall C-160 to go on sale. Hope i didn't miss it.
  13. Wow! Pure magic. Imagine the Wright brothers seeing this in their time...
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