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  1. Must be the red-light districts around the world.😉
  2. I think people have been saying that from the beginning too! BTW planet earth is not in danger, only all that lives on it is.
  3. Of course you're right, but i think people have been saying this since...well, since people.
  4. Wow!! Over are the days we can take the occasional shortcut in the cockpit and do things our own way, that won't go unpunished anymore....but i like it!!
  5. Yes, i've been thinking the very same thing once in a while. But last year or so it occurred to me that there's also the possibility that maybe whole galactic civilizations already have existed and be gone. Given the enormous amount of time passed since the big bang, 13.77 billion years, perhaps the really big coincidence would be for two galactic civilizations to be in existence at the very same time, maybe the chance that a grain of sand from California meets a grain of sand from Mars is still bigger than that.
  6. The world is a dangerous place....so let's enjoy and trust things while we can!! 😀
  7. Would be fantastic if this is like the old FSNavigator, anybody remembers that?
  8. Nine hours?!? Pff, after 4 hours it somehow became boring to me.😀
  9. I certainly have good memories about Meigs Field. It's been the default airport for many versions of FS. After a few years of flying from Meigs i felt like i knew Chicago, the highrise and the surroundings like the back of my hand. Back then i read the whole crazy night action of that mayor and how foul it all was, if i remember correctly there was a lot of buzz about it on Avsim too.
  10. Personally i count on even bigger benefits then they promised for update 5...but that's just the way that i am 😀
  11. Lol. I heard another story about Fokker. In the 70's Fokker gave tours for interested buyers. The tour guides however didn't speak English all that well in those days. An American delegation visited and planned the tour. So, the tour arrived at the very last plane, the first Fokker ever made, and the tour guide translated the Dutch name for it straight out.: "This is the oldest Fokker we ever made, we call it the Mother Fokker."
  12. Fake! You almost had me, but that's real......or i need glasses.😀
  13. "Apparently, games are not specifically referenced by their names in these conference calls except for outstanding cases, with the only other game getting mentioned this time being Minecraft. This gives hope that Microsoft will continue to invest into development of the simulator for several years to come. " Didn't they pledge from the start to keep developing MSFS for the next ten years? I seem to remember this. If so, i don't get the fishing for vague clues as "vibrant" etc., or am a naive believer of their pledge?
  14. Indeed. I for one am very grateful for all the beauty in this version.
  15. Fake! Those are not real "birds". 😀😉 Nice shots man, i love those birds too.
  16. I heard the same clapping when i made a rather nice landing in MSFS....and there was cake too.
  17. If you don't mind me asking....what's this fps counter you use? It has everything i'd want to see and looks perfect. Can't find it on Google.
  18. If you don't mind me asking....what's this fps counter you use? It has everything i'd want to see and looks perfect. Can't find it on Google.
  19. Geez, and that whole text you wrote is in the end all about YOU not being able to get over the price of 120 dollar for the premium version right? I'd say it is ridiculous.....unless your name is Scrooge.
  20. But how is it in daily use like surfing the internet or looking at pictures, videos, reading text etc.? Isn't it too big for normal use?
  21. Wildblue


    This vid makes me a bit philosophical. I mean, this planet Mars has been there for billions of years. There's a certain beauty to it, but no living being has ever seen that beauty. So then why is it even there, what's the use, for who to see or experience? It's none of the above, it just IS whether anybody sees it or not. But then again, why is it there if nobody sees it or experience it? What's the use? Is it a greater use that humans cannot see, or is it useless, meant for nothing and nobody, or as i said it just IS? Lol, i'm afraid i'm going in circles here.
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