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  1. Bucky (and everyone else), I can highly recommend a freeware programme called Litte NavMap. It shows all ai traffic,(planes AND boats) around your position, and that way you can see if there's any boats around ie..Greenland. And no I have nothing to do with Little NavMap, it's just one of those addons I can't fly without today.
  2. Is there a list somewhere of addon that has been converted actually USING the P3D v4 SDK, and not just updated with new installers. I guess the list is pretty small, as it looks like most developers has taken the easy way out, and thus being able to make them P3D v4 "compatible"
  3. Yep, you were right, just checked with AIFP and there was ONE single fs9,bgl, I converted it to Fsx and sure enough, the boats were back. Thanks.
  4. Thanks a lot Alex, I guess I just didn't zoom enough then :-) As mentioned, I knew it would be a good idea to read the manual :-) Cheers.
  5. I really like this programme and I can't imagine flying without it now :-) I guess I need to read the manual at some time to get the most out of it, but just a couple of questions. I think I used to be able to see ai planes on the ground, but not any more. Have I unticked something somewhere? Can't seem to find it under options ? Is it possible to run LNM on a laptop so I can have it open all the time, instead of having to shift between P3D v3 and LNM? Cheers Jlund
  6. No, then it would affect all ai ships and ai aircrafts. It's apparently only in the Chesapeake area I don't have any ships, weird!
  7. When I fly around the Chesapeake Bay area I see lots of ai aircrafts, but not one single ship. And it's the same which ever time of day I try. If I go to say Hong Kong or Copenhagen, there's plenty of ships all around, so what's going on? BTW. This is in P3D V3 since I haven't got v4 yet.
  8. There's another little nice add on called FSXatWarConvoyPlanner_P3D which makes it (fairly) easy to make your own ship routes. And as the tittle suggest you can even make whole convoys of ie warships. Do watch the tutorial videos to get the most out of it. It should even be possible to make ground and airplane traffic as well, but I haven't tried that yet. Cheers Jorn. SORRY, just read that it might not work with P3D v4. https://forum.fsxwar.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=1263
  9. Ian, have you tried Little NavMap? It can not only show you ai planes, also show ai ships, so it's easy to check which ships are in the area your flying.
  10. I haven't bought P4D yet, but also have a GTX 970 with 4GB VRam. Now that we hear it won't OOM due to lack of ordinary RAM, will the GPU now be what might cause OOM's or what happens when it reaches 100" VRam usage?
  11. And the $1.000.000 question------------ Will your ai ships work in P3V4, otherwise there's no reason to buy P3Dv4 :-)
  12. For some of us noobs, what's the difference?
  13. With P3D V4 in 64 bit just around the corner, will OOM's and VAS problems be a thing of the past now? As I understand it, one of the main reasons for oom's are the fact that 32bit programs (like P3D V3) can only use 4GB of Physical RAM, but with 64bit it can use all the Ram we have in our PC's (16GB at the moment) What about the Vram on our Graphic cards (GTX970 with 4GB), will that still slow down the loading times or will the Physical Ram help? Will we be able to turn the all sliders to max, and yes I know fps will suffer a lot if we do it, but not be afraid of Vas problems?
  14. "any clues other than 64bit " Has it been confirmed that it's gonna be 64 bit? Untill now I think it's what we all expect and hope, bu has it been officially confirmed that it WILL be 64bit?
  15. I have a catalogue created by Manfred Siedler of ai ships (233 pages) and with another catalogue by Henrik, there's lot of pictures to take from. Guess it only need pictures of th last ai ship package. But maybe Henrik can supply you with pictures of all the ships he has made so far .