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  1. HEIKONOK: " this is my own scenery! I constantly create new routes and build the ports! With the picture i just wanted to show much traffic i've had in this area!sorry! " Is that something that you will share?
  2. Amazing work as always, but even though tankers are nice, there's already a lot of them in your packages and sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between them. Are tankers "easier" to model than ie. cruise ships, yachts, sailboats etc? I would reaaallly like to see some more yachts, especially in the Meditaranian (Middelhavet) around the Greek Islands and the Carribean to name a few places. Is that something you might consider in the future?
  3. Does that mean that any airport I have populated with objectswith IS3 in P3Dv3 just can be copied to P3Dv4.1 and work there?
  4. I don't own the FSLabs A320 myself, but as I understand it, it's only for P3D v4.1, so if you use it in P3d v4.0, could that be the problem you have? <sorry, just noticed that you mention it's with every aircraft you use, so ignore the above please :-)
  5. Is VR a bit like when 3D was the "new" best thing to happen for movies. No manufacturer of TV's would put a new model on the market without 3D, and look where it is today. I did some photography in 3D and it really gives a new dimension to it, but the fact that you have to put 3D glasses on everytime you should see them, made it a no no for me. So is VR out a little too early, and people not ready to invest in it yet. And can that hold developers back in making new an better (and cheaper) devices/glasses to be a fully integrated thing for flightsimming? I have unfortunately never tried VR, but would really like to see what it feels and looks like with a flightsim, but as it is now (from what I have read and heard), it won't be a thing for me to invest in yet.
  6. Have you tried Little Navmap? It can show any ai ships within a certain rage from your airplane (PLUS a lot of other things). If you can see the ai planes in it, but not the ai ships then there's something wrong. Maybe there is some kind of FS) model ai aircraft in your sim, and that's enough to not show any ai ships. Sorry, that's all I can think off, but maybe Henrik who made most of the ai ships have some advice.
  7. Greggerm, do you have any more pictures of Sunset bar and Driftwood bar, if there's anything left of it?
  8. And you have checked that you have set ships to 10% in settings in FSX?
  9. Nope, you can't see ai ships with TCAS. There's a great programme called LittleNavMap (just google it) which besides being a flightplanner can show your plane, ai planes AND ai ships. Highly recommended.
  10. Yes, I know I have seen a video on you tube about that, so try searching for it on the tube.
  11. Bucky (and everyone else), I can highly recommend a freeware programme called Litte NavMap. It shows all ai traffic,(planes AND boats) around your position, and that way you can see if there's any boats around ie..Greenland. And no I have nothing to do with Little NavMap, it's just one of those addons I can't fly without today.
  12. Is there a list somewhere of addon that has been converted actually USING the P3D v4 SDK, and not just updated with new installers. I guess the list is pretty small, as it looks like most developers has taken the easy way out, and thus being able to make them P3D v4 "compatible"
  13. Yep, you were right, just checked with AIFP and there was ONE single fs9,bgl, I converted it to Fsx and sure enough, the boats were back. Thanks.
  14. Thanks a lot Alex, I guess I just didn't zoom enough then :-) As mentioned, I knew it would be a good idea to read the manual :-) Cheers.
  15. I really like this programme and I can't imagine flying without it now :-) I guess I need to read the manual at some time to get the most out of it, but just a couple of questions. I think I used to be able to see ai planes on the ground, but not any more. Have I unticked something somewhere? Can't seem to find it under options ? Is it possible to run LNM on a laptop so I can have it open all the time, instead of having to shift between P3D v3 and LNM? Cheers Jlund