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  1. From the first shots they showed of Sydney, they have now placed the opera house and the bridge. Unfortunately the bridge doesn't look like the original, which is just as iconic as the opera house, but let's hope they fix that before release.
  2. I noticed in the Feedback Snapshot that one of the issues is still Installation. It has been there almost since the start. Would be really nice to know what the problem is. And btw. am I the only whone who needs to have subtitles turned on, to understand what he's saying?
  3. Thanks a lot, I guess there's no excact time they do it. Is it Asobo, which is placed in France, or Microsoft (Seattle) who post the updates? If it's Asobo, looks like they do it around Midnight then (France is UTC+2 hours)
  4. Just curios, but what time of day do the weekly updates usually go out? I live in Europe, and I won't see them until Friday morning, cause they're never up when I go to bed (usually around midnight here in Denmark) I don't mind waiting to Friday, but wondered if there's a certain time they usually upload them If you could give the time in UTC, please, that would be great.
  5. I honestly can't remember if I have asked before, but what happens to all the alpha/beta versions of MSFS? Can MS lock access to them so people will need to uninstall them, before they can buy and install the finished version? Cause I don't assume they will give the finish version away for free to all the testers?
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as excited to see the new sim as everyone else, I just think the screenshots we see doesn't show anything new that we haven't already seen. Yes, it looks gorgeous we can't argue about that, but let's see what the ATC episode brings of new things. And let's see the flightplanner in action, how advanced is it and can we import flightplans from ie. Simbrief into the different aircrafts?
  7. "Analyzing or drooling over it yes" None of the above. Yes, I have seen the leaked videos and pictures, and maybe it's because ever since the release of the first screenshots and discovery series videos, we know what to expect in terms of graphics, I'm not so easy to impress anymore. And I don't think the leaked footage and screenshots, shows anything that we haven't already seen in the official MS/Asobo material, apart from a very rocky approach and landing. I'm looking forward to next weeks ATC update, and hopefully we'll learn something about the AI and how it's integrated in the sim.
  8. Is there a larger version of the picture anywhere?
  9. "They stopped sending invites on Friday" It wasn't just for the latest invites, If I had received an invite some time ago, and didn't check the right place, I might have missed it. So I have checked in to the X-box insider now, but don't have an idea of where to check for a possible invite. But you're saying no matter if I'm logged into the x-box insider, I would have received an email in my outlook.com email if I had gotten in to the alpha, right?
  10. I have checked regularly on Outlook.com for the famous invite, but no luck so far 😞 Then I saw someone mention something with X-box insider, do I also need to have an account there and check for the invite there?
  11. Why is it that the update threads quickly gets out of hand with many of the same things over and over again. Yes, things like undulated (i guess that means sloped) runways, Internet speed, alpha invites etc. seem to take over,instead of discussing what's in the update like, fixes,known issues etc. Yes, Internet speed will certaintly be a problem for some, but please start a seperate thread about it then. The same goes for sloped runways and invites (which I see there already are threads about). I'm looking forward to the weekly updates and see what people think about it, but I don't like reading through the same topics every week about things that shouldn't belong in the thread. We can speculate all we want about MSFS, but untill now only the alpha testers (and MS/Asobo) can answer what's actually in the sim, and none of them are allowed to,or won't
  12. What I like the most about this update are all the Known issues, changes / improvements and bug fixes, they show, It clearly shows it's not all smooth sailing and that the alpha testers are doing their job,
  13. The only way this can be done is when the product enters an Open Beta at the earliest, so right now it's not fair on us and certainly not fair on Asobo. " I don't agree with that. Already at the MS 2020 preview event in Seattle in September 2019, some of the youtubers (Froogle, Airboyd,etc) were allowed to fly wherever they wanted in the world, and they didn't rapport any major flaws with the scenery, and the Video MS showed of the preAlpha looked pretty awesome to me. It was offcourse in the Seattle area which are one of the places MS/Asobo has payed extra attention to, BUT that's also why I think they could make another video iin one of the more "finished" areas ie. the San Francisco area. So a short flight from ie. San Jose up to and around Golden Gate and land at KSFO, must absolutely be possible. And I don't care about missing ATC, so saying it isn't fair to Asobo to show off what it looks like today,I can't see that.
  14. The IFR discovery series on May 28 looks like the last feature series, at least until late July. Do you think it's the last one or what would you like to see in a Feature Discovery Serie? I personally would like to see more about the AI Traffic, both sea, air and land Maybe the air ai will be covered in the IFR episode, like how they will allow a user to be able to ie. take off, if there's a steady line of live ai landing.without having to wait for "hours".
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