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  1. The wait is over, you can download it at Flightsim.to.
  2. I know a lot of people are using a Xbox controller for the drone camera and it gives a lot of possibilities for moving it just the way you like.
  3. OK, I have no idea of the engine behind it, just pointed out that we need some better AI than what's currently in the sim, AND the first one (pay or freeware) that can do that, will get a head start. I have used AIG in P3D and I don't mind waiting for them to give us the same quality for MSFS.
  4. I'm sure that whoever comes first will win the race 🙂 Meaning, I would very much like to have AIG's OCI for MSFS, but if FSLTL is the first ones to present a working AI pack, then people will surely go with it, as the sim really needs working AI, since Asobos live ai, is far far far from perfect.
  5. OMG. I thought that the FBW team was just a few guys, I never imagined them to be that many. I have tried Discord a couple of times, but must admit I can't figure out how it works, so that's a no go for me 🙂 My comment about "what Asobo/MS can't do" was only because I thought the FBW was 1 or a few guys, and Asobo/MS being a huge company, that the surely have more people working on the different aircrafts, but that's obviously not the case. With that many people involved with the FBW, I'm even more impressed that they manage to do this for free, So again, a big thumbs up for the work they're doing, and with such a team, I'm sure we, for the first time in Flightsim history, will see an A380 in the sim.
  6. Looking at their different webpages, Github, Facebook etc, I still can't find any info on who the people behinf the FBW Team is. How many people are in the Team, and what are their job in the project? And are there real A320 pilots in the group? I'm more than amazed at what they have achieved so far, so I wondered why they can do what they're doing and that Asobo/MS apparently can't do. I'm pretty sure the A320N will turn out to be the best freeware mod ever made (don't use Xp11, so I can't speak for the Zibo mod of the default B737) and I honestly can't see why I should pay for FSlabs A320 If and when it comes out. So a BIG THUMBS up to the FBW Team.
  7. I just watched an Q&A on youtube with the Flybywire developers regarding their plans for their freeware A380 and the A320 NX mods. And I must admit I'm impressed by their plans, and from what they plan on doing with the A320NX, I really can't see other companies like FSlabs justify an expensive payware model of it. And now the FSlabs fans will surely claim that a freeware version never will be as detailed and system packed as what fslabs can produce. I can only urge you to watch the video to get a glimpse of the plans FlyByWire have for their model, and I think you will be positively surprised. And also their A380 will be as detailed as what the SDK will allow, so good times ahead. Why not an A350 you might ask, well they said that a payware version is already in the making by another company, so they won't compete with that. https://youtu.be/ufzeuVXNJAA And before you ask, NO, I haven't got any relations with the FlyByWire group, I'm just surprised of what the flight community is capable of and for FREE. Jlund
  8. Maybe, but honestly, who wants to pay for it when you can get something like this for FREE?
  9. "The guy is a mentally challenged burp at best" Do you always talk to people like that, then we might discuss who's the mentally challenged. Why do people react like that, just for asking a legit question? I've never said people can't use whatever sim they want, I was sincerly interested in why they prefer an old sim, when most modern PC's are caplable of running sims with better graphics and more advanced addons. So no reason for name calling.
  10. I totally agree. As it seems it's a quick fix, they should address it in this dev update and explain how to fix it. It will guaranteed not take a programmer more than max 5 minutes to fix it.
  11. I have been flight simming since v2 back in 1984, so I have also taken the long road with owning every version of MS Flightsimulator up to P3Dv4.3. I also have XP11 & Aerofly 2, but not MSFS (yet!) At the moment I don't have ANY flightsim on my PC, and I don't mind waiting for them to fix some of the more serious problems, before I buy it. But I have never stuck with a version, when I can see the next one was better, and even though my PC is about 6-7 years old, it still did a good job running P3D, and I'm pretty sure it also will run MSFS when that time comes.
  12. No, but a horse, car boat, skier, fish, bulldozer, F1 racing cars, submarines, space ships, what has that to do with flightsimming?
  13. Ok, I get it, you want a game, not a simulator. And you can't get that in FSX or P3D? And no, I can't really see any reason to stay on an outdated game, when most PC's can run FSX and P3D much better, with way better graphics and addons
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