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  1. I noticed that all aircraft were taxing forward out from the gates, looks very similar to the first MS ai which did a 180 degree spin at the gates. I hope this will be "fixed" so we will see proper pushbacks from the gates onto taxiways.
  2. WOW, how did I miss it being a freeware, I'm sorry and I'll hurry out of here 🙂
  3. What does the Horizon B787 do (better) than the newest updated B787 from Asobo? I expect that being a payware aircraft the Horizon B787 must have some "extra" features that the Asobo model doesn't have? Please enlighten me.
  4. Are there any other sites with addons for MSFS, cause Flightsim.to is a total mess and I honestly DISLIKE it (I don't know if the h... word is allowed in here) since the new design, and unfortunately they don't have any plans of reverting to the old one.
  5. I noticed while in Vancouver there were different ATC chatter with other aircrafts, but none what so ever when approaching Seattle. I mean, normally tower will talk to other aircrafts also, and especially in a busy airport like ksea. But let's wait and see, I'll bet there will come other videos before release, but so far I think it's very impressive.
  6. It took two years before I bought MSFS, so I'm pretty sure the same will happen with MS 2024. Maybe not two years, but definitely not on day one. I spend a fortune in addons in the whole ms series of flightsims, P3D and X-Plane, so MSFS is my first sim with ONLY freeware from flightsim.to, and I will probably do the same with MS2024. Call me cheap if you like, but with the quality of freeware like Gatwick, FBW A320, FSLTS etc. I don't see the need for payware.
  7. Why on earth pay for a program that can do it when it's obviously something MS/Asobo should have included from the beginning. I'm sure it will come at one point if we request it enough.
  8. "so you will see a substitute of similar size" That's good enough for me, but it surely gives another dimension to the sim with both real time airplanes, and now boats. Looking forward to it.
  9. I just signed up for a free account with FleetMon, and tried following the ferry between Thyborøn & Agger (Kanalen) and wondered when Global AI ships live is released, if I can follow it on Fleetmon, AND then open MSFS and see it at the excact same spot in MSFS? If not the excact model, then some kind of ferry?
  10. Will it be possible (like with AIG) that we can make our own routes and make traffic where there isn't much? I know there were some kind of way to do it in FSX/P3d, but will that also work in MSFS? I sure would like more traffic in ie. Limfjorden (Henrik, you know where that is) 🙂
  11. Thanks, I had a feeling that it was the case, so why I didn't try that, I don't know., but better late than never 🙂
  12. I bet this one has been asked before, so I apologize in advance, but I only installed MSFS a couple of weeks ago, and have only now gotten around to installing GAIST v3.0. I have chosen only to install gaist-euwest-routes, gaist-mediterranean-routes and gaist-northamericacaribbean-routes for now and have put the boat slider under Graphics to 10%, but no matter where I fly, there's no ships showing up. Do I also need to install gaist-ultra-v3, or is that just a package that has all of them in one place?
  13. Thanks a lot guys, Apparently I hadn't looked hard enough. 🙂
  14. I really don't know where to post this, so if it's the wrong place, please delete it. Lots of people (my self included) has a "tagline" at the bottom of their posts. Mine is "I don't always stop and look at airplanes....oh wait, yes I do" A lot has their PC specs, and I would like to do the same, but I just CAN*T remember where I added it. I believe I have looked in all kind of settings and options, without luck. So if you can point me in the right direction, I will be extremly glad. Sincerly. JL
  15. I don't care about logging flights, so that won't be a problem. And I don't want to change planes during flight, only after I have landed, and don't need to enter dep/arr airports again. I'll try the developer "trick". Thanks for the help.
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