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  1. jlund

    Miltary AI for P3Dv4

    I've installed the Matrix, global libraries, and Oceania region. I haven't opened my P3Dv4 yet, but do I have to add the sceneries and ai libraries first, or does the Matrix do it automatically? If so, it might be something other ai companies should look at.
  2. jlund

    Miltary AI for P3Dv4

    It's not new at all, it has been there for many years. But it has satrted converting planes to P3Dv4 not so long ago. There's already packages ready for P3D and they're releasing new ones reguarly, so keep an eye on it.
  3. jlund

    QW 787 Airport maps?

    I have seen someone have made a collection of airport maps to put in the 787, and they're made in .xml format. My question is how to make them ourselves for airports that isn't a "native" 787 destination.?
  4. LittleNavmap can besides showing ai aircraft, also show ai ships, so that may be worth a try.
  5. jlund

    AI commands

    I'd suggest you look for aifp3 where you can open traffic bgl files, and see which planes fly where. There are some videos on you tube on how to use it, and you can start making your own flightplans.
  6. It sure looks mighty impressive, looking forward to see other countries (i.e. Denmark please :-) ) When looking at Simheavens download page, there are several other files, do we need them as well? I'm referring to the: Forests, Dense forests, VFR-Aerials, VFR-landmarks, w2xp Europe net xp11?
  7. I already have this tutorial, but google translate can't do it in pdf files, only webpages. I do read a llittle german, but not enough to make much sense of it. But thanks a lot for the tip. It clearly shows that it's not as simple to make new ai ship routes as I thought and hoped, it would be. :-)
  8. Do you know if there's a video tutorial showing how to use AIBTC? I'm better at learning things by seeing it than reading about it.
  9. From what I can see, Visual studio is an app/prg. to make applications right? I couldn't figure out to use AIBTC, and now you want me to develop my own program.. I'm past that age (yes, I'm old) where I can wrap my head around that kind of things, so that's not gonna happen.So for now I'll stick to Henrik's finished ai ships, and then hope that someday there will be a program that can do what I want. But thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Yeah I know that one, but after a couple of unsuccesful attempts, I gave up on it. Something with a built in map where we can pick departure harbor i.e Rønne and destination harbour ie. Ystad, pick dep. time an vehicle and choose if it will dock or turn oitside the harbour and return to Rønne. The prg. you mention (as I understand it) CAN do these things, but takes some "programming" skills with notepad, routes, schedules, kml files etc. Was just hoping it could be made in a more user friendly GUI kind of program. It''s a pretty old prg from 2006? so a more modern one would be nice.
  11. Nice with some more ai ships in the Meditaranian, The more the merrier :-) As the Beach Boys sings: "Wouldn't i be nice" if Manfred, you or one of the other designers, would make some kind of GUI program where we could make our own ai ship routes, something like AIFP for planes. I know ai ships doesn't work the same way as ai planes, but is it not realistic or what will be the problem in designing such a program? Jørn L.
  12. jlund

    Cannot start a flight from TNCM

    As I read it, he's using STOCK scenery in TNCM, so there shouldn't be any reason to use updates or remove effects?
  13. Any update on the next update :-)
  14. jlund

    What's going on with FSW?

    I can't see any major differences from when FSW came out and till now, so why Froogle suddenly changes his mind, also make me wonder if he's paid by Dovetail. I bought FSW before christmas on a sale on steam, but I haven't installede it yet, and maybe I never will, unless something exciting happens to it.
  15. I use homemade ai traffic in P3Dv4, but what I'm really looking for is a tool to seperate ai traffic. In busy airports like Copenhagen EKCH, there's a lot of go arounds, either because there's too many ai on approach or because the ai takes too long to taxi off the runway. I don't need a tool where ai fly the correct SID/STARS, just something that seperates them a little more. Is there something simpel out there that will do this?