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  1. Thx for all the help. I have an older 2700k at 4.3GHz, 16gb ram, and can put either win7x64 or win10x64 on an SSD with P3D on another SSD. Won't take long to get an area set up (sourthern cal likely) set up to give it a whirl but won't have a really intensive airplane like PMDG to test unless I buy one. So looking forward to getting away from the tweaking...
  2. thx for the link. I don't have P3D yet, still dipping my toes in the water and afraid to jump lol. Trying to figure out how much cost (and trouble) the switch would be.
  3. Fatback

    OPUSV3 for P3DV4?

    I'm thinking of making the switch to P3D and also have the old Version 3.55.2. Will that work, including the weather?
  4. Does this work in P3D latest version? I also have the MegaSceneryX: Hawaii - Honolulu & The Island Of Oahu (FSX). Thanks in advance...
  5. Fatback


    Sounds like a lot of work for a free upgrade. I'm going to have to pick this up.
  6. I'm doing a full reinstall of FSX (coming back!) but am having some issues. As you can see from the link I have buildings and trees on the ground at KSEA and I am having some elevation problems. https://i.gyazo.com/e05e291fe23005533e0d630eb963001e.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/f2f8d370bfcffbb07368b8f5a2f9ee1a.png I'm thinking the UTX needs to go lower in the scenery library?
  7. Fatback

    30% off Flightbeam sceneries!

    Thx Carlos!
  8. Fatback

    30% off Flightbeam sceneries!

    I couldn’t get the bundle discount or the sale price. I had 4 airports in my cart and went as far as I could without purchasing it and all 4 were full price. Not sure about buying it first to get the discount—do you then get 2 discounts on the next purchase?
  9. Fatback

    won't hold flight path at cruise

    Set wingflex in PMDG or Opus? Bill
  10. Fatback

    won't hold flight path at cruise

    That helps but it is still happening. I'll get the "swerving" and then I turn off live weather, clear the weather, exit Opus, then restart Opus, activate live weather, then it's fine. Edit: I turned off the bump options in DHM settings.
  11. Every so often I'm getting really weird behaviour at cruise. This is primarily in PMDG 737 and 747 (because that's primarily what i fly) and happens in cruise. Everything will be normal and then the aircraft starts turning sharply left and right and can't seem to stay on the course. Resetting the AP doesn't help. If I disable live weather and then clear all weather using opus, then exit and restart opus and restart live weather it works fine. I'm running version 3.55.1. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have downloaded the latest file from the vendor and it is Version 3.3. There is an SP2 file on the Leonardo website for 3.3 but it doesn't specify whether it is to update to or from Ver. 3.3 and I can't access it. So I'm hoping 3.3 is current. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hate to jump in here without knowing the entire story but just from my quick look at the email it could be interpreted to mean that Ken wanted to install some representative applications for testing purposes. So once Orbx and a few airports were installed and tested they didn't need to install any more. However, that doesn't explain why My Traffic and PrecipitFX weren't installed and tested. But it's gonna rock once you do get it up and running!
  14. Hi Kyle, thanks again for the advice and for taking the time to explain it. I'll give that a go.