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  1. The PMDG 747 with low fuel and no passengers/cargo is like a fighter jet on takeoff.
  2. I'll try one of the other aircraft. I have to be something wrong...
  3. I'm flying the PMDG 737 and the aircraft wants to land short on ILS approaches. I haven't tried the other aircraft, and I don't think it's a PMDG problem, I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before I try to troubleshoot it. I flew the PMDG a lot in previous FS versions but it's been a while and maybe I have the procedure wrong but it doesn't look that way.
  4. Thanks for that. I have a 3080 so all good.
  5. I turned on debug mode to check my FPS and I'm not sure how to read it. I looked at the SDK manual and it doesn't say anything. I'm assuming that my FPS is around 60? Are any of the other parameters important from the perspective of monitoring performance? https://gyazo.com/88adcdf3c841816a75c20e629db28354
  6. I just installed MS 2020 (wow!!) but I messed up my throttle settings somehow. Is there something obvious that is wrong?
  7. I've just installed MS 2020 and every time I start it downloads a 56.64GB file. I'm on Steam and my UserCfg.opt file has "InstalledPackagesPath "D:\Packages" but the downloading screen doesn't tell where the update is going.
  8. I used FF Force from Dirks Software in P3D. Do you know how XPForce compares to that?
  9. So I’m about to make the jump to MS 2020. Does it support the MS joystick or do I need to make a bunch of data entries?
  10. Are you running all three 4K monitors off your 8gb 3080?
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