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  1. I have the same problem with Bluetooth headphones. If the aren’t connected before I start P3D I can’t see them in the audio options, I need to restart and connect headphones first. Then, if I disconnect them on a long flight (to go to bed lol) they crash the sim.
  2. I did a rebuild and ended up with much the same drive configuration. I loaded Win10 on a 160GB logical drive and P3D V5.1 on the +/- 800GB logical drive of the 1GB M.2. I have half of P3D drive left after installing all orbx and mesh and 15-20 airports. M.2 rocks. No stutters and smooth smooth.
  3. looks like I'm gonna do this... Thx everyone for the input.
  4. I'd like to have a Japanese airport and am thinking of getting Tokyo for P3D 5.1. Does anyone have thoughts or experience with this, good or bad? The price looks pretty reasonable on sale.
  5. I have both versions running and am having issues with the PBR version. The colors seem too "metallic", if that's the right word, or just odd. I can go with the older non-pbr version but I'm curious. Is this because my monitor doesn't support PBR or is it my settings? PBR Version Non-PBR Version
  6. That does the trick. Now I have 2 versions... 🙂
  7. I couldn't get the Sim Outhouse version to work in P3D v5. Maybe because my system doesn't support PBR? Here is a link to the model in Avsim. This isn't PBR but works on my system. https://library.avsim.net/search.php?CatID=root&SearchTerm=jahn&Sort=Size&ScanMode=0
  8. @killthespam gave me a dropbox link. PM me and I'll set one up for you too if you pay it forward. 🙂
  9. Thank you @killthespam, Working like a charm... 🙂
  10. Just tried that and no, I get a CTD when I load the DC-3. 😞 EDIT: I deleted the windshield.dll
  11. I have heard people say that Jahn's DC-3 works in P3D v5 but it won't for me. I've been using the PBR version and I'm pretty sure it's current but not positive. Could someone who has the DC-3 installed on their 5.1 system post the link to the version they are using?
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