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  1. Jan Kees Blom uploaded a bunch of repaints to AVSIM. Just search for PBR.
  2. This is very generous, thank you. I have "bought" a few planes, including a trainer. About time I learned the basics lol!
  3. Got the DC-6 as it's been on my list for a while. Definitely PMDG quality (!) and I'm loving it.
  4. I bought it not long ago and like it so much I'm not even upset I got it before the sale.
  5. This isn't meant to be a game changer of a product and it isn't sold or priced that way. It's a well thought out addon that adds incrementally to the immersion. Adjust it the way you like and it will add some cool effects in the background but it won't knock your socks off. Their other products are fantastic and as this is a work in progress it will only get better with time. For the price you can't go wrong.
  6. These are great Canadian airports. I had the FSX versions and hope to get the P3D versions soon. http://simaddons.com/index.htm
  7. Exact same system I was thinking of getting but with a 2550 monitor. How is it working for you?
  8. As above. It only happens in the virtual cockpit view and I am able to resolve it by uninstalling Chaseplane. I have a MS Forcefeedback joystick. EDIT: this seems to happen only in the PMDG 747
  9. Can't get V-One gauge to work in P3D 4.5 and the FMC doesn't work in P3D either. Do we need to calculate this manually?
  10. Thx for all the help. I have an older 2700k at 4.3GHz, 16gb ram, and can put either win7x64 or win10x64 on an SSD with P3D on another SSD. Won't take long to get an area set up (sourthern cal likely) set up to give it a whirl but won't have a really intensive airplane like PMDG to test unless I buy one. So looking forward to getting away from the tweaking...
  11. thx for the link. I don't have P3D yet, still dipping my toes in the water and afraid to jump lol. Trying to figure out how much cost (and trouble) the switch would be.
  12. I'm thinking of making the switch to P3D and also have the old Version 3.55.2. Will that work, including the weather?
  13. Does this work in P3D latest version? I also have the MegaSceneryX: Hawaii - Honolulu & The Island Of Oahu (FSX). Thanks in advance...
  14. Sounds like a lot of work for a free upgrade. I'm going to have to pick this up.
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