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  1. You don’t have to repurchase MSFS, P3D or any add-ons when moving to a new computer. Whenever, I build a new machine I deactivate any licenses that require it and/or uninstall the software, such as PMDG planes or FSL products. ORBX makes it easy too. if you are starting a new machine you should start with clean installs. Yes, it takes more time, but it is also an opportunity to clean things up, reorganize, etc. Existing license number should work just fine. Occasionally you have to ping a dev if it doesn’t want to deactivate. You can move an ORBX library, but last time I just redownloaded the files.
  2. Alas, it is not unique. All of the stuff X-Aviation sells requires a verification if you haven’t loaded a product in two or so weeks. And since I don’t use use X-Plane that often, I have to put the credentials in almost every time I use it.
  3. I'm going. Should be interesting. First time there too.
  4. Nothing. I don't why people keep thinking LM is going to make some big announcement at FSExpo. It would be fun to be wrong, but I know where I would put my money.
  5. I have the P3D version. It was decent. This is a disappointing development. In addition, I think a lot of folks were hoping their LFPG would come soon too, and now you have to wonder if this is a big opportunity for somebody like iniBuilds, Pyreegue, FB or maybe Jo Erland?
  6. Indeed. Yes. Beta has seemed elusive, let alone release.
  7. Ray. Andrew has a new post over on the FSL forums which says: "Morning! After a small delay dealing with a P3D v5.4 drop from Lockheed last week, we're anticipating to release the first Beta build to our Concorde team tonight or tomorrow. I'll keep you guys updated."
  8. I doubt that. There is no ACARS or CPDLC in the 737 for MSFS. And PMDG is still holding back because of the infamous GFO.
  9. Directly from the dev in the //42 Discord "This is currently under consideration. There are currently no new open tickets." So I would suggest you open a ticket.
  10. Let the P3D v6 is dead thread begin.
  11. Or just bite the bullet, get XP, and the HotStart CL650. Gazzareth has the right of it.
  12. Where did the idea that LM is going to “reveal” v6 at Expo come from exactly? Sure, they could, but there is no evidence or suggestion from them that they will. The last expo they said nothing with a side of nothing in their time slot. In other words, I wouldn’t hold your breath — or I’m certainly not holding mine.
  13. There are definitely some weaknesses in creating specific conditions. I should mention. however, that you can change the altimeter and the temperature.
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