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  1. In MSFS 2020, I'm using the Maddog MD-82 and I've assigned rotary knobs such as Altitude using AAO. Specifically, these are the scripts I'm using to increase and decrease altitude: INCREASE: (L:fgcp_alt_knob1,·enum)·0·== if{8192·23·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·} els{16384·23·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·} DECREASE (L:fgcp_alt_knob1,·enum)·0·== if{16384·23·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·} els{8192·23·+·(>L:fgcp_event,number)·} However, sometimes when increasing altitude (turn right) or decreasing altitude (turn left) the altitude will turn in the opposite direction for a few clicks and then start moving in the proper direction again. Any thoughts on problems with the scripts? Thanks!
  2. I look forward to your impressions. There are a few type rated pilots on the beta team, but they are obviously coming from a different perspective.
  3. I just happened to do a quick circuit in the FBW yesterday. It doesn't really compare for my money to the FSLabs at this point, especially with some systems that are really still experimental such as VNAV. But it's still more than useable and a great way, while waiting of the release of the Fenix, to start spending time with the MSFS interface, which takes some getting used to if you have been using P3D. I'm not sure what you are downloading in the way of add-ons, but I would suggest studying the MSFS forum here before adding a lot of utilities -- not including stuff like airports.
  4. No. And don't hold your breath because P3D is plainly in the rear view mirror at this point.
  5. I reinstalled the FS2Crew pack. I then retrained my voice in W10. Although the green bar still isn't showing my words (I do have message text enabled), all the commands are working well, including setting the radios. So I think everything is ok now. Thanks.
  6. Ok. The green text bar wasn't showing my voice commands even though most of the commands worked just fine. I switched over to the maddog and the green bar was showing my voice commands. So, I have reinstalled the PMDG 777 FS2Crew package and I'm going to retest. I will say, as you can see from log entry, that I stated the command in accordance with the syntax you show above and nothing happened. Here is the log entry again: set one two two point eight zero on comm one. Hopefully the reinstall will help. I may try the voice retraining again just in case that makes a difference. And just so you know, the regular checklist commands run fine.
  7. I don't recall but I will check. Here is an example from the log: set one two two point eight zero on comm one I will say that it almost always understands my speech (US native english speaker). One thing you didn't answer -- what is the proper phraseology?
  8. In the FS2Crew Manual for the PMDG 777 it notes the voice command to change the COMM 1 or 2 frequency as follows: "SET XXX (POINT/ DECIMAL) ON (STANDBY) COMM ( 1 / 2)" This voice command does not work for me at all. I tried guessing at alternatives and found that "SET XXX (POINT) on Frequency 1" did something but only on the FO side and inconsistently at that. Could somebody please explain, if you know, what the proper voice command sequence(s) is/are to fully control the radios by voice. Thanks!
  9. Sorry for the confusion. When I answered, I was using my phone and it kept saying we were in the P3D forum. I thought that was odd. Anyway, glad it's working.
  10. Hmmm. While this isn’t really a P3D problem and therefore should be moved to the MSFS forum, my guess is that the ORBX LPPT and the World Update LPPT are conflicting with each other. Try uninstalling the ORBX package and see if that fixes it - or vice/versa.
  11. I would check out this thread.
  12. Andrew - certainly sounds like FSL is planning THE Concorde simulation. I've never considered it before, but now you've definitely got my attention.
  13. It is definitely true that you can expend all 8GB of VRAM on the 2070 Super with certain sceneries and settings in combination. For example, I was pushing close to 10 GB at LatinVFR's KMIA today, and there is no way my former 2070 Super could have kept up. Question: despite being hard on VRAM and frames, is LKPR actually good?
  14. My gut reaction to the FS Labs announcement is that they do not fear the P3D market as much some developers, or at least they have confidence enough to: (1) update the A32x series, (2) roll out a NEO (ok maybe it will be for MSFS too), (3) roll out an A3xx (I'm rooting for an A350), and (4) roll out the long-awaited Concorde. Maybe they won't make a ton of money. Maybe they will collapse. Maybe they will just be a niche player. I wish them luck!! Oh -- and nobody has cornered the MSFS market yet, and there is nothing to say FS Labs couldn't beat out other developers even if FSL comes later. Ok, back to my FSL A319 flight!
  15. The last update from PMDG is that the LNAV update is in beta. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/pmdg-747-queen-of-the-skies-ii-forum/161033-whats-already-been-offered?p=161539#post161539. Here's a quote from RSR from Jan. 11, 2022: "We are preparing to beta test a pretty significant update to the 747 product line for P3D users. Quite a bit of initial testing has already been accomplished, but another round is needed in order to vet changes to LNAV and the flight director control laws that have been implemented. We are hoping to get positive feedback from our testers and then the update will roll out to users via the Operations Center. I will obviously let you know it is available with an announcement." But RSR also hyped this back in August: " Also in the background, we are putting an update for the PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies product line together for our beta teams. This update includes our new LNAV and flight director models and will be the first major overhaul to this area of our technology in nearly 12 years, which is exciting. The plan is that once our beta team signs off on it, we will push that to you and then begin rolling it into the 777 and 737 airplanes, both of which should go pretty quickly once the base tech is signed off in the 747. Once LNAV and the flight director are updated, we will make another pass-through to update the navdata process for all three product lines, which is the third-leg-of-the-stool for this core technology update cycle." https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/144477-05aug21-pmdg-dc-6-for-msfs-updated-to-build-36-and-a-few-other-bits-and-bobbles-of-news
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