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  1. chrisal

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Hi Does anyone else have this problem? When closing P3D it remains running in the background - as seen in Task Manager Cheers Chris
  2. Hi again The latest download appears to be 4.2 and the readme file does not mention the A320s. Is this my error? Chris
  3. Hi I see they have included RemoteCDU support ( in the latest update - Can we now use your app for this? Cheers Chris
  4. chrisal

    Prepar3D v4.2 has been released

    AS4 updated beta on site
  5. chrisal

    About P3Dv4 Support

    I've looked at this again and checked all my settings. With the Firewall on it sticks on "connecting" and then I get "please check if VAInterface 2.3 or later is running" Turn off the W10 "private" Firewall and it works as intended. Am I missing a trick with the Firewall settings do you think? Program and port are "allowed" Cheers Chris
  6. chrisal

    About P3Dv4 Support

    I've tried repeatedly to get it to work with the IFly 747 in P3Dv4 to no avail. All Rob's advice has been followed. I've opened port 9000 in the Windows 10 firewall and allowed the latest VA exe in and out.. No result. So in desperation I turned off the Firewall altogether. Works fine now. This is not a long term solution I know but might be a clue for everyone else? Cheers Chris
  7. chrisal

    Updates for UT2

    Can someone, anyone, tell me where these files can be found? I've pm' d the op without response. Cheers. Chris
  8. I couldn't work out what was happening. After this "automatic" update yesterday P3D froze on the splash screen with no further activity - disc or cpu. I tried everything I could think of - rebootng, turning off Defender, running as admin (which I do anyway), re-installing v3.4 client, googling the problem - you name it, I tried it. Again and again. So in desperation I uninstalled the Windows update. Problem solved - for now. It's working as before. Has anyone else had this problem? Cheers Chris
  9. chrisal

    My "sweet spot": PC/P3D settings

    I've got the same board and I'm sure you can turn it off/on Cheers Chris
  10. chrisal

    Serious ground layering bug in 3.3

    Just to cheer us all up. I did a full re-install for 3.3 and painstakingly rebuilt all scenery, aircraft and traffic. Today I uninstalled v3.3 client - 1 minute. And installed v3.2 client - 2 mins. Re-activated and everything works as before but with Runway markings etc back as normal. So ok for now. Cheers Chris
  11. chrisal

    Cessna 152

    +1 Chris
  12. Hi Where did you find this out? - should be good news I hope! Chris
  13. chrisal

    which GTX 970

    I've just bought the EVGA 970 FTW. Without any adjustments yet, its beating nearly all benchmarks. It is eminently overclockable apparently. Recommended.