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  1. No, that didn't solve it for me, either. I never saw this with 17.6 though. Cheers Chris
  2. Hi, This has happened to me too! Sat on the ground preparing a flight in an A330 at Boston Logan (KBOS) suddenly shot up to 6000ft with an AI 737. I've been trying to think this through but I was running PSX 18.0 at the time. Is this the problem? Cheers Chris
  3. Lorby's solution works like a charm. I downloaded his "hotfix" added Descriptions just to the Packages, and bingo! She runs. Chris
  4. Reading Nvidia's guide it says up-scaling will not work on windowed or border-less windows applications. Where does this leave P3D? Chris
  5. Hi again, Solved my problem I think. After research... 1. A simple solution is to reset the card with Windows+CTRL+Shift+ B. This works for me. 2. But the real problem was that I auto-load the EVGA Precision app to over-clock my card (1070ti) and it runs in the background. As soon as I close the app the undock problem goes away! 3. As a bonus it turns out on re-boot the NV settings are loaded first then Windows 10 overrides some of them, particularly Colour settings. Good to know, but that's not our problem here. Link here to stop this happening - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANMs5rnrfmA Please let me know if this helps - or not. Chris
  6. Don't get too excited. After further testing I've found that yes, as previously, the driver re-install does the trick. But, re-boot the pc and we're back to square one. Obviously I did not touch the NV panel settings as discussed above. I'm not prepared to re-install the NV driver every day so this was a false trail - for me anyway. Can anyone else confirm or refute my findings? Cheers Chris
  7. Hi. It has been a real pain for me using the Aerosoft A320. Reading this I've tried all the ideas. The one that actually works perfectly is removing the NV driver using DDU. Then a clean install of the driver (431.60 as it happens). No changes in NV control panel. Now no fps loss at all in un-docking the mcdu and moving it to another screen. VSync on/off has no effect, neither does unlimited fps in the sim. I cannot alter my refresh rate settings (old monitors) so both at 60. It must be fiddling with the NV panel that does it. Happy bunny. Chris
  8. Hi Does anyone else have this problem? When closing P3D it remains running in the background - as seen in Task Manager Cheers Chris
  9. Hi again The latest download appears to be 4.2 and the readme file does not mention the A320s. Is this my error? Chris
  10. Hi I see they have included RemoteCDU support (http://flightsimapps.com) in the latest update - Can we now use your app for this? Cheers Chris
  11. I've looked at this again and checked all my settings. With the Firewall on it sticks on "connecting" and then I get "please check if VAInterface 2.3 or later is running" Turn off the W10 "private" Firewall and it works as intended. Am I missing a trick with the Firewall settings do you think? Program and port are "allowed" Cheers Chris
  12. I've tried repeatedly to get it to work with the IFly 747 in P3Dv4 to no avail. All Rob's advice has been followed. I've opened port 9000 in the Windows 10 firewall and allowed the latest VA exe in and out.. No result. So in desperation I turned off the Firewall altogether. Works fine now. This is not a long term solution I know but might be a clue for everyone else? Cheers Chris
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