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  1. corkyo4

    Should I even bother?

    My PC specs are: Windows 10 home Intel i5-2500k @3.3GHz 16.0GB Ram AMD Radeon R9 270x Asrock Fatal1ty motherboard My PC is hmm about 3 maybe 4 years old. I run Prepar3d V4 as smooth as silk. Granted I don't have all the sliders up to full, but then with the quality of the visuals I get with the default sim settings, why would I need to change them. I have ORBX england installed and my PC sits at around 60-80 FPS. I get the occassional microstutter. I don't obsess about microstutters others might. I have never felt the urge to push P3D to the limit and as a result I have never had any VAS issues and In v2.3 I ran the PMDG 777 and had a couple of the UK2000 sceneries installed. It is I suppose subjective as to how good the sim is with the specs we all have. No doubt someone with a killer machine will have 4k graphics and all the bells and whistles, but I don't need that to have an immersive experience. I care about the flight being reasonably smooth and giving me real world conditions using active sky. I have far better performance in P3D (all V2.3 and V4) than I ever have in FSX. Tom
  2. corkyo4


    Downloading now. 600kb/sec Tom
  3. corkyo4


    Seems the website can't cope with the demand. You would think a company of that size would be able to.... The wait continues. Tom
  4. corkyo4

    Disappearing AVSIM threads?

    Ok thanks for the info. A private message to let me know would also have been appreciated. But at least I now know. I will have to study the EULA more seems it is easy to step over the line Tom
  5. Is it my phone not updating properly or has my earlier thread on use of google maps for scenery disappeared from this forum, with no further record of any topic or posts in my profile summary? Mods can you shed light on this? I only commented on it earlier today and read a response less than 2 hours ago... Tom
  6. corkyo4

    P3D running 32-bit on a 64-bit PC

    Isn't the out of memory due to graphics memory and not system memory?
  7. corkyo4

    Best mesh to use with P3Dv2.

    How about that freemesh project. Appears to cover the world, although It is broken down into smaller downloadable portions Tom
  8. corkyo4

    Captainsim 727 v2.5 update

    Hmm yeah seems I misread their description. Perhaps not phrased too clearly. Shame the p3d isn't a free upgrade but at least they have addressed a number of known previous issues Tom
  9. For anyone who had the FSX version of the CS 727 it looks like there has been a recent update to v2.5 (16th July). If I have understood the description correctly they have updated for p3d 2.5 and this is a free update for those who purchased previously. A number of bugs have also been fixed and several improvements made. I hope to download this later. Tom
  10. corkyo4

    Gear Failure

    Thanks all. I'll have a play around with the hydraulics. I'm pretty sure I failed all of the hydraulics systems to ensure I covered all bases but that didn't work. I'll take another look. Thanks Tom
  11. corkyo4

    Gear Failure

    I am playing around with failures for a bit of fun. I was wondering if it is possible to set a landing gear failure, such that they don't come down when lowered. I can't find the setting under the failure options. Only tyre and brake failures. Can anyone help? Thanks Tom
  12. A few thoughts here, based on my own quest for a a stable but problematic overclock: - when you get a bsod not down the error code and Google this. In my case it was a voltage problem which turned out to be the power to the CPU. I don't mean not enough voltage in the bios settings. In my case I was only using a 4 pin CPU power connector and not the 8 my kobo has. - I found keeping everything on auto at first and only increasing the clock of the CPU and using CPUid to monitor voltage and temps. - I tweak voltage based on my observations in CPUid to help reduce the temp. - I fitted a good cooler to keep the temps below 50. - maybe tweak the timings of the memory, in my bios I have some presets profiles which have helped. It's a mine field in terms of the amount of settings you can change. One of the big causes for bsods when using p3d for me was my dual gpu setup. Crossfire was literally crashing p3d on load so I switched this off and that helped too. I thought it was my overclock but turned out to be my other hardware Hope this helps Tom
  13. I saw a TV program that featured this aircraft and have since found two developers who offer it for sale. Does anyone have any experience of either or even better both? Just wondering which is preferred by users. Thanks Tom
  14. corkyo4

    Anti-aliasing and AMD

    Maybe check that you have the correct and latest driver installed for the gpu and perhaps uninstall and reinstall the driver.