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  1. Yeah got that selected. I agree, kind of feels like they ticked the box of an active sky release, yet it lacks in so many areas.
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to canvas thoughts on Active Sky and the wind depiction. I have it installed correctly, but I just feel like the wind is not accurate. Most of my flights are very smooth. The sim shows wind (in Zibo Mod you can see it on the PFD), but in terms of light buffeting you would expect from the real world, i don't experience this. I would have thought, particularly at this time of year that things would be slightly bumpy, but I just find everything to be very smooth and constant. The only thing that is noticeable is the effect of a crosswind. Just wondered what other users experienced, or whether there might be a better software option. Thanks Tom
  3. Thanks all. It’s a nightmare having so many good addons to choose from. Just seen the FFA350 ahhh the options. i think 727 will be my next purchase!
  4. Thanks all, the T16000m sounds like a winner for me on the basis of the magnetic sensors which I would think will give a smoother feel. My Av8R is really terrible for null-zones and spikes in movement, particularly in the pitch axis, the slightest move and the whole plan launches in that direction.
  5. Noting that the FlyJSim 737 and 727 are two different aircraft and can't be compared like for like on a type basis. Does anyone have any views on the general performance/level of immersion/bugs/reliability of each. I am torn between both and really it will come down to whether one has any significant flaws which will ruin the experience and de-value the cost to purchase. They have both had updates in August this year, has this made any difference? If there is no discernible difference between them, I may lean towards the 727 as I already have Zibo for a 737 option, albeit this is a more modern representation. But having read a couple of reviews on the 727 there are suggestions it is unfinished in places. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Tom
  6. Hi all Currently using the saitek av8r joystick. It’s cheap and cheerful but not great for immersion on the basis its a bit stiff/sticky and has a relatively large dead zone. Ive tweaked response curves in xplane but I can’t help feeling I need to upgrade. I don’t have a huge budget, maybe £70-80 max. Wondered if there were any recommendations, ideally with a throttle. I was looking at the thrustmaster t.16000m but also saw the thrusmaster t.flight. For me smoothness is a big requirement. Any thoughts appreciated thanks Tom
  7. My PC specs are: Windows 10 home Intel i5-2500k @3.3GHz 16.0GB Ram AMD Radeon R9 270x Asrock Fatal1ty motherboard My PC is hmm about 3 maybe 4 years old. I run Prepar3d V4 as smooth as silk. Granted I don't have all the sliders up to full, but then with the quality of the visuals I get with the default sim settings, why would I need to change them. I have ORBX england installed and my PC sits at around 60-80 FPS. I get the occassional microstutter. I don't obsess about microstutters others might. I have never felt the urge to push P3D to the limit and as a result I have never had any VAS issues and In v2.3 I ran the PMDG 777 and had a couple of the UK2000 sceneries installed. It is I suppose subjective as to how good the sim is with the specs we all have. No doubt someone with a killer machine will have 4k graphics and all the bells and whistles, but I don't need that to have an immersive experience. I care about the flight being reasonably smooth and giving me real world conditions using active sky. I have far better performance in P3D (all V2.3 and V4) than I ever have in FSX. Tom
  8. Downloading now. 600kb/sec Tom
  9. Seems the website can't cope with the demand. You would think a company of that size would be able to.... The wait continues. Tom
  10. I find the aerosoft Airbus to be a reliable and consistent addon. Never had any issues with it and I get good performance with it myself. Tom
  11. Try updating your graphics card drivers. I also if you have twin graphics cards turn off sli/crossfire I had this issue and the above solved the problem in my case Tom
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