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  1. And then it will be pushed back another week, and another, then another month...until, finally, they'll just roll it into MSFS2024. 😁
  2. Same. I've probably said this before on this forum (or even in this thread), but historical weather is a must for me. Due to rather common reasons, most of my flight time is in the evenings. If I want to fly in daylight hours, with accurate weather. I have to do so in places like Armenia or Uzbekistan -- or else be content with local flights in "daylight" combined with nighttime weather conditions. If Asobo is unwilling or unable to provide at least 24 hours backlog of accurate weather conditions, they need to allow someone else access that will.
  3. ...unless it's a triple post with one click. 🤬
  4. I'm not clear if that means the 330 stable version with VNAV will release on Sunday, or if they're going to make the current beta version available in their downloader that day.
  5. Especially the drunk drivers put out by nVidia.
  6. Basically, at the time of day (night) I have for flying, if I wanted real-time weather and didn't want to just fly at night, I'd have be running the time-zone twelve hours from my own. In other words, a choice of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the U.A.E., Oman, or the Seychelles.
  7. I seem to recall a lot of mockery directed toward him on Reddit from people who claimed he was hyping his own Patreon and guides. Not saying it was justified...but I'm wondering if that made him a target for some types. Hope he gets things sorted out soon.
  8. Do we know if there are any plans to move VNAV to more than just the experimental version? It seems like it's been "in testing" there for more than a year now.
  9. I guess it really depends whether the OP expects to be updating their build sometime within the next three years or so. (AMD has promised socket support to "2025 or beyond.") If their intent is to "build something and leave it untouched for the next seven years," then the Intel chip seems to be superior to the current mid-range AMD chips. But I'm in a similar boat; I am planning a new build and, even if the i7-13700K is better at MSFS (and the various creative apps on which I depend), I'm still planning to go with a 7700 because I expect that I'll be upgrading to a higher-end AMD chip (possibly one with 3D memory) sometime between now and 2025.
  10. That's exactly the right approach for me! Honor my first experience of FS by opening the C64 version, starting at Meigs Field...and crashing every single time because the blasted thing was impossible to control with the keyboard and a display running at 2 FPS! 😆
  11. In the San Fernando Valley, probably making arrangements with my now-ex-wife to move up to the Seattle area. Probably took a little time off to play Star Raiders on our new Atari 400. IBM? They were for big businesses!
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