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  1. Apparently, if it's an "installer problem," almost two years later, they still haven't fixed it.
  2. How do you enable TIR in CP's preferences? I'm running CP 1.0.30Exp, and I don't see any entry in Preferences for it. I do see the TIR icon in the ChasePlane window, but it's not working in P3D.
  3. I'm only finding two BMP files in \Effects\texture with that naming convention: fx_alaefetresA36.bmp fx_efetres2A36.bmp Is there another one?
  4. I have the same problem. Are there no solutions at all?
  5. I just updated to XP11.10, and was looking forward to the improved London landmarks (since the lack of city landmarks has been a big gripe of mine with the scenery). Unfortunately, I had already added several freeware London sceneries, in bits and pieces, and the whole resulting jumble of sceneries was a bit of a mess, with lots of amateurish looking buildings, things floating in mid-air, etc.. I decided to go back to my scenery_packs file, and disable everything that looked like it could be a custom add-on. Running 11.10 again, I saw that most of the weirdness had gone away, but there were no landmarks to speak of. Obviously, in disabling third-party scenery, I must have also disabled part of 11.10's own improvements. For helping me to debug my problem, could someone here please post a "stock" scenery_packs file for 11.10, so that I can see what should be getting loaded along with what shouldn't? Thanks.
  6. I had the same issue, and assumed it was a problem with my setup. If this is what we can expect every time CP's servers hiccup, that's simply pathetic. It's also Exhibit A as to why we need an offline mode NOW, or at least CP needs to be rewritten so that, if it can't log in, the user simply goes back to standard FSX/P3D views, not a situation where you are pretty much SOL.
  7. I've been running ChasePlane with P3Dv4, and enjoying it greatly. Earlier today, I did a flight and everything worked fine as always. Closed P3D and went on to other matters. Came back this evening (after installing some newly-installed Orbx scenery), and decided to use P3D again. This time, I got the following error dialog as ChasePlane was starting. (Obviously, there was no error code to send.) Repeated attempts to launch ChasePlane revealed that the error came just after the "Getting libraries..." message. (FWIW, I had a working Internet connection, the same one I'm using to send this.) I see no sign of an error log, as others have mentioned. However, since I can't find any mention of its location, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. I do know it doesn't seem to be in APPDATA or PROGRAMDATA, nor in ChasePlane's directory in Program Files (x86). Looking over the posts of other people who've received this error, I see the standard response is to make sure I have the right version of .NET Framework and the runtimes Visual C++ 2010 installed. However, since I was able to run ChasePlane consistently before now, and nothing on my system has changed except the Orbx scenery, I would have to assume I had the right versions to begin with. (Checking in my list of installed programs indicates I have .NET Framework 4.6 and 4.6.1, and redistributables for Visual C++ 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017, so I would guess I'm covered.) What should be my next step?
  8. When you say the AP issue is fixed, do you mean you can now get it to engage as long as you're following FD guidance, even if you don't have the aircraft precisely trimmed?
  9. Lucky you. I just installed DD New York X v2, and am getting 12-23 fps (generally around 15) and enough stutters (not of the micro- variety) to give me motion sickness.
  10. According to Orbx's website, it's still only available for v3 and earlier. ???
  11. Orbx DID wake up. They announced last year that they would be producing scenery for XP. Then, apparently, Austin Meyer made some comments that rubbed John Vennema the wrong way, and they dropped any plans to support it.
  12. Those are great screenshots! Are you using ReShade to get those colors? I find the look of "stock" XP11, at least on my system, to be extremely hazy and quite muted in terms of color.
  13. I must say I'm amused by a video that shows you how to remove malware that may have come from downloading torrents, and then recommends, if you can't afford one of the tools mentioned, to "just torrent it." What's wrong with this picture?
  14. Good to know. Maybe you should write up a small tutorial for the forum's benefit?
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