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  1. That is weird. I checked the Marketplace and, for some reason, I had WU1 already installed, but none of the others. I had assumed they'd be automatically installed at the "check for updates" screen. Thanks for clarifying!
  2. So that would mean I have to go back to Marketplace and look for the other World Updates next? I didn't see any initially other than WU3, but maybe I wasn't looking in the right spot.
  3. Could be...not sure I ever used MSFS between 1.15 and 1.16.
  4. I downloaded all the other Content Manager updates last night after install. This time, I originally clicked on "Buy & Download" for WU3, then canceled it and came over here to make sure I wasn't going to be screwing up my install by doing it. Now, I go back to Content Manager and see five different U.K. packages that need to be updated. Fine, but I guess I'm still puzzled why this wasn't included from the start -- or whether it was and choosing to buy WU3 from the marketplace, even if I canceled it immediately, had the effect of making it necessary to install it again. Odd.
  5. This is a bit odd...I just purchased the Premium Deluxe Version outright and installed it yesterday. I would assume it would include all the previous updates. However, if I look at the Marketplace, it indicates I need to purchase (for free) and download World Update III: United Kingdom & Ireland. Shouldn't that already be included? Is it just going to reinstall updates I already have, or did the newly-purchased version for some reason leave them out? It's pretty confusing.
  6. I'm a bit confused by this part. If I don't have the A320NX already installed, is there an advantage to getting it from FBW instead of through the marketplace? Will the former handle updating, while the latter won't?
  7. Don't know if it's "horrible," but it does seem somewhat diminished. I just bought MSFS Premium Deluxe outright; previously, on my XBox Game Pass standard edition, using Squirrel's steps for graphics tuning on my relatively-antiquated system. I was able to get 30FPS at high-end settings with the default A320 at EGLL in the rain at dawn (which I found to be the most taxing scenario). With my newly=purchased version including the latest update, I had to dial it down to medium to keep the frames from dropping into the mid-20s. Still quite flyable and good-looking, but not quite what it was beforehand.
  8. I've been using XBox Game Pass to play the standard version for several months, but plan to buy the Premium Deluxe version outright, then cancel my Game Pass since I don't use it for anything else. (I was part of that long thread earlier, so I know which version to buy that would be truly stand-alone.) The only thing that occurred to me is this: With Steam, if I were to build a new computer, I could re-download all the games in my library to the new machine. Similarly, if I was on XBox Game Pass, I could move everything over to the new build. But what if I buy from the Microsoft Store, but then cancel Game Pass? As long as I have the same Microsoft Account on the new machine, am I allowed to re-download all my Microsoft Store purchases to it? Or do I have to buy a whole new copy for each machine? Obviously, I can buy MSFS for cheaper from Microsoft than Steam, because of my current Game Pass membership. But, if it meant I'd have to buy another copy if I were ever to do a new build (which I'll probably be considering in the next year or two), I'd rather get it from Steam. Could anyone give me information about this issue?
  9. Here's the irony: if he had hired someone here like tod for a few bucks to just clean up the displays and the contact points (you know, the work they were willing to do for free here just to make the aircraft more believable), he probably could have sold his base product for $40, and no one would have complained. Sure, they would have said, it's a "777-Lite," but it looks nice and would fill the bill for casual simmers, and probably for many others who would use it as a stopgap until PMDG released theirs.
  10. I wish I wasn't serious in saying that, but you clearly don't know many YouTubers who have been hit with totally ridiculous copyright strikes and claims (I got hit with one of the latter in a video of mine, in which I performed a Celtic tune written in the 19th century. Warner Music claimed it was copyrighted by them; from the date of composition, it was well out of copyright even if it had been registered in the first place -- every documentation of the work I could find listed it as being in the public domain -- and, as to the performance, I played it myself, so I clearly hadn't licensed my "recording" to Warner. Nonetheless, YouTube notified me that any monies earned on the video -- which were $0.00, by the way -- would go to Warner Music because I had "violated their copyright"). And I am far from alone; I know several people who have had their income-earning channels put at risk of permanent banning, just because someone hit them with a frivolous copyright strike. YouTube's initial inclination, in virtually every such case, is to comply "to be on the safe side," and it takes a great deal of effort and time to reverse such a decision...and that's a best-case scenario, as, often, YouTube administration doesn't even bother responding to the channel-owner's appeal. When I speak of negative "reviews" on YouTube, I'm referring to those, like that of Drawyah, that consist of a streamed flight along with his negative comments on the product. I suspect Zombie Captain Sim would have no compunction about coming up with a new licensing term stating that no footage of their product could be aired or streamed without their permission, and YouTube would probably go along with it. Absurd? Sure, but it was also absurd to issue the takedown order at flightsim.to. The latter could probably have fought it, but decided it wasn't worth the risk and bother to them; that seems to be the standard operating procedure at YouTube as well.
  11. I’m frankly expecting them next to issue takedown orders on all YouTube (negative) reviews of their product. Maybe even issue full copyright strikes and see if they can get the accounts of people like Drawyah closed down. On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t have said "they/them." If the reports I'm hearing are true, Zombie Captain Sim should just be using singular pronouns, because there's only one hack there now.
  12. I think you've managed to get two different '60s-era songs confused -- Monday, Monday and Sunday Will Never Be The Same. (The latter was by Spanky & Our Gang.)
  13. What "included 737"...? Or did you mean the default 747?
  14. I've got to say, I understand the notion of using a censorbot to replace truly offensive language with "word not allowed," but I'm trying to figure out how a compound word joining together "fan" and another word for male children is considered truly offensive. Is there another, offensive connotation for that word that I'm not aware of? (And I mean offensive to the general public, not to the "word not allowed" for being told they're acting like a "word not allowed." 😄 )
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