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  1. You do not need to manually disable files in the Vector Scenery Folders. If you have compatibility issues with ORBX or other products, you should use the Flightbeam manager Troubleshooting tab. Disabled with the sliders.
  2. guibru

    Greece arpt.

    Skiathos est un bon choix. The approach of Samos 29Palms is very interesting tooIl y a aussi ...
  3. guibru

    Speed trees

    Another variant of trees. Terra Flora
  4. guibru

    Best PBR airports

    Other airports and high quality as well. WSSS Singapore KMSY New Orleans FlyTampa Toronto FlyTampa Montréal
  5. guibru

    Cairo scenery for the latest version of P3D

    The release date of HECA is in 2016 which corresponds to SP2.I doubt it’s compatible with 64-bit P3DV4.On the link it talks about FSX, FSX SE, P3D v2 and P3D v3, so 32bits. says Prepar3D v2-4 compatible, I may be wrong but I have a doubt.
  6. guibru


    My first shots here... <a href="" title="Mon image">Lien vers mon image</a>
  7. guibru

    Water textures

    Yes, I agree, but it’s still mediocre compared to what you can have with today’s engines.
  8. guibru

    Water textures

    Correct but there are a lot of people who don’t like P3D water. That is why I say that.
  9. guibru

    Water textures

    Stop taking your head off for water rendering.Pressing LM won’t do any good, the only way to get a better rendering is to change the P3D graphics engine.I remind you that it is the same as FSX. It’s an old graphic engine.
  10. guibru

    Enabling TrackIR

    The only downloadable version is 4.5.Trackir works perfectly with any version of P3D like fs9 and FSX.It’s easy, please read the downloadable manual.
  11. guibru

    Does anyone use Track IR anymore ?

    I have always used Trackir for many years (fs9). It is the less expensive and more immersive at the same time.VR is more immersive than Trackir but much more expensive.Remember that each user is different and does not react the same way with Tir or VR. Some people are sick or not.(Internal ear)
  12. guibru

    Does Track IR Work in P3D v 4.5?

    Trackir has always worked with fs9, fsx and P3D. (since the first version)If you have a problem it is always the same problem, you have a light source that interferes with your camera.
  13. Just a question, to install PTA it is necessary to reinstall textures clouds by P3D (default) I have REX 4 and PTA : " ERROR: shader spins D:\P3D\ShadersHLSL\Cloud.fx is not original Prepar3D to shader and can' t be used " Thank you for your help!
  14. Hello, I have OPUSFSX since his release, unfortunately I meet a problem with cloud cirrus when an update is made. The textures of cirrus are double and fuzzy. Why!!! I have for information the last version 3.51.1. Thank you.