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  1. Hi Vincent, it’s well deserved when you have talent. I have almost all your scenes. Fantastic work and still congratulations.
  2. This is the problem of routers, they crash from time to time. In Europe we do not have internet boxes with the same problem. Super known problem, now you will be that it is necessary from time to time to turn off its router or its box to restart the connection and especially to carry out the updates.
  3. A faded color is a color that has bleached. On your image there are no colors that are faded. You are mistaken, the colours are not faded but slightly overexposed. It is not the same thing.
  4. For development, there is tracking to do on site. If they do not have airport authorizations, it is dead. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/629530-lfpg-project-in-progress/
  5. I am looking forward to this WU15, is Norway, my second home. I hope the watermask problem and the poor resolution satellite texture strips will be gone. Wait and see tomorrow.
  6. You could have done a search. A post already exists. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/614871-dash-7-announced/
  7. Passenger2 announces release date and prices. Passenger2 is now ready for launch and its release is scheduled for November 24, with a pre-sale from October 27. According to developer Scott Thompson, the Passenger2 presale will start on October 27, offering the software at a discounted price of £19.99 ($24.99, $22.99). After the official release, the price will rise to £24.99 ($31.99, $29.99). Several features are available to you. Interested in running an entire airline or you just wanted to enjoy an unrestricted flight, the software is for you. You can even buy and sell aircraft, manage contracts and even create subsidiary airlines. The updated site and trailer ----> https://www.passenger2.com/ As a reminder Passenger2 will be compatible with GSX.
  8. You have time to ask yourself this question... Summer 2024.
  9. 2024-2025: Intel confirms a busy schedule with three successive processor ranges. Intel Innovation 2023, the new technologies show that the American firm is currently organizing in San Jose, California. https://videocardz.com/newz/intel-confirms-2024-2025-client-cpu-lineup-arrow-lake-lunar-lake-and-panther-lake
  10. The main developer of Passenger2, presented the boarding and unloading features of its application. Passenger2 to be launched in Q4 2023. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuEsjjaY11c
  11. Knowing Bergen very well and going there regularly in reality and in the sim, Salvuz is much better optimized than RDPresets. RDPresets is more detailed but there are a lot of problems. The slope of the track is too extreme, not in line with reality. There are still problems with the AFCAD. After the mesh resolution for Norway in MSFS is sometimes bad in some places is exaggerated declination. RDPresets does not appear to be making any further updates. As for me I chose Salvuz for the moment while waiting maybe Jo Erlend so interested.
  12. Programming for September, SWS encounters some quirks that they must solve before hoping that the PC-12 is ready for approval from Pilatus. To summarize the main functions of the product. Aircraft Systems: All systems are now complete. The team is optimistic that no major problems will occur unless testers find something unexpected. A notable problem has been identified with the status lever on the Xbox version, but the cause is known and will be fixed before the release of the aircraft console. Flight model: The team is still fine-tuning the flaps. They have already mentioned the challenges of getting a specific stream behavior in MSFS, so they are working to find the right balance. Avionics: Almost complete, with only minor aesthetic and functional elements waiting. Features such as WX/PLAN mode on HSI and KMD850 will be introduced in a future patch. Exterior model: It’s complete, with just a few «useless but cool details» to add. Interior model: The team is improving the textures, with completion scheduled for the first week of September. Sounds: The 5-blade version is complete and the 4-blade version will be finalized after the summer break. https://www.facebook.com/SimWorksStudios
  13. Hi Dave, how to install GAIST ULTRA Ver. 3. Install all 9 files in your Community folder.
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