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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxxtcPKRhRc
  2. Hi, Very active right now, Just Flight shares new images of the Fokker F28 Fellowship for MSFS https://www.justflight.com/in-development/fokker-f28-fellowship-microsoft-flight-simulator
  3. The Beaver is a classic in itself and a classic from Milviz too, a high-fidelity recreation of this legendary airplane that the developers released for FSX and P3D a few years back. After months without hearing or seeing anything about the Beaver for MSFS, we now got the first image of the cockpit. We’re hoping for a floating version... 😍
  4. This curious little machine will soon be making a first entry into MSFS, thanks to the work of BlueMesh, who recently brought us the Caudron Rafale C430. BlueMesh is hoping to finish the work by the end of the month, ready for the upcoming launch of MSFS on Xbox on July 27th. Wait and see... https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=198447125619623&id=100443062086697
  5. I have also seen it in other parts of the world. This will disappear when Asobo has solved the performance and morphing problems. Patience...
  6. For information you will find an old product FranceVFR. I have this product since its release December 2020. https://www.francevfr.com/product_orvframsfs.phpNothing new as always after many months after the official release of a product, ORBX gets a partnership with a developer (FranceVFR) to put their product on their store.ORBX is becoming more and more a distributor and less a developer.
  7. The Kodiak 100 from SimWorks Studios is almost ready, coming this summer. In the latest development update, the developers have shared some details about the current progress with their new aircraft. All is going well, with everything mostly complete. The focus is now on the flight model and adding checklists and sounds. The same goes for the overall systems. The Kodiak will get real samples that were recorded from a real aircraft. The Kodiak will be released in two separate packages: a wheeled and an amphibian version. The wheeled version will come with Tundra, Summit, Skydive, cargo and mixed cargo/pax interiors, along with the option for a cargo pod, standard and tundra tyres. It will be available for 30€
  8. Yes and you will need a Microsoft account to upgrade to windows 11. (Required)
  9. That’s right after it’s the only CRJ on the market so it’s him or nothing.
  10. I have a preference for Flightbeam by Dreamflight but that of Pilot Experience Sim is very good too.
  11. Already installed for a week, no problem. Now it’s the KB5004393.
  12. General performance improvement expected for the release of the xbox version and SU5.
  13. Yes, there is a conflict. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/208343-iceland-mesh-for-msfs/
  14. Then you should know that only Virtualcol develops the Embraer 170/175. No hard-core developers offers this productSo if you wish for an Embraer it’s Virtualcol or nothing.
  15. The Embraer 170/175 by Virtualcol is coming between June 15 and 20, will cost $24.99. Virtualcol will be releasing three variants: the Embraer 170, the Embraer 175 with standard winglets and the Embraer 175 with extended winglets. 30 liveries will be available. https://www.virtualcol.com/front/news/previous-of-our-new-embraer-170-175-msfs/
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