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  1. I think One can buy a Licence of P3D for a month or something like that for very little cost and try-it regards Alvaro Escorcia AHS712D OMAA
  2. For Jim's family: Jim was leader and fantastic supporter of our large flight simulation community. We come from everywhere in the World and it's the passion for simulation what keeps us together. Few or us are computer gamers per se. Instead, we are interested in learning new things, getting to know the world, learning in detail how planes fly and how the aviation industry as a whole keeps folks flying safely. We also like to virtually visit places we have been before, heard about, or would like to see. All the best for Jim is new place and lots of comfort for his family ! Alvaro Escorcia AHS712D (N712D)Alvaro Escorcia OMAA
  3. I really like the AI comment. Microsoft has access to plenty of data and has talent to tell when is it likely for ANYTHING to show up as an animated vehicle on most airports (if not all). Birds, mowers, crowds, fireworks. Its all up to what to get from the buck. The easier thing would be to use stuff they have done (or partners) for other projects (agricultural research, etc) and just put it out there in the servers of FS 2020. There are no limits to what can be done with AI... if you have Bing or similar Alvaro Escorcia AirHispania Virtual Airlines (AHS712D) OMAA
  4. Hello If anyone is interested in the Airhispania forum there is an interesting thread regarding the evaluation (pluses and gaps) of the European Photo scenery published i the Italian site. Its quite constructive and interesting because it explain in simpe terms some of the technical aspects of these type of sceneries. The text is in spanidh but has lits of sample images http://www.airhispania.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=82&t=4108 Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  5. Hello Vic Your recomendation for creating the scenery.cfg file worked quite well. Thanks a lot. I downloaded installed and ran the "LorbySceneryExporter" application and it did the work just fine! Thanks and Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  6. Thanks for the quick response Vic. Just to clarify my fist priority is to ensure that the scenery.cfg fle is ket updatd with all airports because I need it for oher apps, like Makerunways, FACommander and others. I am going to take a look at the "Lorby Prepar3D V4 Addon Organizer" to see if with this app I can get those airports get to the scenery.cfg file Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  7. Hello This should be a simple answer for those with P3Dv4 experirnce.... I have some airport scenery innstalled in P3Dv4.4 (using manufaturers installers) that I can not move up/down in the scnery libarry (neither edit). The entries appear shaded. Curiously, those I can not edit / mode appear also as add-ons and there is where I can turn them on or off but not move up-down. The real probem I have is that those airports do not have an entry in the scenery.cfg of P3Dv4 and that creates other problems with ither apps I have that need to read the scenery.cfc file from P3Dv4.4 My questions are: (1) How can I edit/move those "fix" scenery entries in the scenery library? (2) How can I make those airports show up in the scenery.cfg file of P3Dv4.4? Please refer to images below Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  8. Yes I meant two. The SCX is one thig and the Photoreal another. They can both coexist. Regrds Alvaro Escorcia
  9. The AirHispania orto-photpgraphic scenery has high resolution mesh and autogen (also high qualaity) built from accurate dta from the governmnet of Spain. https://mega.nz/#F!LZcEyT5I!rvTfq8oluW5HNZiwQ78o-Q If you download and read the instructions you will find how to usse this scenery as it is, or how can you use the mega-scenery commercia product (is about the same with a few improvements in color transient across regional borders) with the mesh and autgen from thee onefrom AirHispania. A complementary scenery is the AirHispania SCX package. This is only airports (about 50) aimed precisely at the VFR flifght enthusiasts. (Also has quite a few of the large airposts like Makaga LEMG and Granada LEGR). http://www.airhispania.com/moddoc01.php?tCod=20121101120945 Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  10. Thanks again for the feedback. Seems like the issue is related to having one or more of the following: (1) the hat switch is assigned to some other function in any device (&16000M or saitek pro flight quadrant) which is what I have. (2) there is any device assigned to any function like "look up (pan)", "look up/right (pan)", look right (pan)" etc.... in general "Look X (pan)" Once I cleaned-up those the function started to work correctly. Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  11. Thank you for the feedback, If you configured with the P3Dv4 (instead of using FSUIPC), can you please confirm you selected the "view(pan)" control in P3Dv4, then you touched the hat switch in the Joy Stick, and ended up with the fonfiguration a shown in tis image and works as expected? Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  12. Hello - I am posting this with the hope that "Poppet", the Prepar3D expert of this forum takes a look and provides advice. I recently reported this issue in this thread of this forum: I am almost sure (and have confirmed with another simmer who has the same issue) that in P3dv4.x (for sure in 4.4) the "view(pan)" control setting does not work as it should. What happens is that Instead of taking the "hat" button of the joy stick (or yoke) as an "omni-directional" control, it takes it as a single-direction control as applied at the moment of last setting. I World like to confirm this from more simmers, and also would kile to know if LM can take this reost from here to be included in tge ist of bugs to fix.... Using FSUIPC is not a permanent solution for this. This should work out of the box with P3D. Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  13. Hi Good ideas. However I doubt its a Windows issue, bacause with the same device connected in the same PC but running the other fsim (FSX-SE) let me set it as view (pan) and works 100% without issues. Also, in my case P3D 4.4 sjows me the device exactly as T.16000M Regards Alvaro Escorcia
  14. I have checked again and the symptopms are still there. Looks like the "View (pan)" setting control in P3D4.4.1627077 does not support the view as before II wuld appreciate advice from anyone who has this working OK Regards Alvaro Escorcia
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