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  1. There is a way in content.xml to define what files are excluded from what one seed in scenarios. For example, see two conflictingh runways (one from the M<OD in community and another one from the stock scenery ).
  2. Whats the relevance of Google MSFS in this thread? .... Not supported, not needed - wanted for some. Lets cool down folks
  3. I agre... its like real life. Some are more suitable to leave in X places and some in Y places and both really enjoy it. I would not change MSFS for anythging else that I knnow but thats a personal choice. I can see why some simpler system ( i.e. not running in the cloud) would feel more comfortable for the OP. Even FS9 ... why not? Maybe X-plane is still too much for others... and thats OK. AHS712D
  4. In my case I have no issues with time to load MSFS. It has actually gradually improved. One thing I did about 4 weeks ago (for anoother reason - buy might help you) was to delete the "ROLLINGCACHE.CCC" file located ubicado in the folder located here: DIsk>Usiarios>MiUsuario>Appdata>Local>Packages>Microsoft.FlightSumulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe>LocalCache This will be re-created frecs by the sim when launching the next time. Good luck
  5. Hello I subscribe to one of the most active YT channels on MSFS. This morning i noticed that the site is gone. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/overkill-simulations-hacked/568463 I wonder if this site could be restored.... Rgds
  6. Interesting.... not long ago ( lets say before pandemia and MSFS) the users (Pilots and ATC's) of VATSIM were - in general - quite a bit more strict than IVAO in terms of procedures and knowledge. Again, this is in general because it depended on the region/country. So... things have changed one supposes.... Regards
  7. The AP works well in TBM9. One thing: I use he WT Garmin G3000 mod. There are several videos in YT showing the use of AP in the TBM9.
  8. I closed the sim, deleted (renamed) the Content.xml file located in the LocalCache directory just above the community folder, rebooted the PC, launched the sim and all went OK Also is a good idea to open a zendesk mifrosoft support ticlket Regards
  9. "trying to get an idea here of how much influence WT has had on MSFS to date " WT has played an important role in making MSFS acceptable to those used to highly functional realistic avionics instrumentation in the cockpit. The agreement with Microsoft gave commercial formality to what was a fast growing community of collaboration for improvements . Aircraft (the CJ4) and Instrumentation (The Garmin line). There are videos in the internet about this engagement, I think as part of the development webcasts from Microsoft with Asobo, which included the WT folks. Lately, WT has focused on getting the G1000Nxi as real as possible and Microsoft has been publishing he updates within he SU or WU release cycles. One hopes the improvements make it to the other garmins soon. Best,
  10. Thanks for he answers. It seems that my "update" did not update since I don't see a bunch of POI icons in the world map and I don't see any World Update 9 in the content manager either. Any Ideas of how to fix this? ============================= Coorrection = I found it - I was looking in "content manager" instead of "msfs marketplace". Its downloadig now.
  11. Hello Silly Question - How do I know an update really made it to m y (running) sim? . i.e. something more "hard" than seeing see that there is "nothing to update" in content man ager. Just saying .....Like Italy + Malta for example Regards
  12. Yes I know. But each new thing will have its own cost to develop. Hopefully it would be less effort and thus lower price per additions Anyway.... just to give some order of magnitude....
  13. I use full screen. T he FPS performance difference in my case is hugge Windowed takes away 30 to 40 % performance.
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