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  1. This bloke seems to have some sort of answer for a couple of the above questions Pilot / 0083 - YouTube
  2. An Up To Date version of Australia - the current Bing is 10 years old 😟
  3. as far as I can make out - most of the foregoing was about QW and the 787 - but no one seems to have mentioned - Just flight - who firstly started a P3D version of the 747 ages ago - and then switched their efforts to one for MSFS recently ---- Have they also missed the boat.? Personally - I hope they do go ahead - because their version is the original 747 - or close to it - the 747-200 which is more to my want - having flown in that bird for 1000s of miles in the 70s - and as mostly steam cockpits and flight engineers - and they will get my money.
  4. my current wish is for these aircraft on X Box
  5. apart from owning the PA 32 - I was also licensed to fly the B36 /35 - both models - and did put some hours in on them - but I always preferred the Cherokee cockpit setup - even if sometimes it flew like a brick😉 Although I didn't own one - the PA 32 retractable Lancer would be a good choice - the forerunner of the Saratago
  6. Just in case a blank screen is seen by anyone else - I struggled for a week but with the help of the developer the answer turned out to be - I had "FRAPS" installed
  7. I wish !! ----- I use to own a PA 28 300 one way back in the 80's - the only one I know of - was one I paid for in XP11 but I hope you are looking for one in MSFS
  8. You will enjoy especially since the AA1 update - remember to get the mod in the Marketplace but you need the top version of the sim
  9. The Honda H-JET - or a little larger - the new Asobo Longtitude
  10. if you test the default - which is for a twin incidentally - in an aircraft with a known fairly accurate A/P then you will find that all the buttons are correct - but you can make an adjustment t whatever you want in the control menu on the sim sometimes the button for the aautopilot needs a 2nd press - so check it each time
  11. You are quite right with your pic - the problem is that the world Chart is a mess - not co-ordinated - look it up You Chose the runway oK but the whole thing is displaced - with the parking spots in the middle of the runway
  12. i have it and it is just as I remember it in real life - and they just did an update today - presumably to match the UD
  13. you can add me to those 2 A/c - my dad flew them in the war and I had both in P3D
  14. This will happen if you are using honeycomb alpha which is default set for the rotating ignition switch.
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