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  1. Most of the flight videos you see on utube are made with "Flight Control Replay" from sim brief around 12 Euros Once you have the captures you only need a simple editor to piece them together The file for utube and most replays such as PC etc is .mv4
  2. @ the OP Apart from our missing Carenados (3) in my case in what seems to be a major market place problem maybe there could be another reason - last week I could not use either my Arrow - Seneca - or Seminole because -i.e, after the last update I found that most of my aircraft - bought in the marketplace - would not bring up the avionics package - the carenados were completely blank maybe they were withdrawn until the beta has been finalised ??
  3. On the other hand !! - the statistic that shattered me from a major P3D producer of aircraft was the statement by the head of PDMG that --- " they sold more downloads of the DC 6 for MSFS in the first week of it offered for the sim - than all the total sales - ever - of the product for P3D" No one has offered the question to PDMG -- how as it gone since then ? - and again - since it went onto the marketplace in the sim ?? I just wonder how the same statistic question applies to Carenado and Just Flight aircraft
  4. I bought this aircraft last year from just Flight - flew it for hours in P3D - tried to replicate the scene in "Tora-Tora-Tora' where the instructor and the pupil get mixed up with the incoming Jap formation When the Aircraft turned up in MSFS I grabbed it and it has become my favourite in the MS scenery - visiting so many default airfields in UK and Australia Good to know that my thoughts on it are almost equal to an expert I dont know of any in Australia - a nd would loved to fly one - but my license expired 40 years ago👴
  5. Interesting O.K.! - since this discussion seems to refer to an X box problem -- How did you purchase for X box on PMDG site ??
  6. Not before time - we've been flying around our homes in Australia using 6 year old BING 🙃
  7. A 40" HD TV would be fine for you and less expensive than a 32"monitor I have been using a HD for a long time with P3d 4.5 and in fact - I am currently using a 50" with no probs with V5 as well as MS2020 I stress that it is an HD -ie 1080 - but I notice that you are in the States and use a different system to our PAL
  8. I actually owned the 300 model of this aircraft - and this addon is very true to the original Flies like a brick on short final🙃
  9. Thanks for that David = I've found it I also just discovered a video as well (1) MSFS FREEWARE GTN750 | How To Install & Setup - YouTube Thanks all for your help
  10. yeah - very funny - he he then maybe I should rephrase the question to those who have used it - how was the install - and how do you find it compared to the P3d/XP versions
  11. I just updated my Arrow - Seneca and Seminole in MSFS and noticed that they will utilize something almost identical to the GTN 750 - and the Carenado site and shows the following is available for their aircraft The product is from GPS for MSFS2020 (pms50.com) Has anyone tried this yet?
  12. I cant afford FSU???? - but my honeycombe works well after I used the tutorial by "Simhanger" on U-Tube
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