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  1. Thanks to MARK and DOUG for your kind remarks - It all occurred so long in Lancashire - Mark - and my Avatur was taken at Blackpool AP - (on a visit from OZ) - and where I borrowed the PA28 and took my dad (who flew in Halifaxes WW2) for a buzz around the County Palatine for a couple of hours. As for whether or not - I fall from the perch - say - just after both MS2020 and X Box TWO come out in August - one of my 3 sons aged between 53 and 60 and PS4 fanatics - will benefit - or failing that - I have a great grandson who will love it - the other 4 are girls.
  2. On the Florence sequence - I spotted the café in the square where I had lunch 10 years ago.
  3. I am a Formula 1 fan - and when a new X box was announced around 12 months ago that gave 4K HDR quality playback - and a new 4K game F1 2019 - I jumped in on a special X Box One X offer in a local store - bought the F1 and Forza 4 and drove around all the worlds tracks in my Ferrari - and the roads of England's Lake District in my Maserati - at super frame rates without any stutters. At the same time - I bought a new 55" 4K HDR10 -TV - my dear wife of 64 years of marriage relegated me back to my own bedroom with the X BOX - and to my old PC - so I bought a Hisense 43 "HDR10 TV as a monitor to my aging PC - which meant an upgrade - to what now seems to be - a medium PC in simming terms - according to what I have learned since - but perfect for decent gaming in 4K - but not for 1K Flight simming via XP or PD3 - I found out. When MS recently shattered the flight sim community with pre alpha videos of their proposed new Flight Sim - many questions were answered that seem to cover most of the failings talked about - infinitum in these forums - amongst which were what will happen to developers - what will be the future for XP and PD3 - and the big question will be - will my PC be powerful enough - will my internet be capable of streaming from the cloud etc etc - and will MS back up this new sim for years to come ? Have a look at this video - typical MS PR - but does it cover what the benefits - the new sim brings to quality and performance we have been seeking from XP and PD3. Personally - I will continue to use both XP and PD3 because of the investments I have made in Orbx and aircraft - on my current PC which is still capable of handling some big games (Elite eg) - and when the X Box 2 (??) hits the streets with its "x" terraflops of memory - bespoke CPU - GPU way in advance of RTX 2080TI - ssd storage etc. - and the best version of MS FS 2020 that is actually designed for it - (NO tweaking) - (I wont really care if the airflow over the wings is more important than visual quality - because I have over 500 hours of actual flying G/ Aircraft in the real world so I know how it actually should feel) As to developers - already aircraft developers are making noises about the use of 4K PBR - U-Tube video makers like frooglesim - are producing in 4K and downsizing to be used on outdated 1K HD sims. Airports are being developed all the time for the newer scenery technologies like Orbx - so why not for MS FS 2020 One of the more obvious developments that will be required for an X BOX sim - is a different controller. Some time ago so that MS could place "Aces" on the X BOX - they worked with Thrustmaster to modify a HOTAS controller for use with this - and future flight sims. One only has to visit T/Masters pages to view the number of Driving wheels developed for Sim racing - look at a Ferrari wheel - Imagine that as a flight yoke with all the buttons to hand - and they have pedals as well to go with the wheels (yokes + Rudders). The CEO of Thrustmaster recently confirmed they were working on a new controller project (??) I have just one problem ---- at 84 YO - will I get to see all this - 👴 For a more Tech spec - watch this Vid on XBOX 2 vs PS 5 - will Sony PS 5 want a developer of a Flight Simm ??????
  4. I didn't - got it for $A10.50 - and it is the very latest update - love the graphics - but haven't tried it fully yet - because I am still trying to sort out my XP 11 resolution problems - (they are still in the 1K res systems) - so I might just back out from XP and start on Elite) I also bought the complete Thrustmaster 16000 set to go with it - since that seemed to be the one most recommended and it goes well with IL2 COD blitz. What are these new N Vidia filters - I use a 43" Hisense 4K HDR10 monitor via N vidia GTX 1050TI Should I try them ??
  5. This is a copy of what I recently wrote in the XP11 forum (bravely I think) - and might answer the threads OP 12 months ago - Microsoft spotted an opportunity when the Video/Photographic world - moved the TV world - into the HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) and a resolution 4 times Higher than was being used - ie what is generally called as 4K. (8K HDR is already with us - and screens are bigger still) The opportunity was to take a large step with their successful High definition gaming machine X Box 360 - and bring out the brand new X BOX One - which used HDR graphics - 4K resolution to make a big impact on the visual quality of gaming One of the first uses was sport - and their Formula One 2019 racing game for example - and Forza car rallying - moved this type game light years ahead. One can drive a Maserati at great speeds through the Lake district of England's countryside - Forza 4 - - or a Ferrari - around all the Worlds F1 tracks - with great photo based graphics and no worries about dropped - or stuttering frames. .i.e. X Box ONE 4k HDR technology. That is high speed "simulation" - and actually using "the Game" is very "stimulating" Microsoft have simply identified another source of use for the technology of gaming - to resurrect what they were once good at - this time - in a fresh potential market - not only scenic high and low slow - not necessarily perfect simulation - but watch out DCM - when we want to fight with our spitfires in perfect clouds - or bomb very visible real world Targets. MS are quite specific in what they say about different platforms - and I will have a choice - use my X Box one and my 43"tv Monitor - or my mid range PC - with a Nvidia driven TV - which because PD3 and XP 11 in particular - can't cope with 4 K High Dynamic Resolution technology - I will use MS 2020 on either of my 2 platforms I notice some aircraft developers are already making a big thing about their use of 4K PBRs in their new aircraft on offer - and I make 2 predictions of hardware development 1 - Thrustmaster make brilliant Steering wheels for X box - with accelerator pedals/brakes for their racing games - and they actually specially modified a common Hotas joystick for use with X Box "Aces" - I have both - and a Flight Sim Yoke is just another steering wheel with power and brakes. Have you ever noticed an X box Ferrari wheel - more buttons than TM 16000 We simmers need a NEW inexpensive 'Steering Yoke - ( not currently in T/Masters stable of flight sim gadgets) - especially designed for MS2020 simulator - X Box or PC - and they already have the Rudder pedals - and various quality joysticks for minor modifications. 2 - Microsoft have already climbed into bed with Samsung with their VR hardware - utilizing their MS mixed media developments - so it wont be too long before we see MS 2020 VR - first in X Box (they need to compete with PS4) - then PC,
  6. I have a 43" 4K HDR10 unit as my monitor used for both PC and X-box one - and as I said earlier I just love the quality - but to comment on Chaotic's quote. I recently moved to XP 11 - and unfortunately - it is a big disappointment in 4 k since XP does not like it Although - sometimes with reluctance - I can change the res to 4K - and need to increase the Font and screen size to 200% - but I need to do that every time I switch on - and similar to one or two other flying sims the mouse pointer and frame rate text etc is very tiny. on one - the tip I was given was to to check the compatibility and make various adjustments - It worked in track IR but not in XP. I cant use a lower resolution - the TV doesn't like it and crashes
  7. 2 weeks ago I changed to XP11 - and tried many combinations of sliders with my I5 - 9600 @ 3.9 uc - 1050TI to get some sort of picture - and I actually considered that my Monitor was to blame. Monitor ?? - a 43" Hisense HDR10 TV running at 60herttz - but with the help of a couple of blokes on here - yesterday I took my first flight in my arrow in TE Central with the buildings slider to the right - and No shadows. On my TV monitor every thing was as clear as a bell - and I sit 24" from the screen at 90degrees - and Track IR All buildings very clear - no flat googlemap areas - and the mountains in the Lakes District - very real (The s.s. below is over Morcambe - in Lancashire - untouched - easily - zoomed - and notice the clarity in the distance A close look will see Blackpool Tower - and the pleasure beach - some 40 miles away to the South.) Yes - My answer is 4k - and when my pocket allows it - since 8k TV is now out - it wont be long before that's my next monitor - just about ready for MS 2020 and all that lovely weather😎 --------------------------------------------- unfortunately - I don't seem to be able to show the ss pic since I don't have it on URL Why cant we have the system of just inserting a picture as we can on Orbx??
  8. According to my insider page - the 2nd edition - entitled "weather" - video is due yesterday the 24th Unfortunately - here down under - the 24th is gone so I'll just have to wait until today the 25th when its the 24th in the USA - and I'll probably be in bed.- when it first flashes on your screens😪
  9. There are "Computer Monitors" - around 27" plus at 1080 HD - I have one - but no longer use it because the trend - especially with someone with X Box One - needs 4k HDR10 screen to take advantage of the latest games on offer - (I have this also in 43") and special 4k games like Formula One racing - Forsa etc - and are best on a TV monitor with that spec - so it gets used for my Flight Simming. The computer uses Nvidia controls like any other type of monitor - and tries desperately to keep my TV's 60 hertz PRD3 doesn't mind it - but doesn't fully accept it -and I have problems from time to time - and I don't think Orbx took 4K HDR into consideration when developing up to TE.Britain. However the picture is good but affects the frame rates badly - but Aus V2 - and all Australian airports etc come up very good in 4K and a flight over Melbourne is perfect on my 43" 4K TV I have just changed over to XP 11 - and it is a disaster - and in trying to get a decent flight out TE Britain is a waste of my time. This sim is definitely Not designed for use with high value vision - and refuses to hold the 4k in the set up - it has to be set every time and the picture set at 200%. Trying a lower setting crashes the TV. With sliders at around half way - Inc. HDR- it sometimes is difficult to get the Simplest aircraft to start - never mind fly - and my spec is very close to that which XP11 suggest is the best necessary - so I am stuck with the basic scenery that comes with the sim software. From what I have seen in recent weeks - more people are using 4kTvs - and it could be a reason for some of the problems in scenery. I will not be giving up my 43" 4K HDR10 TV - I will not spend any more money chasing a proper flight in the latest Orbx TE software and await what MS will offer - since they have 4K HDR - all wrapped up - in a packaged technology called X BOX One and the demos were all in 4K
  10. With all this talk and wish list for the big Commercials - lose not the sight that if it wasn't for MS in the early days - ie if you are old enough to remember - Microsoft were the first to give you the chance to fly a 747 or a Biz jet!
  11. For months - I have had to use a joystick (T.master Hotas) with PD3 because it just refuses to let me use Saitek Yoke with Control levers for Throttle Prop and Mixture. Each time I try to set up the system - PD3 insists that the axis Z is for the throttle and I cannot use my Pedals (Tmaster) I find it ridiculous that I have to use a Joystick in a GA simulator - and not a Yoke - even for a heavy jet eg 747 I recently decided to move over to XP 11 - because it immediately recognises both Yoke and pedal set up - but feel frustrated because I have so much Orbx for the PD3 Any helpful suggestions??
  12. With the same computer setup that I have now - 1050TI - I used a 42" HD 1080 TV and it was good 4 months ago I switched to a 43" Hisense 4K - HDR10 TV - and there is a definite improvement in quality - even with the same N-Vidia settings. The only annoying thing that I find is that with some of my older software/PC Games - the text is very small (- although in some instances it can be corrected thro the compatibility Panel - e.g. TrackIr 5 software ) I run Pr3D with sliders around 3/4 and anti -aliasing at 4 - and this is on TE South - slightly higher for Aus V2 Needless to say - when using X-BoxOne (4K) - the picture is brilliant HDR -when using made by 4k games (F1 Grand Prix) and still very good on upgraded Xbox 360 stuff
  13. Ok I give up - if you only want to talk about resolution and numbers of pixels - not quality - you go your way - I'll go mine.
  14. Thanks for the list Dev - I almost thought I must have dreamt it
  15. Look - if you insist on just quoting what I said about ULTRA HD and quoting my URL saying "4Kor Ultra HD is 20 times the resolution of SD" - of course it is SD was the resolution before HD - and is still the output on free to air in Australia - HD has only been in use for about 2 years. Please read where I said that 4K refers to the resolution 3860 X 2160 - ie approx. 4k pixel What makes 4Ktv is the quality of those 4000 pixels in RGB terms - colours RED - Green - + Blue and how they are mixed. I.m not going to repeat my description of different states of those colours in terms of 32 bit or 64 bit etc - just accept what I said about upscaling fro Sd - or HD - or downscaling from genuine 4K pixels Your last Para says it all that you haven't got the message. Can you imagine what "I love Lucy" would look like on a 55"4k TV - if it hadn't been upscaled a dozen times - or current TV still used the old JVC videos in the raw state of the 90s.sporting programmes. Sometime tomorrow - you are in the UK - somehow try to take a look at the F1 Grand Prix on Skyfox- and look at the quality of the broadcast - particularly the opening sequences when they show old cuts from 10 years ago and compare them with todays transmission sequences. I don't know how Skyfox broadcast pure 4K TV - but I'll bet it's not down Cable - unless it is huge in MBs - and maybe for my curiosity- please tell me how Skyfox does actually Broadcast true 4k to a householder - and it wont be thro' all those little dishes outside the houses - that we see in photos.
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