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  1. Does anybody has heard anything regarding ETA of Carenado's PC12 or their own King Air 350 with the PL21 avionics? Have to admit that I rarely fly anymore. I am only into turboprops but hate the Daher and Asobo's KA. The little flying I am doing in FSS2020 is in the C208.
  2. I know that and have removed all mods but I must have messed up something in the original folder/files Is there a way to reinstall one of the original aircrafts?
  3. Seems like I have messed up one or more files of the default King Air by trying mods ,etc. It's one or two clickspots in the cockpit which have disappeared all of a sudden. Is there a way for the sim to redownload a specific plane instead of having to do a full reinstall? There is no such option in the content manager or am I missing something? Thanks for your help. Roland
  4. Thanks a million. Will the tbm version harm the King Air's G3000?
  5. Thanks a million for sharing, very interesting alternatives. Almost wanted to pull the plug on FS2020...
  6. Of course, left click + ALT does pop up a PFD/MFD's screen, we all know that, but this is about entire instruments in a separate pop-window incl all knobs and dials.
  7. not good ! Hopefully that's not some restriction built into FS2020. If so it would be a killer for me. I hope that Flight 1, Milviz and the likes will implement pop-up 2d instrument windows, which will allow turning knobs and dials. I don't think I am the only one but for me with the slightest of turbulence the turning of instrument knobs is a real pain in the word not allowed.
  8. If it's the MSFS G1000 Carenado is using I guess PDF and MFD cannot be popped-up like in FSX, meaning the entire instruments with knobs/dials and not only the screen. Correct?
  9. Cannot live with the fact that all MSFS planes don't come with 2D pop-up instruments. One can pop-up screens of PFD/MFD but not the knobs and dials. What about Carenado's cockpits? Can the entire instrument be opened in a separate window as before in FSX or is the same as with the MSFS default planes? Thank you
  10. This topic is about the PFD and MFD instrument knobs.. The only solution would be pop-up windows for the entire instruments not just for the screens. I cannot understand why Aesobo did not implement that.
  11. I have asked that as well but seemingly it is how it is, no pop-up window for entire instruments in FS2020
  12. I know that the screens can be opened in a separate window but what about the entire instruments like we did in FSX? If there's a little bit of turbulence the knobs are very difficult to be turned/toggled and switching forth and back to another camera view takes too much time during an approach. Is that an oversee by MSFS or deliberately? Roland
  13. Can the popping up instrument tips when mousing over dials/switches be turned-off somewhere? Thank you
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