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  1. Partly true, but I am not aware about any other default/payware aircraft where you cannot see the strobe lights unless you are almost fully zoomed in...... Try it next time u r in the PC-12, strobes on and then go to outside view without zooming.
  2. Same here, I am using the payware PMS50 GTN750 and couldn't be happier. Same for the flight dynamics, they have become top-notch by now. Don't understand that endless Carenado bashing in the forums. My only complaint is to have no access to their systems.cfg which would allow me to implement brighter nav and strobe lights. They are almost invisible. Carenado is blaming asobo for their weak lights but that cannot be true.
  3. For the money we had to spend to get into the Black Square King Air I was expecting a much better service. Only one update since it came out and that was a long time ago...... Roland
  4. Sorry, but I have another thing I am not happy with. All aircraft lights bar landing/taxi/recognition and the beacon light are much too weak. They are barely visible from the outside with the strobes being the worst, they are completely invisible unless you zoom in a lot. Would be easy to amend the lights myself but that's not possible without access to the aircraft's systems.cfg. Carenado, please come on. Give us better lights, It's five to ten minutes job for you, that's all. Roland
  5. Thank you for pointing this out. Didn't know Asobo changed its flight planner to allow loading a Simbrief fltpln at a gate/parking spot.
  6. Would like to know the same. The manual needs to be a bit more specific about correctly managing the aircraft's electrical system. Roland
  7. Hi Ryan, Have posted a comment under your most recent KA conversion asking for a conversion of two other Nukem repaints; https://flightsim.to/file/3109/private-king-air-liveries Would appreciate if you could do a conversion und upload them as well. Thank you, Roland
  8. No bug bot something for the wish list. A state saving for the plane defaulting to the PMS50 GT750 at loading instead of having to use the menu on the tablet each time at start up.
  9. My thoughts, exactly. Used to be beta tester for the Aeroworx
  10. Impressive and will certainly get me that plane. What I don't understand though is why they didn't model a complete B200 with that analog cockpit instead of using asobo's B350. Roland
  11. Would rather have a decent DC-8 70 Series, but that's wishful thinking. But with glass cockpit it should be doable I guess.
  12. https://flightsim.to/file/32993/747-8f-house-livery ..a dream comes true. Never thought this can be done.
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