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  1. Couldn't agree more as far as Milviz is concerned...
  2. How did you make the changes in the coding? I'd like to know. Thanks, Roland
  3. I own both the Carenado and F1 and to me it's a non-brainer. I have to admit that I've liked the Carenado a lot, but used it mainly to shorten the waiting time for F1's bird. I am a bit biased because I was a big fan of the Aeroworx King Air and like a complex aircraft. Initially I was concerned that a G1000 cockpit would not be my cup of tea, but it only took a few flights to convince me otherwise. I haven't touched the Carenado since. What does speak in favour of the Carenado is the visual model, which IMHO is better done than the Flight 1. In an ideal world one would be able to buy a hybrid with Flight 1 's model and Carenado's visuals. ..and last but not least, Flight 1's support team is second to None.
  4. roland

    King Air panel lighting

    Thanks a lot. Well done !
  5. roland

    My repaints

    Your C90 repaints are beautiful. Do you plan to do the same/similar color schemes for the B200?
  6. roland

    Criticism from a real B200 Pilot

    merci beaucoup, Pierre ! Roland
  7. roland

    Criticism from a real B200 Pilot

    Hi Pierre, I have no idea how to repack the amended xml file back into the cab file. How do you do this? Or could you pm me the new cab file with the changes? Thanks, Roland
  8. I'd like to know that as well before purchasing the soundpack from simmarket. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. roland

    XP Home vs XP Professional

    >Read a report yesterday somewhere on the net about SP3 Beta>making XP run faster than Vista. Anyone have a comment on>that? Have you tried SP3?very interesting. Is SP3 for XP freely available?
  10. roland

    XP Home vs XP Professional

    >Roland, Pardon me is your system being built by one of the>major online computer makers? 'Cause I'm curious where are>builders of desktops that will allow a choice of XP?>Yes indeed, but I am based in Switzerland. The company's name is Megashop and you can configure almost anything you want which is a big help if you want to build a PC for a specific use.Roland
  11. roland

    XP Home vs XP Professional

    many thanks, guys, I can now save a few quid and order my new rig with XP
  12. I own FSX but all my flying is still done in FS9 and XP Home.I am now in the process of getting a new PC and have decided against Vista and I will have XP as OS for the new rig. Now I need advice about the main difference between XP home and Professional, purely from a FS9 point of view. Is there an advantage performancewise? The new machine will have Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.5 Ghz processor.
  13. roland

    01SEP07: So What Happens Next? (Repost)

    MD-11 for FS9, these are very very good news indeed!! A million thanks!Roland
  14. I have just come across this thread and am amazed about how many people are feeling exactly the way I do.I have also bought and installed FSX the day it came out, applied most of the tweaks to get it half-running but did no more than a couple of test flights in the Caravan and Beaver, and that was it. I went straight back to FS9 with all the goodies and couldn't care less about FSX. Once SP1 was announced I had no desire whatsoever to find whether there might be an improvement or not, I just couldn't care less. I always thought it's maybe just me getting tired of upgrading hardware, wasting hours of tweaking and spening a fortune for add-ons which will become obsolete once the next version comes out, but now I am glad to hear that my feeling is quite common.I am a keen simmer since the very early days and always went straight to the new version with a lot of enthusiasm. With the transition from FS9 to FSX that feeling is gone. I don't know why. Maybe FS9 was kind of a peak and FSX does in fact very little much better. It looks like a dead-end or something and maybe one poster was right in saying that PC flight simming might come to an end.But who cares, I still do enjoy simming a lot and I am very very happy camper using a perfectly set-up FS9 with all the tremenduous add-ons. I'll now just wait and see what the future will bring (X-Box based or emothing completely new???), but as far as FSX is concerned, my opinion is that enough is enough.As regards add-ons it really ####### me off that the majority of providers don't want support/provide updates for people still preferring to use FS9 versions of their prodcuts. It's getting more and more obvious that making new money is their only concern, but my feeling is that such approach can easily backfire and some of them will go out of business pretty soon, because who on earth is going to buy a complex FSX add-on if it cannot be run properly in FSX ??? The whole thing has become just a bloody joke, hasn't it?Roland
  15. >>I never had any Flight Sim before FS9 so I have no idea how>>the changeover from FS2002 to FS9 went.>>Hi,>When moving from FS2002 to FS2004, I had only a few add-ons,>probably for a few $100 so the transition was a no brainer.>This time however the move to FSX is something completely>different, I have invested several $1000's in FS9.>Although having capable hardware, for me personally it is>simply not worth to move to FSX and do it all over again: The>differences between FS9 and FSX are (for me) too marginal to>justify. >>I can only second that and am now seriously considering pulling the plug on flight simming, after about 15 years.Enough is enough, FSX will be around for maybe two to three years and there will again be another version of FS. It's not that I cannot afford it but all the hassles involved for making a new version working half OK are just not worth it anymore, in my book at least.