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  1. to intheshadow: Would like to reactive this topic. Would like to amend the landing light of UWA's Longitude light mod to throw the beginning of the landing light beam forward of the nose landing gear. Can I amend the corresponding fx file and if so how? In FSX it was a simple thing to do. It was enough to "move" the beam by using a more positive value on the x-axis but here in MSFS2020? Thank you, Roland
  2. Thank you for the info. Very exciting but a rather long wait....
  3. I am very pleased indeed. Quick hop from KPHL to KTEB in the KA and beautil scattered cold weather clouds after a snow shower (usinglive weather) and even the parked airplanes a KTEB had snow on their noses and cockpit windows. Roland
  4. You sure? If so they will have a buyer. Hope they will have it again equipped with their own PL21. I know it's not Milviz level but much much better than what we hat got with Asobo's KA.
  5. Couldn't agree more with you guys. In addition to the Milviz 350, Flight1 could also amend their B200 to work in MSFS2020 but there seems to be no developer keen to take the plunge. My guess is that the don't trust Asobo. They are releasing updates after updates, forcing payware developers to do the same. MSFS2020 is a great sim as far as visuals are concerned. All else is for kids who play for a while and then move on to other ventures. Roland
  6. Hi all, I am struggling using the King Air's G3X MFD, with or without the crappy WT mode. Are there any hidden buttons one can use or is it really all touch? Like when trying to scroll down a FLP with the mouse pointer/arrow on the white bar at the right of the FLP window. Sometimes I can scroll but most times I cannot. It works a bit better with the FLP open on the PFD, but still not perfect. Very very buggy. Would like to hear from others. Can you use all functions of the MFD like it should be or do you have the same issues? Honestly I am really getting fed up with Asobo's approach. I am flight simming since the beginning and went through all the versions and there never have been any issues. A few payware and freeware add-ons created struggles but not the sim as such. MSFS2020 is a disgrace, we all paid for it, expecting a finished product, but as it has turned out we are only used as guinea pigs (they call it beta-testers...?). It's a year and half now and we are not getting anywhere. Thanks. Roland
  7. ..and what about the constantly reverting back to EASY settings in the Assistance Options? A minor thing to fix but by the look of things they couldn't care less. Very disappointing. Roland
  8. Couldn't agree more with all your comments Taschmann... it's getting to the point of being a waste of time which would be acceptable for a freeware sim but we've all paid for this product only to be treated like guinea pigs.
  9. Couldn't agree more, that image tilting is annoying and I have also tried to get rid of it a number of times. Hopefully somebody knows how it can be deactivated. Roland
  10. A very substantial upgrade, thank to all involved at WT group
  11. No proper King Air in the pipeline, very disappointing!
  12. Eye candy and the likes as well as frame rates are very important and it looks like they are getting there. BUT - wouldn't it be time by now to address the flight model/instruments of certain airplanes like the King Air? It's a flight simulator after all....
  13. Thank you. I am already using the WT G3X mod but since SU4 I cannot change the map orientation anymore. In fact than mod adds next to nothing to the standard instruments and there is no update in sight.
  14. Can somebody familiar with flying the King Air please let me know how to access the MFDs' menu? Like is there a way to show the map Track up instead of North up? Or is there nothing which can be changed? Roland
  15. Sorry to step in but how are you WT guys getting on with the G3X? There's very little progress going on compared to the three other Garmins. Thank you Roland
  16. Yes, would like to know that as well. Something to look forward to, especially since there seem to be no payware King Airs coming.
  17. Couldn't agree more, huge disappointment for me. Had both the original aeroworx and Flight 1 King Airs and flew them almost exclusively. Was considering moving to Prepar to get me the milviz but decided to wait for MSFS and their own KA. What we have got is word not allowed, only the visuals are OK and on Carenado's level. Come on Flight 1, get us your King Air. There will be takers I am sure.
  18. Does anybody has heard anything regarding ETA of Carenado's PC12 or their own King Air 350 with the PL21 avionics? Have to admit that I rarely fly anymore. I am only into turboprops but hate the Daher and Asobo's KA. The little flying I am doing in FSS2020 is in the C208.
  19. I know that and have removed all mods but I must have messed up something in the original folder/files Is there a way to reinstall one of the original aircrafts?
  20. Seems like I have messed up one or more files of the default King Air by trying mods ,etc. It's one or two clickspots in the cockpit which have disappeared all of a sudden. Is there a way for the sim to redownload a specific plane instead of having to do a full reinstall? There is no such option in the content manager or am I missing something? Thanks for your help. Roland
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