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  1. For anybody else having issues, please reference the photo below (which uses the GTN750 merge I made but AP usage should still be the same) In the Caravan EX, using the GMC 710 (autopilot mode controller, center/top of the panel), select the altitude using the ALT SEL knob (1). Once you've "dialed in" your desired altitude displayed above the altitude tape on the PFD (2), you have two options to get to the new altitude: Flight level change FLC (3) or vertical speed VS (4) -- as well as technically VNAV if you're on a vertical track - though I doubt Carenado's G1000 models that. Both modes use the wheel labeled DN <----> UP (5) Keep in mind in the real airplane, the mode controller "drives" the flight director, not the autopilot per se. It's up to the crew to decide if the autopilot is coupled to follow the flight director or not... But, for the purposes of what we're discussing, assume the autopilot is engaged as annunciated with a green AP in the AFCS Status Box (6). Vertical modes Note: In the real Caravan, I will almost always use VS mode when descending and FLC mode when climbing. VS mode: Select your desired altitude (1) and engage VS (4). Use the dial (5) to set the desired rate of ascent or descent. The requested vertical speed is reported on the P3D tooltip on the dial itself as well as in the AFCS status box (6). While climbing/descending to the selected altitude, you should see a white "ALTS" (altitude select) annunciated in the AFCS status box. This will change to a green "ALT" (altitude captured) when the altitude is captured. FLC mode: Select your desired altitude (1) and engage FLC (3). If climbing, make sure you've got adequate power set to maintain at least +500 fpm. Use the dial (5) to set the desired airspeed you want to maintain - the rate will vary based on the selected airspeed and power setting. The requested airspeed is reported on the in the AFCS status box (6) as well as above the airspeed tape (7). The white ALTS should change to a green ALT once the desired altitude is captured. Hope that helps!
  2. V1VrV2

    New FDE exclusively for P3D available

    We had our company Caravan at the Textron booth at OSH 2018 and got to spend some time in the Denali mockup they had at the show. It's a really nice looking airplane; Great cabin and FADEC with a GE engine (with 3D-printed parts - wild, I know!). The G3000 cockpit had the look and feel of the CJ-series but with a single thrust lever. Lots of parallels to the PC-12 which were obvious but they're also forging their own path, too, I'd say. I'm anxious to see how it does for them.
  3. Send me a private message and I can get you the links.
  4. Scott - Congrats to your buddy. Definitely take him up if you're able to (and if he's able to get you aboard...). If you're ever at the controls, you'll find that the thing flys like a truck - and the importance of right rudder! ha In my so far 30ish hours of flying our company G1000 Caravan EX, I've found lots of things that Carenado hasn't modeled or over-simplified. But it's still a decent simulation of the plane. But, the thing that has surprised me the most is how stable it is and how responsive it is to changes of the power lever. It's a fun airplane to fly!
  5. V1VrV2

    GTN750 Mod?

    Sure thing, on its way!
  6. V1VrV2

    Pilatus' sales drive.N1677

    My gosh, that's a pretty paint, Ron. Awesome job as always!
  7. V1VrV2


    I need to try that next time I try to tackle one of these...
  8. V1VrV2


    Wow, Ron - you've got the process down! Looks great - did you come up with your own paint kit or did you find a system to master the formerly unruly Carenado texture sheets?! :)
  9. How much over MTOW are you departing at? Here are the numbers from the POH for stall speed at MTOW (8,807 lbs.). Not sure if that answers your question, but should give a good rule of thumb.
  10. V1VrV2

    GTN750 Mod?

    If anyone is interested, I've created a VC merge for the GTN750 that retains the C208 engine gauges and adds a few other "goodies" (LPV glidepath, GTN clickspot, etc.). PM me if you'd like to give it a try.
  11. V1VrV2

    Swiss maid (HB-FWM)

    Holy cow, Ron! Now THAT is a work of art! Great job, sir!
  12. V1VrV2

    A Splash of Paint

    Nice job, Scott! Carenado makes it notoriously difficult to do repaints, but I think you knocked it out of the park!
  13. This file seems to work with the SR22 and the GTN750 in P3Dv4: http://library.flight1.net/?p=11287