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  1. The more I fly the Xtreme Prototypes Lear25 the less I want to fly anything else!
  2. Good advice Kevin i had FSAerodata but not installed or updated? Seemed to do the trick! Cheers Dean
  3. I've been away since 6.x and am trying 7.41 on P3DV4. I have to say I'm mighty impressed. Massive improvements in reliability so far. Got traffic working last night with Mytraffic. One thing seems odd. I'm flying IFR from Gatwick EGKK to Manchester EGCC. After departing the SID I should spend time with London Control until reaching the Manchester area. In fact I'm being handed over to Manchester Radar straight away while still in South of England. Can someone try this or suggest what's wrong please? Thanks
  4. Works with current mytraffic on P3DV4.
  5. I noticed this and thought I had autopilot engaged. Could you explain please - why / when does it click?
  6. The more I fly this bird the less I want to fly anything else!
  7. JRS I have this plane and it has to be one of my all time favourites. It is near study sim / PMDG quality and comes with a manual that stretches over 200 pages. There are a few other threads about it on Facebook and Youtube.
  8. In my experience yes. It's automated.
  9. Me too! But I think you have to have the Duke installed by addon method. Config app is in addon folder
  10. Have you looked at 717? It's got an FMC but is simpler to use than PMDG.
  11. This is explained at length in the manual. They say it is an issue to be dealt with by LM. If you don't want to make this change they offer an alternative - just install FSX version in P3D.
  12. P3DV4

    I've had the Flysimware since launch. Whilst it's a great well supported plane it's visuals are nowhere near this standard. I'm afraid it's now going in the hanger behind this Xtreme Prototypes beauty.
  13. P3DV4

    Instruction was to change it - so I did. Manual suggests installing the FSX version (slightly less featured?) if you don't want to tweak.
  14. P3DV4

    I bought this yesterday and installed in v4 without a problem and added the GTN 750 (thanks Ryan). I am astonished at the quality and clarity of the VC. The systems are complete and the manual (at over 200 pages) is outstanding. This is now by far my favourite biz Jet in V4. It just oozes quality. (Still hanker after the FMC in Citation X but I don't think that's enough to persuade me to fire up P3D v3 often now.) Time to read the manual through again now!
  15. I've just tried to read two separate articles Ray's Review of Xtreme Lear Jet and Ryan's 'mini review' of same aircraft. In both cases the images are just showing as placeholders on my iPhone and iPad. Any ideas please? thanks