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  1. Dean33

    Trackhat works but very clumsy

    It takes a while to set it up but it is worth the effort. Flying now with the Trackhat and it is working perfectly. Just bought a second for another headset - so must be a satisfied customer!
  2. Dean33

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    The key point for me is that this is a modern GA aircraft. Currently available to purchase in the real world (for a slightly higher price)!
  3. Here is the RXP.GTN.ini Thanks
  4. Thanks for the input Bert but I also get the sound when I have no GPS unit in the TD.
  5. Thanks I’ll post later.
  6. Thanks Frank I've looked at all three variants and the Guage 21 remains identical. I've switched all Sounds Off (Engines, Environment and Cabin and Voice) and yet the clicking is still there when the aircraft is in focus. If I had to guess the sound is the same as the Avionics master switch repeatedly switching. But no animation. Appreciate your efforts. Dean
  7. Here thanks Frank! Dean
  8. Having looked into this deeper I have found that there are other ways to make the Duke click! Strangely it clicks with NO GPS, GNS500 and RXP 750 (replacing F1GTN750) BUT NOT F1GTN750 direct from TD configurator. Wierd! I'll try the Vcockpit01 content next. Thanks.
  9. Dean33

    Realair Turbine Duke clicking sound

    Hi Rob Sorry, I only just noticed your reply. Thanks. I am using nothing external. I load the Raptor then the Turbine Duke. I found the clicking is there in cold and dark state too! And your suggestion to narrow it down by reducing (or switching off) engine sounds, environmental sounds and cockpit sounds doesn't help. It is still there with all options off! Strangely it clicks with NO GPS, GNS500 and RXP 750 (replacing F1GTN750) BUT NOT F1GTN750 direct from your configurator. Wierd! The sound might be the Avionics Master Switch (or one of the rocker switches) repeating itself but it is not animating itself. Cheers Dean
  10. I have a problem using the RXP750 in the Realair Turbine Duke. It loads with the F1 fine, but if I switch to the RXP750 (using the auto detection conversion) the aircraft restarts with the RXP and there is an electrical clicking noise in the aircraft that continues indefinitely. I thought it was a problem with the Turbine Duke but it is only there when I'm flying the RXP. I am sure it is not an RXP problem as that works great in my other aircraft but it seems to be causing this problem. This clicking sound is even there in cold and dark! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. I previously reported getting triple sudden failure several times. (P3DV4). Experienced it yesterday and managed to restart all - so not fuel. Switched on FSUIPC Event log! Today experienced it again twice. Just leaving 35,000 in descent had throttled back sightly. All three went quiet. Restarted them all with air start (getting handy at this now!). Five minutes later they went again. In the log I have marked leaving top of descent. And events I think happened (no clue what). Then 'Engines Rich' - which presumably is restart process? MARK - - help would be appreciated - can't believe no one else is seeing this? PM me and I'll email log. Thanks
  12. Dean33

    Realair Turbine Duke clicking sound

    It worked fine from cold and dark- but that was with the F1GTN750. As soon as I switched to the RXP GTN the clicking came back. Weird!
  13. Dean33

    Realair Turbine Duke clicking sound

    That didn't work for me Ryan (thanks). I always start P3D with the default Raptor then switch to the Duke to avoid the certainty of engine cut out after take off. Tried that then Mooney then Duke and no luck. The clock is still ticking. Tried swapping over to the VertX Da62 and back but that didn't fix it either. Going to try configurator from cold and dark now.
  14. I have recently reinstalled in P3dV4 the B60T and I have an irritating clicking sound. I got a fresh download from the Realair .net site and installed once again (as per a previous brief thread) but the clicking continues. It is like a clock. It is even there when the battery switch is off and the aircraft is in Cold and Dark! New Xmas headphones are making this sound unbearable!! Help please.
  15. Dean33

    Which GTN750

    I have both and certainly recommend the RXP.