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  1. Dean33

    Laptop for FSX:SE

    It will do the job with reasonable settings. Cap FPS at 30 and enjoy.
  2. Dean33

    Flysimware Releases Falcon 50 Beta Purchase

    Ryan and others still on the fence. This is a brilliant bizjet. The systems are excellent. The support brilliant. Not Carrenado visuals but I prefer systems that work!
  3. FlyingLimey. Why don’t you get Berts GTN750 mod for this aircraft - assuming you have the GTN. It might not be realistic to have a 750 stuck in the middle of the G1000 but it makes another incomplete Carrenado aircraft pretty flyable!
  4. Dean33

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Flew it last night. The VC is super detailed and realistic looking. Enjoy
  5. I use a laptop for P3D V4. Specs below. Very happy with mine. The general advice is if you don't need a laptop get a desktop. If you need a laptop (as I do) you probably need to spend £1,400 (sterling) upwards to get good results. Spend much less and it will not be sufficient.
  6. Great news. Since your mod this Citation has been getting out of the hanger far more often. For me, it is fighting with the XP Lear Jet which is already a brilliant professionally supported aircraft. (compared to Carenado's sell it and leave it policy)
  7. Hi Just my thoughts but the GTN750 is one of the most essential add-ons if you are into GA or Bizjet Flying. It is about the cost of a good aircraft addon and will just keep on giving and giving - brilliant value. Support for occasional issues can sometimes take a little time - but they boast they have never had a problem they couldn't fix. Dean
  8. Dean33

    Turbine Duke engine out in mid flight

    I have experienced this quite often in the past The advice I have followed (which seems to avoid the problem) is to always start up with a default aircraft before switching to the Duke.
  9. Must admit I fancy this - but maybe wait for their next sale!
  10. This works great for me. Love the Course and heading adjustment Knobs on standby instrument. Is there something similar for altitude selection or do we have to shift 3? Also, is there no way to pop up the GTN - shift or click spot? Ive read climb speed 235IAS. Can someone advise me of and guide on climb thrust settings (and cruise and landing)? Great job. Dean
  11. Dean33

    Electronic Flight Bag v2 Released

    Yes but if you have the Navigraph data subscription I don’t think Charts is a lot more?
  12. Dean33

    Electronic Flight Bag v2 Released

    Hi Ryan. It for IFR more then VFR. I use V1 for ALL IFR flights (Pilotedge and offline) rather than little navmap, plan G or FSFlight Control for VFR.
  13. Dean33

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    Expect ‘Swiss watch’ accuracy with timing from Urs!
  14. Dean33

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    I’ve used EFB1 regularly for five years so the initial costs was a good investment. V2 looks interesting BUT personally I feel 20% discount is a bit shallow. 40% would feel ‘Ok’. 50% would be an instant purchase as a thank you and sign of loyalty (from both sides).
  15. Dean33

    Navigraph or Simplate X for charts.

    Navigraph. The moving maps are excellent. I pulled a chart up on my iPhone the other day (whilst in flight) and it was tracking my flight without asking!