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  1. Just ordered a new gaming laptop with Windows 10 on 250gb SSD and 1TB HDD. Obviously I'm going to install P3DV4 on SSD. I'm wondering what else should/can go on the SSD? Currently use Orbx with Global and many regions plus a few UK2000 and LatinVFR locations. Is there a way to spilt the FTX installation between SSD and HDD? Any recommendations please?
  2. Maybe Kevan expects us all to have a spare copy of Opus or Ezdoc to switch to every time he forgets to put a pound in the electric meter? Come on guys we are being too nice - this is ridiculous!!
  3. I’ve just flown 60 mins in C550 on Pilotedge. It really is very nice now. Cant get HSI arc showing? Does weather radar work?
  4. Thanks. These are Clevo machines. Does that make it better?
  5. Flew a short flight with this yesterday. It all worked nice. For someone with it already in the back of their hanger it’s certainly worth dragging it out and giving it a blast. Only downside to me is the need to shift 2 and shift 3 to change autopilot if I don’t change views (which maybe I should). This has now become a nice aircraft.
  6. I'm consider a new flight sim laptop and have a couple of questions. I'm pushing my limit on price so don't want to upgrade further unless essential. Scan Computers. 3XS LG17 Vengeance. Specs are below my questions. Thanks! Is 250gb SSD big enough for Windows 10 plus P3DV4? Leaving everything else on a 1tb hard drive? I would prefer NOT to add Nvidia Gsync for about £130. I don't currently intend using extra screens very often. Is Gsync a nice option or an essential? Scans reviews are outstanding and they are very local to me. They offer 7 day support. Does anyone have feedback on them or their laptops for FSX P3D? Overheating? Problems? I’m currently using low settings on a 2.2ghz (3.0ghz turbo) laptop and inferior Radeon 7550m GPU. I have to use a laptop due to mobility and lifestyle. I’m not expecting perfection from this new laptop but hope this system will give a few years of good performance at above average settings? Any opinions please Thanks. Dean Thin and light laptop 17.3" 60Hz Full HD (1920 x 1080) screen NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Intel Core i7 7700HQ Quad Core 2.8ghz Turbo max 3.8ghz 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400MHz 250GB Samsung 960 EVO M.2 SSD Microsoft Windows 10 64bit & 2 Year Premium Warranty 418.5 x 288.7 x 29.9mm,
  7. LM offer a 60 day refund policy so you can try it out.
  8. Again great in P3DV4 and has a great FMC. Sacrilege I know but I currently prefer this over NGX!
  9. Absolutely. Works great and I thoroughly recommend it. I'm used to 'proper ATC' (from Pilotedge) but if I fly outside the Pilotedge area I use RC4 and find it very useful and realistic.
  10. I came back to VOXATC recently and managed to install the trial easily in P3DV4. Improvements compare to the previous version was quite apparent but after several flights I kept getting stuck at various runway locations and very frustrated. I feel this program really does need some sort of “reset“ button that you can take it onto the next stage. So - uninstalled it and very happily went back to Radar Contact 4. Okay it doesn’t give you detailed taxi instructions but other than that it’s a great program and it just works and it gives realistic ATC instructions consistently. After all these years it still does what it promises.
  11. The more I fly the Xtreme Prototypes Lear25 the less I want to fly anything else!
  12. Good advice Kevin i had FSAerodata but not installed or updated? Seemed to do the trick! Cheers Dean
  13. I've been away since 6.x and am trying 7.41 on P3DV4. I have to say I'm mighty impressed. Massive improvements in reliability so far. Got traffic working last night with Mytraffic. One thing seems odd. I'm flying IFR from Gatwick EGKK to Manchester EGCC. After departing the SID I should spend time with London Control until reaching the Manchester area. In fact I'm being handed over to Manchester Radar straight away while still in South of England. Can someone try this or suggest what's wrong please? Thanks
  14. Works with current mytraffic on P3DV4.
  15. I noticed this and thought I had autopilot engaged. Could you explain please - why / when does it click?