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  1. I reinstalled the Duke from this download recently. Since then I’ve noticed a clicking cockpit noise - either a ticking clock or the pumps?? Any clues on eliminating this please?
  2. This aircraft is so good! I know the speed hold is not realistic but it works - and saves me rocketing through 250k below 10,000 and ultimately from overspeed at (I think) 359k. (I’ve found if you allow it to overspeed the autopilot can disconnect and all hell breaks loose). I forgive the developer for this minor imperfection!
  3. enjoy!
  4. Repeated right engine failure on Realair TDV2 in P3DV4 No matter how careful I am I can't stop losing my right engine with no warning at about 1500ft. It happened with my original P3DV4. Even if I set it to forgiving and no random engine failures. I uninstalled and the installed Sean's new installer. Excited! But it still happened! Following proper start procedure. Warmed up. Set revs at 100% (and later less than 100%) so when I set throttle halfway it settles (after a few minutes) at 2200 (or 2150). Then I increase throttle to only 1000 well below limits. Monitoring all settings and no warnings. Takes off nicely and climbs - then BANG the right engine fails. I tried altering configuration (as Admin) and disabled both engine failures. Same results! Help please!
  5. I tried it in P3D and I’m sure they said Windows 8 wasn’t supported! Not sure about 10. Anyway Mustang is a bizjet not a regional jet surely. If you want a biz jet then IMHO Xtreme Prototypes GLJ25 is the best!
  6. There’s another thread about Carenados offerings today. Generally the Pc12 comes out ok with Berts mods. I like it.
  7. offensive initials not allowed. why didn’t they put it in the back seat?
  8. offensive initials not allowed. why didn’t they put it in the back seat?
  9. Before all the purists pile in and warn you laptops are a dead end - I’ll tell you I got this one in December and am still thrilled.
  10. All the time! I fly mainly the Xtreme Prototypes Learjet on Pilotedge using GTN750 and have never had a problem in 3 years. Sometimes you get X9 Star and you only got X8 but it just doesn’t matter. Dont forget Pilotedge offers a free two week trial - so come along and try it out yourself.
  11. Russ I've used Radar Contact for years and it’s a great program. Personally I’ve found PF3 to be a great enhancement on RC4 whilst still being solid and reliable- without ever leaving me hanging. It’s key improvements compared to RC4 are: great taxi instructions (in and out), better SIDS AND STARS, it does VFR! if you like RC4 I recommend you try PF3 trial version
  12. I’m not saying you haven’t had problems with PF3. I believe Dave on their forum will help. I’ve found his support rapid and extensive I have a lot of ATC experience on Pilotedge so I’ve got a pretty good idea what’s ‘right’. I bought PF3 several months ago. I’ve flown maybe 20 flights and never had an ATC problem that wasn’t my fault in setup in some way. My advice is stick with it and repeat the same flight with debug on.
  13. You might like to consider the Xtreme Prototypes GLJ25 it’s my favourite bizjet and takes the GTN750. Lovely clear VC and 200 page manual. Flys great.
  14. Carlos. I have been running a similar spec laptop with the Citation X and it was fine. Its a superb aircraft although a little dated. Try it. And be confident because of the Flight1 refund guarantee
  15. I have to chip and say I've had similar frustrating experiences with VoxATC on and off for a year or two. I've also used RC4 for years and it works great but no VFR or taxi instructions (which I kind of like). I also fly a lot on Pilotedge so I have a pretty good idea of what is needed. A few months ago I ran the trial version of PF3 after seeing the banner add on AVSIM for so long. I must say I was really impressed. It was an instant purchase. The support is awesome and the documentation extensive. The taxi instructions are brilliant - even recognising crossing runways. It includes VFR flight following as well as IFR. The SIDS and STARS take a little bit of extra programming but they work well. The interactions and communications with AI seem fine. I haven't tried speech recognition with it yet. Anyone struggling with VoxATC? I've been there - get the trial of PF3! Cheers.