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  1. I've been using FSX and P3D (each version) for near 30 years. However, I invested in Xplane 11 last month to be ready for the Challenger C650. Unbelievable product. I have to say, I am very impressed with Xplane and I wasn't even aware of this upcoming MD11 beauty! Bonus! For anyone interested XP11 cost me £48 and I've spent a small amount on Xcamera and invested in a few Orbx True Earth regions and I have a great system. I'd like to contrast something else. The fantastic study level (3 year old) Hot Start TBM 900 compared with the Carenado PC12 (see my logo) which was externally pretty but which needed a GTN and a great 'Bert mod' - to make it even work! Just my thoughts from a (possibly former) P3D user!
  2. Let’s bear in mind PMDG base model 747 is $140 and even the aged NGX is $100. From what I’ve seen so far this looks like being in the same class. So the price sounds fair to me. Roll on weekend!
  3. Thanks I’ve already got a great gaming laptop and Santa brought me Track IR 😀 Any downside to Steam edition can you still get the add ons like Phenom I’m now drooling over?
  4. This looks great. I’m heavily into Biz Jets. However, I’ve never had Xplane! (90%P3DV5. 10%MSFS.) I don’t mind a £60 investment but what else is essential? If I’m into systems and online flying and not too bothered about eye candy could you guys suggest minimum shopping list for Xplane adding. (cost). And please tempt me with the other superior biz jets I could add. Thanks!
  5. I've been advised by Microsoft support to uninstall Process Lasso. MSFS is now back! Just thought I should mention this solution in case anyone else is struggling.
  6. I have been using U6 since it was introduced with no problems. Last couple of days constant CTD's. Initially at the launch screens but now within a few seconds of clicking Play. (Store Version) Community folder is empty. Might it be a cache issue? (if so what do I do because I can't get to launch - to adjust). Thanks Dean
  7. Hi I am looking at new gaming laptop with I7 10750H processor. It has to be a laptop and my current rig (specs below) give quite acceptable performance in V5. I have choice of GTX 1660 TI 6GB or for £100 more RTX 2060 6GB (not super). A comparison I found says: Bottom line: there is no clear winner here, but if you can swing it, the GeForce RTX 2060 is still the best upper midrange card (or lower high-end card) that we have seen since the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. This is especially true if you plan to play at 1440p. However, if you plan to only play at 1080p and/or need to keep the GPU budget under $300, the GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is a very close second. GET NOTIFICATIONS FROM PC GAMER I don't play other gaming. Just P3DV5 or MSFS 2020 (possibly) Will I be playing at 1080p? Will the RTX2060 make noticeable difference? Thanks for any feedback
  8. My advice: Buy the Lear and the Falcon if you don’t already enjoy them. Buy direct from FSW - updates can be quick and often.
  9. Please someone give me some inspiration! 40 hours since release and still not downloaded! I thought the store version would be better and preordered the full version. Hit the button at midnight Monday. Still waiting 38gb left. The stupid Microsoft account thing keeps sending me round in circles. Can't get support. Can't see any error codes. Can't get in Discord. Option 1. Forget it - ask for a refund. Buy it on Steam? At least with SE it downloaded eventually! Option 2. Delete installation and start again. Option 3. Phone for support? Meanwhile- back to my relatively awesome P3DV5! Thanks.
  10. Nice review Ryan. Great aircraft. No the lights are on/off.
  11. But if PMDG brought out another NGX would you part with $80 odd? V2 was THE most detailed LearJet. I didn’t like the speed control (and said so) but the cockpit was beautiful. To me $40 for even a refresh after 4 or so years seems a good investment. Buying tonight...
  12. Simple answer. I’ve not read the thread. Get the RXP!
  13. I can't solve this issue but I've spent all evening very frustrated with ORBX. I have all my sceneries working nicely in P3DV5 - but in a Library on my SSD. I want to link P3DV4 to the same sceneries using symbolic links using a dummy folder as V4 Orbx folder. Instructions even in the forum are clear as mud! Has anyone achieved this? Dean
  14. I’ve had repeated crashing problems with the latest ASP3D update. Gone back to Beta2.
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