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  1. Dean33

    best small jets for P3D ?

    Sorry yes it’s a 25. I mistyped. LJ25 is a little harsh on framerate but I believe that’s the cost of the beautiful detailed VC. I also have the Flysimware but NEVER fly it now the graphics are poor quality compared to LJ25 although systems are, I believe, similar.
  2. Dean33

    best small jets for P3D ? you want a bizjet get the Xtreme Prototypes LJ35. Awesome detailed cockpit, great systems, 200 page manual plus great support.
  3. Dean33

    best atc for p3d v4

    Surely you meant Pilotedge? Anyway when I can’t get online or I’m flying outside Pilotedge hours (I’m UK) I use PF3 and find it great for IFR and VFR.
  4. Dean33

    best atc for p3d v4

    PF3 has a free trial period and I strongly recommend it. Documentation is comprehensive. It seems to be enhanced regularly. The developer support and forum is prompt and spot on.
  5. I’ve had this problem. The clunking to me is indicative of overloaded processor or cores. Probably best to run the 750/430 combination for now and check which cores GTN is using. I reinstalled GTN and think performance increased. As you say a really nice aircraft at least since SP2 problems are rapidly being eliminated.
  6. Default location yes can see simobjects/airplanes. Of course there are other aircraft left there such as PMDG even though I have Uninstalled P3D then reinstalled. Is it required to delete the whole folder remnants after an uninstall? I’m beginning to wonder if one of the Addon aircraft is spooking P3D and stopping it from detecting the contents?
  7. I have tried all the usual - including a full download and re-install of P3DV4.2. I know I've seen this query before but can't locate sorry Help please. Saturday morning and getting withdrawal symptoms!
  8. Dean33

    Flight Sim Laptop?

    It all depends on your budget. Before my current rig I had a non gaming laptop i4 and it worked ok but sometimes frame rate struggled. My current laptop (specs below) can do whatever I need and I’m delighted.
  9. I’m learning that but I currently believe there is an advantage to actually loading the default Raptor/Eglin flight rather than loading up the Raptor at designed location. I may be wrong but having spent 24 hrs frustrated with this problem this is my conclusion.
  10. Kenthom As you are comparing the Phenom 300 with the XPLJ25 it makes it a lot easier for me. I fly XP ten times more than the Phenom. It handles well. Framerate is Ok. I think you mentioned basic - far from it. Support on XP is superb. For support and error fixing on Carenado you have to wait and wait and wait. Apart from the manual I mentioned earlier the best thing for me is the super clear sharp virtual cockpit on XP.
  11. I'm delighted to say I have found a temporary way around this! 1 Start default P3DV4 flight (Raptor at Eglin). 2 Change aircraft then change location to desired departure point. Just completed 70 minute flight without problem.
  12. Still same problem. 3213828 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66516 (0x000103d4), Param= 0 (0x00000000) FUEL_SELECTOR_2_OFF Right engine blows at about 1000 feet. Yes I have fuel. No there are no commands or keys tied. I am literally sitting on my hands when it blows. Power is well below minimums. I've reset configuration to Realistic and very low random. I've watched fuel switches and they don't move. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft. Any other suggestions how to identify cause of this command? (Please)
  13. HELP PLEASE !! It's not the joystick controller - I disconnected it and flew 'by mouse' and got the same error - right hand engine fails around 1000ft agl. FSUIPC log shows: 3213828 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66516 (0x000103d4), Param= 0 (0x00000000) FUEL_SELECTOR_2_OFF It happens when I'm actually doing nothing - just after gear up generally and I'm watching it climb and waiting for the bang. But I have no idea why - or what to do about it. It only ever happens on this aircraft. Thanks
  14. I did what I planned but found two odd P3D commands. Mouse wheel rapid increase and decrease throttle! Deleted those and it flew! logging sounds good. Thanks. I’ll report back.