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  1. RamonB

    Windows, FSX, and P3D on same SSD ?

    No problem at all. I have both, P3D v4 with all my addons and FSX-Gold with no addons, (just for basic stuff) But looking at Your free space makes me wonder haw many addons you have. A 1 TB SSD drive will effectively leave you with ~931 GB. Your FSX install + whatever else you have on your drive are using ~531 GB. That leaves ~350 GB of total free space. It might not be enough if You install P3D v4 + the same amount of addons you have plus whatever else you buy for P3D in the future.. Also take into consideration that filling a drive above 80-85% is not a good idea. Experts say SSD drives also slow down when overfilled (although not as much as HDD) and wear down faster. If it is a Samsung drive I suggest you apply the default over-provisioning in the Samsung Magician Software.
  2. RamonB

    Quality Wings 787 vs PMDG 747-400 (800)

    I'm afraid You are going to have to decide for Yourself. See this recent discussions QW 787 final thoughts ?. or
  3. It might be a collision detection problem. Try with Collision Detection Disabled in P3D Settings.
  4. It sure is!. I forgot to put it as a second option on my previous post. But instead of a dummy FSX folder I have dummy bare bones P3D folders (with some files) for P3D Path, %PROGRAMDATA%, %APPDATA% & %LOCALAPPDATA%. That way I can point the old installers to the latest version they support. To merge the autogen descriptions you can do it manually or use the Autogen Configuration Tool
  5. Totally Agree. I have been playing with the AI Samples and it definitely is the future for programming. Although I'm focused on building Medical Imaging Solutions.
  6. Warning/Advice: Hello Guys/Gals Some older non Unicode compliant scenery addons will corrupt P3D v4 .cfg and .xml files. Before installing ANY old addon, make sure You have fresh BACKUP copies of (cfg, xml files) Your Prepar3D V4 Path \Autogen and \Effects folders (Including the texture subfolder) and terrain.cfg scenery.cfg, other. cfg and xml files elsewhere in: %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 %APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files I learned the hard way after installing older non P3D v4 airports from FT and AS. My \Autogen\default.xml got corrupted and also lost some effects due to some .bmp files being overwritten, luckily my system is set up to make regular Full P3D Backups so I was able to recover those files in a jiffy. To properly insert those missing autogen entries I used Arno's Autogen Configuration Merger Tool (great tool, blazing fast execution and also verifies that all autogen files are valid and up to date. Cheers.
  7. I also recently reinstalled FSX Gold, and it asked me for both keys. Acceleration install was not completing until I changed a s single letter in the registry. from partMgr to PartMgr (From here).
  8. Hello I really enjoy doing Island/Airport Hopping all round the Caribbean. (AS + REX Sky + ORBX Global + addon airports + UTX Tropical America and the Caribbean) The plane choice depends on the mood/ spare time/ wife calls, etc. To enjoy the scenery I use the Waco YMF-5 (low and slow skimming the coast), for a bit faster and higher I use the 500S Shrike Aero Commander, and to reposition or to fly in style I use the EMB505 Phenom 300 (all modded, some with F1-GTN750's). I recently started using the Baron 58 and the Seminole with GTN750 and GTN600.
  9. Sorry, don't have the ones you mentioned. The ones I have from LatinVFR have P3D v4 installers. Right around the area you are looking for is MHRO Roatán Intl, beautiful scenery, covers the whole island. (although its runway might be short for some tubes.)
  10. RamonB

    Default FSX approach charts?

    For European charts: Eurocontrol AIS by State links to sites by Country. Some free, some not. or You can register and join Eurocontrol Basic (Public Access Service PAMS Light [IAP])
  11. RamonB

    P3Dv4 and Airport Inspector and Editor

    If you installed P3D under C:\Program Files, then there is not much you can do without compromising Windows System Security. (It can be done, but not advised) Like many others, C:\Program Files is a protected system folder, managed by the system. Even disabling UAC won't work most times. If your P3D install is in another folder (A user created one) then You will have to check Your permissions under Folder -> Properties -> Security. Best bet is to reinstall P3D in a user created Folder, like C:\Prepar3d v4 (or any other drive you have)
  12. Sorry, selected the quote from your post. I corrected my previous post.
  13. We simmers and gamers are just a drop in a bucket. IMO nowadays, what drives the video card market/price is the CryptoMining industry. Some farms have hundreds if not thousands of cards working/hashing full power 24/7. I might add that Nvidia has stated that "For nvidia, gamers come first", But resellers often inflate the prices way above MSRP see this Article, or This to see some Farms. Supply and demand market!.
  14. RamonB

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    Did the same thing. Since ORBX regions, Tongass Fjords and UTX have their own vector data I have no use for vector in my current install or flying style. For my addon airports I just make sure that there are no elevation adjustment bgl's that need to be turned off before flying onto them.