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  1. Perhaps You should consider contacting one of the DATA RECOVERY services suggested by Western Digital. (Some companies won't charge if no data is recovered) M.2 or SSD drives are different, and almost imposible to recover. Not to add fire to Your problem. But I don't trust any SSD or HDD, so I always keep at least 2 copies of all my important data.
  2. RamonB

    Alabeo Support?

    +1 Same here. Quick and courteous response to all my tickets and eMails.
  3. I finished a new build a couple days ago. Placed a 512 mb PCIe M.2 for system, and 4 SATA drives, 2 1 TB SSD & 2 4TB 7200's Couldn't bear seeing the other empty M.2 slot, so I bought an Optane memory card and linked it to one of my drives . Speeds seem blazing fast. Will eventually move P3D to an M.2 PCIe, 2TB, when prices drop a bit or capacity is expanded.
  4. RamonB

    FSS and REX

    Yes, no problem . PCIe M.2 Drives are very fast, SATA M.2 types are also very good. FSS seems to be going out of business Yes, REX stated they will honor your purchases. They did to me. Contact their excellent support and ask for directions as to how to proceed and provide proof of purchase. Cheers.
  5. RamonB


    I´m also on the verge. Great Products. But lack of GTN/GNS/G600 Support, Developer Interaction on current F1 versions is not what it used to be. Not talking about updates to v4.4, everybody knows those take time, And wont be installing v4.4 until early next Year. I hope they do.
  6. RamonB

    F33A Lights

    I don't know if You guys were using P3D v4.3 before installing P3D v4.4 or You were still on v3.4. I don't have the F33A, but for me, Cabin lights were NOT working in several airplanes including Carenado and Real Air Scout. since at least P3D v4.3 (I didn't install previous v4 releases) I solved the problem by modifying aircraft.cfg files and using ShockWave Lights (A2A 3D LIGHTS REDUX FSX )which by the way work just fine in P3D V4. (Also added Landing Lights, Taxi Lights, Some Strobes and Beacons to several planes)
  7. I ditched VECTOR a long time ago. So I didn't think about VECTOR. I believe what You wrote. I'm aware of problems Central creates, and I agree it is very annoying. Nowadays I only install ORBX FTX Global, LC, Regions, Airports, Trees & AI. + UTX Tropical America & Caribbean + UTX Europe. + Dozens of other Developers Airports. + Some of my own fixes. I have NO problems with Regions and all ORBX Airports I own (Many, but not all). I let Central do its thing. UTX Tropical America & Caribbean + all other developer airports i own are above ORBX. UTX Europe is Below ORBX (Because of the European regions, specially Germany)
  8. Won't worry. Just run FTX Central. It will sort all ORBX products. Regions and Airports. If You need to place ORBX entries below other addons, then use/set the insertion point.
  9. RamonB

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    All Beechcraft Textron planes were removed. (Bonanza, Baron, KA350 & Texan) (If You still have a backup copy of v4.3 You can still import them to v4.4)
  10. RamonB

    Our Site is not Safe - Now you tell me!

    What is obvious is that Mr. Suck It has a serious personality disorder.
  11. RamonB

    Our Site is not Safe - Now you tell me!

    I also have my sites secured. And as You I don't find this.... acceptable.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Just in time for a new PC build I'm making, Albeit I will install P3D 4.3 now and wait for addons to be updated.
  13. RamonB

    7.5 Terabytes later...

    Looks Fantastic. I would hate to do a reinstall!
  14. Hello Assuming the drive has no hardware issues. 1- Run a chkdsk /f on the drive (to try an recover/fix free disk space) 2- It could be that the drive was partitioned using MBR partition style (AFAIK MBR can't manage drives larger than 2TB). If so then only solutions I know are to either convert or re partition the drive using GPT Style.. See here Convert an MBR disk into a GPT disk or Using GPT Drives. To find out what partition style your drive has. Goto Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management -> Select Your Drive -> Properties If there is an option Convert to GPT drive then fine. (Make Backups before proceeding), but, if there is no option then You will have to delete de volume and re partition using GPT. CAUTION: You might lose all data on the drive. Or it could also be related to the BIOS, Motherboard (Type and age), etc.
  15. RamonB

    AVSIM Format

    Don't know if this will help. You can try by clearing all Your browser Cache and Clear History. or At the very bottom of the AVSIM pages there is a dropdown with an arrow. Theme. (You have 2 options Default and IPS 4.3) Click on Default. (or toggle between both options)