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  1. Gerard. Latest Windows 10 build Chkdsk /f not only corrupts SSD's. It just corrupted one of my external 4 TB Seagate backup drives. Today, I connected the drive and windows suggested to scan the drive, and it ran a repair; after it finished I was unable to access the drive (lost all privileges, so did SYSTEM and the whole admin group) . Login in as Administrator allowed me to see the file structure and all files, so I had to run the takeonw from an elevated command to regain access to the drive, folder and files.
  2. Nice video and weather effects promo. But somehow I sense something odd. Couple days ago in the Q&A they talked about weather and visibility getting fixed and upgraded. And ORBX already solved it? The promo video is nice, but I would have removed the TBM purposing scenes. Edit: In older SIMS, I almost never used a preset once the weather addons were available.
  3. Nope. Known bug for few/some/many. Since before launch. (What triggers it? Is unknown to me.) Search for "autopilot spin", "autopilot bug" or "suicidal autopilot" in the MSFS forums. Edit: Can happen anytime, even without hitting active pause.
  4. Not working for me since Yesterday afternoon.
  5. Except that this is not FSX in 2006. It is MSFS in 2020. At least in FSX 2006 the Autopilots & GPS's worked as expected for default airplanes, which btw had correct parameters in the airplane.cfg files. The 2 patches in FSX improved and fixed things. MSFS has had 3 patches and "seems" to be going backwards. MSFS has great potential, but stagnant. Patience paid of because we the users modded most everything, 3PD had proper access to the SIM and a decent SDK.
  6. I know exactly what You mean. Right now, After the IMHO disastrous MSFS Alpha I'm taking a break from the new game. But we can only hope. I still fire up P3D once or twice a week. Cheers.
  7. Except for the 100+ million shares of Microsoft he still holds. (According to the NYTimes.) and:
  8. Of course we don't have enough data. My previous post was simply pointing out that 1 million unique people tried or used MSFS through Gamepass (As of the day they announced the mark), but, that does not mean 1 million bought it and are still using it. And of course, I want MSFS to succeed and become the Simulator all of us old timers dreamed of since the Sublogic days.
  9. I surely hope so. The more the better for the Franchise. But not according to Steam Charts - Microsoft Flight Simulator. Seems like Peak simultaneous users on Steam has been steadily declining since launch. September daily average in my Excel page: Current: 8,970 Peak 11,509.
  10. A million people used or tried MSFS through the Xbox Game Pass $1 dollar deal or because they already had Game Pass. That does not mean they "bought" it. Don't know about current users in the MS Store (Microsoft does not seem to share that info), but on Steam max user count one day after release was 61K+, and right now there are only 10K+ online.
  11. Please don't. At least I would like to know how you read those "encrypted" files. Very interested for when I start modding this simulator.
  12. Hi Look here https://orbxdirect.com/category/europe/esp Their TE Netherlands is fantastic.
  13. EA = Enhanced Atmospherics (Still in Beta You can enable it in the weather tab.) ORBX TE = True Earth.
  14. I'm almost sure someone here can do a better job copy-pasting airplane specs/numbers from the manufacturer papers to the config files.🙃
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