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  1. Thanks for the HU Chock. I'm hesitant, but Will try installing it again. Perhaps this version works as expected.
  3. Love their sceneries. I have 8 of their addon airports. All installed and working in P3d v5. (Installed them to dummy P3D v3 & P3D v4 folders, then moved them to P3D v5) BUT BEWARE: If they are older installers (pre P3d v4) and You point it to P3D v5, they might mess up the default.xml file in \autogen as they use different encodings. Also those installers run and provide the older AutogenConfigurationMerger witch won't work in P3D v5. For that You need Arno's newer beta AutogenConfigurationMerger from FSDeveloper. Cheers.
  4. In the eMail LM sent You when You bought Prepar3D, or in their License Portal site.
  5. How You linked it to V5? From Scenery Library Menu or as add-on method? Perhaps You are missing some effects, textures or library files. I have Aerosoft's Nassau X and Bonaire X, both installed as add-on and working in both v4 & v5. Don't have Aerosoft EDDF, so I don't know what it needs.
  6. Need more info. Witch addon Airports? Are those addon airports for P3D v4 or v5? How did You installed them? PS: All addon airports I have installed have RWY lights in P3D v5, albeit some a bit dim, but present even some that were made for P3D v2.
  7. I added it using the add.on.xml method, since P3D v4, it is very easy. Its late and I have to do remote work tomorrow. Send me a PM and I'll walk You through.
  8. Just Flight Traffic Global is among the worst program investments I have ever done; have waited around than 2 years and still not complete. Downloaded the latest version; it won´t even compile for P3D v4 let alone v5. This pre-release is like Fool me Once.......Never again. I'm using MyTraffic 2013, and although plane models are dated it works fine in P3D v5. Did the freeware thing years ago, and although AIG seems very stable and good, nowadays I want a traffic generator with a click to install once. Don-t need super realistic up to date carriers and routes, all I want is traffic.
  9. Gorgeous Bush Plane 🙂 Thank You very much Flight Replicas!. Ramón
  10. Hello Site is working, but Unread Content is not. Cheers
  11. Got all NA Regions except Southern California and also many ORBX airports for those regions. In my case spawning or flying TO or FROM most of those ORBX airports causes Prepar3D v5 +HF1 to CTD most times >90%. This problem has been reported by several users over at the ORBX forums. No solution yet! Currently avoiding all ORBX areas and flying somewhere else. Got UTX Tropical America & Caribbean with addon airports and none cause P3D CTD's. Using TrueSky + HiFi ASP3D beta. Smooth as butter.
  12. Around 1400 nm. MMUN Cancun to TNCM Princess Juliana with a Modded Carenado FA50 + GTN750, at FL380. Using: HiFi ASP3D Beta. UTX Tropical America & Caribbean. ORBX Global. FSimStudios MMUN & FlyTampa StMaarten TNCM. Gorgeous Flight.
  13. Perhaps You are missing some Carenado fonts in Prepar3D v5. These are the ones I have for Carenado / Alabeo Airplanes. (Don't know which ones are specific for the CJ2) AirbusDisp2.ttf BDPOldNeo.ttf Digital.ttf glassga3.ttf lcddot.ttf LCD_MONO.ttf LCD_MONO_ITALIC.ttf OratorStd.ttf RobotoMono_Regular.ttf
  14. @FS Captain Joe Thanks for posting here. Already tried all suggestions without success. Also opened a ticket at Discord a while ago as suggested there. Cheers
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