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  1. Nicely done! Also wonder if you could have benefited with a touch of panel lighting perhaps?
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t4Oci5mAEqR7Fk2Vsdv-TR5jQ9nyfY3u/view?usp=sharing
  3. hillsboy

    A2A Bonanza Released

    I agree, a great product indeed. I'm having trouble with keeping the ailerons steady in flight, maybe just me getting used to the V tail. Can you tell me what P3D controller settings you use? Thanks, John
  4. hillsboy

    V3 or V4?

    I believe that the CRJ 900 was developed for P3DV4.3 John
  5. hillsboy

    Flight1 GTN750 and Autopilot

    Check the CDI on the GTN next to Menu, and make sure it is set to GPS mode, not VOR. JOHN
  6. hillsboy

    Turbine Duke engine out in mid flight

    Frank, thanks for this chart. I'll have it laminated. The Turbine Duke is one of the best modeled aircraft and certainly a pleasure to fly! John
  7. hillsboy

    Turbine Duke engine out in mid flight

    Thank you both! John
  8. hillsboy

    Turbine Duke engine out in mid flight

    Thanks guys!
  9. I've flown this plane many times without problems, but on this flight of 300 miles the right engine cut out. All gauges were in the green, airspeed well below overspeed indicator, and the oil doors were fully closed. The annunciation panel pointed to oil pressure, but I can't identify what was causing the problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem or maybe have a solution? John
  10. You should be very pleased with the performance you get from this beast. You should be able to run with most sliders wide open... John
  11. hillsboy

    New build for P3D

    I set up a new rig custom built to run P3dV4. After decades of flying MS flightsim products I made this switch just few months ago and have not looked back. Worth every penny. No ooms and great performance FPS as Jim mentioned. Most of my scenery sliders are almost maxed. ASUS Maximus X Hero MB I7-8700K w overclock GTX 1080i WIn 10 2TB Samsung 960 Pro SSD EVGA 1000TT Supernova G3 PSU G SKILL 32GB Ram 3000MHZ JOHN
  12. hillsboy

    Ground Steerring

    Thanks, I also notice that the manual refers to FSX and also the Q400 version I bought was for P3DV1, not V2 which is the sim I use. I wonder if these points makes much difference?
  13. hillsboy

    Ground Steerring

    Having trouble getting the ailerons plus mouse option to work on my Q400 in P3DV4. I set it on the control panel and click '"apply" but cannot get it to work on the aircraft. What am I doing wrong? The only way I can get sharp turns is using the mouse on the steering tiller--kinda cumbersome.. JOHN
  14. hillsboy

    FSX to P3D V3 or V4

    I think your specs are fine for V4. I recently made the jump from FSX to V4 after decades of flying Microsoft flight sims. What a huge difference, and no ooms! Most of my add-ons for scenery and aircraft transfered over without much trouble at all. I think you'll be very pleased. JOHN
  15. hillsboy


    Great to see this. Dad flew 93 missions in one of these in WW2. John