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  1. Your images look very good. What does the scenery look like as you approach the runway for landing, say at 500 ft above runway end? John
  2. Very well done! Thank you for taking the time to put this together! John
  3. Each ORBX region may require different settings optimization, but I wouldn't be simming without them. I particularly enjoy Norway because of its variety of challenging airport locations, but PNW and Alaska are quite fun as well. John
  4. Yes, I stand corrected. Thanks. However Aerosoft says ENVA needs to be above every ORBX add-on within the scenery library...other developer's scenery that I have is set below all ORBX scenery. Hence my confusion.
  5. Recently installed ENVA Vaernes 2.0 on P3DV4.5 along with ORBX Norway. Jetbridges, some buildings, and other pieces are missing. In addition there are elevation problems with many of the components including ground equipment, static aircraft, and the landside. On my scenery file Vaernes is installed on top of my files as Aerosoft recommends. ORBX recommends that third party scenery be installed below all FTX files. I'm using SODE 1.6.6. I don't have this problem with any of the other Aerosoft airports for Norway (Olso or Tromso). Would appreciate any help! Thanks, John
  6. Well done. I look forward to the P3DV4 version some day! John
  7. Definitely a good aircraft with very good attention to operating detail. FSW paid lots of attention to customers during development. One nice feature is the tire/pavement noise during takeoff....
  8. Does anyone know if the autopilot buttons(switches) are supposed to illuminate when "on"? Without that I have to hover the mouse over the button to see if it is on when pressed and of course refer to the PFD. Thanks! John Austin,TX
  9. Are the Engine Start Buttons supposed to illuminate when pressed? Fuel boost switches set to Norm, ignition switches set to Norm?
  10. Couldn't tell where the GTN 750 fits into the panel from the Carenado pictures...
  11. Yes, that seems to work. Thanks very much for your help!
  12. Just added this aircraft to my P3DV4.5 hangar along with several other Carenado planes. When I select the aircraft it loads fine sitting on the airport, but within a few seconds the screen defaults to the P3D End Scenario page. Don't have this problem with other aircraft.... Any ideas? John Austin, TX
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