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  1. Wonderful pictures. I helped build Terminal A back in the 80s. MSFS? John
  2. PAKT Ketchikan and PAHO Homer
  3. I've tried contacting Honeycomb about future production of the Bravo throttle but get no response. Hard to understand why they don't seem to try to meet user demand. I wonder if the COVID problem is contributing to their production problems.
  4. Airfield pavements look very good to me and relect good efforts on the part of the design team. John
  5. DD does a good job, I enjoy the P3D version. However, I would love to see more static aircraft on the main ramp, its usually bare when I pull in...
  6. Absolutely yes for me! To have WW scenery is a fantastic feature, and even though we're working through growing pains, I feel ASOBO is responding very proactively. Give it time. I can set up my own IFR flights with very good cloud formation and without ATC for now. I fly mostly with the TBM 930 and Cessna 172 and 182. Looking forward to getting back into the jets soon. Keep up the good work ASOBO! John
  7. Sure would like to use the GTN 750 in MSFS 2020. Does anyone know if the ASOBO team would consider that possibility? John
  8. My Honeycomb yoke has made my simming much more enjoyable. Very durable as well. Top notch product!
  9. Best thing to ever happen to flight simming. VFR flying at its best and taken to a whole new level. Almost hate flying IFR in cloudy conditions for fear of missing the ground below! Default aircraft are stunning. Congrats ASOBO team! John
  10. No, but I'll try turning off failures.. Thanks for your quick reply!
  11. Started up, everything running, then electrical cuts out, panel goes dark, engines still running. Could take off and land with dark panel. Any idea what could cause that to happen? Thanks!
  12. That appears to be the problem. I had an assignment conflict. Thanks very much for your help!
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