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  1. They are photos of real clouds from a program called Luminar4, great photo editing software. 😊 Thank you. 😃 thank you. Thank you. Thank you kindly. Thank you Bernd.. Luminar4. 😊 Thank you Darryl. I think I moved the clouds a little to low. 😊 Thank you JK. Well, there there are. 😃 Thank you.
  2. Thank you. I can only take so much of there clouds Ryan. 😃 Thank you much.
  3. Sterling shots and a great looking biz jet Ryan !
  4. Top-notch set of shots !
  5. Some fantastic views there !
  6. Superb set of shots Darryl !
  7. You can do whatever you want to all the other sims, but they will never come close to looking as good as MSFS! Thank you Fabio. 🙂
  8. Thank you. Thank you much Chock. Thank you Patrick. Much appreciated Greg. Thank you John. Thank you very much. Thank you Ryan. Thank you John. Thank you. I'm like a f--- in a windstorm I'm all over the place. 😃
  9. Splendid set of AA captures ! I need the 707 in MSFS.
  10. Come on Fabio, you met the Maddog over at Flightsim 😃
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