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  1. I started simming when FS9 was released several years ago...Then, FSX...I had to upgrade my desktop. I bought all the PMDG and Aerosoft aircraft that were available for FSX. The day MSFS2020 was released I purchased that product. I have read so many complaints, but never forget FSX had there share of problems, as most of you know about. I love to fly VFR with MSFS2020...It's fun to fly into areas of the world that I will never visit in my life time. I am waiting to see what PMDG and Aerosoft will do with MSFS2020. I don't want to invest over $200.00 for PMDG 777 and 747 for P3D. At the moment, I am having more fun playing Trainz with friends and designing new train layouts. Also, farm simulators. I used to be a air traffic controller on Vatsim, but was tired sitting around waiting for traffic to appear on my scope so gave that up...So PMDG and Aerosoft hurry up and make some decisions about what you plan to do with MSFS2020, I am running out of life at 82...I believe MSFS2020 will be the wave of the future....
  2. same problem here....I just recently received a communication from Chris Makris on 7/26/2020 Quote" The old legacy products did not work with a code but with a different activation routine. This activation routine is not currently working for the expansion pack of our legacy products." Therefore, we are stuck with a piece of software that's not worth a dime...Sorry, my friend but that's just the way it goes with PMDG....That's the major reason I can't afford their products any longer...I know they build the best sim product in the market, but other designers are now beginning to challenge them. I am looking forward to trying out the Microsoft flight simulator 2020...At least our will start out with the basic product and see how that market progresses...I have been simming since the first products were produced and at my age, I am about to conclude buying more products. I will assign that job to the younger generation... Bob Adams
  3. just downloaded your program Little Navmap 2.4.5 I am attempting to download flight plans to the flight1GTN/750 

    1. Userdata-Export garmin GTN-

    A box opens with Little Navmap - open garmin user waypoint file 

    type KLAX-KHOU as file name it saves as klax-khou.wpt file...

    What procedure do I use to save as a klax-khou.gfp file instead?

    Using the path: Local disk (D:) Lockheed Martin>Prepar3Dv4>F1TGTN>FPLN

    It will save the file in that directory above but as the klax-khou.wpt

    And, of course the GTN750 can't find it...

    Beautiful program but been reading all day and can't find the answer...I am a novice computer 

    user but can follow instructions..

    Bob Adams



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    2. albar965


      Sorry for late reply. I check the forum regularly but not my profile. Anyway, glad you found it.
      Let me know if there are still problems.


    3. hornplayer


      working great! I was able to use PFPX to write my flightplan, then save as a .pln file then retrieve

      The file using "little Navimap" then export file to Garmin formats...If there is a better way, let me know. 

      also, reading in some of the older blogs about added Vatsim...Tools>Options>Online Flying...

      When I get to "Web addresses" Status File URL: or the other one Whazzup file url: I can't enter anything...So what do I do to enter the vatsim url so I can see when ATC is online?

      bob adams


    4. albar965


      Hi Bob,


      The file using "little Navimap" then export file to Garmin formats...If there is a better way, let me know.

      Do the plan in LNM and export it to Garmin formats is maybe easier instead of going through PPFX.


      When I get to "Web addresses" Status File URL: or the other one Whazzup file url: I can't enter anything...So what do I do to enter the vatsim url so I can see when ATC is online?

      The VATSIM, IVAO and PilotEdge URLs are pre-defined. You cannot change these. Simply select VATSIM, click OK and you're good.


  4. 7/1/2020


    Thanks for the help...flew from kevb to kase, yes landed perfectly at KASE. 

    I was flying on Vatsim most  of the time too...Cruising at FL450 with no 

    problems way above all the bad weather over KMEM...


    ****Now tonight**** I loaded up for a flight from my home airport KHND to KGPI but for a reason I don't know I could get the NAV button to activate out of OFF therefore GTN was useless...Have any ideas why this happen. I kept getting a clicking sound when I pressed the button...

    By the way, you have my email address badams49@cox.net and if you want me to test drive some new files let me know...I am a 81 year old retired...I have flown C172 around and that's about it so too old now for the real world flying...The skies out here in the Las Vegas area are too busy and you have to think quickly...

    Bob Adams


    1. hornplayer


      meant "COULD NOT" get the NAV button to switch and I changed the setting on the PFD to GPS 

  5. wow! can't believe since 2019 Carenado hasn't made any improvements on the FA50
  6. does anyone have Raymond B's Email address, I would like to get his information about implementation of the GTN750/650 in the Carenado FA50EX for pd3v4 I think you can pmail me... Bob Adams
  7. I was one "stupid" guy who fell for all the positive commands....One day Carenado will bite the bullet..I hate to be mean, but when you waste your birthday money on this piece of word not allowed...I have been attempting to figure out the systems for several days...There is no documenation that gives you instructions...Most of the info has been gain by other pilots attempting to figure out the system...I haven't been able to figure out the VNAV system..don't know if it works...I use the -+wheel and set the ALT in advance then attempt to keep the air speed in relation to the Vertical climb...Another bug I see is the difference between "ACT LEG" page and the reading on the PFD...For example flying from HEGN to EFHK I noticed on the "ACT LEG" page the mileage between waypoints never change...The distance between waypoints only shows up on the PFD which is pretty accurate...The bank angle are very sharp on the turns, this throws everyone out of their seats. For as the beauty of the plane Carenado does a super job in graphics and their "youtube" video's is what sells the airplane, but sometimes beauty is "skin deep"...The electronics and navigational system leave me with a bitter taste...Sorry, Carenado, I have been fooled by your slick advertising, but NO more unless you can promise upgrades to all these "BUGS".... Bob Adams
  8. Depends on how much you expect to spend...I bought another "brand" of 737 and was "sick".. purchased the PMDG 737 for p3dv4...Love it!!! Been flying all day without any hitches...Great design... I have all the pmdg's for FSX on Drive D...P3dv4 is on C drive using a SSD...
  9. All the responses have been enlightening. I downloaded a "brand" product 737 tested for several days and found to be inaccurate on many details such as simple things like changing barometer settings, radio frequency settings, and on one approach to KSEA, the aircraft speed would switch from 45 knots back to 350knots in a matter of 2 seconds...On a 30 day trial period, I have requested a refund, and received that refund to purchase the PMDG 737 (800-900) model for P3DV.x....I still use FSX on drive D with all of the PMDG's and other brand aircraft. I have a very high end computer which will handled all the scenery and "add-ones". I am requesting the admin to close my blog. Bob A
  10. I appreciate both opinions...I have been on Sim's from day one...I am now 80 years old and still enjoy the hobby...I have also done some controlling on Vatsim...
  11. I have about $150.00 to buy a payware airplane. I am using P3DV4.X the latest version...I haven't purchased any PMDG aircraft for P3Dv4, but did purchase all the PMDG aircraft for FSX...At the moment, I am using other brands, but not totally satisfied with them...I am toying between a "new" airbus from another company or the PMDG 747..."Queen of the sky" base for $136, I believe... If someone can convince me why I should buy PMDG product over other brands in a couple of hours from now, I will purchase the PMDG. This might sound silly, but I need some "frank" opinions...
  12. Still waiting for more positive replies on the CRJ's...I have all the PMDG models and love them all...I also have the Aerosoft 320,321 and they follow the LNAV very well...Going from a Boeing to Airbus does take adjustments, but after 10 years of flight with FedEx, I find flying simulators very refreshing. Much easier on the nerves...:)
  13. found the problem...stated above...the Lua script had some mistakes, corrected those mistakes and the GTN-750 and pmdg JS4100 will now talk to each other... So disregard the former post of mine... Regards, Bob Adams
  14. disclaimer: I am a novice programmer...I followed the suggestions given by the article on how to write a Lua script from "Guide to couple JS41 autopilot and Flight 1 GTN 750" I was able to figure out with microsoft visual basic to write the Script while 1 == 1 do ipc.writeLvar("L:FdModese1NavSwitch", 1) ipc.control(66587,278) ipc.control(66587,8031) ipc.sleep(200) end I followed the instructions from the article and was able to implement the procedure which works...However, after about 25 minutes from the point of setting autopilot which engaged GTN750, I got the following error... "An unhanded win32 exception occurred in fsx.exe [6828] then "new instance of visual studio community 2017 open up and I will place the debug file below so that maybe somebody with programming experience with visual studio will state what is going on....I am not sure if this is due to a memory error or a problem with Simconnect... 'fsx.exe' (Win32): Unloaded 'C:\fsx\PMDG\dlls\PMDGOptions.dll' 'fsx.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\fsx\PMDG\dlls\PMDGOptions.dll'. Module was built without symbols. 'fsx.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\fsx\PMDG_SimConnect_Ldr.dll'. Module was built without symbols. 'fsx.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft.vc90.mfc_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.6161_none_4bf7e3e2bf9ada4c\mfc90.dll'. Cannot find or open the PDB file. Exception thrown at 0x12F419AF (PMDG_SimConnect_Ldr.dll) in fsx.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x00000000. Thanks in advance for suggestions. Bob Adams
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