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  1. Snowfalcon

    instr hours in pilot records

    So how does a long overnight flight over water such as an ocean crossing factor in?
  2. Snowfalcon

    MyTraffic X Ver. 5.1b - A Question

    Got itInstalled itlove it
  3. Snowfalcon

    F18 Spinout

    Seems to be a problem with the runway landing only. If you trap it's not going to be a problem as you won't have any rollout. The FM seems Ok but after you land the aircraft isn't flying anymore. This has been a problem with other FS aircraft in the past as well.
  4. Snowfalcon

    New private jet

    This could be interesting for FS-11 thing is I live in Reno and this company is news to me. There are only two airports in town and no chatter about this at all.
  5. Snowfalcon

    MyTraffic X Ver. 5.1b - A Question

    Is it just me? I can't seem to find a download version of My TrafficX anywhere.
  6. You guys do realise that the 8800GTS 512 is a whole new chip. The only relation to the 8800GTS 640 and 320 is the name GTS. The 512 performance is closer to the GTX. Hence you could run a 320 and a 640 in SLI but you must have 2 512's since the chip sets are different.
  7. Check out this thread.
  8. Snowfalcon

    Reno Air Race Tutorial - No Chance

    You guys need to come to Reno and see the real thing. The modeling of Reno in acceleration is pretty good, finally Stead looks like Stead in FS. As for your engine problems don't feel bad. You should have seen the engine parts from Strega and Merlins Magic last year. The last couple of years have not been kind to the mustangs at Reno. The unlimiteds are strung pretty high when they run.
  9. Snowfalcon

    ATR/LDS/PMDG compatible SP2/DX10?

    The LDS does work with acceleration and DX-10 preview checked.Further he has Vista which has DX-10 AND the DX-9L coded in. His vid card is DX-10 compliant so he is DX-10 ready
  10. So far so good for me with Accelleration. The F-18 was definatly a new aircraft with all the carrier ops feature added to the sim. The P-51s also aren't the old CFS P-51 thrown into FSX the new engine controlls and dammage models. The acceleration P-51 has as much in common with the CFS one as "Dago Red" has in common with a stock WWII P-51. So if you whant the new planes you have to install the whole thing. Acceleration has been running fine in both the DX-10 and DX-9 configs for me. I have taken the time to do a couple of small things to keep it smooth.Back up you FSX config file. After installing acceleration delete the FSX confic file and let FSX build a new one.When switching between DX9/DX10 remove the config file and let FSX build a new one.After that reinsert your tweeks.For DX-10 you must have Vista AND a DX-10 compatable vid card. Every FS install needs a little tweaking once you know where your system is happpy it's not that hard to keep it there.
  11. Snowfalcon

    PSS 777 released

    So Is there a working FMC???
  12. Snowfalcon

    PSS 777 released

    It looks OKbut......Does this thing have a working FMC? other than that the "office" looks pretty good. I've been burned buy other addons like Feel there and Abacus so now I'm carefull.
  13. Snowfalcon

    Help needed with FS X

    Please post your what vid driver you are using. Also are you using a sound card and if so what type. also what specific "low settings are you using?
  14. Snowfalcon

    Good FS Charts

    Thanks for the heads up on chartfinder. Unfourtunatly they only have charts for US Canada UK and Austrailia. Now we just need the rest of the world.