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  1. Only applies to the Beta test team at this time. We are the only ones flying in GFO.
  2. I think this cover it at this time. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/126554-22may21-it-is-finally-time-for-a-bit-show-and-tell-related-to-microsoft-flight-simulator
  3. Using different gear (Thrustmaster Warthog) Throttle is seen as a axis in P3D, reverse is seen as a switch. If you can set your gear up that way it should work.
  4. When are you trying to start the APU and when are you setting the RTO? It makes a difference
  5. If you have a tail strike. You will not be able to clear the warning until you load a new flight. You have to be careful in the -300 when you rotate on take off. If you pull the stick back too fast you will tailstrike in this bird. Be sure to double check you loading with the EFB weight and balance page.
  6. Guess you missed the anniversary sale this summer then. All products were on sale for a month.
  7. The PMDG NGXu is the P3D version and is current on both P3D v4.5 and P3D V5.1 The MSFS version will be named the NG3. This version is in development and waiting for several updates to MSFS and may be some ways off. You can find RSR's updates on the official PNDG forum. He does not post here.
  8. Reinstalled the 777 in what P3D version?
  9. No aircraft designer you build a delay into control inputs. That would be asking for disaster. The reaction of the aircraft is related to It's design the size of the control surface and the relationship of air flowing or not flowing over that surface. A Formula 1 car reacts to driver input faster than you basic sedan due to it's suspension. In the sim a Extra will roll much faster than a 777 due to having full length ailerons relative to a small airframe. The extra is designed to be "unstable" making it easy to maneuver and perform aerobatics. A large airliner is designed to be more "stable" in flight so it doesn't have that "twitchy" feel. It's reactions will be smoother. This is also why having the correct vSpeeds is important. Pulling back on the yoke before Vr might cause the nose to rise but you won't get lift off. In a 777 you may (very good chance in the -300) get a tail strike. The shorter 737s seem to leap off the runway like a hotrod compared to the 777-300. The 737-900 also has a heavier feel on take off and rotation than the 600. So the "delay" your looking for is already there in the sim.
  10. Have you tried this question here? https://forum.pmdg.com/
  11. Auto Step climb is there so you can do a long flight and not have to monitor the aircraft every single second. IRL the pilots would handle the step themselves not the aircraft. Unless you want to sit at the keyboard for 8 hrs...
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