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  1. Interesting experience just then, I picked the aircraft, loaded the flight (ex Little NavMap), MSFS refused to allow me to select a Gate or Ramp so I was resigned to trying a couple of goes like people have above but it put me Cold and Dark where I wanted to be, even though the departure Runway was showing on the selection screen. I guess it's good to have work arounds but we shouldn't need it for something as basic as this. Grrr.
  2. Having the same issue and I've been selecting the aircraft first. Very frustrating.
  3. Hi all, I have this amazing program running on an Android tablet as my moving map during flight. Does anyone know of a way to remove the Chrome address and Status bars and just have LNM running full screen? I was able to do it with the Avia Server modules but this is stumping me. Many thanks Warwick
  4. Thanks so much guys, it was super frustrating so now I can just concentrate on flying this lovely aircraft.
  5. Hi all, I just bought the new Just Flight 146 Professional for MSFS (d/l from Marketplace) and am having some problems. The issue is that my primary flight controls aren't responding in the aircraft. They work just fine in all the other aircraft I have but on the 146 there is no response (either on the yoke or external surfaces) when I move the pedals/control yoke. Strangely the toe brakes work and move the rudder pedals appropriately. This is the same problem if I start Cold and Dark or Ready for TO, regardless of the model of the 146. Help!
  6. Thanks Viper, I was hoping it would be a simple user error like that. I'm just fuelling up this flight (manual Flight Plan entry!) and will sort it out after I've arrived in Zurich! Cheers mate
  7. This is driving me batty. I've not got the \xxxx\work\ directory at all under my PMDG-737 in the Community Folder. The Placeholder.text file is in \pmdg-aircraft-737\config\flightplans but any Flight Plans I put there can't be found by the aircraft. Selecting the Flt Plan Request soft key shows no entries at all. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  8. Thanks DC, the aircraft steers just fine on the ground and does respond to the rudder somewhat. I notice it most on Final when you have to put in serious input on all the controls to get the nose lined up.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm enjoying flying this amazing aircraft but have noticed that I get very little authority on the rudder at low (ie: below 300 KIAS) speed. The rudder pedals move ok but there is no animation on the rudder surface itself (ever). Wing structures work just fine in animation and flight control. Has anyone else noticed this? Cheers Warwick
  10. Hey guys, thanks for all the help. I changed the web port to 6020 and that seems to have done the trick for everything except the Twin Otter for some reason. Will have to look elsewhere for a fix for that. Really appreciate the assistance. Cheers Warwick
  11. G'day everyone, I just bought Axis and Ohs to use some of the amazing Stream Deck profiles on flightsim.to Problem is I can't get any of them to actually work and I hope someone can help. The A&O Interface shows it's connected to the SIm and has the correct aircraft, I've enabled the Web API (9080) and all the buttons on the Stream Deck are displaying correctly. I've tried a couple of profiles (Twin Otter and GTN 750) and nothing happens when I press the buttons on the SD. Is there something I'm missing perhaps? Many thanks Warwick
  12. G'day everyone, Just toying with some ideas here to consider if it's worthwhile (or even possible) to have a second PC to run Flight Sim generally. I'm still on P3D for the PMDG aircraft but all the rest is now on MSFS. Over the last year or so I've added so many external USB devices that my relatively new PC struggles to see them all. I often have to unplug/replug rudder pedals or the mouse after Windows has started to get it to recognise all the peripherals. I realise that this problem is down to me and my love of extra bits and pieces, but even with two powered USB hubs my PC is close to freaking out. Has anyone run dual systems and how would that work sharing hardware (monitors, graphics etc) and peripheral control software like SPAD.NEXT? I can't be the only one in this position. Can I? Cheers Warwick
  13. Thanks for that. It's working again (but you'd reckon this would be something they'd fix!)
  14. G'day everyone, I've had custom camera views setup for ages so that, for example, I can switch to looking at an overhead panel by pressing "8" on the numpad. Since the last update pressing the keyboard presets causes the view to start to change, then snap back to where it was. This can happen several times before it "gives up" and lets me see what I want to see. Very frustrating and I wonder if anyone else has had the issue? Cheers Warwick
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