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  1. Thanks Lorby, I'll have a play around with it tomorrow. It's a fantastic little utility and I wish I'd picked it up ages ago! Cheers
  2. Hi all, I'm just starting to use Where are My Aircraft and am finding it a very useful utility for my kind of flying. One thing I'd like to find out more about are possible key bindings. I notice that the C2 button on my joystick causes WAMA to take a screenshot which I'd rather it didn't do. I can't find anything in the settings to turn this off or to assign other buttons (say for Saving Current Position). I also can't find a config file either which might have them. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks Warwick
  3. Solved! I had the install files running in a folder excempt from Avast Antivirus, but it still screwed things up. Once I switched all Avast shields off, I was able to install properly. Cheers Warwick
  4. Thanks Lorby, I'll try that later today. Maybe uninstalling and reinstalling might help too. The fact that this is unusual suggests that there's something going wrong at my end. Will report back. Cheers Warwick
  5. Hi there, Yesterday I bought a copy of WAMA and have installed the P3D 44 version (I'm running P3D 4.5) and I can't get it to start. I also ran both of the MS residistributable files as well. At the moment all that's happening when I run the executable is the Windows spinning circle thing and no response from the application. Do you have any suggestions how I might fix this? Many thanks Warwick
  6. Thanks again Al, what would I do without you??!! Warwick
  7. Howdy all, Just a quick one but does anybody know how to make the sun visor in the MU2 go away? It fills the windscreen and makes every day look overcast. Clicking on it only lowers it more. ta muchly Warwick
  8. Yep, looks like it was the extra 750. I can live without it so problem solved. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot this one through. Cheers
  9. Sadly, not much changed. I loaded a default Maule, then the MU2 on top of it. Popped out the two GTN750s and headed off. This time the Beacon light on the Overhead Panel illuminated but none of the others would. Also the AP indicators didn't light up again. The AP functions work just find and you can see the buttons on the glareshield depressing as they are clicked but no visual indicators. Strange indeed.
  10. Thanks Al, I'll try again later today. I've got a feeling you're on the money here and it's probably a partly corrupted panel state since I always load the aircraft cold and dark as a scenario from the opening P3D screen. The only change I can think of was adding a second GTN750 screen. I guess that might have done something... Cheers Warwick
  11. Hi everyone, I've been flying the MU2 for a couple of weeks now and feel I'm getting used to it (finally!). I've got a Saitek Panel which I'm using for the Autopilot with no problems until yesterday. For some reason the indicator lights on the MU2's AP underneath the glareshield are no longer illuminated regardless of the AP condition. Everything still works just fine and all the AP functions are normal but it's a little disconcerting when there are no lights on the dash to show which function is selected. The same thing happened with the lights on the overhead panel lights. They used to illuminate to show the status of the external lighting but not any more. Like the AP, everything works ok but there's no corresponding light coming on in the panel to confirm which light/heating element etc is active. For the life of me I can't find a switch inside the cockpit that fixes this and I wonder if I've done something strange to cause the probem. I'm running P3D 4.5 btw if that helps. Be grateful for any advice Cheers Warwick
  12. Awesome, thanks Al. I'll give it a go later today. Cheers
  13. Hi everyone, I've been mapping the MU2's Autopilot controls to my Saitek hardware following the key assignments in the manual. What I can't seem to do is find a way of mapping the Altitude Select dial in the cockpit. Does anyone happen to know what LVAR or Event it uses? Many thanks Warwick
  14. Thanks High I've got toe brakes mapped to Saitek pedals and I should have figured this out earlier. I didn't think that this kind of steering was a "thing" in real world aviation! Cheers
  15. Hey Al, I didn't know about differential braking at all, so that's something I'll have to get my head around. I've had some success with using the throttles to steer but I thought I was just using a band-aid solution. Thanks heaps for that link too, it's a fascinating article about a remarkable little aircraft. Can't wait to get back into it today! Cheers mate Warwick P.S. I'm on P3D 4.5
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