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  1. G'day everyone, I'm loving ChasePlane and using it for all my flights in P3D. My only problem so far is getting it to register a view in the rear cabin of my Flight 1 King Air B200. I move the view to the seat I want in the passenger cabin, update the preset position but it always snaps back to the pilots position. I even tried setting it up by moving the camera from the pilot's position to the rear cabin using the CP movement keys and the result was the same. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Cheers Warwick
  2. Thanks heaps, Alex. If it's just for me I wouldn't spend much time on it, it's really no bother typing the FP into vPilot. Thanks for being so responsive tho! Cheers Warwick
  3. G'day Alex, Thanks for the reply and sorry it took me so long to get back to you (we've had house guests!). I can't find a log file for vPilot but I've mailed you a screenshot of the error as well as the Flight Plan I was trying to load (same error with all of them but this is the latest one). Cheers Warwick
  4. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone else has had a problem exporting their Flight Plans to vPilot? Every time I try to import a LNM plan into vPilot I get a "Error Loading Flight Plan. There is an error in XML document (2, 517)." If anyone has a solution to this I'd love to know, it's all a bit frustrating. Cheers Warwick
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