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  1. That's what I normally do. I'm just wondering if there is something else going on since the lights on the AP don't work when you click on the switches. It's all very odd.
  2. Thanks turbo, no I was in GPS not VLOC mode. That's what I use for all the other aircraft that have the PMS GTN 750 and it works fine there. CHeers
  3. Hey everyone, I'm really enjoying this aircraft but am having trouble with the Autopilot. I have the PMS GTN750 (paid version) installed, the Autopilot Master and other avionics is on, CDI to GPS but it's not capturing NAV consistantly. Added to that the Nav and Hdg lights on the AP panel never illuminate. The aircraft will follow a Heading but only sometimes the flight plan in Nav mode. It's frustrating as it makes it less realistic./ Apologies if this has already been asked (I did do a search) and I'd really appreciate any advice. Cheers Warwick
  4. Found it! Thanks Mario, it's a brilliant little aircraft.\ Cheers Warwick
  5. Looks great and I can't wait to get it in the air. Does anyone know where the manual is, I can't find it to save my life! Cheers
  6. G'day everyone, I love this little machine but I wonder if anyone has managed to map opening the doors to a hardware switch? I've tried to find LVARs etc but no luck. Cheers
  7. G’day all, I hope I can get some advice from more experienced folk here. I’ve been an avid flight simmer (P3D and now MSFS) for some years but am only now getting into helicopters. I’ve order a VIRPIL collective and am waiting on that and am using an old Saitek X52 Flight Control stick for the cyclic. I’ve found it very difficult to control and I go from a reasonably steady flight to wildly unstable with what I feel is reasonable inputs. This could be just me or maybe I need to get a new joystick/cyclic. I’m reluctant to spend the massive dollars on another VIRPIL product just yet and wonder if you guys have any recommendations. Many thanks Warwick
  8. Interesting experience just then, I picked the aircraft, loaded the flight (ex Little NavMap), MSFS refused to allow me to select a Gate or Ramp so I was resigned to trying a couple of goes like people have above but it put me Cold and Dark where I wanted to be, even though the departure Runway was showing on the selection screen. I guess it's good to have work arounds but we shouldn't need it for something as basic as this. Grrr.
  9. Having the same issue and I've been selecting the aircraft first. Very frustrating.
  10. Hi all, I have this amazing program running on an Android tablet as my moving map during flight. Does anyone know of a way to remove the Chrome address and Status bars and just have LNM running full screen? I was able to do it with the Avia Server modules but this is stumping me. Many thanks Warwick
  11. Thanks so much guys, it was super frustrating so now I can just concentrate on flying this lovely aircraft.
  12. Hi all, I just bought the new Just Flight 146 Professional for MSFS (d/l from Marketplace) and am having some problems. The issue is that my primary flight controls aren't responding in the aircraft. They work just fine in all the other aircraft I have but on the 146 there is no response (either on the yoke or external surfaces) when I move the pedals/control yoke. Strangely the toe brakes work and move the rudder pedals appropriately. This is the same problem if I start Cold and Dark or Ready for TO, regardless of the model of the 146. Help!
  13. Thanks Viper, I was hoping it would be a simple user error like that. I'm just fuelling up this flight (manual Flight Plan entry!) and will sort it out after I've arrived in Zurich! Cheers mate
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