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  1. Tested, it works. As a positive side effect Milviz updates via MVAMS started to work too.
  2. I downloaded those tools from Milviz and they installed fine. I don't know if the DC-8 finds it. I didn't fly it but it seems to respond.
  3. Good prices, set my eyes on DC-8 but limited to P3D4. On Aerosoft forum somebody said it is possible to get into 5 but gave no hint how.
  4. There is advice to locate the packages(addons?) to a drive where one has more space. I intend to install the game to same drive as windows where I have at the moment luxurious 500Gb free for this project. Now, won´t it slow down the gaming considerably if the packages are on a other drive? Especially so as the main is SSD and the other normal HDD.
  5. Yes the Microsoft store, same place I bought the game itself.
  6. Are these addons available in MS store like the game itself. The shop looks quite chaotic and I did not find but the game.
  7. Downgrade to xbox specs which worsened the graphics. Very Microsoft type buying experience. I tried to find out am I buying a xbox or pc version to no avail. I'll find out when I start to install it, I hope.
  8. Any comments now on status of MSFS after the Xbox scandal. Is all back to normal or is it now not for PC users?
  9. I invested to the above mentioned controller and I wonder if someone has used it in FSX? I mean is there helicopter specific actions to map? Any other things to consider? I bought this to be used in DCS but FSX has some fine helos too.
  10. https://secure.simmarket.com/specials.php?sgid=2622 Just about to hop in for a test flight...
  11. It is graphically from stone age. In this case I'm sure the Carenado gives you more pleasure.
  12. AC was for half that price and it is much more liked platform. Also it is modded actively as FSX was on its best days.
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