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  1. This seems to be the way other DD sceneries work as well. I'm in the process of uninstalling their other cities and I've stalled to this point. Just remove to bin?
  2. I wonder what is wrong with my well upkept and updated OS that I need to dive in the net to find a piece of a programme to get this plane installed. You don t seem to have the same problem.
  3. For a 96 euro addon I would expect installation to be smooth as it was with above mentioned other addons (PMDG, Leonardo etc.). For that price I feel myself entitled to some grumpyness. And yes I believe I can solve the problem.
  4. Installation seems to be for specialists. First download some sort of application which should install the plane. It refuses to install as there is no netruntime something in my PC. Keep your dfjklasdfkjh!
  5. To my disappointment i noticed that already own all his products, so no savings this time. Although they are practically free at that price.
  6. Cool plane, especially fine selection of cockpits. Remember to set mixture to rich - fought couple of hours to start the engines.
  7. Hello, Is there someone who has installed this in P3D5 and got it running? In my case it is MVAMS that is causing trouble and thus making it a bit annoying to use. It loads one engine running and half systems on with a gravel kit. MVAMS has 732.dll in right place but no init. file in configurations. Any tips?
  8. The question is, will the P3D tagged sceneries work in P3D5? Anybody?
  9. Same, seems to be a bug they never bothered to correct. I start and fly well below max power. Not much of a short field performer with half power...
  10. Hi, I installed F50 to P3D5 and got stuck with the infamous "navigraph data not loading" bug. Is there a way to manually install the required info? I´ve gone through all possible correction attempts found.
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