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  1. Nurmblitz

    Excessive stuttering at ORBX airports

    It is part of these sceneries, it does not go away.
  2. Nurmblitz

    24 hours of Milviz madness

    I have had Norton Internet Security always and in two separate occasions (Milviz Madness or was it Mayan madness) it blocked the transaction immediately I pushed pay or purchase button. Other issues I have forgotten, but I have done all Milviz purchases from the resellers ever since. This time boss was out and I did the purchase at work. Downloading now.
  3. Nurmblitz

    24 hours of Milviz madness

    If I remember right there was some difficulties in buying directly from their site. Anti-virus off and what else? Never manged to complete the transaction there and this time the vendors are not obviously giving same discount.
  4. I think I know the reason for problem with mobile phone. The web page detects it and gives a different layout than in PC. If I could just find the setting that avsim would be opened in same layout as PC, then it would work.
  5. Yep, no success with android. Fortunately I can browse the newest topics here at work...
  6. To comment Jim´s statement; Perhaps it is just slow then. I pay for 4G but my phone seems to run only 3G.
  7. Nurmblitz

    JF Fokker F27 released

    This is very enjoyable classic in the sim. Although I could enjoy it more with a little more effort to the VC textures. We´ve had really nice tuning up with many payware planes by the hobbyists; planes like A2A Connie and Strato, CS B-52, Transall.
  8. It seems that I cannot browse the forum with my phone (Samsung Note 1). Either the forums load so slowly or they don´t load at all. This has turned my morning coffee sour.
  9. Nurmblitz

    Drzewiecki Design Washington X Released

    Is it good bye for TropicalSim KDCA?
  10. Nurmblitz

    how to save downloads?

    Present FTX downloads won´t help a bit, they are just zipped files without installers. They don´t work standalone as the FSS installers did.
  11. Emotions put aside the often praised developers have all their downside as well. First of all they are overprized. You can have the same plane at half price and the difference is perhaps comparable to the question do I drive a Korean or European car (PMDG/iFly). Both do the job just fine. In other case you can have same technology at third of the price. Comparing for example A2A GA planes to Ant's Winjeel and Trojan or Sibwings An-2. Could mention few more if necessary. Finally the question of flight dynamics. Majestic's Dash is praised because of that. As a real world pilot I had to uninstall it due to unrealistic flight model. My Carenado turboprops do it more convincibly. All I am saying is that no need to categorize too heavily. The planes we fly in our sims are work of art and as such are interpreted individually. Don't overlook the gems offered to us quite cheaply.
  12. Nurmblitz

    What was your best purchase 2016?

    Coolest plane was undoubtedly Manfred Jahn´s updated C-47 - but had to pay only for bandwith and electricity for that. Compared to previous years this year has been more flying than purchasing, which is very good I think. Highlights of planes bought were; Justflight D.H. Dove Carenado Beech 1900D Also it was very nice to get smaller airports to US, like; FSDT Memphis LatinVFR Raleigh-Durham On the wishlist of the new releases from 2016 are Ant´s Winjeel and A2A Constellation.
  13. Nurmblitz

    A2A L049 Connie Released!

    Really, a GPS unit for Connie? A2A made us a perfect chance to learn aviation history. I rejected their Texan because of a GPS unit. There is someone for every train...
  14. Funny how every time CS sale is on the PMDG is always dragged along to the discussion. For the these prices I would not complain. As I didn´t when I chose iFly to represent modern 737 in my virtual hangar - and laughed all the way to the bank.
  15. Nurmblitz

    My first Flysimware - product (perhaps)

    Judging from the screenshots the cockpits look quite clumsy.