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  1. I have Milviz Porter Steam version and as usual searched repaints for it. One of the most useful for my purposes would have been Jankees' Australian Army version and the Talair colours. Pity they don't show in FSX. The German EDRM guy altered his P3D repaints to fit the FSX too. So, what's the trick? Both P3D and FSX paints have same dds files and same names. Only difference I've noticed is the size. The original paints that come with the plane amount to 30mb and the hybrid skins to 200mb each. I have Photoshop and basic computer skills...
  2. But... was it so that FSX does not recognize more than 4GB of RAM so that's waste of money. Also CPU is quite strong for an 2007 application. I would go software wise by using Simstarter freeware or payware. With 20 euros investment you spare money for nrw addons.
  3. I would be glad only to get rid of the default GPS and it seems it is away in the screenshots...
  4. Any tips to get the mil version cockpit work for the passenger version? Paints work fine in both versions so I have gone that way.
  5. I could not solve the problem. Bought the plane again from recent sale and RXP GNS installed and works fine.
  6. Or an eager modder could do something with the textures. Thanks for the reviews I'll go and see closer.
  7. Well, maybe they are not so good at screenshots then.
  8. Are you sure? According to screenshots they look a bit FS2002ish...
  9. Have we became civilized? There is no-one bashing Carenado in this thread. Quite pleasant to read.
  10. Ok, it was an FSX Steam error when loading aircraft. Thanks for info. Another thing I suspect to be possible cause are the old repaints as I use Dx10.
  11. P3D seems to be also very expensive way to go as there is no discounts when upgrading between different versions. Also few addons fight to follow the pace and in some cases charge for the next version. Also when we speak about addons, some of them will never fly in P3D. How long shall the P3D5 live on? Is the 6 already around the corner?
  12. My Carenado Cessna Skymaster is a Steam DLC aircraft and Steam installs it to its own file inside FSX called DLC. After using Carenados installer for GNS I got "could not load visual model" error when trying to load the Skymaster. Can it be that RXP does not find the plane from "DLC" instead of "Simobjects"?
  13. Replying to myself, answer was in a thread below. Even installing to FSX Steam choose FSX installation, then FMS finds the info it needs.
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