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  1. Also very wallet friendly solution is turn to FSX Steam.
  2. My NG Simstarter was of great help here, I de-activated one of them in turn and it lead to those awful red crosses on jetways in old scenery installations. FTX Sode I did not switch off as I assume it is in use with their sceneries. I think it is best to keep them all activated.
  3. One was there and another without that x86. FTX had one inside its own Orbx-file.
  4. Found three SODE installations in my FSX. Also very irritating way to tell that it is not functioning, massive red crosses on the jetways.
  5. Nice to meet a fellow thinker. There is lots of fun in old fashioned navigation. A few developers have thought about this and for example the A2A GA aircraft transform themselves from GPS to VOR/ADF with touch of a button.
  6. Actually the FTX manager has a SODE updater! The multiple processes must be due to different installers from different developers.
  7. I wonder if VC10 is "in-house" or Heaven made?
  8. Ok, I think my GSX does that if necessary.
  9. An odd bug holds the radios on even I switch off avionics and radios.
  10. Loganair had exciting routes with this aircraft...
  11. Very strange approach with the manuals which are available only online.
  12. I must have three to four SODE installations in my sim and I don't have clue what it does. So relax and fly.
  13. It worked in many ways, I thought I spared so much that I allowed myself to buy an expensive addon which I had rejected due to price.
  14. Thank you for the tip. Baron has almost everything ready for old school flying, looks, props and paints. And I own it already.
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