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  1. Yup, was hoping for an across the board sale to pickup some of the Alaska airports as well. Maybe Black Friday or Christmas ... not so far off... jim
  2. Only fuss with DVDs, (or anything) being sent into Canada is the risk of duty and brokerage fees. FSS indicates they use the postal service, and under $25 is duty free into Canada - but if the same package was sent by UPS/FedEx/DHL - they automatically charge a minimum brokerage fee and duty on everything - a $15 purchase can be slapped with an additional $30 or $40 of fees ontop. Had it recently happen with a single DVD purchase and UPS. As long as it is mail - it's low risk - but anything else is a gamble.
  3. Can't quite bring myself to send to a fake address - figure it will come back to me in some way. Did discover that that there is a significant cost bump between 3 and 4 DVD's for international shipping. Had 4 in the shopping cart, to be sent to Canada, and shipping was > $30, was about to walk away, but decided to remove one item, and for 3 DVD's - the shipping was < $15. Just under $10 CDN in total for each airport. Not a bad deal at all. The ordering of the download version of each for $0 works like a charm.
  4. Tom - Thank-you for your contribution to our community - thoughts are with you and your family... Jim
  5. I would vote to have it included. Great product btw! Jim
  6. Just to keep the request alive - I would purchase a voice edition of the MD11 - even if it did not have all the features that would normally be included if a SDK was available. (Did purchase the button version a while back, have not installed it and may not, enjoy the voice versions of the 747/JS41/LDS767/737NGX too much to fly the MD11 with keyboard/mouse clicks only on the crew side)...
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