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  1. I have just started flying theMU2 in P3D V4.5 as well and noticed the same - lights up the ground unrealistically from some pretty high altitudes. Is that embedded in the model or can anything be adjusted in the aircraft.cfg? Jim
  2. Thank-you Al! That is the doc I was looking for. Really appreciate you sharing that! Cheers - Jim
  3. The link to the pilots operating manual appears to be offline (MU-2B Pilots Operating Manual - http://givdemo.com/images/N360RA POM & AFM.pdf) Does anyone have a downloaded copy they would be willing to share? Jim PS - apologies for resurrecting a 3 year old discussion, since the link was in the first post figured it was appropriate
  4. Listed at full price for me. Do you have the p3d version and this is a cross platform deal?
  5. Captain Sim have announced a $20 off base pack sale, for 20 hours starting on dec 20th, 2020utc. I’m sure that is $20 off the $99 for the 767 instead of off the regular, but never charged price of $135, but stranger things have happened. copied from their email.... Captains,Goodbye 2020 sale (all* Base Packs are $20 off) starts at 2020Z 20DEC2020.Runs for 20 hours only. See you at https://www.captainsim.com/store/* all with regular price over $20.Stay tuned,Captain Sim News
  6. The mail out for the current sale states that it excludes flight 1 titles. Not new as the previous sale stated the same, (although it is a bit shady stating no fine print and then tacking some on ;)) The 10 off Tuesday mail outs I have include no such constraint. They likely should honor your discount and clean up their advertising. jim From the mailer.... ‘.....On Now! Runs Right Through Until 9 am Wednesday 8 July USA Eastern Time No Coupon Codes Needed. No Fine Print. Your Discount Is Automatically Applied When You Add To Cart. Discount shows in your order subtotal. Excludes Flight 1 Titles‘
  7. Yup, was hoping for an across the board sale to pickup some of the Alaska airports as well. Maybe Black Friday or Christmas ... not so far off... jim
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