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  1. Is anyone using this with the new Microsoft flight simulator or just p3d?
  2. Will this work with Microsoft Flight Simulator or just P3D?
  3. Pretty expensive, hopefully more options will come or Honeycomb will have an add on to their system.
  4. Everything worked fine for me out of the box. Used msfs interface to configure everything. best flight controls I have had hands down.
  5. Ok well I am not going to wait since I want to build my current pc, will buy the 3080 card eventually when it comes out with higher memory. Question is which of these two cards would be the best, yes I want to run it on a 43 4K tv but I am not paying 2080ti prices right now, will wait a few months for the 3080 card. 1080ti or 2070 Super Most bench marks have them pretty equal, just the 1080ti has the 11GB vs 8GB. Will that make a differences the 3GB difference. Again when I get the 3080 card I will transfer this card to my sons computer, he plays mostly COD. Thanks!
  6. Is there any idea of when the higher vram 3080 would be available. Or the availbility of 3080 and 3090 in general when we could see restocking of them.
  7. I want to run flight sim on 4K. I have a 43” tv for that. For that to happen it might be a 3080 or 3090 card. my son plays cal of duty and really don’t think he is looking for 4K. I will wait to the higher memory 3080 comes out or there is availability for the 3090. Just trying to finish building my pc just need a graphics card to complete it.
  8. can the 2080ti run in 4K, your saying the that card would be better than the 3080 for FSMS?
  9. tried at 6am PT today with no luck, you had a secret to get it???!!!!
  10. Building a brand new system right now I will put a 3090 card in there eventually after the prices stabilize. Was thinking of getting a 3080 but not sure the price and availability right now when it’s released which I think is today. what options is the best to put one in now when I get the 3090 I will take this graphics card and put it in my sons gaming computer. any ideas or am I better waiting a few more weeks to see how prices and availability shake out.
  11. If I go with the Corsair Icue H100i Pro, would I better off going with the platium series? Unfortunately the platinum series doesn't come in the 360mm radiator size. Price is all relative, I want the best for the money for future proofing, thanks!
  12. I went with 10700k. Still deciding on what to do with graphic card choice. Thanks for all the help.
  13. The case I bought is the following. Lancool II Mesh rgb performance from Lian Li
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