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  1. JB3DG

    ATR Progress?

    That was resolved (see second page here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/537635-we-think-that-our-atr-has-been-copied ) and in any case wouldn't have slowed us down since we knew we were clean. Things are progressing, keep in mind it is a very complex aircraft and we are attempting to do it for 2 simulators, (XP11 and P3Dv4) and having to feel our way around one which we haven't done before.
  2. JB3DG

    P3Dv4.3 ?

    It is only the WX and the non ADV F-4 Phantoms that need updating to P3D v4.3
  3. As the title reads, I am looking for someone who can answer some questions I have about blocking and non blocking functions plus certain scenarios. PM me and I will give you my email so we can take the discussion there.
  4. Glad to hear that :)
  5. I know which one: Other Got a prize for me Captain?
  6. I like to occasionally point out that the Milviz T-38C and F-15C have been in development even longer than the KA. The F-15C is almost beta ready after more than 7 years.
  7. JB3DG


    I know :) . But you and I are part of a very tiny percent who actually look in the signature section for a poster's real name. So I went with the more obvious handle.
  8. JB3DG


    Erm...you guys do realise that Olympic works for PMDG?
  9. JB3DG

    Yet another when airline passengers go wild

    It boggles my mind how anyone could want to defend booze (regardless of whether or not it was involved). There is no question regarding its effects on mind and body. The so called benefits of beer don't outweigh the destructive effects. There are also better ways to get the benefits of red wine without the ethanol. Bottom line, the only place for ethanol is on a swab, in a lab, or a fuel tank.
  10. JB3DG

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    If I recall correct (based on some posts by RSR on the Flight debacle as well as DTG's buying out FSX), I think they were working on their own sim platform.
  11. JB3DG

    MD-80 P3D v4.0

    I believe it is v4.1 and up but most preferably v4.2 (Leonardo team feel free to correct me. I only worked on the modeldef tagging so I am somewhat out of touch with the rest given how huge that task was :) )
  12. JB3DG

    WIP preview of my freeware Hondajet

    As a gauge programmer I must say your panel.cfg-fu is very original and ingenious. I like.
  13. You guys aren't going to get rid of it. It is a quirk of images rendered using GDI+. Got something to do with the interpolation modes used. I am not sure if it occurs on their newer aircraft like the 777 or 747. I ran into the same behavior when I used GDI+ for the cockpit lighting on the Milviz F-86 and 407 (an attempt to get rid of it was what led to DX11 although other factors were involved there as well).
  14. Simon has responded. Sorted. Although...I do still wish I could talk direct with some of the technical team. There is some stuff that is difficult to describe when communicating through a middle man. One on one, mind meets mind conversations between 2 programmers can accomplish software wonders.
  15. JB3DG

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    To those who were talking about a video, here is a video that was released about a year and a half ago: